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Bossy Bottom
Part 3 - The Lost Cop
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 3: The Lost Cop

Something was wrong. Rick wasn’t answering his phone calls. His phone immediately to voice mail. Rick also hadn’t made it into work, he hadn’t even called in and his captain was pissed. This was not like Rick at all.

Jack gave Marc a call. Marc said that Rick had developed a bit of a headache about 15 minutes after Jack had been called out. They all agreed to call it a night and the 3 men left the bar. They had walked back to Rick’s motorcycle and that was it (Marc left out the part about the drugging and chloroforming of the cop whose motorcycle now sat securely out of sight in Steve and Marc’s back shed). The bartender remembered that the three men left just before the Mr. Leather contest began at 11:15pm. That was all anyone could tell Jack.

Jack then went to his boy’s apartment. Jack found everything just as it should be. The apartment was meticulously clean and nothing was out of place. Looking at Rick’s computer browser, Jack saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Jack checked with Rick’s cell phone company the next morning. Jack’s call to invite Rick to the Hammer was the last call or text that Rick had received. Trying to track the phone, the phone company said the last trace of it was by the River Street Bridge. Jack phoned Rick’s precinct and convinced him to scan the bridge. Two hours later, Rick’s phone turned up in the water.

He knew this was so wrong. Rick was not the type to go missing. Rick loved being a cop, was super responsible, was super loyal and loved Jack. He just wouldn’t go and disappear. Someone had grabbed him. Maybe it was a criminal he had put in jail. Maybe it was a homophobe. A few young gay men had gone missing lately. Whatever the reason his boy was in trouble.

Rick began to stir the next morning. Something felt so erotic. Then as he became more lucid he remembered that he had been kidnapped and made hairless. The satin sheets were tickling his freshly mown skin. It felt so good. So good in fact that despite the repeated druggings he had endured the past few days, Rick sported a huge woody when he got up to use the toilet. He might be a hairless less of a man, but he still had an impressive dick. Rick showered and noticed how different it was to clean a hairless body. He was drying off when he heard his door open. Marc and Steve came in. Steve was brandishing a hypodermic needle. Marc put Rick in a headlock and Steve gave the mohawk boy an injection. Soon Rick felt lethargic once more. “Come get breakfast,” said Marc.

Breakfast consisted or porridge and fruit. When he finished Marc said to Rick, “Well I hope we are ready for another fun day?”

Rick swallowed hard. “Yeah right.”

After Rick had finished he was again chained to the walls like he was the day before. Then a leather blindfold was secured around his head. A few seconds later his mouth was forced open and a ball gag was inserted into his mouth. His naked, hairless body was left hanging there for what seemed like hours, but was in reality only about five minutes. Then Rick cried out hmmph as a lubricated finger went up his ass crack. The finger was removed and replaced with some plastic tubing. Rick bucked his hips trying to keep the foreign object out of his butt crack but it was to no avail. Once his captor decided that the hose was in the proper place, he reached up and turned a valve. Rick screamed into the gag as warm soapy water filled his gut. The captor let it sit in the cops stomach for a minute and then unchained Rick and led him to the toilet where Rick emptied his bowels. “Oh did baby go poo poo?” Steve said and then Steve wiped the bound boy’s ass. The procedure was repeated three more times. The last time, only brown water ran from Rick’s ass.

“I read about this one in the old Leatherman’s Handbook,” Steve said as he was wiping Rick’s ass for a fourth time. After the humiliated cop was clean, he again grimaced as he felt Steve’s lubed fingers once more up his ass. Then there was something bigger being shoved up his hole. It seemed to stretch the hole bigger than anything else ever had. With a final shove it slid in causing Rick to yell in agony.

“There you go,” said Steve. “This butt plug will keep you from pooping until we say so.” The blindfold was removed and tears were seen streaming down the gagged cops face.

The chains were then unfastened and Rick was led to a stretcher on the other side of the room. Rick was placed on his back and then tied down on the stretcher.

Marc began to speak. “So it’s my turn now. Today we are going to begin a new phase of your training. We are going to use negative reinforcement to turn you into an obedient bottom boy for us. Here is how it is going to work. I am going to first have my friend “Dr. Sleep” drug you up by blowing this powder up your nose. You will be awake and feel things but you will be very high. Then I am going to give you some piercings to go with your Mohawk look. There will be 7 of them. Your right eyebrow is going to get pierced. You are going to get a septum ring. Two 10 gauge hoop rings are going in your ears. I will also pierce your nipples and finally you will get a pa ring. Each of these piercings will be welded shut so that they will be a permanent installation. You won’t get these rings out without tearing a nipple or your cock. Not fun. And these are no ordinary rings. Each is carrying a tiny wireless receiver that is connected to a remote that Steve and I will carry in our pocket. You get out of line and with a touch of a button, a searing pain will be send to your most intimate body parts.”

Even in his drugged facile state, Rick began to scream and flail around on the stretcher. Rick had planned to get a prince albert when he went on holidays next month and had even thought about getting a septum ring that he would keep flipped up at work and then let down for leather play. But he hadn’t planned on getting pierced this way with these instruments of torture. He knew these seven piercings would make him vulnerable to anything these sadists wanted to do to him.

Marc grabbed hold of the hairless man’s head as Steve stuck the tube of white powder up Rick’s left nostril. Steve then gave a hard blow. Suddenly Rick felt like he was floating. He was totally aware of what was happening yet could care less. He felt the sharp point of the piercing needle seven times as the rings were installed. But that pain was quickly replaced with the euphoric high of the white powder. He felt the heat from the soldering iron as the rings were permanently closed but again he could care less. He was untied from the stretcher then and laid in complete bliss for the next two hours until his high faded.

When he was lucid again, Rick got up from the stretcher and looked at himself in the mirror. A few days ago, a tough macho cop would have been reflected in the mirror. Now there stood a heavily pierced hairless kid who sported a bright pink mohawk and painted on eyebrows. Why were these fuckers doing this to him.

The door to the lab opened. Marc and Steve walked in smiling. “Looks great boy,” Marc said.

Despite the drugs in his system, Rick formed a fist and hit Marc square in the nose. He would have hit him again but all of a sudden a searing pain erupted in both his nipples. Steve had zapped him with the remote control. Rick sat there nearly breathless on the floor. Marc said, “Now you see how my wonderful rings work. Today it was just your nipples at level 1. It could have easily been your eyes, nose, ears or cock. And there are 7 levels on my remote each level is 10 times worse than the last.”

Rick was still on the floor in terrible pain when Steve pulled out the familiar amber bottle and cloth from his pocket. “I think naughty boys need to have a nap,” Steve said. Rick whispered no as he watched Steve douse the cloth in the foul smelling liquid. Steve bent down to the floor and clamped the rag over Rick’s face. Rick futilely tried to free himself from this new assault but soon the sickening sweet fumes were leading him down a dark vortex. With a sigh Rick started to breathe in more and more of the drugging fumes. And then everything went black once more.

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