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Officer Slaveboy
By FantrasyBondage
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Officer Thomas Matthews had been on the police force for nearly five years now and had worked his way up from being a patrol cop in the fifth ward of Houston to being a patrol cop in downtown. He was so glad to be out of the fifth ward and working in an area that was much safer, so he thought. Thomas's day started out like any other day he would get in his patrol car and radio in that he had started his patrol and then he would cruise thru the downtown area. He would usually on a good day write around 5 tickets for speeders or people driving up the wrong way on one-way streets, but today was going to be different.

It was around ten o'clock in the morning when he pulled over a gentleman driving a Lexus luxury sedan he approached the driver's window and tapped on the tinted glass for the man to role his window down, the man did what he was told, and asked the officer what is wrong officer in a calm voice. Thomas replied that he was doing 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. The gentleman then said well Officer Matthews, looking at his name tag, there must be some mistake I was only going 30 mph. Thomas then looked at the gentleman and said sir with all due respect my radar clocked you at 50 mph and it is checked on a weekly basis. The gentleman said fine, just give me the ticket in a stern voice. Thomas then proceeded to ask the gentleman for his driver's license, proof of insurance and registration. After the man gave Thomas his information, Thomas told him it would be just a minute while he ran his name, with that Thomas walked back to his car and proceeded with his investigation.

The gentleman sat in his car and watched as Thomas walked back to his car and thought to himself that this police officer had be taught a lesson, but not now. Thomas walked back to the gentleman with a filled out ticket asking him to sign it, unknown to Thomas the man was planning something for him. The gentleman had turned out to be a very successful business man for one of the largest companies in Houston, his name was Mark Smith. Mark had arrived at his office and asked for his partner who worked for the city to get him information on this Officer, his partner asked him why and he said that he wanted to conduct some business with him. His partner then asked what was in it for him, Mark replied your normal fee plus 20 percent. The guy then told Mark he would deliver the info to him tomorrow night at the downtown park, Mark agreed.

When the next night arrived Mark was at the park waiting for his partner ever so patiently to pay him for his hard work. When his partner arrived he asked for the merchandise and the guy gave him a brown envelope that had a copy of Thomas's personnel file. In that file was where he lived how much he made and anything else that would help Mark with his plan. The guy then asked mark for his fee and he replied that it was right behind him, he turned around and saw two large muscular guys dressed all in black leather. They reached down and grabbed the guy placing a gloved hand over his mouth, they asked Mark what to do with him, Mark replied do whatever you want to him just don't ever let him get away. The big guy who was holding Mark's informant just smiled and said gladly. As the two men carried the guy off to a new destination, all you could hear where muffled screams for help, Mark thought to himself nobody is going to help you now, and I can't afford letting you tell anybody that I got hold of this information.

A few days latter Mark had finished stalking Thomas watching everything he did without being noticed. He knew that Thomas lived with his girlfriend in an apartment complex on the north side of town, that he was off every other Friday and he would do his laundry at the complex laundry center on those Friday's, he also knew that Thomas went to the gym every night after work. Mark said soon Officer you will be taught your lesson.

On the next night Mark had borrowed a pickup truck from one of his friends that help him with his problem in the park. Mark then went and parked the truck in an alley behind the gym in which Officer Thomas worked out in and proceeded to disarm the alarm system on the back door of the gym which went into the men's locker room. Mark then went in and pretended to be a member waiting patiently for Thomas, then his wait was over. He watched as Thomas got out of his uniform and boy was he good looking, he stood around 6 ft tall and very muscular, he had a set of six pack abs and biceps the size of grapefruit, his thighs were so defined you could see the muscle twitch ever time he moved. Mark said soon my dear Officer you and I will get to know each other a lot better.

Mark watched as Thomas put on some spandex shorts and a muscle shirt along with his Nike tennis shoes with ankle socks. Thomas then proceeded to the gym to workout leaving his locker unattended. Mark took a look at his locker and seen it had a key lock on it, he proceeded to pick it and when he was successful he opened it up to see his uniform hanging there, he reached in and took it and threw it into a duffle bag he brought with him then he took Thomas's workout bag and opened it. Inside was his gun and handcuff's as well as his underwear and white cotton socks. Mark said these may prove to be useful as he took them with him, then he waited he knew that Thomas was usually one of the last ones to leave the gym. He watched and listened as he heard Thomas's voice approaching talking to a guy about his workout. Mark had looked around and knew that no one else was in the locker room at the present time and proceeded to be acting as if he had the locker in back of Thomas. As Thomas approached he fondled with his keys that were around his neck in order to open his locker, as he opened his locker he noticed that all his stuff was gone, but before he could say anything Mark was standing right behind him with his own gun in his back.

Mark reached over and told Thomas not to make a move or a sound or he would shoot him, that was the last thing Mark wanted to do and he hoped that Thomas would obey. Thomas asked what he wanted, Mark replied take your hands and place them behind your back , Thomas asked why, Mark replied just do it. Thomas obeyed then he felt the handcuff's being applied to his wrist he said what are you doing then Mark said making sure you are out of the way in order to lure Thomas into a feeling that this was just a simple robbery. Mark then took Thomas over to the steam room and pushed him inside. Thomas fell to the floor and was laying there in his workout clothes, he started to try and talk to the Mark, but he wouldn't listen. Mark knew he had to work quickly so he told Thomas not another word from you or I will shoot you. Thomas got quite as he watched Mark place a sign on the door window blocking all view into the steam room, it said out of order which he took from the ladies steam room and then locked the door from the inside, so nobody would be able to open it.

Thomas looked at Mark and said to not hurt anybody and just take his money and he wouldn't say anything. Mark just smiled as he reached into Thomas's workout bag and pulled out his sweaty dirty underwear from the day and laid them on the floor where Thomas could not see them then he pulled out a role of duct tape from his bag, doing the same and in one quick swoop picked up both items and turned to Thomas and said your right about one thing, you won't be saying anything. Thomas looked as he seen his underwear in this guys hand. Thomas started pleading with the guy as he climbed on top of him, then he closed his mouth in an attempt to prevent being gag. Mark then reached down and grab hold of Thomas's nose making him take in a big gasp of air thru his mouth , and at that time he started stuffing his underwear down into his mouth making him gag on them. Thomas tried to scream as he saw Mark take a roll of duct tape and place it over his mouth and wrap it around his head four times, making a very effective gag. All Thomas could get out were a little bit of MMMMPH's. Then Mark took the duct tape and turn to Thomas's ankles and started to wrap them together , not caring about the hair on his legs. Then he did the same to his knees and upper chest in order to make him immobilized all Thomas could do now was squirm around on the floor.

Mark then looked down at Thomas and said now you don't go any where as he took his id from his wallet. Mark said thanks for the new name Thomas and with that he put on a sky mask and took Thomas's gun and went out to the lobby, were the gym had closed already and the only one there was the manager going over the books. Thomas heard the Mark demand the money from the safe as the manager's office was on the other side of the wall of the steam room, then Thomas started to struggle trying to get free, but knowing that was impossible. Thomas listened as he heard a loud noise as if something hit the floor, he knew that the manager had been knocked out. Thomas figured he was safe when he heard the door open to the steam room and saw the guy who tied him up. Mark walked over to him and picked Thomas up throwing him over his shoulder with his right arm and carrying the two duffle bag's in his left hand. As Mark walked out of the gym thru the back door he told Thomas that this was all a setup and that they would find his id in the manager's room along with his gun. Thomas just looked at Mark as he was being placed in the back of the pickup, wondering why this man was doing this. Mark looked at him and said don't worry your going to have a wonderful life as my personal toy.

With that Mark closed the top on the bed of the truck and locked it, he could hear Thomas in the back kicking at the top and screaming as loud as possible thru his gag, as he drove him off to his new life.