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The Deal
Chapter 5 - Discovery
By Ferdy (Illustrated by Franco)

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Squatting in front of Kenn but holding his gaze, Shaun quickly untied the Timberlands, and removed them and the rough socks beneath. Kenn was surprised by the coolness of the floor beneath his feet. Then standing, Shaun, still keeping his eyes rooted to Kenn’s, slowly proceeded to undo his belt and unbutton the fly of his 501’s. Slowly he slid his hands down inside the opened jeans to Kenn’s hips pulling up the coarse woven cotton of the polo shirt. Sliding his hands over the hard muscles of the waist abdomen and chest, Shaun continued to slide his hands up the soft dark hair of Kenn’s arms, taking the polo with it until Kenn’s head briefly disappeared and his jaw and mouth reappeared below the inside out collar. Shaun pressed his mouth against Kenn’s, whose upper face and arms remained trapped within the shirt. They kissed again long and hard, inhaling the other’s breath then parted, both gasping for breath. Shaun threw the stained shirt to one side.

Kenn shivered as his broad chest rubbed almost nipple to nipple with the younger man’s smoothness.

Shaun dropped his hands and ran them down Kenn’s broad back. When Kenn made to put his arms around him, Shaun took hold of his wrists and firmly placed the other man’s hands on top of the bench where his own had been. He returned to kissing Kenn’s mouth and jaw; stroked his lips along his jaw and down the muscles of his neck. Following his hands he stroked his face through the thick mat of soft hair that stretched from the nipples across the defined pectorals. He observed its trail as it thinned into a natural taper, which he nuzzled; down, across the abs, past the navel, to the stretched waistband of the white cotton shorts.

Swiftly, Shaun peeled down the jeans helping Kenn step out of them. Then, still squatting on his haunches, his pale butt resting on his heels, he pulled down the already damp drawers, and discarded them.

It was Kenn’s turn to quiver.

Gazing up at the naked man above him, Shaun gulped, his mouth, suddenly dry. He placed his hands around the trembling calves then, forcing saliva through his jaws and swilling his mouth, he put it around the firm scrotal sack and sucked and licked at it, the action creating more saliva. The warm musky flavour of Kenn’s maleness flowed into his taste buds and he found himself stiffening again as he continued to suck and massage the enclosed orbs with his tongue.

Kenn, leaning back on the workbench, arched backwards with a gasp at the exquisite ministrations below. The triceps bulging in his thick arms and his chest opening up as he breathed in shuddering lung full’s of air; grinding his beefy butt against the bench, as he squirmed in ecstasy.

Almost dizzy with the overwhelming taste and aroma of the man he squatted before, Shaun slowly released the sac, allowing his lips to slide over the sluiced crinkled surface, then without further thought, wet his tongue and slid it from the thick base, slowly up the underside of Kenn’s quivering tool and lapped up the glistening clear, slightly resinous fluid he found seeping from the flared cock-head. It was both sweet and salty. Kenn moaned and writhed further as Shaun, moved his hands up the back of the strong legs onto his boss’s muscled hairy flanks, slid his lips over the bulging glans and in one smooth motion took him into his mouth to halfway down the shaft, gently sucking the pre-cum and palping with his tongue on the underside of the cock as he went.

Kenn almost roared but contained it, as every muscle, vein, nerve-ending in his body popped and tingled with a powerful rush.

But Shaun wasn’t done, he set up a slow rhythm, sucking in and tasting the flesh of Kenn’s meaty cock and finding himself increasingly turned-on as he did so. Inspired by his own experience, he slipped his lips back up over the throbbing bulge, quickly wet the skin of his thumbs with his tongue, then, with a quick lick to the underside and sides of the slick pink crown, he slid his mouth once more down Kenn’s juddering shaft, and reached up and swirled his moistened thumbs over the older man’s hard dark nipples.

The effect was immediate. With a mighty yell, Kenn exploded. His semen erupted into the boy’s throat. Shaun gagged and controlled the urge to withdraw, he swilled his mouth with saliva and swallowed the thick creamy juice in steady streams, clamped his hands on the thrusting hips, constantly swilling and swallowing, swilling and swallowing until the jet ceased and the texture in his mouth returned to that of skin and spit.

Kenn slumped, his chest heaving. Slowly Shaun came off him and brought his face to rest sideways against the belly of the man shuddering above him, inhaling again the hot musky maleness of him. Glancing down he realised he had shot his own load onto the floor beneath them, the pearlescent cum, splattered and mingling with the oil and sawdust.

There was a long silence filled just with their breathing and the ticking of the wooden beams in the heat and the distant hum of a summer morning.

After what seemed like an age, Kenn inhaled and sighed deeply. Shaun, his knees and thighs aching with the continued squat, staggered awkwardly upright, supporting himself against the older man. Kenn wrapped his arms around the young man and drew him in, into a bear hug. After a moment Shaun responded, enjoying the feel of their compressed bodies, and ran his hands over Kenn’s broad back and down onto the satisfying shelf of the muscular rump that curved out from the deeply indented back.

‘Where in Hell did you learn to do that?’ Kenn breathed into his ear.

‘I... well, err... I didn’t. I mean... I never... Not before’ the younger man replied.

‘What? ...Never? Are you... Was this..?’

‘Err... Yeah’ Shaun replied uncertainly. ‘It’s just... kinda how I always imagined it should be... from what I’ve heard... read’

‘Hmn! Me too’ Kenn snorted and smiled, ‘in a way’

There was a warm silence that extended... then became awkward.

‘Heck! I should be getting over to the Thornton house. What’s the time?’ Kenn rumbled.

‘Dunno’ shrugged Shaun, reluctantly disengaging from the embrace.

‘I better give him a call’ Kenn mumbled, ‘what’re you gonna do?’ he added almost as an afterthought.

Shaun checked out his still drying clothes and mumbled, ‘I guess I should head home’

Noting the crestfallen look on the youngsters face, Kenn reached out to touch the still heavily damp T-shirt and sweats and said, ‘You can’t wear these’ and as he walked towards the connecting door to the house he pointed out a tall narrow unit, shelves packed with tight rolls of cloth which turned out to be a selection of worn sweats and, sports vests. ‘Help yourself’ he said, as he selected and slipped on an old pair of cut-off’s. ‘I’m gonna put on some coffee, come through when you’re ready’

As Shaun watched Kenn’s broad tanned back disappear through into the house, his chest clenched. So was that it? ‘Wow and WTF?’ he said to himself. His head whirled and for the third time that day, his heart pounded and his breathing came short and shallow. ‘What am I thinking of?’ he laughed to himself. ‘What was I expecting?’ He selected a pair of dark shorts, with an elastic tie-cord, and a loose (on ‘him’ he grinned sheepishly) tank. He turned back to survey the scene, and crossing back to the workbench, scooped up Kenn’s discarded socks jeans and pants, then trotted over and picked up the shirt he’d carelessly thrown and the towel he’d briefly worn, which was now decorating a set of chunky winter tyres in the corner of the garage.

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