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Black Tiger - The Ruby's Red Light
By EbonArt


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BLACK TIGER – He’s one of the few costumed vigilantes in the Rust Belt city of Iron Harbor. As a boy, Rico Ramirez was among a group of kids kidnapped by traffickers and sold to a rogue black ops team looking to create subservient assassins. His genetic profile was combined with a Siberian Tiger, giving him increased strength, agility, endurance, and animal-level senses. Rico became Black Tiger to fight directly with the criminal element like the one that ended his old life.


Black Tiger swept his flashlight around the ruined warehouse as he walked further into the twisting maze of boxes and crates. Above him, his young sidekick Tigerboy walked along the catwalk. The Kuro gang they were tracking was dangerous and ruthless, and he wanted to keep the youth out of undue trouble if he could. The kid could handle himself, but there was no reason to tempt fate.

The masked manhunters swept the warehouse from one end to the other and came up empty. Finally, Black Tiger waved Tigerboy down to him, and they met by the giant steel doors on the west end.

“Anything?” Tigerboy said.

“Nothing,” Black Tiger said as he stowed his tiny flashlight in his utility belt. The black-clad vigilantes turned at a sound from the old office area, and Tigerboy split off on Black Tiger’s signal; the slender youth disappearing into the maze of boxes, trying to flank whoever was here while Black Tiger walked forward.

“We meet again, Black Tiger,” said a figure in the shadows. Black Tiger drew his gun as the figure stepped forward, revealing itself as a handsome bearded man in an expensive black silk suit. A thick gold ring with a red gemstone in it gleamed on one finger of his right hand. The man made a fist and pointed his ring at Black Tiger.


“Ringmaster!” Black Tiger said as he instantly tried to avert his eyes, but it was too late: the light from the ring caught and held his gaze and slowly he was forced to look directly at it. He felt like he was swimming against a strong current as he walked forward slowly. As he did so, he felt a heated rush of sexual need rise in him. By the time he closed the distance to the man, his cock was fully erect in his costume, pulsing against the skintight leather.

“Yes, and you’ve interfered in my plans for the last time, Black Tiger. Bring the boy!” the Ringmaster said.

From the shadows, Tigerboy walked forward, one of the ringmaster’s gang members holding a gun to the boy’s head. Black Tiger fought to react, but his muscles only flexed under his skintight leather bodysuit.


“You ... murderous fuck. Let him go,” Black Tiger managed to growl out.

The Ringmaster turned his glowing ring on Tigerboy, and Black Tiger could only watch helplessly as Mickey’s body relaxed, and he walked forward to join Black Tiger. He could read his sidekick’s body language easily enough: he was fighting it every step of the way, but Mickey was just as entranced as he was.

“I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this little kitten yet,” the Ringmaster said. The man walked forward and tilted Tigerboy’s head up. The masked youth frowned and tried to resist, but it was useless. The Ringmaster ran his fingers through Mickey’s hair, and then turned back to Black Tiger.

“A handsome boy, Black Tiger. A fighter, too; I can feel him resisting just as hard as you are and failing just as badly. Both of you are my slaves, now, along with the Kuros,” the Ringmaster said. As he talked, two more gang members came out of the old office.

“Impossible! You’ve only been able to control a couple of people at a time, before!” Black Tiger said. Tigerboy’s shoulder brushed his arm, and he tried to look at his partner but could not tear his eyes away from the mesmerizing gemstone. The hypnotic ruby’s light pulsed against his eyes, clouding his mind.

“Hah! I have grown in strength, Black Tiger. I used my time in prison -- the prison you sent me to – to perfect my control over the ruby. The fools thought it would help in my therapy after a few well-placed suggestions by myself, of course...”

Black Tiger gritted his teeth. The Ringmaster had some minor hypnotic powers of his own, but the ruby boosted them ten-thousand-fold. Now, it seemed he was even more powerful. The last time they’d fought, the Ringmaster had barely managed to keep him under control and eventually he’d broken free. This time, though, he could feel no weakness in the man’s command of his mind and body. And he had ensnared Mickey as well!

As he watched, Tigerboy shivered slightly. He could see Mickey’s cock outlined in his costume, and his own member flexed in his intense need to fuck. His heart was beating faster, and he felt a distant desperate ache in his balls. The ring’s light stroked his mind, enflaming his needs and desires. The ruby was alive in a way, and it needed sensation the way a man in the desert needs water. It used the Ringmaster as much as he used it.

Two of the gang members grabbed him, one on each arm, and held him tightly. The other two did the same to Tigerboy. The Ringmaster walked up and stroked his cheek, then traced the bow-curve of his lips with a fingertip.

“What a pretty young man you are, Black Tiger. And you’ve brought me this fresh youth to play with as well. I must reward you somehow,” the Ringmaster breathed.


The man leaned in and kissed him, and Black Tiger fought to break free to no avail. The man’s lips met his, and then he was submitting to him, opening his mouth and returning the kiss with fervor. The Ringmaster put hands on his broad shoulders to steady him, and they kissed for a long minute as the man explored him and Black Tiger could only submit. Black Tiger felt his cock press tightly against his leather bodysuit, and he wanted, needed, the man to let him cum.

“You feel it, pretty boy?” the Ringmaster whispered to him as he broke the kiss. “The lust in your balls, the aching need in your groin? I wonder how the boy feels, watching me kiss you? Kid like that must be a boiling mass of hormones, heh heh.”

Black Tiger watched helplessly as the Ringmaster then turned to Tigerboy and stroked his head, then tilted his head up and forced a kiss from him as well. He could tell when Mickey lost the fight to resist him, and he ached to help the boy.

“Uhhh!” Tigerboy moaned as the Ringmaster broke his kiss, and Black Tiger could suddenly smell his sidekick’s cum. He’d been so excited by both the kiss and the forced submission to the handsome villain that he’d ejaculated in his costume. He couldn’t blame the kid. He was close to doing the same. He wanted the Ringmaster’s mouth on his again.

“Succulent,” the Ringmaster said as he wiped his lips. He turned back to Black Tiger and stroked his short beard. “The boy is everything I’d hoped. Fresh and malleable. He’ll be the perfect treat for my men. Already I can feel their desire for his supple young body, Black Tiger. But they’ll have to wait.”

“What are you planning, you lecherous fuck?”

The gang member on his left turned and punched Black Tiger in the jaw hard enough that he would have gone to his knees if the other man hadn’t been holding him.

“Caution, Black Tiger. My men are very protective of me,” the Ringmaster said. He reached and stroked the buzz-cut hair of the man who’d punched him, and the man almost purred with satisfaction.

Shit, this is bad. He’s never had this kind of power before. These guys are his pets and I think he means the same fate for us! What can I do, though? Black Tiger thought.

One gang member took off his shirt, showing a densely-furred and broad muscular chest, and took the Ringmaster’s place in front of Black Tiger. The man took Black Tiger’s head in his hands and kissed him before his hands moved to stroke Black Tiger’s deep chest. Black Tiger panted in need as the man opened the front of his bodysuit and slid hands over his rock-solid muscles.

The gang member’s fingers teased Black Tiger’s nipples into hard dark points, then stroked his flat stomach. “Nice kid, boss,” the man said as he forced another kiss from Black Tiger. Then he opened the top of Black Tiger’s pants and pulled free his rigid nine-inch cock.

“Fuck yes,” the gang member said, and began to stroke the superhero’s erect member with his fingertips.

Black Tiger tried to concentrate. The more he gave into his needs, the more the ring fed from his sexual arousal. The more it fed, the stronger it got. Even now he could feel it testing his defenses, looking for any weakness. He had succumbed to it more than once in the past, allowing the Ringmaster to continue his life of crime but now he had Tigerboy to think about as well. Mickey was a tough kid but this was likely beyond him.

“Gonna fuck your hot ass, Black Tiger,” the other man at his side said, and moved behind him to steady him as the other Kuro member continued to masturbate him.

“Watch your mentor, Tigerboy,” the Ringmaster said, stroking Tigerboy’s hair. “Watch him give in. Soon, you’ll be begging these men to fuck you, boy.”

Black Tiger saw his masked partner frown and struggle against the hypnotic commands, but he was unable to break free. He felt the Kuro man’s hand on his strong cock, and he knew he didn’t have long. Already his length was slick with his copious precum.

“But first,” the Ringmaster said with a laugh, “Tigerboy. Suck Black Tiger’s cock until he cums.”


“No, I... uggh...” Tigerboy groaned as he tried to fight and staggered against the pain of disobedience. The gang members restraining him let him go, and the masked boy walked over and knelt before Black Tiger. The man stroking Black Tiger’s cock backed off, and Tigerboy took his mentor’s nine-inch erection in his gloved hands.

“Uhh... Tigerboy...” Black Tiger fought to say, as the pain almost blinded him. He shivered as Mickey’s lips met his uncut crown and the boy’s tongue teased his foreskin back. He pulsed a gush of precum onto Mickey’s pretty young face. Fuck, the kid just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. Now, he was going to lose his virginity to the Ringmaster and his gang!

Tigerboy grasped Black Tiger’s big cock and nuzzled it, then stroked the large, unhooded crown over his mouth as he licked and sucked precum from the glans until it gleamed. Then he pulled the man’s cock down and took the head of it into his mouth.

Black Tiger bit his tongue as he felt Mickey’s soft lips stroking over his dick. Gonna... lose this fight, and soon, he thought. And then he couldn’t think, as he began to shoot his load, pumping several ropes of thick superhero cream into his sidekick’s mouth and down his throat. Mickey pulled back and let the rest of Black Tiger’s cum spurt into his masked face before he bent forward again and began to clean his mentor’s cock with his tongue.

“Magnificent!” the Ringmaster laughed as he watched the leather-clad teenaged boy get spurted with cum.

Tigerboy bobbed on the end of Black Tiger’s big cock, gripping it with both black-leather-gloved hands, suckling it and licking it, then letting the large crown emerge from his mouth with a pop. He licked down the length of his mentor’s cock, cleaning it, until he took Black Tiger’s left nut in his mouth, sucking on the man’s scrotum. His leather-gloved hand continued to stroke Black Tiger’s erect length.

“Tigerboy.. I can’t... nnngghhh!”

Black Tiger grunted and ejaculated again, his thick ropes of cum passing by Tigrboy’s head to spatter on the cold concrete beyond. Tigerboy moved his mouth back to the crown once Black Tiger’s orgasm was done, and licked it clean again, pulling the man’s foreskin back to make sure he cleaned the entire large glans once more.

“Your boy is diligent, thorough, and disciplined; always good qualities in a young slave,” the Ringmaster laughed. “I’ll enjoy having Tigerboy service my cock tonight, after I’ve tired of fucking you, Black Tiger!”

Despite the exquisite feel of his sidekick’s mouth on his cock, Black Tiger went cold as fury replaced his burning desire to fuck the youth kneeling in front of him.

Black Tiger growled, flexed his shoulders, and pulled his cock free of Tigerboy’s grip. “This ends now, Ringmaster!” the young hero said, and sprang at the Ringmaster!

“NOOO! Impossible!” the Ringmaster screamed as Black Tiger’s full weight hit him. He went down and there was a hollow clunk sound as his head bounced off the warehouse floor.

Black Tiger staggered back from the man, the ring still calling to him, telling him to push Tigerboy against a support pillar and fuck the boy’s brains out. To his side, Tigerboy was down on his hands and knees, shaking his head, trying to clear it of the ring’s demands. Around them, the Kuro gang was down as well, too dazed to act without the Ringmaster’s explicit control. He had to act fast!

Black Tiger got to his feet and grabbed Tigerboy. He picked the teen up in his arms and cradle-carried him out of the warehouse, away from the ruby’s pulsing erotic light. He leaned against the brick wall, set Tigerboy down, then pulled the lean teenager against his chest, feeling the boy shivering hard. His cock stroked over the boy’s washboard abs. He looked up at the night sky, breath coming in gasps, trying to come to grips with what had happened.

“We’re far enough away, I think. Come on, get to your motorcycle and get away, Tigerboy,” Black Tiger said.

He felt movement against his chest and looked down to see Mickey lapping and sucking his left nipple. He put his hand to the teen’s head and pulled him in, mmming as the boy’s lips and tongue worked on him. “Good boy, Mickey, nurse on that a bit,” he said to the boy hero.

“Rico, I can’t stop,” the youth moaned.

He turned Mickey around and held him. “Take your cock out and play with it,” he said. “You need to cum.”

Tigerboy obeyed him, undoing his pants and taking out his six-inch boyhood, hard and ready in his gloved fist, and stroking himself until he cried out. His cum shot from his penis, four, five thick ropes of teen jizz, spattering on the alley wall. Black Tiger held his sidekick through his orgasm, then turned him back around and held him tight, his own large cock stroking over the boy’s cum-slick member as he comforted the quivering teenager.

“It’s going to be okay, now, man,” Black Tiger said. Tigerboy nodded and rested his head on Black Tiger’s broad chest.

“That thing? Can you destroy it?” Tigerboy said after a few minutes.

“I’ve tried, Tigerboy. It’s invulnerable to anything I’ve done. It comes back, somehow. By now, the Kuros will have taken their boss off, so... we mark it up as a loss and try again later. At least we know what he’s up to, now.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t...”

“No more of that, Mickey. So far, nothing I’ve seen can really resist the ruby.”

“You did. You saved me.”

“I... I think it was seeing you in danger like that. Maybe,” Black Tiger said as Tigerboy stepped away from his body. Both of them pushed their erect members back into their costumes, and Black Tiger did up his front again. As they walked to their motorcycles, the memory of how Mickey’s soft mouth felt on his nipple was keeping him erect. No doubt he’d dream of it tonight.


Rico Ramirez let the hot water stream over his muscular body, steam billowing around him. His partner, Michael Jensen, soaped up just a foot from him, the teen scrubbing his underarms after their two hour workout and training session. Rico smiled and soaped up his hands, then slid them over Mickey’s back. The boy mmmed and backed up against Rico’s lean and hard body.

“You don’t need to do that, Rico; I can wash myself, you know?” Mickey joked.

Rico ran his hands over his sidekick’s broad shoulders, feeling the power there. “You’re okay?”

Mickey hesitated. “I am,” he said. “That was... terrifying. I’ve never been mind-controlled before.”

Last week, as Black Tiger and Tigerboy, they encountered The Ringmaster, who could mesmerize people with his magic ring. The control almost always took the form of a kind of seduction or sexual enslavement; the ring itself craved erotic sensation and The Ringmaster was only too happy to feed it as often as he could. When his victims were too worn down to resist, he would enslave their minds into his service.

As Black Tiger, Rico had dealt with The Ringmaster before, but Mickey had not. He’d forced Mickey into his service and had him suck Rico’s cock while he and his gang watched. Mickey was a straight boy and new to the superhero life.

Rico held the youth against him and felt his strong nine-inch cock react; he got hard almost at once and pressed his cock against Mickey’s ass crack. His urge to breed the youth with his big dick was almost overwhelming. He moved his hand between the mounds of muscle, stroked his soapy fingers teasingly over Mickey’s tight teen pussy, before he controlled himself and pulled back. He slid his hands over Mickey’s back while the boy took deep breaths.

He nuzzled Mickey’s neck, and the boy’s own cock rose up, hard and ready to be used. He slid slick hands over Mickey’s muscular chest, stroked his nipples, then moved over Mickey’s cobblestone-like abdominal muscles. He reached Mickey’s penis, took it in hand and stroked the boy’s six-inch erection until Mickey groaned aloud and ejaculated against the shower wall.

“Thank you,” Mickey said softly.

“It’s okay, bud. Happy to take care of you when you need it, kid,” Rico said.

“Phht. You’re, what, like five years older than me?”

“Six, but who’s counting,” Rico said as he turned Mickey around and embraced him, their soap-slick members sliding against each other and stroking their washboard abs. Now it was Mickey’s turn to worship Rico’s swelling muscles with slow caresses and gentle touches, equal parts impressed and intensely aroused by his mentor’s lean and powerful physique.


Rico warmly teased the youth by grabbing his ass with one hand and kneading that rock-hard muscle in his grip. He tried not to think about Mickey’s tight little pussy and how good it would feel around his cock.

Mickey whimpered softly and shot his cum again, thrusting his cock against Rico’s wet abdomen, spattering the young man’s smooth chest with ropes of white teenboy cum. “Ahhh fuck, Rico... I can’t stop...” Mickey whined. Rico held him while the boy continued to thrust against him until, thanks to the resilience of youth, he ejaculated again; this time, a few thin spurts that hit Rico in the abs.

“You’re fine, man, let it out,” Rico said, stroking Mickey’s neck. The sexual desires stirred by the ring took time to dissipate, but Mickey, his young body boiling with teenaged hormones, was having an especially hard time with it.

Rico was as well, but he’d experienced this before and could keep a lid on his desires. He desperately wanted to turn Mickey against the shower wall, slide his nine inches into the boy, and breed him until Mickey fainted. As it was, he simply took his cock in hand after the boy was finished, and stroked himself until he painted Mickey’s chest with his own hot jizz.

“Ah, fuck, Mike... take my cum, dude...” Rico breathed, and then ahhhed as Mickey wrapped his hand around his member and stroked him more.

“I wanna suck you so bad...” Mickey said softly. The straight boy’s voice trembled a little bit, but Rico comforted his partner with a slow caress of his broad shoulders and neck, massaging him into calm once more. He was done with his own orgasm, and he concentrated on Mickey’s well-being now.

“It’s going to be fine, man. It takes time. You’ll experience... well, a lot of sexual tension for the next few days. It’s how the ring gets its hooks into people. We were both in close proximity to that thing for almost an hour. We’re lucky we’re not slaves, now.”

“You broke free,” Mickey said, stepping away to wash Rico’s cum from his lean young body.

“I did because I’ve fought him before, and he was going to have his gang rape you. I found the strength to get us out, but I don’t know if I could do it again. Like I’ve said--”

“--it takes time and patience,” Mickey finished for him, laughing.

Rico washed Mickey’s copious jizz from his chest and abs, and then stepped away from the stream to dry himself.

“I am still so fucking horny, Rico,” Mickey said. “Can we go hit something? Please?”

Rico laughed again. “Good idea, bud. Dry off and get your Tigerboy costume on. I have an idea.”

Minutes later the two young superheroes were adjusting their black leather bodysuits and, in Black Tiger’s case, checking guns and ammo.

“Comms check,” Tigerboy said, touching the rim of his mask.

“Check, check,” Black Tiger said, touching his own facemask. They could hear each other loud and clear through the built-in comm suite in their masks, boosted by electronics in their belts.

Rico always loved the feel of his Black Tiger gear against his skin; the bodysuit was a light reactive neoleather that his body heat caused to contract against his lean form until it conformed to every curve and bulge of his muscles save over his groin; he had a protective pad there that held his cock and balls in a firm grip both to protect him and to keep the bodysuit from forming a sheath around his long cock.

The same applied to Tigerboy’s costume, though Mickey’s uniform was patterned differently it still conformed to his strong young body perfectly.

Once they were suited up, they mounted sleek black electric motorcycles and sped off into the night.