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Bossy Bottom
Part 4 - Pulling the Plug
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 4: Pulling the Plug

Rick came to in his cell. It took him a while to shake off the cobwebs in his mind. He awoke to various sensations. First there was still the shock of the satin brushing against his mowed skin. This was going to take some getting used to. His sheets at home were not nearly as luxurious and he had always had an extremely hairy body since he was 13. He knew this was his permanent reality though. He felt around his crotch and there was not one bit of hair.

Feeling around his crotch awoke another sensation. His cock grew a bit as he touched his body. His cock now sported a 6 gauge pa and he felt a bit of pressure at the cockhead as he grew. No he better wait a few days before he got hard.

His newly pierced nipples were quite sensitive. He’d admired the leather boys with their pierced nipples at the Hammer. However, it wasn’t something he ever thought he’d try. His nipples had always been supersensitive. The times Jack had used nipple clamps on him had been very painful. Now he had nipple rings and they would never come out.

The other piercings were not that painful except his nose was quite sensitive. Having wanted a bull ring for years, he’d read about how a septum would take months in order to fully heal. And even though he had been a tough macho bottom, he wasn’t all too keen on going through the pain of getting pierced and the healing process. Now he had been forced.

Then he remembered the devilish thing about these piercings. They were no ordinary body jewelry. They had the ability to cause real pain. Those remotes that Steve and Marc carried in their pockets were pure evil. Even if somehow he had managed to get the advantage over one of his captors, with a press of a button they could incapacitate him in a sea of pain. He was totally at their mercy.

He moved around a bit in bed and a sudden pang in his backside reminded him of one other dilemma. He’d been plugged with a giant butt plug. His butt was stretched and it itched a bit. Thanks to the enema’s he was empty now, but he knew he would soon have to fart or shit he couldn’t with that massive rubber dildo up his ass. He decided to remove it.

He grabbed the base of the plug and decided to pull. It was so big it would not easily pull. Then to his horror, the plug began to vibrate. Suddenly Rick was in ecstatic ecstasy as his prostate was getting massaged. His cock began to grow in excitement. Rick felt the pull of his PA ring on his freshly pierced cock. This wave of ecstasy lasted about 30 seconds or so. Then there was a sound of an alarm that filed the room. All of a sudden each of his piercings were instruments of pain- his eye was burning, his nose throbbed, his ears were filled with a high squeal, his tits and cock felt like they were being stabbed with a thousand knives. The pain was more intense than before. And then it stopped.

Marc and Steve came in. “So you’ve been a bad boy,” Marc said. “We already told you that we would decide when the butt plug gets removed, not you. So now you know what pain level 2 is like. Next time you mess up it will be a level 3 or 4.”

“Little boys who misbehave need to have a nap,” said Steve. “Maybe when you wake up at supper time, you will be better behaved.” Steve pulled out a hypodermic needle while Marc tied a rubber tube around Rick’s left upper arm and then tapped on Rick’s inner elbow. “You’ve got great veins,” Steve said. Rick gasped as he felt the sharp prick of the needle. He felt a strange warmness begin to fill his arm and then radiate up his shoulder. And then all went black.

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