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Bossy Bottom
Part 7 - Finale
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 7 Finale

Finally the end of two week’s came. Rick woke up in his own bed and not a crib. His hands and legs were free. He could talk sluggishly. He was diapered and he knew they were wet and messy, and he could feel his cock slowly dribbling into the diaper. “Your up,” said Marc. “Go grab a shower cause you stink. When you get back here get dressed. You’ll find a fresh diaper, plastic panties.”

Even though he was still going to be wetting a diaper, it felt so wonderful to be a man again. Rick got out of the poopy diaper, and had a nice long shower. He had hoped that two weeks later some body hair might have appeared, but he was still smooth as an 8 year old girl. Rick shaved his head except for his teal mohawk and then sprinkled his crotch area with baby powder. He looked at his body in the mirror. He’d lost five pounds from his baby formula diet. It would be good to have adult food again. He then walked over to the bed and put on by himself his first diaper. It had little birds on it. He then put on the blue plastic pants over the diaper. The panties had the words, “Daddy’s Wittle Boy” written on them. He hated them, but at least he wasn’t going to be pooping in them. Wetting a diaper was not all that bad.

Marc and Steve came in that moment, Steve was carrying a hypodermic needle. “You remember this medication. It will just make you easy to handle.” Marc grabbed Rick around the throat while Steve injected the drug into the mohawk boy. Suddenly a feeling of weariness took hold of Rick’s muscles. Marc continued to hold onto Rick’s neck. “We have also decided to give you something else to make you our boy, and we mean boy. Your not going to like this, but every day your testicles are going to get a shot. This medication will do a few things. You will become impotent. Gradually your body will stop producing testosterone and androgen. Your balls will shrink to almost nothing. In 6 weeks or so, you will be essentially a eunuch.”

“No,” Rick yelled. Even with the lethargy drug slowing his actions, Rick thrashed so hard Marc found it hard to hold on to the diapered man. Steve got out the chloroform and began to rag Rick. “Won’t put you completely out but you need to be relaxed or I am going hurt you here with this needle.”

When Steve removed the rag from Rick’s face, Rick was barely awake. “Pleeth don’t do thith,” Rick said as Steve grabbed his scrotum.

“Sorry man but this is what happens to bossy bottom boys.” Rick barely felt the cool alcohol wipe on his scrotum. “Here we go boy, 3,2,1 blast off,” Steve said as he pierced Rick’s left nut with the syringe. Even though he was barely awake, Rick screamed in agony. “Next side, 3,2,1 blast off.” Rick screamed again.

Marc said, “Just think boy, 41 more treatments and it will be all done.” Steve thought it would be good for Rick to get a bit more rest before breakfast. A little nap might help the cop lose a bit of his anger for the rest of the day. He re-soaked the chloroform rag and clamped it over Rick’s face. Rick held his breath for as long as he could but then went under.

When he woke up a few minutes later, the lethargy drug was fully active in his system. His balls still ached from the injections. He was peeing uncontrollably into his diaper. His manhood was disappearing faster than his balls. Yet he knew he was powerless to do anything about it.

He got up and had breakfast. The rest of the day wasn’t bad. He ate and drank, watched tv, smoked a few cigars. His diaper needed changing four times. At 8:30pm, Marc said, “Well I think it is bed time for you, Rick.”

Steve prepared a needle and as Marc held him, Steve gave Rick a shot. Fifteen seconds later, Rick’s eyes flickered open and shut and then he fell asleep. Then he prepared another hypo for Rick. Whereas the shots to the testicles kept him from producing male hormones, this needle was filled with estrogen and other female hormones. In a few weeks, Rick would start developing breasts and his voice would go higher.

Friday came and after his testicles were given their fifth shot, the bladder control machine was switched to normal. Rick got dressed in adult clothes again. He wore his translucent thong which seemed a bit roomier than normal. The drugs were starting to effect him. He put on his skin tight tshirt which seemed tighter than usually which was strange because he had lost 6 pounds in the time he had been there. He also noticed his nipples seemed to be quite sensitive. He put on blue jeans, socks, western belt with a big buckle, and grey cowboy boots. Looking at himself in the mirror, he looked very hot especially without diaper hips.

When he got down to breakfast Steve and Marc told him that company was coming over tonight, Jerry, Mr. South Florida Leather. They warned Rick to not say anything about his situation here. Any untoward comment and Rick would know what level 5 would feel like.

The door bell rang at 5 pm and in walked the hottest leather man he had ever seen. He was dark, bearded, hairy, and sported a septum ring and nipple rings. Seeing Rick’s nipple rings he called the buy over. He pulled the handcuffs from his pocket and secured Rick’s hands behind his back. Then Jerry,reached underneath Rick’s t-shirt and squeezed the cops nipples. Rick’s nipples were so sensitive he yelped. The man pulled out a big ball gag and silenced the cop. Normally when someone touched his nipples he would get an instant erection. But thanks to the drugs injected into his testicles, Rick’s cock remained flaccid. He was feeling quite good though. His sensitive nipples were become perky.

“You have nice fleshy tits boy I like I,” as Jerry gave one nipple then the other a hard squeeze. At that point, Marc decided it was time to change things up. He found the bladder control remote in his pocket and switched it from normal to dribble. Seconds later, a big wet spot appeared on Rick’s jeans.

“Very impressive gentlemen. Your boy here is everything you told me about and more. So you got a picture of him from before.”

“Yes here is from the night we kidnapped him. Notice how hairy he was and hunky.”

“Nice and you say he is now permanently hairless.”

“Yes since we sprayed him in a chemical developed at my companies lab. He is hairless except for the hair on the top of his head. We decided to leave that for you in case you wanted to style it.”

“Great. Now lets take get him stripped I want to see the whole package before taking receipt of the order. I see you have added 7 piercings. I like them all except the PA is a bit small and I hate the eyebrow ring. And each ring is set up with a behaviour modification device?”

“We can get the torch and make it possible to removed the eyebrow ring. The nipple rings, septum ring and PA are all set to cause varying level pain set by this device here. The ear rings emit a high pitch squeal also set by this device. The device is set by the remote. One produces a sharp pain, 7 could be deadly.”

“I am impressed by your electronic wizardry. What is the highest pain threshold you have given him.

Steve said, “We zapped him three before it was quite intense.’

“Can I see the machine?” Jerry asked. Marc handed it over and Jerry zapped the boy with level 5. Rick screamed into the gag. His chest and dick felt like they were on fire. “Well I’ll be damned. No way he’ll ever be able to say no to me,” Jerry said. “You do great work Marc. And this bladder control device?”

“Basically it controls the sphincter muscles that control the bladder. You can leave it fully open or closed shut or even cause it to explosive piss like you saw tonight. Or you can give him control of his bladder it’s your choice.”

“Marc you are a fucking genius. I want him needing him to wear diapers forever. So put him in some diapers and plastic pants and set it for dribble. I will leave the remote here. I am not going to need it.”

“Good choice,” Steve said.

“Now Steve your surgery and pharmaceuticals have been great as well. I can’t see the scar from the bladder control device. And I am now fully stocked with all of the drugs you have used. And tell me about the hormones you have been giving him.

“Sure each morning we drug both testicle with a chemical which basically slows then halts the production of testosterone. As you saw, even with you molesting his chest, he could no longer get erect. About a month from now, he will be permanently impotent. He doesn’t even know about the female hormones he has been getting have been adding to his breast tissue. We started the treatment half strength just in case you wanted a eunuch or maybe turn him transgendered.”

“You thought of everything. Well I am sold, I’ll buy him. He’s just the kind of boy I want in my stable. Now doctor, give him something to put him into a deep sleep for the next 14 hours or so. Then help me get him in the side car of my motorcycle. It’s time to get my property home.