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Bossy Bottom
Part 6 - Unable to stop the flow and finale
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 6 Unable to stop the flow and finale

Rick began to emerge from his drugged fog about 9am. He was lying on his bed that had been his bed for the past few days. Something was different though. He suddenly realized he was lying in a heavy diaper and plastic pants. He ran into the bathroom and ripped off the diaper and then realized a slow steady of piss was streaming from his cock. He thought maybe if he pissed in the toilet he could get the stream to stop. When he tried to clench his muscles to piss, nothing changed. The stream was not any faster. It just kept coming. He tried to stop the flow of piss like he had done so many times before. Again nothing happened. He screamed out, “Marc, Marc.”

Marc ran in. “I think I might have a bladder infection. I just can’t stop pissing.”

Marc laughed. “You don’t have a bladder infection.”

“Well then maybe you damaged something when you pierced me.”

“No that didn’t happen either. I wasn’t going to tell you about this for a few days but I guess nows as good as time as any. Sit down on the toilet while I explain things to you.”

Marc began to explain how Steve and his greatest desire was to humiliate Rick as much as possible. Then he talked about the surgery that had been performed on Rick on Monday and the installation of the bladder control device.

“Bladder control device?” Rick cried.

“Yes it is operated by remote control. It can give you full control over your bladder or us full control over your bladder. We have a few settings. We can make it so you are unable to piss. We can press another button and you can’t help but piss your pants urgently with a full stream. Or we can use the function that we are using right now. Your sphincter muscles controlling your bladder are completely immobilized. They are unable to hold back any urine. Thus you are completely incontinent.”

“You fucking monsters. I want you to take it out of me.”

“Well I am afraid it is not that easy. To remove it would completely destroy those same sphincter muscles. You would be left no better than you are now.”

“Well then set it to so I have control over my bladder.”

“Now what would the fun be in that. As I told you at the outset we are wanting to humiliate you. What better way then forcing you to wear diapers for a bit.”

“I’ll kill you, you sick fuck.” Without so many drugs in his system, Rick moved so quickly. Before Marc could reach the remote control that would inflict debilitating pain on the cop, Rick landed a solid uppercut on the scientist. Marc slumped to the floor unconscious.

Rick looked all over Marc’s body for the remote which controlled his bladder. He couldn’t find it in his shirt pockets. Marc began to stir once more and so Rick gave him two more punches to the face. “That will keep you quiet,” Rick said.

As Rick began searching the man’s pants pockets, he did not hear Steve sneak up behind him. All of a sudden, the all too familiar smell of chloroform filled his head as Steve held the rag to the cop’s face. Rick knew he had to keep awake, break free, if he was ever to find that remote. He fought with all his might. But Steve’s grip was too strong and the chloroform was even stronger. The mohawk boy’s head began to spin and then everything went black.

Rick came too a short time later. He was lying in an adult size crib. His hands and legs were tied to the sized of the crib. He was in a thick diaper and plastic pants and he could tell that he was still dribbling without any bladder control whatsoever.

Marc and Steve came in. Rick smiled when he looked at Marc. His face was quite swollen where Rick had hit him. ”So you were a bad boy,” Marc said. I guess you know you’ll have to be punished. Marc pressed a button- number three on the pain list. Rick screamed in agony. He had never been in so much pain before.

After three minutes, the pain stop. Rick was crying, his cock and nipples were so sensitive. The ringing from his earrings still rang in his head. “So wearing a diaper and pissing your pants wasn’t quite humiliating enough to break you yet,” said Steve. “Well lets up the ante a bit” He produced a syringe from his pocket. “This is a powerful muscle relaxant. It will make you a completely helpless blob for the next two days. You will be just like a helpless new born.”

“Please don’t,” Rick whimpered but Steve jabbed the needle into his thigh. Rick’s body turned to jelly. Steve then picked up Rick’s lose legs. He had Marc undo the wet diaper and slip in three glycerine suppositories up his butt crack. “There now you’ll know what’s it like when a humiliated boy has to poop in his diaper.”

Rick tried to say no, but with the muscle relaxant in his system all he could do was give a kind of coo.

Marc then added a fresh coat of baby powder to his backside and got a new diaper with dinosaurs and pink plastic panties to dress Rick in. “All right it’s time for breakfast.”

Rick’s head flopped around like a rag doll when Steve lifted him out of the crib. He was carried to an adult sized high chair where he was bound in straps to keep him from flopping over. Once he was secure, Steve proceeded to feed him four bottles of formula. “Tastes pretty awful doesn’t it baby,” Steve said. Then Marc fed him three bottles of apple sauce and a jar of strained pears. They were a little better than the formula.

Rick’s stomach began to lurch. Between the laxatives and the formula, he knew he was going to need to shit really soon. Marc, undid the straps on the high chair, picked up the flailing cop and sat him on his knee and proceeded to pound him on his back. Soon Rick let out a tiny burp.

Rick was then set to lie on his crib. By this time his stomach was at all out war with his body. He just can’t poop his pants. He was a 28 year old cop. He wasn’t a baby. Only baby pooped their pants. He tried to tell Marc and Steve that he needed the bathroom, but the muscle relaxants meant he could only make baby noises. He had to poop so badly. The bathroom was just a few feet away. And he just couldn’t walk there.

Rick realized he was tired too. That last bottle of milk had tasted funny. Probably a sedative. He was unable to move, unable to talk, needing to poop, pissing his diaper, and being drugged asleep again. Rick’s eyelids began to flutter when he let out a huge fart and felt something warm and mushy fill his diaper. For the first time since he was a baby he had shit himself. As the smell from his diaper filled the room, Rick fell into a deep sleep once more.

The next two days of life were very strange for Rick. His life consisted of being fed, fed laxatives, bathed, changed, and naps. Marc and Steve spoke to him in baby talk. They played with him giving him tickles and blowing raspberry in his stomachs. Rick got used to the stench of his full diapers. This was no way for a 28 year old man to live. He went to sleep on his second evening of babyhood thinking that good tomorrow the muscle relaxant would wear off. But then what new version of hell would await him.

When he woke up the next morning, Rick found that he had gained control of his muscles once more. But he was again tied to the crib and a ball gag was secured in his mouth. He was still wearing diapers and they were indeed full. He could tell the setting on that blasted machine had not changed and he was still dribbling from his cock.

Steve walked in at that point. “Oh good you are finally awake. So we thought we would just catch you up on a few things. We have decided to keep you a helpless infant for another two weeks. In a few minutes I am going to give you some more laxatives and then I’ll shoot you up with the muscle relaxant. Oh and we will change your bladder contril device to normal. Not that that will change anything. You can’t get yourself to the toilet and we won’t be taking you there. You will discover though what it’s like to pee yourself when you are fully in control.” Rick yelled into his gag, but he knew he was not going anywhere.

“Now after the two weeks, we figure four days a week you would be on dribble. You’ll need to wear diapers underneath your clothes. The other three days your control will be set on normal. You will be able to dress normally but let’s just say you will have the occasional accident. And we might have the occasional guest over and that might be a little bit embarrassing to you.”

Steve then reached down into Rick’s diaper and inserted three suppositories up his ass. “There, baby boy, that will make sure you have a nice full diaper for your daddies,” Steve said. He then removed the ball gag from Rick’s mouth.

“You fucker, if I ever get out of this I’ll K…” Rick was interrupted when Steve twisted the cop’s pierced nipple hard.

“Such big words from a little baby who poops and pees in a diaper,” Steve said. Steve prepared a hypodermic with the powerful muscle relaxant once more and jabbed it into Rick’s left thigh. Again Rick was a helpless baby.

The next two weeks were the slowest ever in Rick’s life. There just wasn’t much of interest in a baby’s life. He couldn’t move or do anything else. His diet consisted of lots of baby formula laced with laxatives and sleeping pills. In his waking hours he ate and pooped. He spent about 18 hours a day sleeping and in his waking hours he was a non-moving blob who was totally dependent on his daddy’s.

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