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The Downfall of Kenji C
By Dylan

The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the age of 18 or if this type of fiction is prohibited in the location where you are reading this, do not read any further. All characters and names are creations of the author. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The fantasy I describe is taking place in a not so far away future, were technologies like very small remotely controlled cameras and the use of other high tech is common, and some individuals have mastered the art of Hypnosis to reach their goals. None of the characters depicted are really forced to do anything, they willingly take part after just a little coercion.

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Special thanx go to my reader Kenji, who inspired me to write the story of a now grown and perfectly groomed Asian muscle slave, ready to do all his Master wants. The pictures were given to me by Kenji, all rights transferred.

Yours truly, Dylan ,

The Downfall of Kenji C.

Kenji was born as the second son of a very rich and influential man. His older brother, the one who would inherit the house, was called Eun-Woo, but everyone called him Boo, and Kenji's birth name was Joon-Woo.

As was the tradition, the boy's names had traditional meanings. Boo was the oldest son, the weight of the world would lay on his shoulders one day, and his name meant that he was merciful and outstanding, a truly purposeful and important trait for the future leader of one of the richest families in South Korea.

Kenji's name informed everyone about his divine protection, since the baby was conceived by a very ill father who was bedridden for the better part of a year. The man had had an accident and was crippled, a fact that made the gossip factory work overtime. As Joon-Woo, the little miracle, was born a few weeks too early, weak and tiny, his Mother had prayed to the gods and offered them sacrifices.

And the little wonder, Kenji, Joon-Woo, survived with true divine protection.

The family lived in the best part of Seoul, the Gangnam District. The Family Penthouse was on top of one of the highest buildings of the City of Seoul, the Tower also housing the company that gave the family their wealth and influence.

The Penthouse had three floors, including a roof terrace with a pool. It had 5 bedrooms for the family and guests, the huge salon and all the amenities a rich and important family would want , including the highest security standards.

As usual the family name also worked as the name of the building, and Choi-Tower meant the impressive, tall and soaring Tower, a true testament for the wisdom , powers and fortune of the Choi Family .

The only thing that disturbed the perfection was the stale taste in father Choi's mouth. The gossip did not stop, the rumors would not end, and the fact that his second son Kenji, Joon-Woo grew to a hunky young man , much bigger than his first son, raised his suspicions further.

As Kenji, the name his mother had always used, grew into a well built young man with muscles steeled in the private gym of the penthouse, his father had made up his mind.

To him the boy looked too much like all those other abominations, son's from dishonest Korean wives and the always present American soldiers and sailors.

Mr. Choi, condemned to a life in a wheelchair, sent Kenji to America, to brush up his education

The young man, 17 years of age and beautifully muscled, looked older than the number in his passport.

slim k at the airport

While Kenji was on his way , Mr. Choi had an important zoom-meeting with the Headmaster of the school.

Mr. Carrington -Smyth was listening full of interest. This case, the unusual aspiration of a mentally challenged man, was not uncommon to the schools headmaster.

Kenji would be forced to submit, the sexy and muscled young man would soon forget the rich family he had in Korea.

Mr. Choi would gladly watch the boy's training sessions, and the fact Kenji made his own money at school by performing online made it even easier for Choi to savor the endless workouts, the hard lessons, the tireless ministrations the schools dedicated staff gave the boy.

Today he watched a cruel gym session. The coach already made Kenji go through the tenth set of the same circle training. Machines and free weights, all workout routines carefully monitored by the computer and the staff, made sure the young boy would soon look like each and every other trademark muscled boy serving the American military.

Mr. Choi was crippled and bound to a wheelchair, but he was proud his brain still worked as well as his libido, and he looked forward to the first show his 'son' would give.

(pic upload here: Slim K)


The Korean man watched as the gym coach forced Kenji countless times through the hard circle of workouts. In the end, the exhausted, sweating and panting boy followed the last instruction of his Coach gladly: “ Kneel, Boy!”

Coach Johnson felt his dick rise in his joggers. He knew the school and the boy's father wanted a long, slow process of taming and breaking the kid to be the submissive slave his Dad wanted.

Coach fondled the boys face, felt his soft skin, and had a hard time to hold back his wishes. Kenji needed to trust the coach first to be exposed to the methods of the school.

Coach Johnson was a man of great experience. He could sense the fine line between utter exhaustion and total breakdown. This boy needed to be broken to be rebuilt. The 'brain fag syndrome' , and coach always had to giggle when he thought about this definition, was a mental state followed by total submission to a superior or a father figure. In Kenji's case the kneeling boy was by far not exhausted enough. He held the stance , was panting but just on the verge of passing out, and still gave Coach Johnson a fight.

Coach Johnson smiled as he said: “Very well, boy! Another round of 50!”

The young boy looked at the coach with wide open eyes, not really believing what the man had just said. He wanted to protest, wanted to get up and walk out, wanted to tell his coach that too much of a workout would not result in a better performance. But he had no chance. Much to his horror, the coach smiled wickedly as he pressed a device onto Kenji's abs and the young athlete's world exploded in pain.

He passed out. Waking up again he felt he was naked, completely naked and cuffed to a workout machine.

Coach Johnson stood and watched the boy regain consciousness. Before Kenji could start to argue , he already thrashed around again, his muscles reacting to electric impulses from a source controlled by the coach. He watched the muscular boy thrash around, tighten his muscles, scream in pure agony.

On the other side of the world, a man in a wheelchair watched a live stream. He was delighted to see the boy who had played his son for so long. The man had made up his mind, and now the boy would feel his retribution. No one was allowed to put a green hat on the mans head and live to brag about it.

Kenji sobbed as the machine stopped making him struggle. His muscles still cramped. The man in front of him, the man who had introduced himself as Coach Johnson earlier, smiled down at him as he spoke up in a soft voice:

“ Mymymy, Kenji , my boy. You are a bit stubborn, don't you think? You must admit it is much better now. You can relax soon, but first you have to complete your workout routine. Give me 50 reps , boy!”

Kenji struggled to work the machine. He was tied to it, but the machine was designed to work this way. He did move his arms, legs, he did crunches, he worked every single muscle. Slight impulses triggered certain muscles, and he just had to follow the orders the machine gave him, without thinking, just reacting.

It felt good to react, it felt good to submit, it felt good to do as he was told.

But then, as his muscles started to slow down again, as the fatigue set in, the pain came back.

“ AUURGHmmmmmmmm …..urghmmmmm...urhgmmmmmm”

He screamed as the impulses ran through his whole body again, all muscles tightening at once. He wanted to curl up to a ball, but the machine held him in place. After just a few seconds but feeling like minutes, the current shut off, his muscles relaxed , and he passed out again.

He woke up in a cell. Passed out on the floor of solid concrete. It was neither hot nor cold in here, nor any soft mattress to relax on.

Kenji looked around. A hole in the ground, seemingly without end, and , much to his surprise, a dildo like device sticking out of the wall was all he could see. One lamp blinded him, and he did not even see a door, since there was no doorknob.

He was exhausted, hungry, thirsty.

It took him hours to realize the smell that made his stomach rumble of hunger came from the device on the wall. The dildo like thing seemed to be a faucet of sorts, and a drop of a substance was about to dribble out of the tip of the …. Faucet? Dildo? .. Food dispenser?

Kenji was almost delirious as he used a fingertip to scoop up the substance and bring it to his nose to sniff it, then his tongue to taste it warily. It was an explosion of taste, rich, sweet and salty all at the same time, and his taste buds almost gave his brain an explosion of new unforgettable impressions.

He did not even think as he knelt and licked the faucet, slowly getting a mouthful of the sauce.

The men supervising him on several screens sat back contented. Joon-Woo Choi would be gone soon, the boy Kenji would be the best boy any many could wish for.

The only food and liquid he would be presented would be the ooze coming out from the tip of the dildo.

The managers were usually thrilled to supervise exactly how long it took for the slave to understand what the dildo did. Kenji was maybe too intelligent for his own good, and the surprisingly short time he needed to understand the method to get food by licking the dildo gave the men watching him enough information to adjust his training accordingly.

Nobody wanted a sharp mind in a slave boy.

Kenji soon found out that the most effective way to get food was to make the dildo slide deep into his throat and to milk the dildo, actually make him cum. The sensors built in the surface of the rubber food dispenser made sure the boy sucking it, fucking their face on it, was fed relative to their performance.

Every new boy went through this stage of training, and before a boy did not understand the method, he would basically be starved. But the stuff oozing out the tip of the dispenser smelled good enough to at least taste it. Once a slave had licked the tip of the dildo for the first time, he was hooked, usually. Kenji was no exception, he suckled the dildo shaped device greedily and regained his strength surprisingly quickly.

The light went out, and Kenji grunted in a surprise of a tsunami of pain. The room seemed to be on fire, and he could not get out, so he sank to his knees in the last few seconds of a fight he'd put up, before passing out again.

The Headmaster of the school had decided to entrust the task of breaking and rebuilding the young Korean to Mr. John Smith.

The man, also known as “The Boybreaker” had been quite successful in his field of expertise. He had put the sleeping Kenji in a room with a bed, and other amenities the boy would see as soon as he woke up.

See, but not reach. The boy was immobilized by heavy leather straps, naked, exposed to man in a white coat.

Kenji was about to panic but still tried to talk to the man, plead for mercy, ask for help, but he realized his mouth was taped shut. All he could do was whimper like a wounded animal.

The man smiled mildly down at him and admired the boy. Kenji was laying on his stomach on the checkered bed sheet, his strong young legs tied to the two rear corners of the bed. His arms were tied together in the small of his back, which emphasized his considerable shoulder muscles. He was the perfect specimen of seventeen year old jock boyhood.

The cameras in the room, as usual perfectly hidden and broadcasting every detail in perfect quality, were controlled by a team of producers. They could steer the cams, zoom in and pan out, and crystal clear sound picked up by several very sensitive microphones to make sure every aspect of a boys training could be supervised closely.

All in all Kenji's “father” was well informed about the boy's progress, and countless men online paid a fortune to watch the boy's training.

Most of those men watching were by now already on edge, as the boy shown online was a work of art, spectacularly well built for a tightly muscled young man, a really perfect example of a young athlete in his prime. The closeup of the boys muscular back was a sight to behold, and his ass was looking like the finest sculptor had carved it from a soft vanilla colored marble.

Mr. Smith did not have much background information. The Boy's eyes were almost black and had the beautifully almond shape of an Asian decent, but the height and build of the boy made clear he was of mixed heritage.

Smith heard the boys Dad had probably been an American sailor on shore leave, and , deducted from his overall appearance, his full lips, his skin that had an almost caramel complexion and was soft off white were the boy's board shorts had covered it from the rays of the sun, his Dad had at least black ancestors.

Kenji was blessed with a huge dick, huge for his age, huge for his Asian genes. His Dad's heritage, that much was clear, made him exceptionally desirable. Any hot blooded Pervert out there wanted to see that piece of mix breed young flesh sing and dance in pain and lust.

The man who had raised him had made a few things clear:

Kenji was just too cocky, too big for his britches. He needed a lesson, he needed to be taught he was not God's gift to humanity. He was just a sexy piece of flesh that needed to be tamed and trained. His hard muscles and big dick would be put to good use, but not in the ways he was dreaming of.

k eightpack 2

And now he was the task of Mr. Smith, who was right now looking down at him, struggling and whimpering on the bed. Smith knew he had made the right choice to tie the boy up like this. His back was tan and smooth and well muscled. Kenji had a tiny waist and the most magnificently perfect pale ass mounds with that temptingly deep teenage ass crack. The strong well formed jock legs and the large arched teenage feet with the full fat big toes almost made Mr. Smith forget to breath as his eyes took in the Asian jock's beauty.

He thought about the boy dressed in a pair of jeans and a football jersey ,his narrow hips even more emphasized, his wide shoulders and beefy legs deliciously covered by the fabric, and at the same time highlighted and shown off.

Kenji's round muscle ass looked almost too good for a boy. A perfect, juicy, melon shaped ass ready to be conquered.

Smith fondled the boy's soft skin. He knew the hunky athlete was big compared to the other boys in his neighborhood, all rich, purebred heirs of old well known houses. The boy's 'father' must have had suspicions for years, but with puberty and a growth spurt everyone could see something was awry with the boy.

On the other hand, this perfectly built piece of ass was a most promising candidate to provide an outstanding sexual experience for an afficionado, a true savorer of juicy boy.

Smith slowly let his eyes feast on the boy. Kenji stood six feet and weighed 180 pounds of solid muscled boy flesh. Not an ounce of excess fat, all muscles and brawn. He had broad shoulders and strong pecs capped by two quarter sized nipples. He must have had an excess of testosterone because even at seventeen he seemed all male, a fucking macho, a handsome teenage male.

Of course to match his darkly handsome good looks, he had the dick other boys dreamed about. His dick hung six inches flaccid and was as thick as a cucumber. Hard, it stood at almost ten. A fucking freakishly big dick on a seventeen year old Asian.

Mr. Smith sat down on the bed, next to the trembling, naked boy. He began to buck and whimper more as Smith reached out and stroked the back of his head, twisting his fingers in Kenji's thick black hair.

The man's voice sounded soft, well versed, educated as he spoke , knowing the boy would hear him :

"All clean? Did you suck the rubber all clean? Very good, Kenji. You know this was a dirty rubber I found in the dumpster behind a motel, so I think it might have come from a newlywed's cock. Could you taste the bride's pussy juice on it? Then again it might have come from some fat black dick, used to fuck a two bit hooker. It's a pretty fucking big stretched out dick sheath. Must have been on a big cock. Did you notice the flavor, would you say he fucked her in the asshole with it?"

The boy groaned into the duct-tape that covered his mouth and sealed his lips. He did not want to hear those unspeakable things, he wanted to return home, he wanted this nightmare to end.

But Mr. Smith did not plan to set the boy free. Again he spoke, in his soft, almost sensible way, talking about things that would give any boy nightmares .

"Thirsty baby?" He asked Kenji. The boy's eyes looked up at Smith, so sad, it made the man's dick twitch in his pants.

Smith took the glass from the nightstand next to the bed and unzipped his fly. He took out his own surprisingly big fucker. Kenji's frightened eyes grew larger when he saw the man's dick. Fear gave the young athlete cartoon eyes. His expression made his face suddenly seem much younger. Now he looked more like fourteen, and Mr. Smith was reminded of those hilarious manga cartoon he had seen online.


The thin and almost frail looking man was nowhere nearly as muscled or good looking as the boy, but his dick was huge, a monster cock of maybe 11 inches, maybe 12, and thick as a beer can. Mr. Smith sometimes said his fat dick was the reason his sexual appetite was so big too, and his ingeniousness made it possible to live his dreams.

He draped his fat cock head over the rim of the glass and relaxed. A heavy spray of strong yellow piss shot into the glass. Smith filled the glass to the very top before he set it on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to Kenji.

He smiled wicked and said, shrugging: “ I'm sorry baby” as he removed the duct-tape from the boy's mouth.

He watched Kenji breath deep and lick his lips, before he put a straw into the glass and helped it to the boys lips.

"Here Baby, drink your morning juice. " At first Smith had to use the cattle prod to make the boy do what he was told, but now he drank like a good little boy. Smith knew that the right stimulation was all a teenage boy needed to be trained to get used to anything. Kenji drank down all the piss.

"Do you need anything else, Honey?" Smith asked him full of false empathy. Kenji moved his full lips but no sound came out. His voice was mostly gone from screaming so much. The man sat down by the boy's spread legs and reached beneath that gorgeous ass, allowing his hands to stroke the perfect ass cheeks first, before he pulled down the fat teenage prick and full young balls to fully display them. Smith couldn't have the boy's cock be hidden under the him, it needed to be proudly displayed, stretched down between his spread legs, laying on the clean white bedspread. It felt good to fondle the fat dick. The kid had a large piss hole, so his cum shots were quite impressive.

Smith jerked the boy's dick to give him a nice fat hardon. He untied Kenji's feet and flipped him over onto his back, then pulled his legs up and retied them, bent at the knee and spread against his chest. Now he was spread open like a two bit whore waiting to be fucked. A real cute sight in a seventeen year old jock boy. This fully revealed his huge scrotum and thick hard prick to the man's gaze.

He played with Kenji's big hairless nuts. They hadn't been hairless when the boy had joined the educational program at BigDickHigh, but before Mr. Smith laid hands on Kenji, the boy had been undergoing a most elaborate program to shape his body to his Masters wishes. He was hairless now, being exposed to certain chemicals, and his cock and balls had been treated with the most sophisticated methods that modern medicine had come up with.

They had permanently removed all his ball and crotch hair, his stomach hair and armpit tufts and asshole forest, so he was now as smooth as a five year old.

The school's own physician, Dr. Popper, then started a procedure to make Kenji's dick and balls grow to impressive proportions.

Everyone had been able to watch the procedure online, and several proud Dad's already had signed their boys in for the enlargement program.

The Doctor had cleaned Kenji's dick thoroughly and slid a clear plastic cylinder over the now wet, shiny phallus. Kenji had watched it helpless, with wide open eyes, tied down in a specialized chair, a probe in his ass to hold him in place, take his vital signs, and administer electric currents if necessary.

Kenji felt the suction and saw his dick starting to grow bigger and bigger, painfully expanding in the penis pump. Dr. Popper monitored the computer, since they wouldn't only read the success by such an archaic means of just measuring the size with a scale. The sensors built into the cylinder showed length, girth, circumference, percentage of growth, even the volume the dick had at the start and at the end, with it's newly gained mass of love muscle.

Dr. Popper happily announced: " Kenji, you will be delighted to hear your dick is at almost 14 inches now!" But Kenji was not delighted at all. He grunted in pain and frustration as the Doctor worked on his dick. The Doctor knew it , but he teased him anyway. The sensations in Kenji's ass and dick almost made him pass out. The adrenaline level rushing through his body was so high that his heart pumped like crazy. Right before it was too late, Popper had slid his fingers over the I Pad he held in his hand, halting the procedure. Both chair and the pump simultaneously stopped .

Kenji passed out, powerless , like a puppet with cut strings.

Dr. Popper prepared the injections and he used the I Pad again, this time activating the next function on the devious piece of equipment . Built in the circumference of the cylinder covering Kenji's obscenely swollen dick was a series of cleverly arranged, very small sets of injection chambers, basically very tiny syringes that were fed by an external pump, feeding the same chemical concoction that Dr. Popper had used on Brodie's dick, with basically the same device. The only difference was that the half-Asian boy aimed for a spectacular result, making him a real dreamboat. Kenji would look like a living sex doll, a real live Ken, made to drive men crazy, men that were so fed up by the usual good looking athletic boys they met all the time that they wanted something even hotter, bigger, sexier.

Time was of essence , as Dr. Popper perfectly knew. The increase of size had to be solidified by several careful injections of the solution full of active agents some scientists at Dickson Enterprises had invented years ago.

And since the Doctor knew what the had to do, the success was guaranteed.

Kenji woke up screaming as the formula burned it's way into his cells, solidifying the improvement the scientist's gave his cock and nuts. The Doctor knew the stuff felt like it would burn up the subjects flesh, but this was only temporary and no real problem for any of them . It only was a side effect they ignored, even though their victims, or , as they put it, objects, would think something else. The show the objects gave when they were injected was too good to sedate them. Men online paid good money and wanted to watch the effects of the work.

While Mr. Smith fondled the hugely swollen cock and balls of the tied up Kenji, the boy moaned low. Smith now efficiently put a rubber sheet over the mattress, right by the boys ass. He had shoved a hose into the boys ass, and filled him slowly but surely with a cleaning solution.

He watched the boy's wide open almond eyes as he again started to speak in his soft, cultivated voice:

“ There, is your tummy all nice and bloated with soap water? I know I forced it in a little fast this morning, but we have lots to do. Now hold it in there when I remove the tube. Don't let a drop out. Not a single drop or I will have to get the cattle prod. My God, boy, do you have any idea how beautiful your asshole is? Most seventeen year old boys don't. That's because nobody ever bothered to appreciate their bodies and their sexuality. Nobody ever teaches a teenage boy to enjoy his asshole. "

"Please...please sir, I can't hold it anymore..." The boy's voice was hoarse , but also thick and heavy with teenage sexuality. His eight pack could be still seen, even though his tummy was bulging out nicely. Anyone could feel the cramps the boy felt by now.

"Nonsense, you meant to say you couldn't stand the stomach cramps, but mind you, I've known boys much younger than you to hold it for hours. Of course the cramps almost drove them mad, but the fear of what would happen if they let go encouraged them to comply. Did the coach of your football team ever give you boys enemas?"

The boy moaned in pain, and his bent-back legs tensed. His toes curled.

"I asked you a question, cocksucker. Did your coach ever give you boys enemas?" Now the man' s soft voice sounded different, almost menacing.

"No..." the boy groaned. "No sir, he didn't."

"Pity. If I coached a high school football team, I'd make the boys all give each other enemas every day. Can you see those cute little teenage boys shoving tubes up each other's asshole? Take it easy, I'm getting you to the pan now. I'm just trying to make pleasant conversation with you. "

Smith had untied the boy, who was by now sweating hard and looked pale , helping him over to the toilet. The soapy water gushed out. The poor kid. Smith loved it. Kenji's darling teenage nose wrinkled up in disgust, but he knew Smith wasn't kidding. To humiliate a teenage boy every now and then was the best way to whittle him down to size, that much Smith knew.

Big handsome egotistical teenage jocks like this hot Asian needed to be humbled.

k on bed 2

Mr. Smith knew time was off essence, and so he lead Kenji back to lay down. He cuffed the boy's hands , while he said:

"Now then, I think we are ready for today's lessons. Let me see where were we yesterday? It was the thirteen inch dildo, wasn't it? So today we try for fourteen, huh? And a bit thicker too. "

"Oh God, please, no.... you're going to kill me. I can't take any more. I just can't. "

"You know what, fuckwad? Just because you are being so recalcitrant, I'm going to skip the fourteen incher and go right to fifteen inches."

The boy had started to sob already. His fair young skin was slick with fear sweat. Smith pulled out a terrifying rubber cock as thick as a baseball bat.

"Now this baby will go right up into your intestines, so you should be able to feel that way up into your guts. Of course I'm not actually as concerned with the length as I am with the width. Our goal here is to turn your asshole into a stretched out cunt, just like what you did to those prick hungry teenage twats with your big dick. Man I bet those little virgin pussies were in pain for weeks after your porked them the first time. I want your asshole to stay open, even when there isn't something in it. Stretched out like a fresh young whore's pussy waiting for dick. We wanna turn these asslips into stretched out pussy lips.”

Smith had to stop to hear what the young jock was moaning about, and sure enough, the boycunt was praying. Praying.

Smith knew only a few things about the boy's life before he was enrolled at school, so some things he just envisioned. A hot straight jock like Kenji would certainly had his share of young girls cunts.

Smith knew what good harsh discipline could do. It could send a straying girl fucking teen punk straight back to Jesus.

"Of course once I get two hands up there, we'll really be able to do some nice cunt stretching work. I showed you those videos so you know it's possible. The question of course is, is it possible with you? Every boy is built differently. But I have the feeling you will make a fine cunthole. Do you want the plug in your mouth so you don't bite your tongue off from the pain?"

Again Smith spoke in his soft, cultivated British sounding tone. Kenji closed his eyes in horror as Smith took a hard rubber mouth plug shaped like a cock from a glass filled with Kenji's own, and other boy's freshly milked cum. Kenji had almost thrown up the first time he had to bite down on the cum filled plug that oozed out his filling when he bit down on it in sheer pain.

Smith asked, full of interest:

"Do you think this cum tastes more bitter than the other cum I fed you? I've heard varying reports from different boys. Open wide. Don't fight me K-boy, you know you need the plug in your mouth to bite on. Don't act like a silly twat, this certainly isn't the first time you've tasted sperm. What about our little episode with that man the other day?

I never suspected you would be such a fussy eater. The first indication of course was when that Latino kid blew his cum shot right into your mouth. My goodness the fuss you made. I thought you'd never stop puking. You must have had the dry heaves for fifteen minutes. Now bite down on the plug, because it's hollow you'll get some nice squirts of cum into your mouth. “

The man smiled wickedly as the boy bit down on the plug and the filling of several boy's and men's freshly harvested cum shots trickled out, right into his mouth and down his throat.

“Jesus Kenji, you are one handsome teenage stud. You are certainly cute enough to be a movie star. I might sell our training videos, what do you think? Well, shall we get to it? To lube or not to lube, that is the question? I think not. Makes for a richer experience. I love it when you curl your toes in fear like that. It is so fucking hot. Owweeee, look how hard your titties are. Such hot nipple nubs. Those big fucking balls always get in the way though. Tonight, I'm going to see if I can stuff your balls up your cunt. That should be fun, huh? Admit it, isn't this more fun than twat fucking? Look at all the attention you are getting, and how much I appreciate your fine young muscular body. I bet you will be a huge success when I sell our sessions on video, men will bid to work you over in person!”

Smith knew he had to proceed quickly, even though he wanted to take his time. Kenji would break soon, that much was clear, after he had been fed the most sophisticated drugs and had been trained with the most refined techniques. But still, deep inside he wanted to keep the boy, work him over slowly, turn him around to be a whimpering piece of muscled sex toy.

Smith placed the apple sized dildo head against Kenji's tender asslips. The boy seemed to curl into a ball, like a hedgehog, trying to protect himself, but in vain.

"Remember the first day, when I didn't have you piss first, and you sprayed me with pee when I shoved the dildo in? That was my fault, totally my fault. I should have realized the fear and pain of having your ass violated for the first time might cause you to lose it. I guess I was just too anxious to see your hunky teen ass turned into a boy twat! Oh my, that rubber dickhead looks humongous against your teenage boy pussy.

Will we get it all in? I'm psyched. Well, here it goes. Bite down hard now, you know I like to go in hard and fast and deep. I like the feeling of your entire teenage body impaled. I love to see it quiver and shake as you, a healthy seventeen year old boy, are skewered by a fifteen inch rubber dick! The knowledge that every day, in every way, you are becoming more of a cunt. Soon I might introduce you to a real pole, maybe an iron one, and make you sit on it!"

Smith shoved the dildo head through the already swollen raw ass pucker into the rectum of the screaming boy. After an initial scream like a wounded animal, he grunted and bucked, his cute sad eyes filling with tears. Mr. Smith loved to look at the boy's asscunt flesh, stretched around the dildo.

"That is a beautiful sight. I wish your parents could see this. Their nice big strapping teenage son turned into a pussy.”

The man chuckled nasty as he announced:

“ A Wonder of the modern world : 'The Gaping Pussy of Joon-Woo' “ He knew the little wordplay with Kenji's real name's English meaning was lost to the panting boy, but he liked to make conversation when he worked a boy until he almost lost his mind.

“Now don't pass out on me boy, you know how angry that makes me. Stay with me here. I don't want to have to beat your scrotum again. Here comes another five inches, as thick as a baseball bat. "

He shoved in, and Kenji went nuts on the bed.

His muscular young body actually levitated... right up off the mattress. His toes curled so hard they became pale white. He sucked and bit on the cock plug, all the oozing out cum forgotten. His breathing grew heavy and thick like he had a chest cold.

"Going for ten inches baby... this is how the young cunts felt when you fucked their brains out."

A rasping gurgle bubbled from the boy's throat as Smith shoved in five more inches. The boy's ass was a fucking hole. A dick tunnel. A stretched out cum dump. A dick ditch drain.

"You know when I finish with you, you will probably have to wear diapers at home to prevent you from shitting your pants. You'll most likely lose all control... but what you gain is a wonderful cunt for fucking. Of course your pussy will be too stretched out for most normal dicks... you'll probably have to look for a ranch with some nice horse dick. I'm going to help with that before you leave me. I've got a friend in Mexico who specializes in horse and donkey shows, and I've already sent him your picture. Of course he was very taken with you.”

Smith by now sweated bullets. He was no young man, and manual labor meanwhile was a task for him.

He still spoke full of confidence as he said:

“ I really believe this dildo gets wider as it gets toward the base, because your pussy looks ready to split open. I'm almost sure I could get my whole hand up there, and my hands are large. You need some more stretching exercises. The trick is to stretch it slowly, a little a day. I want this cunt to be able to open twice this wide eventually. I want to be able to shove my dick and my hand up your cunt and then masturbate while inside you. Oh stop moaning, I know you don't think it's possible now, but wait a week or so. And if we ignore the pain, there's really no problem. Just ignore the pain and we can accomplish wonders. “

Smith almost grunted as he worked the dildo in deep, really using all of the power of his arms. He leaned in for extra momentum, and listened to Kenji's grunts of pain as he started to speak again:

“Jesus, you've gotten my dick hard as a rock. You know you just have to learn to handle the pain. That's partly why I picked a tough jock football player. You've experienced lots of pain. Not like this in your ass twat, but pain nonetheless. Here comes four more inches. Oh my, its hitting up against something. I thought we had all that cleared away. You know we need to actually go up into the intestines! I'm going to have to push harder. Hang on boy. Here let me slap your balls a few times to keep you attentive.”

Smith used a little leather paddle to slap Kenji's nuts, and listened in to the grunting screams the boy, gagging on the cum filled plug could produce.

“Did your little girlfriends ever lick and suck your nuts? I'll bet they loved that sweaty ball bag flavor. You are getting better at licking my nuts, I wanna tell you. You did fairly well last night. Guys love to have their nuts licked. As you know from your teenie twat girlfriends. Their nuts and assholes. Two of the great pleasures of life. “

The man's sentences got shorter by now since he had to breath deep. After all he had to use all his power to impale the nicely muscled boy on the fat 15 inch long Dildo. Only a few inches were left.

“We haven't gotten to asshole licking yet, but we will one of these days. I like it when a boy shoves his tongue way up inside my asshole and massages the inner rectum lining with the tongue while his lips are sucking at the asslips. I'm a real sucker for that. I've been known to sit on a boy's face for two or three hours at a time. We have all of that still ahead of us.

Ever have any twat suck your ass? I don't think most young teenage girls are into that. And you like them young. I mean, by the time a bitch is sixteen or so, she probably sucks ass like a pro, but not so much at fourteen. Sometimes you gotta slap the bitch around a bit to get her to service you properly. Okay now. Still with me?”

Kenji's beautiful almond shaped eyes had rolled backwards, he was on the verge of passing out, once again. His body had been worked almost too hard, that much was sure, but his 'father', the man in South-Korea who had raised him and still paid even for this tuition, had been determined to have Kenji back by a certain date. He wanted to present his former son as his newest piece of art, a statue of pure sex, ready to be used at a snap of his finger.

Mr. Smith knew he had to wrap up his session, but he also knew he had worked wonders on the former stubborn boy.

“ Shit, are you sweating. Now I'm gonna fuck the dildo in and out of your cunt real hard. And I'm gonna push it in as hard and deep as I can on each in thrust. You know I'm a pretty strong dude. Lots of working out in the gym. I may also hit the dildo to pound it further up your cunt. Hang on boy, this is going to be wild! "

He fucked the kid's ass for twenty minutes until Kenji was reduced to a mindless piece of fucked out garbage.

Afterwards, leaving the dildo in his well fucked pussy, Smith sat by his head with a damp cool cloth. He bathed away the fever and the pain and the mindless horror, and he stroked his cheeks soothingly, while speaking up again, to solidify the training he had to end now. Kenji would be taken over by others.

"You did really well today. I always feel its better to get the painful part over with in the morning, don't you think, then the rest of the day you can just relax and suck cock and stuff. I 'm sure now that within a few weeks you'll have a wide open whore cunt, able to take absolutely any sized cock, animal or human. The hormone injections are starting to work. And I spoke to the man yesterday evening about the titty implants for you. He thinks that by the time we finish, you'll have nice big tits like a real slut girl. He wants me to work on stretching your nipples though so we can put little milk sacks under your tits and you can actually lactate. “

Smith just let his imagination run wild to describe things that certainly would not be done to the boy. His 'Father' wanted a hunk, a manly man, but able to take all he could imagine.

Smith still stroked the exhausted boy's hair as he babbled on, waiting till the door would open .

“Of course your cock and balls will shrink from the hormones, but yours are so fucking big, we may have to have them surgically removed. I don't mind a clit like dick on my girlieboys, but not a huge fucking cuntbuster. Don't cry. Think of all the pleasure that beautiful new cunt of yours is going to bring you. And I am convinced your parents will love you just as much as a girl, as they did as a boy. My six foot tall, muscular , seventeen year old jock twat!”

He injected a little syringe of a powerful sedative into the boy's neck. Kenji passed out and was ready for the transport home, to kneel by his Fathers wheelchair, for years to serve the old man's every whim.