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Bossy Bottom
Part 2 - Becoming a Mexican Hairless
By Echidna Jack

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Chapter 2: Becoming a Mexican Hairless

Rick gradually started to stir mid morning. As he became aware, he realized he was naked and that he was chained up. His ankles were chained spread apart. His neck, and wrists were chained to the ceiling. If he moved too far he would choke.

His head hurt so bad. He had either drank a lot the night before or he had been drugged. He was not sure where he was. He was in what looked to be a lab/dungeon. He thought to how he got here but the last thing he clearly remembered was eating lunch at the precinct yesterday. There were quick glimpses of events after that, but nothing seemed to connect. Rick tried the chains that were holding him, but they would not give. Whoever had brought him here did not want him to get away.

Rick tried to figure out what had happened to him when the door to his “cell” opened. In walked two men. Rick thought one of the men was vaguely familiar from those flashes of memory from yesterday. The other was Marc, Jacks roommate from college.

Rick said, “Marc?”

Marc walked up to Rick and with a smirk on his face hit him hard in the solar plexis. Rick was winded, and gasped for air.

“That’s right genius. Guess the nasty drugs didn’t fuck up that bird brain of yours too much. And do you remember who this is?’

Once Rick recovered from the punch to the gut he said, “No I don’t remember.”

“This is my good friend Steve. We both are going to teach you what it means to be a good boy and to know your place. I have always hated you. You were so cocky, so arrogant. You are hot stuff, but you know it too. No way for a boy to act especially around a decent Daddy like Jack. He’s been too soft on you so I am going to make you an obedient boy.”

“And your old man ruined my old man. The governor framed my father and was instrumental in his suicide.”

Marc continued. “So we kidnapped you. Last night, after Jack left, we drugged your drink and then chloroformed you. Your old life is done and finished. No more being a cop. No more Jack. We are going to do whatever to break you and you will be our permanent slave.”

“You Fuckers, you can’t do this. Jack will find me and I will never …” Rick screamed at the men till Steve pinched the chained man’s nipple.

Steve said, “That will be enough out of you. You are in no position to argue with us slave. Your helpless and we have the drugs and the know how to keep you at our beck and call. We can play this the easy way where you do as your told or the hard way. It’s up to you.”

Tears of pain rolled down Rick’s face. “I understand Sir.”

“Soon you will be enjoying our fun,” Marc said. “Let’s get started. Now you probably don’t remember from last night, but my friend here is an expert in putting people to sleep and in experimental drugs and their effects on the body. And so I will turn you over to my friend Steve right now.”

Rick thought about cursing out his captors again, but his left nipple still stung from the twisting it had received earlier. Steve began. “Now both March and I agree that no slave worth his salt, should be covered in body hair. Our pharmaceutical company invented a trial depilatory spray a couple of years ago. It proved to be 100% effective in removing body hair permanently. There were a couple of problems though. One the cosmetic industry fought it. Just imagine all those beauticians out of work forever. The second reason is that the spray smells so bad. And finally and most importantly, the spray causes searing pain for about an hour as both the hair follicle and its root are completely and permanently demolished.”

Rick was completely horrified by what was being described. Being a hairy man was so much a part of his macho image. He had never thought about shaving his pubes. He couldn’t imagine being smooth as a baby for life. “No please don’t do this. Let me go and I promise I won’t turn you in.”

“I am sorry no one is giving you a choice,” Marc said. Steve walked over to a cupboard and wheeled a cart over that was filled with several large spray cans. “Now we are going to spray you from head to toe except for the top of your head. It might be nice to style our slaves hair. You will immediately notice the overwhelming stench of the spray. Three minutes later you will be in agony as the spray begins to destroy the hair producing cells in your body. This will last for an hour until we shower you down. When you dry off you will be permanently hairless.”

“You monsters,” Rick said and he again pulled at his chains to no avail.

The two men donned gas masks and proceeded to shake the cans. Rick jumped a bit when the first spray hit the backs of his legs. An overwhelming stench of rotting garbage filled the air. Rick saw in the mirror that wherever the spray was applied to his body, the area turned purple thus making sure no spots were missed. His legs and buttocks and crotch were fully covered when a searing pain started in his feet. Rick yelled out in pain but his captors did not stop. Ten minutes later Rick was purple all over. His eyebrows, face, neck, and body felt like hot pokers were constantly stabbing him. Only his black full head of hair was left untouched.

The treatment seems to last forever. Rick soon lost his voice. The pain was so horrible he was on the verge of passing out. The smell got worse and worse. Just when he thought he could not stand it anymore, a rag was placed over his face. A strange powerful aroma replaced the smell of the hair remover. “Chloroform,” Rick thought. A memory of last night’s chloroforming flashed in his mind. Rick struggled against this new attack and then slumped unconscious.

When Rick came to, he was again chained up but this time in a shower stall. After about 10 minutes in the warm soapy water all traces of the purple hair remover, the horrible stench and Rick’s body hair were gone. “There now you look like a boy,” Marc said. Rick looked at himself in the mirror. He was so young looking, so boyish. He felt his swagger melt away looking at the pre-pubescent boy looking back at him. In the mirror he watched as Steve snuck up behind him with something metal in his hand. It was a stun gun. Rick let out a little whimper as thousands of volts arced through his body. Rick went limp against his chains once more.

Rick was barely aware as Marc and Steve undid his chains and then led their victim to a barber’s chair. They chained the helpless man to the chair. When Rick finally regained his senses, Marc began to speak. “There you are now permanently smooth just like a little baby. Now we are going to work on your head of hair and draw you in some brows. We thought a mohawk might be a good look for now.”

“You bastards let me go now,” Rick struggled. He knew Jack would never go for him getting a mohawk. Rick again yelled and struggled against that. “Enough of that,” Steve said. With that Steve wet the all too familiar white rag with the stuff in the amber bottle and clamped the cloying fumed rag over Rick’s face. Rick tried to shake his head free but being chained to the chair it was a futile effort. In a matter of a minute, Rick was in a drugged sleep once more.

When he came to, it took Rick a minute to recollect what had happened to him. Then it all came flooding back. Marc and Steve were looking at him. “So we are awake again. Now are you going to let us style your hair without fighting us or do we have to rag you again. We are in no rush.”

Everything in Rick’s body said that he must fight his attackers. They were crazy and had already molested him in so many ways. He had to break free. But he knew he was helpless. He also knew that they had the ability to put him to sleep at any moment they wanted. The thought of another chloroforming made his stomach lurch.

“I’ll behave,” Rick said with a sigh of resignation in his voice.

“Good,” said Marc. He proceeded to give Rick a mohawk and then dye it fluorescent pink. They then drew on thick pink eyebrows on Rick.

“Now Rick we have just a few more things to do to you today before we feed you and put you to bed for the night. We have to move you back to your chains in the other room. Are you going to go freely or do we have to drug you again?’

Rick was just so weak. Between the drugged beer, the chloroformings, the denuding, the stun gun, the periods of long confinement in chains, he just didn’t have the strength to fight against these two muscular sadists who held him prisoner. “I’ll go quietly,” he said.

“Wish we could trust you but not yet,” said Marc. “Steve is going to give you something. You will stay fully awake but it will just make you lethargic and easy to handle. It probably isn’t necessary. You have no idea where you are. You’re a little pipsqueak compared to us and there is two of us and just one of you. But let’s call it a bit of insurance. But we just can’t have you chained up all the time. This is your home now and you will be living with us permanently. This gentle muscle relaxant/tranquillizer combo will make it just that much easier.”

Rick screamed as he saw Steve approach him with the syringe. “Don’t do this. I promise I will behave.”

“Sorry but we just can’t take that chance,” Steve said as he injected the drug into Rick’s left bicep. Thirty seconds later, Rick felt tired. His muscles felt heavy. There is no way he could escape. He just didn’t have the strength. The chains were undone and for the first time since the previous night that Rick was free but he just had no strength to break free.

“Ok,” Marc said. “I am going to get some supper for us. I know you will be starving and thirsty. Steve will stay with you. I am sure you won’t be a problem will you boy,” Marc said menacingly squeezing Rick’s hairless chest.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be no problem.”

When Marc left, Steve invited Rick to come see his new bedroom. The room was in the basement. It was fairly large with a Queen sized bed laid out with satin sheets. There was a nice sized ensuite with a full bath attached. The door to the room was a heavy metal door with a combination lock. There were no windows. It was lovely, but it was a prison. Rick was happy to see something in his room. It was a package of his favourite cigarillos and a lighter. For the first time all day, his body free of the heavy drugs, Rick could really use a smoke.

Steve shut and locked the door behind him. Rick thought he heard five numbers being pressed on the keypad. Looking at the keypad there were 20 different number keys. Doing the math in his head that meant there were 3,200,000 possible combinations to freedom. There was no way he was getting out of here fast.

He lit the little cigar and took a deep puff. Man that was so good. It was so manly. But then he thought of his own predicament. He’d been drugged, chloroformed, kidnapped, bound, made virtually hairless including his eyebrows, and then drugged again. He was helpless against these two men and without his hair he felt less than a man. He hated this mohawk boy with no eyebrows who stood before him in the mirror.

Enough self pity he thought. He had to find a way out of here. But how? The drugs they were giving him now just made him listless. Even if he somehow managed to get out of his cell, he would have to overpower not one but two giants. Even when he was himself, the cocky handsome cop, that would have been a tall order. Now as the drugged up mohawk boy, that would have been next to impossible. Just then he heard the lock opening up on his door. “Foods here,” Steve said. Rick had not eaten for 24 hours. Even though it was just McDonalds, he quickly wolfed down a double Big Mac, a large fries and a coke. He was busy talking with Marc after supper. He was trying to find out what they planned to do with him. Marc though just smiled and said he would find out in due course.

Suddenly Rick felt a sharp sting in his neck. He put his hand up to his throat and discovered a dart in his neck. Rick heard laughing from behind. He turned his head and saw Steve holding a dart gun at him. The room started to sway and then the former cop turned smooth mohawk boy fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

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