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Spiderboy Halloween
Part 3 - Nerdy fun
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

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Spiderboy's Halloween – Nerdy fun

After the Nerd had told me to come in and loose my T-Shirt and gym shorts, I was standing in his hallway, just my new Speedo made of tight shiny plastic leather, shivering nervously.

He realized that I was nervous as he grinned wicked: “ Oh yes, Spidey, you should be nervous alright!”

“ Man, please, lemme go, I didn't do anything to you, never!” I pleaded openly, making him smile even wider, as he answered: “ Oh, you did more than enough, not to me, but for several thousand paying men online, and your Stepdad and I decided you should deliver more of your shows, on a more professional basis:”

I had followed him without thinking, and we ended in a spacious basement. I realized I had passed a solid looking door and we took a concrete staircase, so the basement was not simple cellar, but more of a panic room or maybe even a bunker. Nerd smiled again as if he read my mind:

“ Oh now it clicked, right? No one will hear you down here, and without me you have no chance to get out. There is no key, by the way, only my voice alone activates the system. Don't even try it”

He took one step back as I tried to grab him without thinking, and he explained.

“ Don't try to strangle me, because the system needs a clear pattern of my voice. Even I have to try more than once to give a command, if I have a cold or something.”

I felt my world turn around me. My stepdad had delivered me to a crazy perv, and no one would come to rescue me, it seemed. The room was set up like a film studio of sorts, with cameras and bright lights and microphones, and with several prepared stages, sets, if you will. The Nerd was evidently proud of his studio, as he started to explain what he had in mind for me.

“ Oh boy, we will have so much fun in here! I did a deep examination of the comments of the users watching your performance, and I did a schedule of scenes we will do. Some live shows as well, but the main part of your time in the studio will be devoted to filming. I hired a few costars, but you will be the main attraction!”

“ Shit man....hell no! You can't make me do this, I won't play in your sick charade of being a Hollywood director!” As I said so, a huge flatscreen on the wall started to show a pervy sex video. I realized it was me, getting fisted, laying in a sling, while someone else fucked my face. I saw myself moan and grunt in pure lust, and since I was not tied down or drugged, at least the way it seemed, and I openly encouraged the men to use me, hard, it looked like I was an insatiable slut wanting to be used that way. “ Oh fuck yeah gimme your arm, I wanna feel your fucking fist deep in my guts!” I heard myself from the speaker system.

I watched the screen with wide open eyes, unable to believe what I did in that hardcore porn video. I degraded myself to a hungry sextoy, able to take a fist and a full forearm into my anal cavity, whimpering for more, demanding to be used. Or, if I did not cheer on the man working my ass, I sucked the fat dick that raped my mouth, sucked it while it ravaged my throat, fucked in deep without any warning, making me gag and choke while my spit and drool oozing out made the cock slippery enough to slide in and out without effort.

The slime I choked up dripped on my chest and ran down to make my pecs glisten, adding to the sweat since I worked hard to satisfy the men who used me. It was a hot film, a sight to behold, and Nerd added:

“This video was clicked 2 Million times already” And I realized he already sold enough of me to make me a gay pornstar, and to make him a little fortune. I realized I might have paid for the equipment I saw around me, perfectly hidden, down in this secluded basement studio.

“You should be proud, everybody likes your looks, everybody wants to take part in the videos I wrote for you, even big, well known names in the industry want to fuck you on screen!”

“ You're crazy! You can't possibly think I will do this! You ruin my life!” He smiled malicious as he heard me, and dryly answered:

“ Oh come on! You already failed a class, most likely will fail this year again, and without your sport scholarship your out! You didn't even find a job for summer, besides that seedy carwash gig that you hate, I bet!” He was right. My stepdad pulled some strings and I did wash cars, 5 times a week during summer, dressed in a small red Speedo and a basecap. I and some more boys who basically were tricked to sign a contract worked there, being “ The Carwash Boys” for horny women and even hornier gays, who were allowed to watch us wash the cars using only a sponge and a bucket, and our full body. The owner said it was great fun and a no brainer, but I felt like I was a sore looser ending up being the sex toy for some dirty car owners.

Nerd was right, and he even had a sequence of me washing a car, and, in the end, getting sucked off by a horny housewife . I had no idea how he pulled that off, since the quality of the material was superb, filmed by several cameras it seemed, but he did not care to enlighten me.

The only thing he said, as he saw me think hard, was: “ Look around, any set you find appealing for your first scene?”

By then I had no idea how big the basement was. It was huge, with several rooms, all set up with equipment. The Nerd lead me through the rooms, full of perverted joy, while he seem to register what set scared me the most.

He smiled wicked as he said: “ OK, Spanish inquisition you liked the most!” He had paid close attention to my expressions, and evidently the Inquisition set was the one to make nervous enough for a good film.

The audience was willing to pay extra for real screams and pleads of mercy, and I was the actor to deliver those lines and the action around them.

“In the beginning we have something nice and simple, you will be naked and chained up, standing. The camera will drive around you, and I will use three cameras, for totals, closeups, and slow motion shots. I will showcase that hot sporty body of yours, helplessly tied up, ready to be used and abused. The audience will crave more, they will want to see you getting abused merciless by the priests who interrogate you, for the greater good, to serve God and the church.” He giggled like a mad man, but I realized it was all a farce, a charade to scare me even more. In fact he really had analyzed the whole audience, and with the limited livestock to work with, namely me, he had to concentrate on the scenes that seemed most profitable.

I did not resist much as he put cuffs on my hands, connected to a heavy chain, attached to a winch in the solid ceiling. The set even had a fake hole in the wall, complete with iron bars, to allow the captive to see the sunlight, without a chance to go out.


I heard voices as the Nerd went upstairs to greet guests, and I soon realized those men were here as my costars, but they were not here to help me to get away from this hellish ordeal, but to make sure I would fulfill my duty and suffer through a sexual hell, to achieve the ultimate goal: To attract as many men as possible to click, like, subscribe, and pay.

And I was tied up, hanging by my hands, using knots around my wrists and solid rope. I screamed as one man, wearing a costume that made him look like an ancient monk, pulled me up and tied another knot around the base of my nuts, pulling them tight, before he used a ring in the wall to tie the tightly pulled string so I was painfully stretched.

I first I tried to resist, tried not scream out, but as Nerd, disguised as a monk, began to work me with a special prop, a leather whip that stung like mad, but not left open wounds, I began to do what they wanted, and screamed on the top of my lungs. The video showed me highlighted from the back, with a bright shiny light around me, making sure the contours of my body were nicely accentuated. My muscles, my round ass, wide shoulders coming in a v-shape from my narrow hips, everything was shown dramatically in the opening scene of this first so called interrogation, and my massive dick and my nuts pulled painfully by the rope made a spectacular opening shot to “ A godless Boys' interrogation” as Nerd wanted to call the film.


Nerd did not tell me in detail what scenes he had planned to film, and the actors, playing the perverted monks, had good fun suggesting to him what they would like to do to me. One even had brought a prop with him, a wooden box, wonderfully handmade and decorated with inlays, that was filled with also handmade silver probes and something that reminded me of acupuncture needles. The man, playing a monk, smiled malicious as he explained in great detail what he would do to me with the probes.


The actors pulled me over to a desk made of rough wood planks, and secured me standing by it, my hard and painfully swollen cock laying on top of the desk, and held down by a steel band. The monk slowly inserted the probe into my urethra.


As he pushed in deep and deeper, the ribs of the probe widened and stimulated my piss-slit painfully, and after I grunted at first, I trashed and screamed soon on the top of my lungs. I wanted to struggle away, but the cuffs and chains that held my arms up, and the steel band around the base of my dick made it impossible to break free. As the devilish monk had inserted the probe fully into my fat dick, he started to use the needles, and he was certainly a master in his trade. Every needle stimulated a certain zone in my dick, and in the connected nerves that triggered points all over my body. I was a trashing, wailing, pleading bundle of nerves and flesh as he made me cum, and my huge shot of hot sperm pushed the probe out of my piss-slit .


As this scene was done, the script allowed a more direct way of using me, and every single actor was allowed to get naked and fuck me. Nerd filmed a full group of men abuse me, hairy men, smooth men, wonderfully muscled or just athletic. He filmed it in a row, without cuts, with several cameras, since he knew he could edit and cut the film anyway he wanted.


The end of the film was done in front of a green screen, showing me as I was forced to walk right through the main gate of the monastery, out into the sun, under the prying eyes of the peasants, and driven by the merciless whip of one of the monks, an actor who was wearing leather and had portrayed a torturer of the inquisition. It was just me and the man in leather, and I did not walk more than a few feet, before the heavy wooden bar that depicted a set of stocks and the heavy weight that dangled from my nuts pulled me down. The gate of the church as well as the many peasants and even the doves that flew around were simple AI post editing. My pain filled face, my screams, and even my heavy forced cum shots were real, though.


The nerd had so much fun filming me that he showed my backside as well, with a fat butt plug deeply embedded in my anus, hanging out in a tail of solid rope, ready to be grabbed and ripped out, while my back was full of welts from the whipping and the heavy weight pulling down my nut sack swung around with every step I took.


I did pass out from exhaustion and after filming me sinking down to my knees, grunting as the weight sat on the ground and did not pull my nuts so painfully any more, I was simply freed from all those painful devices and put to bed in another part of the cellar, decorated as a dream of 1001 nights, basically a golden cage with a huge bed overstuffed with red velvet. As I slowly woke up, I realized my hands were cuffed to the beds frame, and my dick had a cock cage , forcing it to stay small and soft.


I actually woke up after I was unconscious for only a few minutes, but Nerd told me I stayed here over night, and that his dad had informed my mom about me sleeping over with his son.

I guessed his dad would watch, maybe on camera, as Nerd used me to get rid of his frustrations. He simply pushed his fat dick right into my love-channel, he fucked me deep and without giving me the chance to get used to his dick.

My ass, even though used several times by brutal men, was still tight and not used to be fucked several times every day.


I must admit that he hit my buttons more then once, and I came without touching myself again. The last act of depravity was the fat ball of stainless steel, including a base that made it the newest butt plug in my collection of toys that the Nerd used on me during the last session for the day.

I was tired and sore as one of the men that had been paid to fuck me asked : “ Can I take you with me to the city? “ and I did not think, but hopped into his car.

It did not dawn me before he stopped right in front of my house, but he knew my address, and smiled lewd as he just said “ See you for the next shooting!” I had no idea what Nerd had planned for the next film.

But I knew it: I was doomed!

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