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Bossy Bottom
Part 5 - The Rape and the Remote Control
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 5: The Rape and the Remote Control

At four ok, Rick woke up to Marc gently slapping him on the face. “Wake up sleepy head. Time for more fun.”

“Fuck off,” Rick said. His nightmare had returned. “Come on boy it’s time to get up.,” Marc said. This time he opened up a fresh bottle of poppers under Rick’s nose. A few seconds later Rick was trying to free himself from the fumes. “Enough, I’ll get up.”

“That’s better boy. Now here’s what’s going to happen. I want you to drink down these three beer quite quickly. The reason being is not that I want you to get drunk. You’ll just find it easier to pee. Your first couple of pisses after a PA piercing can be tough. There is always a bit of blood and so it stings. As beer is a diuretic, it will make peeing easy. Then after you drink the beer, I will remove that nasty hunk of rubber out of your ass. I imagine you will want to poop then. You can go to the bathroom and have a nice long shower. After your shower, you will find a new thong for you to put on. Come down to dinner then. We have barbecue steak, potato salad and corn on the cob. I am sure you are hungry.

He had not had much too drink or eat in the past few days. The three beers went down quickly and Rick felt a bit drunk as he finished the last one. Marc then had him lay on the bed. Even with a lot of lube, the butt plug was a bitch to come out. Finally with a good tug, the plug came lose. Rick let out a huge fart of relief as the hated thing vacated his hole. “Get to the bathroom,” Marc said. “Supper will be in an hour.”

As predicted the first drip of piss stung a bit but soon a good flow came out easily. He shat out some brown water and sighed as the pressure on his colon suddenly eased after a few more explosions erupted from his butt. He then stepped into the shower. It is the first time he had showered with his piercings. It felt a bit different. Finally after 20 minutes of luxury Rick got out of the shower, dried off, and looked at himself in the mirror. The creature that looked back at him looked so foreign. Mohawk, piercings, hairless. Rick found the eyebrow pencil and drew on his first clumsy attempt to look normal. He noticed a bit of black fuzz on the shaved part of his head. He surveyed the piercings. He had to admit he liked them. Even though he had not chosen the time to get pierced and he would not have ever thought of doing his ears, brow and nipples, he had to admit he liked the look.

After finishing in the bathroom, he came out to the bedroom. He lit a cigar and saw the tiny thongs on the bed. They were tight made of a white see through material that left nothing to the imagination. Rick put them on and then looked at himself in the mirror. His PA was visible as well as his 6 inch flaccid cock.

At 5:15 Steve opened the door. “Ready?”

“Yes,” said Rick. He was led to the kitchen. He wolfed down two pieces of steak, the potato salad, and the corn so quickly. He washed downthe meal with another two beer. “Good,” said Marc. “Your own urine cleanses the piercing.” Rick excused himself to piss again. This time there was no stinging. When he came out, Steve told him to take off his thong. He was led over to a saw horse and Rick was told to flop over it on his stomach. He was then tied to the saw horse leaving his vulnerable ass up for the taking.

Rick then watched as the two men stripped. He noticed that Marc had a smaller endowment then average. He was uncut. Steve had a huge cut cock. He saw Steve produce two hypodermic needles. Fuck what were they going to drug him with now. But then something happened that surprised Rick. Steve took the needle and injected Marc in his dick.

“This is caverject. It is drug used to treat erectile dysfunction but also used for sex play. In 15 minutes I will have erection that will last about 2 hours. I am going to plow your ass until I go soft. Then I will give Steve a shot and he will do the same.”

Fifteen minutes later, Marc had a raging hard on. His small cock now was 7 inches and quite thick. He came in Rick’s open ass at least 4 times. “That butt plug really opened your tight little fuck hole.”

Then it was Steve’s turn. The medication had turned his dick into a ten inch hard ramrod. Rick had never seen such an impressive piece of meat. It hurt so much to be plowed by it but it felt good to. Finally after four hours of agony the three men were all sated.

Steve untied Rick and let him back to his bed. Steve lay on top of him as Marc came in. He took a medical mask that was in the drawer of the night table, attached it to a hose that came from a wall and then placed the mask over the mohawk boy’s face. Once it was secure, he flipped on a green switch. There was a hiss as gas began to fill the mask. “This will keep you asleep tonight. Tomorrow’s a big day for you. Goodnight.”

Rick wondered what more could be done to him- he already been abused so much. He tried to free himself. He tried to buck Steve off of him, but it was hopeless. He tried to get the mask away from his face but it was secure. Soon he felt quite euphoric and sleepy. He wasn’t going to get away and he was going to sleep. He took one last contented sigh and surrendered to Morpheus.

At 7am Steve turned off the flow of the gas and removed the mask from the sleeping cop. “He’ll be out for another half hour at least. I’ll get his IV going and in about 20 minutes I’ll put some pre-op medication into his line. He’ll wake up loopy and without a care in the world. Then we’ll get him down to surgery. Are you sure this is going to work?”

“Well it should. I am implanting a remote control electronic regulator in his sphincter muscles in his bladder. With that I should have complete control of his bladder. It has four settings. Number 1 means that he will have normal control over his bodily functions. Number 2 locks his sphincter so he can’t piss. Number 3, will empty his bladder fully right there and then. And finally there is the fourth setting, the one I normally will use. It means his sphincter will have no control whatsoever on his bladder. He will just continually let out a slow continual stream of piss.”

“I am glad I am not your enemy,” Steve smiled at Marc.

“Of course this is a bit experimental and so I am going to need to try it out over the next few nights. We will get him to drink three cans of beer before you put him out. Then I will try the remote control. By Thursday, Rick here is going to start having some accidents in his pants.”

Steve started putting in the IV line. Then he got a syringe and injected the pre-op meds into the line. As predicted, Rick woke up higher than a kite. “Hi guys,” he said with a goofy smile on his face.

“Hey buddy, how you feeling?”

“I’m feeling really great.”

“Fantastic are you ready for your little surgery?”

“Surgery?” Rick got a worried look on his face for a minute but then it quickly turned back into a thoughtless grin. Steve injected another 5 mils of the pre-op med. Rick started babbling nonsensically. They wheeled him into the makeshift operating room.

“Count backwards from 25,” Steve said as he placed the mask over Rick’s mouth. By the time he hit 22, Rick was once again asleep. The operation took about three hours. It was fairly delicate as the electronics had to be connected to the nerves in the muscle. At the end of the surgery, Steve was exhausted. It was the best surgery he had ever done.

They decided to keep Rick asleep until 1pm or so. When he woke up he had no idea that he had been operated on. For some reason his groin was a bit sensitive but Rick had no idea why. The microsurgery technique that they had used to insert the bladder control machine had left a barely recognizable scar that could hardly be seen.

“Hey sleepyhead,” Marc said. “We decided that we have been a bit rough on you this past week. So we let you sleep in. We promise you there will be no beatings or druggings the next few days except at bed time. You will even be able to get dressed. Just don’t think of escaping. Remember we still have the ability to inflict pain in your piercings with this little remote control here. So why don’t you have a shower, shave that black fuzz off your head and then get dressed. We will have a big lunch for you when you are done.”

Rick found that he really got off on shaving his head. He thought about shaving his mohawk too but he liked the look. He was not crazy about the colour. Maybe a nice teal would be great. He examined his piercings. He liked all of them except the eyebrow ring. He’d even got used to his hairless boyish body by now. He regretted that he’d never had a big bushy beard like the bears had, but he knew that would never be possible. He showered and got dressed- almost translucent thong, tight jeans, boots, and a tight white t-shirt that showed off his pierced tits.

When he got downstairs he decided to talk fashion. His captors agreed he could change the colour of his mohawk tomorrow. They would get him the necessary bleach and dye tonight. They said no to the removal of the eyebrow ring at least until it was healed.

That evening and the two that followed followed a similar pattern. After supper, Rick was allowed to watch tv with the men. He actually found he enjoyed their company. He would smoke cigars as they talked about the news or watched Netflix. About 9, the beer came out. Rick was told that he must drink three to make sure to help his PA heal. Unbeknownst to Rick a heavy sedative was always added to the third beer. He never quite finished it before he’d passed out.

Steve would then drag Rick back to the bedroom. While Steve undressed the sleeping cop, Marc prepared his bed by putting a rubber sheet and a baby’s changing pad on the bed. The two men lifted the naked man’s body onto the bed. Once they were sure he was still dead to the world, they left him for about fifteen minutes to allow the beer time to fill his bladder.

On that first night, they came into the room quietly. They found they didn’t need to. Rick was snoring loudly and had not moved. “So what button do you want to push tonight?” Steve asked.

“I really want to see if I can make him piss. If he gives a good strong piss, I know my machine works.” He pressed the appropriate button on the machine. At first nothing happened. Steve was about to call it back to the drawing boards. But Marc said, “Just give it a minute.” 90 seconds later a long strong stream of piss came from the oblivious man’s cock. “Well will you look at that. We can now control his bladder with a flick of a switch.” The two men hugged as Rick slept, unaware that his body was not fully his own.

As the two men rolled Rick over and removed the wet changing pad and rubber sheet, Marc said, “Well it’s a partial success. Tomorrow we are going to give him four beer and then give him a fifth drugged one. We won’t let him use the bathroom. When he passes out I’ll push the switch which will make it impossible to go. We’ll get him up at 7 but I am not going to let him piss until noon. If we can keep his bladder so full and he doesn’t piss for fifteen hours then we know we have complete control of him.”

Marc continued, “But the third night will be the piece de resistance. Once he’s passed out I will push the other button. This will make his sphincter totally useless. He will continually dribble piss from his cock. After a bit of experimentation, it will be my intention to leave my machine at this setting permanently. And voila our once too proud cop will become a 24/7 diaper boy.

To the men’s excitement the bladder control machine exceeded their expectations. The sleeping boy pissed or did not piss at their command. On the fourth day they decided to try the machine out on an awake Rick. Before he was awakened at 7, Marc set the machine to normal. That meant Rick had complete control over his bladder. At lunch Rick drank down a large Diet Coke with his sandwich. Fifteen minutes later Rick was in the living room reading. Marc pushed the button for an intense long piss on the remote. A minute later, Rick cried out. Steve rushed in, “What’s wrong?”

“This is so embarrassing,” Rick said. “I was reading my book. All of a sudden, without any warning, I found myself pissing my pants. I haven’t done that since I was two years old. I don’t know what happened.”

Steve secretly smiled. He knew what happened. Marc’s machine was now in control of Rick’s bladder. But he wanted to add to the cop’s humiliation. Steve sat in a chair and ordered the blushing man to take off his pants and his thong underwear and lie face first over the big man’s knee. Steve then proceeded to give Rick twenty hard whacks to his ass with his big beefy hands. By the end Rick’s butt cheeks were red and quivering. Rick was bawling. “Please Sir stop. I don’t know how it happened. It never has happened before and it will never happen again.”

Steve stopped the spanking. “If that happens again, you will be wearing a diaper 24/7. Now get to your room and change out of those wet clothes.”

As Rick went into his bedroom to change, Steve went into the kitchen to find a beaming Marc. The two men couldn’t believe how flawlessly the machine had worked. It was decided that tonight Rick would lose control of his bladder permanently. How cocky would he be if he was wearing diapers 24/7.

Supper was good. This evening the men played cards after supper. Marc insisted that Rick again have three beers before bed. Given that he pissed his pants already today, Rick wasn’t so sure, but Marc said he was sure there wasn’t going to be any problem. Steve brought the beer in. The third beer contained only a light sedative. Rick drank the beers, said good night, went to his room, pissed in the john, got undressed and fell asleep soon after his head hit the pillow.

Two hours later Marc set the control on his bladder control unit to dribble for the foreseeable future. In a few minutes Rick woke up screaming. His bed was wet and he could not get his cock to stop leaking. Steve came in furious. How dare he piss on the bed. If he was going to act like a fucking baby he was going to be dressed like one. He stormed out of the room while Marc removed the wet silk sheets from the bed and put on a rubber sheet over the mattress and then a new water repellant quilt. Rick stood there shaking in the bathroom as piss continued to leak from his cock.

Steve came into the bathroom and glared at his hostage. “Go and lie on your back on the bed.”

Rick did what he was told. The big man grabbed the cop’s ankles and lifted them up in the air. Marc sprinkled a good load of baby powder on Rick’s private parts. “Luckily we had some supplies from some baby play we did a few years ago,” Steve said as he diapered Rick in a thick adult diaper with cute teddy bears on it and then a pair of rubber pants. Rick didn’t know what to do but to cry. Steve said, “It’s time for you to go to sleep now baby,” as he left the room for a moment. He came back in brandishing his dart gun. He fired one dart into Rick’s neck and then another into Rick’s bicep. The room began to spin and then everything went black.

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