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Robin Forever Changed
Chapter 13 - Welcome Home Bruce Wayne
By GIX (Illustrated by Gix)

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The new Robin secured Robin before he left his lab and headed to the Bat-cave for the first time. He wanted to be there before Bruce got home to set things up. He had plenty of time to set up a fake emergency and feed information into the computer, when all was set, he sent a coded message to Bruce Wayne who was about forty minutes out of the airport on the Wayne Industries 747.

The message read, "When you get in, situation needs special attention, will be waiting with information and location."

Bruce sent back, "Arrive in thirty."

Once Bruce arrived at the Bat-cave he quickly greeted Robin, having no idea this was a copy.


"What is the situation Robin? What are we dealing with?" Batman asked in his always serious voice as he changed into his alter ego Batman.

Robin was pleased, Batman had no idea he was not the original Robin. He knew if he could fool Batman he could fool the world. Robin explained his lie to Batman about an emergency and suspicious activity at an old mansion outside of the city.

It didn't take Bruce long to become Batman, and they were headed across the cave; Batman would take the Bat-car while Robin took the Bat-Cycle.


The hero's headed out to the Doctor's lab, the new Robin's lab. Batman took the lead as he always did. Batman was clearly starting to get under Robin's skin and irritate him. He could see why Robin, the old Robin, sometimes felt the way he did about Batman; he was overbearing and controlling to say the least.

Speeding on the Bat Cycle for the first time, Robin was getting his first taste of what it was like to be a hero, to feel the rush of heading into action and speeding down the road. He was so glad his plan for revenge was working so far, once the next part was done, he would be totally safe.

Upon arrival at the old mansion, Batman of course took charge as he always did. Robin knew the place like the back of his hand, bit could not let on. The both parked outside the wall. It appeared to be run down and abandoned, the gate was rusty, with all kinds of vine grown over it. Both of the heroes made it inside with not too great of effort.

Batman surveyed the situation, "are you sure this is the place? It looks deserted; maybe I should have done some checking before we came out here, this looks like another one of your wasted trips."

Robin was beyond pissed at his arrogant partner, but he could not and did not let it show, “I am sure this is the place, I double checked."

"Well we are here, might as well check it out, so it’s not a total wasted trip. I will go in first through the main door, you head around to the back and see if there is another door and come in that way. Got it." Batman said ordering Robin like he always did.

"Do you think it is wise for us to split up like that, maybe we should go in together through the front?"

"No you around back." Batman ordered Robin without even listening to him. Before Robin could say anymore Batman walked puff towards the front door of the huge old building, leaving Robin stand there.

Robin began to trade off, now more upset than ever, he knew exactly where he was headed so there was no huge rush. "You do this, you do that, screw him, I can see what Robin went through, I will teach the arrogant son of a bitch a thing or two." He said under his breath as he rounded the corner of the house, looking back to see Batman entering the front door.


Batman made his way through the old front door closing it behind him. Maybe he had made a mistake about the place being abandoned as the light still worked and the electricity was on. The inside of the old building looked totally different from the outside, it was well maintained and kept up. He checked several rooms as he made his way deeper inside, finding them either empty or with nothing of interest in them, he was almost convinced Robin really had him on a wild goose chase. When he was about to give up and go and collect Robin and call it a day he opened the door to the lab.

He stuck his head in at first, but it too appeared empty, but recently used as the various pieces of equipment were still operating. He stepped fully in to get a better view of things; maybe there was something to be found here after all.

As he approached the table where Robin had hung earlier; the door slammed shut locking. Batman ran to the door but it was not moving. Before he would do much else, the room began to fill with a blue gas of some kind.

That was no problem for him, he would just retrieve the mini gas mask from one of the pouches on his utility belt, and then he would just have wait it out. Batman was shocked and screwed, every pouch was empty, he was in such a hurry to leave he never checked them, but why were they empty, he and his suit were always ready to go. That question would wait.

His next thought was to blast his way through the door, his laser gun set to full would cut through it like butter. He knew his time was limited as the gas was a

Ready starting to get to him. He pulled the gun out aimed and fired, but nothing, the power cell was missing, what the hell was happening.

Who had done this to him, he hoped Robin was having better luck coming in the other door and would find him soon. He took his last gasps before he was completely out.

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