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Spiderboy Halloween
Part 4 - The Cravings
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

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Spiderboy's Halloween -4- The Cravings

I was nervous.




Or , as my Mom put it: I was bubble headed, so unable to concentrate on my daily life that even she saw it. I knew sometime soon Nerd would call me again, would make me do all the unspeakable things he had made me do three times now, since the Halloween night I would never forget. But he didn't. The other two guys with me during this first night were gone. QB, who played Ironman that night, and his big dumb buddy, Thor, had both been off school for a few weeks, and rumors brewed, fueled by the wildest fantasies a teen in full puberty could think off. The wildest, and funny enough nearest to the true story, was the one were they ran away after someone had watched them during hot sex, and the two lovebirds could not stand to come out in their home town.

Either way, they were gone. But I was there, now in the center of Nerd's attention, that much I knew. He had made clear that I was not off the hook.

But this was not my only problem. I was giddy since I was horny all the time now. I had realized I needed to be used, fucked, made to suck dick. I did admit to myself that Nerd and his friends had simply opened up Pandora's Box in me. I was a slut, always thinking about cocks, asses, dicks of all sizes. I could not concentrate any more at school. When my math teacher wrote something on the board all I saw was the round ass of the man, and when he turned around all I could see was his fat bulge. My mouth was watering looking at my classmates change for gym class, and my Coaches muscles simply seemed to scream for my hands, to caress and worship.

To make it clear: I did nothing of the above, only stare, drool, and jerk off all the time. I was deep in the closet, and I basically hoped for Nerd to summon me, make me do another film, serve perverts during a party, or whore my ass out at some seedy bar.

I had no idea he simply waited for me to come out. He waited and watched, perfectly hidden. He perfectly knew what he had done to me, he knew I was blinded by raw lust and my hormone filled instincts, and he was the genius who coolly watched an experiment come to fruition.

One day, after practice, I sneaked into the locker room of the football team. I needed to drink in the aroma, wanted to feel near to QB, wanted to follow those rural instincts. I short: I needed to cum so hard I could not think clear anymore. I was not on the team, I was not even the towel boy or the water boy, I just sneaked in, stripped, found a used jockstrap and inhaled the scent while I jerked off and came all over the floor.


I had no idea Nerd had seen me, and he even brought a friend.

The craziness of that special day went by undetected, or so I thought, but I now was addicted. Like a drug addict I always needed more, and I jerked off all the time now, in my room, at the school's restroom, even out in the woods, in the park, in a dirty restroom of a gas station, you name it.

It was a sunny Summer morning as I woke up to the sound of my phone, and I saw it stood upright on my nightstand, beeping a tone I had never heard before. As I opened my eyes, I saw the screen showed Nerd. He had called me on Facetime, and somehow my phone had answered the call without me pressing a button.


“Good Morning Sleepyhead!” I heard Nerd's fake cheerful voice “ Today you look good enough to eat. All those hours in gym really paid off. Aren't you thankful I planted that little seed in your brain?”

I heard him giggle as I opened my eyes wide, realizing what he just had said. Everything made sense now. He had brainwashed me, or hypnotized, or drugged. He was the one to manipulate me, he was the one behind my new wish to be sexy, to be desirable, he was the one who made a sex object, even a sex toy for all the pervy men.

“ Fuck you, you Perv!” I almost screamed out while I heard him giggle again.

I wanted to grab my phone, throw it against a wall or out of the window, but I must admit I quickly realized it made no sense. I was muscled now after a long summer of hard workouts, and the fat hardon that now almost fucked my mattress was nothing I could ignore. Nerd may have planted the seed, but it was my own body, my own hormones, my own brain that had turned me into a hot bundle of muscles, ass, and dick.

I heard him speak again, after my rage had cooled down. He perfectly knew how to play me, I realized.

“ You will have so much fun from now on, now that you realized what you are. And I will help you to use your assets. Or should a say: Ass—ets? “ He giggled again after this dumb joke, but I did not have the nerve to stop him. I knew I was doomed.

Nerd had hung up without saying another word, and I decided to get up and do 5 miles in the park. I did not even think about the reason for my run, and I did not realize the fact that I never before had been sporty. I just put on some running shorts and a tank top and started.

Like on autopilot I ran right across the park to a less populated area. I was not really thinking about it, but stopped right by a bench and sat down, while watching other guys that jogged around, did some stretching or used the restroom that was on the side of the park. It did not take long before another young man sat down and openly asked me : “ Nice morning for a good run, huh?” It was maybe not the brightest start for a conversation, but since I did not jump up and ran off, he seemed to know he could go on.

“ You look hot, man. Never seen you here before, you're looking for some action?” The guy spread his legs slowly, and I could not help but stare at his huge bulge. His leg touched mine, and his hand landed on my thigh, and he said: “ I guess you like, huh?” He took the lead, and since I was somehow mesmerized, paralyzed and turned on at the same time, he bend over and kissed me, letting his hand roam from my thigh to my bulge.

All I did was moan, and he never stopped working me over till he had managed to get my dick out. My fat hardon was oozing pre, and he took a drop with his finger and made me lick it up. I saw him grin as he said: “ Good boy, I bet you wanna taste mine now!”

He stood and turned and pushed his gym shorts down in one motion. I was still unable to react, my brain fogged with hormones, my body on automatic. I leaned in and opened my mouth, while he repeated:

“Good boy, I will fuck your face nice and deep!” He moaned as my hot mouth slicked his cock, and he let it slide in. Somehow I had no gag reflex, took his dick to the hilt, and as his cock head filled my throat, he grunted: “ Oh yeah your such a hot fuck!”

He was no man of big words, just held my head and fucked my skull. He made me gag and choke almost as if he wanted it, planned it, and knew my throat would tighten and massage his dick even more, and he moaned and groaned as he did so.

He used me just like I was his sex toy, without paying attention. It did not take long before he pulled out almost abruptly, and said: “ Shit I need to fuck your ass... it looks too good to let go!”

Again he handled me like a puppet, made me stand and bend slightly, grabbing the back of the bench. I felt his fingers probe my ass, heard him spit on them and slick them up, before he did the same for his dick.

I had my eyes closed and waited for the feeling I was here for. By now I had to admit I was here to get fucked, I wanted it, needed it, was looking for a big dick to fill my ass with cum and sooth that burning passion deep in me.


He fucked me hard and did not take care of my feelings. In this part of the park no one wanted to be seen for too long, nobody wanted to be caught red handed, everyone knew the park patrol was looking for sex offenders, as they called guys having sex in public.

Luckily nobody came, no one saw us. The guy grunted as he came, filled my ass with his huge load of cum, and pulled out with the words: “ Thanks boy, I really needed this! Your a good fuck, care to repeat it? “

He took my phone that was tucked in a pocket of my running shorts and typed in his number. He did not ask, he just had presented the screen to me, and my phone recognized my face and unblocked itself. Damn modern technology. He simple grinned cocky and a second later his phone rang. He looked at it, said: “Cool, I might call you!” and ran off. My dick was still hard, my ass felt empty, but I was not the least frustrated or feeling used, on the contrary. I was still horny, and looked for my next fuck. But for now, all alone on my bench, I sat down, spread my legs, and worked my dick till I came. Big time!

Relieved, I managed to jog home without any accidents, and had a nice shower before I treated myself with a bowl of cereal and a big glass of orange juice and a nice cup of coffee. I was considering to hang out by the pool and work on my tan, since I had realized a certain tan line made guys wild. The pale pink triangle that shows you wear just the smallest type of Speedo makes clear how much of a slut you are when it comes to stripping for a hot fuck, that much was clear. And I wanted to be seen as the hottest slut around!


I never realized how strange those thoughts were, how far away from my usual shy pattern of behavior.

Nerd had slowly brainwashed me with videos, games on my phone and computer, even drugs he gave me in drinks he said were good for me after my workout. My workout he had influenced me to do. Being a genius in the first place, bullied by his peers, he had taken the steps he needed to go to get rid of his tormentors and turn his crush into his toy. QB and his pal had been the tormentors, and I was the crush. And by now I was doing all he wanted, and I did not even realize it.

Nerd was not the jealous type, he did not want me for himself, he wanted to watch me in all those degrading situations, wanted me to have all those hot encounters. I was his object of desire, and I was perfect in my role. Without realizing, I built my young body into any gay man's dream, and I changed my style to show it to everyone. And I took any possible chance, wandered into the back of the dunes while being at the beach to look for the notorious spots were gays hide and have fun or looked for the secret places in the highway's rest areas.


And believe me, I was successful .

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