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The Deal
Chapter 3 - Old School
By Ferdy (Illustrated by Franco)

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When Kenn reached the house the first thing he noticed was the gleaming Toyota, standing on his drive. Hey! He thought, not bad, though the kid should have dried it off properly, it’s still soaked on one side. Then he noticed the detached high pressure hose alongside the truck and Chip’s hoodie draped over the fence. Maybe the kid’s taken a break, Slacker! He thought, not unkindly, smiling. He let himself into the house and grabbed a glass of water in the kitchen before picking up the forgotten keys off the hook. He remembered the rope stowed in the garage and decided to pick that up too, you never knew how much you’d need.

He slipped the keys into his jeans pocket, opened the pass door to the garage, which was always unlocked... and stopped in his tracks.

The first thing that met his gaze was the kid’s reflection in the big mirror, caught in a shaft of sun from the skylight, his naked body, stretched out on the bench, glowing as if lit from within.

The second thing he noticed wryly was that the kid was throwing a sizeable boner as he pumped iron. ‘Wow!’ he breathed, then blushed, coughed and said mildly, ‘...err ... Hi Chip! ...err, whatcha’doin?’

The kid gasped and nearly dropped the bar onto his heaving chest. Kenn jumped across the room and helped spot the weights back into the cradle. ‘Steady son’. He said. There was a reddening weal across the young guy’s chest where the bar had struck. ‘Are you ok?’ The hard-on he noticed with amusement had dropped like a felled tree the moment he spoke.

‘MMMister Blake... I ...err, well I... err’ Shaun felt like his heart was about to burst through his ribcage, and he blushed a deep crimson, all over his body it felt like. He twisted off the bench and stood with his back to the mirror, one hand out in a pleading gesture, the other cupping his manhood, ‘I... I’m really sorry! ...I wasn’t... I didn’t mean to... Please don’t tell my Mom! I’m so, so sorry!’

Kenn, still blushing himself, almost laughed and tried to reassure Chip, that it was cool, No problem, but the lad kept stammering out his apologies, only belatedly remembering his nakedness and snatching up the towel and tying it round his waist.

‘Look! Kid... Chip’ he said. ‘It’s OK! No biggie. Weird ...but OK’

‘No, no, no!’ Shaun insisted, ‘I’m a fuck-up! An asshole! I’ll pay you back the money, anything just don’t tell anybody’

‘Come on Chip, cool it’ said Kenn. ‘I actually think it’s kinda funny!’

‘You should punish me. ...I, I should at least pay you back. Please, please don’t tell anyone. I’ll do all your chores ...anything!”

‘Hey! Look, if it means that much to you we’ll do it the old fashioned way’ Kenn said, ‘the way my Dad used to discipline me. I don’t want your money, you earned it... nearly’ he added, almost laughing, and only half joking.

‘What does that mean?’ asked the fearful and still blushing Shaun.

Kenn walked over to his workbench on the other side of the garage and said, ‘C’mere. We’re gonna do this Old School’

Padding softly across the carpet clutching the top of the towel, Shaun’s naked feet slapped against the oil smeared concrete as he joined Kenn by the waist high workbench.

‘Lay your hands palm down, about a yard apart, facing outwards on the bench’


‘Just do it!’ He shrugged then said in a patient tone, ‘If you insist on a punishment this is it and then that’s an end of it. OK?’

‘...err, sure!’ said Shaun uncertainly. He placed his hands as instructed, facing the racks of tools and hardware, neatly boxed on the shelves above the workbench. Standing behind him Kenn said, ‘now leave your hands on the bench and step back a pace, and spread you legs a little’ he nudged Shaun’s bare feet with his boot until they were about a shoulder width apart.

‘This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts me’ Kenn said smiling and suddenly whipped the towel away from around the lad’s hips. In a single fluid movement he slung away the towel and brought his thickly muscled left arm flashing back down to crack his open palm soundly on the kid’s pertly muscled backside.

There was a shocked silence as they were both taken aback by the loudness of the slap as it echoed around the enclosed space...

After the explosive and equally surprising ‘Yeowww!’ that burst from Shaun’s lips, several things happened in a heartbeat. Shaun, to his surprise suddenly sprouted an if possible even harder erection than he’d had before. And to Kenn’s surprise, as he became aware of the smooth firmness of the muscular butt beneath his hand, he felt a stirring in his own groin. Had he overdone it?

Shaun said, ‘What...’ but before he could utter another sound and before Kenn could think clearly about what he was doing, with a swift back and outward motion he brought his still tingling palm whipping back down to deliver an even hotter blow; tingeing the already pinking flesh a deep rose that spread outwards to the boy’s Speedo tan-line, and made the younger man gasp and stretch up on his toes.

This time as the shock of the impact receded and his burning butt throbbed, Shaun felt an almost electric fizz in his balls and a dizzying bolt quivering the length of his erection where it hovered over the workbench.

Kenn struggled to find his own breath as adrenaline coursed through him; his chest felt like there was a whirlwind in it as his nipples hardened through his already tight polo-shirt; and surging in his work-jeans his own now unmistakeable erection reared up against his taut belly inside the waistband of his shorts...

‘I hope you don’t have any plans kid’ he murmured thickly finding the tightness in his throat and chest difficult to speak through, ‘this could take a while...’

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