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Spiderboy Halloween
Part 2 - Aftermath
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

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Spiderboy's Halloween – The Aftermath

The next day, the day after Halloween, I was grounded. The police had called my mom and stepdad, and they had to pick me up at the station late at night, actually early the next morning.

My thin and flimsy Spiderman costume mom had bought for the occasion was ripped into pieces, and I was thankful a policeman had given me a thin blanket. The doctor had examined me, and someone took pictures to gather evidence, even as the doctor took a sperm sample right out of my ass ring, using a probe that made me whimper as it was thick and long. An officer took a video as the doctor basically fucked my sore ass with the probe, and I could see the men grin and their huge bulges showed what they were actually interested in.

While mom gave me something to drink, my stepdad talked to the officers and the doctor, and all I heard was stuff like " he maybe liked it" or " in this suit with an ass like that" but I had no idea who said what.

All I wanted to do was go home, have a long shower, take some Aspirin and sleep for days. And that's what I did, with one exception: I woke up only a few hours later, as I felt fingers covered in a soothing cream , slipping into my ass.

"Urghm what?" I asked, still groggy and deoriented, and as I focused my eyes I saw my stepdad, sitting by my side on the bed, who had my covers pulled open and now fingerfucked my ass.

" Sorry boy, the doctor said you needed that ointment every few hours, so I picked it up and now your behind will soon feel much better."

Bill, my stepdad, grinned as he did not stop fingering my ass while we were talking.

I had no idea that several of the pills we had gotten from the doctor were actually no pain relievers but nothing than sex pills, and my hard boner showed me clearly that I liked to be fingered, my ass loved to be stretched, maybe even to be fucked. I felt too many mixed emotions at once, and that my stepdad heard me moan while he worked my ointment into my ass did not relax me at all.

Finally he spoke up: " By now anyone knows your nothing but a gay slut, boy! We all have seen the evidence, videos and photos. Damn kiddo your face as you got fucked was really arousing! And the way those big pouty lips closed around a fat dick as you sucked clearly shows you loved what those men did !"

And by now I was sure I made the same face again, as he had greased me up and now slowly pushed a probe into me, a nice black dildo.

"Auurghmm Bill..aurghmm it hurts!"

I could not pretend I was not opened up before, since he had seen the videos of me taking toys and dick. He had actually switched my TV on and streamed a pervy site where I could see myself clearly enjoying to get used.

I knew I was drugged as the men worked me and my buddies over, and didn't really like to get used as a sexual toy, but my face, my moans, the way I was moving against the bodies of my tormentors showed something else.

" Quite impressive, boy! You will be a huge porn star in no time!" I saw my stepdad grin lewd as he pulled his own zipper open. His dick liked what he had seen on screen, and as my stepdad now knelt on the bed, pushing my legs open, aiming at my asshole from behind, I wanted to scream and struggle, but couldn't.

Bill pushed in, and the cream must have somehow worked a miracle, since my sore ass felt actually good as Bills dick forced it's way inside of me.

" Auughmmmm, urghmmm, uhm, please urghm!" I did not say much, since he pushed my face into my pillow to muffle the screams he had anticipated. But the way I soon moaned showed him I wouldn't scream bloody murder, but scream to beg to be fucked harder. As I heard him grunt out my name, together with an occasional guttural moan, I knew he had real fun fucking my ass for the first time since he married mom.

It took my stepdad only a few minutes of a hard, quick, deep fucking, before he came into my asshole. He didn't pull out, as he also had taken some pills, but slowly fucked me, softer, not as deep, but keeping me on edge, wanting more. He started to tell me about all the fantasies he had over time, and me in a black leather thong, my dick hard as steel, and a harness to emphasize my muscles, would be an ultimate turn on for him.

He grinned as he fucked me, but at the same time took my TV's remote to open YouTube, to show me a channel featuring Artificial Intelligence drawings and animations. Right now the screen was showing a Tom Holland AI generated picture of the British actor, looking just like my stepdad had described.

The site showing the British hotty was a reason for my stepdad to contact the guy responsible for the content, and this fellow perv was all too willing to use pictures or videos of me to make AI videos with a spicier content.

Spiderman Holland in black leather was actually the reason my stepdad had ordered such a black jockstrap and the super tight trousers with the codpiece and the super short long arm top piece that would show off my eight pack, looking incredibly sexy. He told me all this while we watched the YouTube video and he slowly fucked my ass again, making me moan. My stepdad described in detail how I would look in the tight gear, and how men would love to make me moan and grunt, squirm and struggle, while I played sexy Spiderman and they would be the villains to torment me mercilessly.

I had no idea my stepdad already knew that a delivery man would soon ring our bell, since he had watched his phone to check the alerts. The delivery guy was only a block away, and stepdad made sure I was hot and horny as the doorbell rang.

I wanted to get my shorts. But he told me to open the door naked, and I was blushing deep as the sexy delivery guy with the short and tight sexy uniform handed me a package, labeled " Leather gear Inc." .

He smiled lewd, since a young naked guy who had ordered leather gear was all too inviting. As my stepdad walked in, a bathrobe open to show of his muscles and dripping hardon, the delivery guy grinned openly, and stepdad warmly invited him in.

" Why not, I can do my break now!" The sexy delivery guy said smiling, while stepdad pushed me to my knees: "Be a good host, boy, while I check the package"

The delivery guys dick was deep in my throat, facefucking me, before I even fully understood I was set up again, stepdad and delivery guy had planned it all before dad even order the leather gear.

Delivery guy took his time, made me gag and choke and slobber on his fat dick, saliva oozing out of my mouth and dripping over my chest. He grinned down at me, making sure his dickhead made me gag again, so my throat tightened and massaged it really good. He moaned just as my stepdad walked in and made a remark:

" Slow down, UPS, if you wanna fuck my cute sons tight ass!" Then his hand was on my shoulder again, stopping me as he said: " Take a break boy, I want you to try on your new gear!"

UPS guy pulled his dick out and sat back, grabbing a Bud Light my stepdad had given him. No drink and drive, right? He swallowed the can in one slow long gulp, like he was drying out from the hard work of fucking my skull. I could see that he started to fondle his fat cock, still wet from my saliva.

Dad handed my a black leather jockstrap, and it fitted perfectly, even I had to admit it. Even though I was afraid what those pervy men would make me do while wearing it, I felt I got aroused in it. A pair of soft black gloves and some tight bands around my muscled legs, and my stepdad took a few pictures, after he had filmed the whole process of dressing up.

Then he told me to get naked again, and he handed me the next set of items. First a really tight pair of trousers, "made of vegan leather", he smirked. The plastic stuff was so tight I thought it would rip open, but it took my muscled legs and really fit like a glove. My dick hung out, till my stepdad closed a cod-piece over it, that was pressing my junk into a fat bulge. Almost uncomfortable, much too tight, but I wouldn't wear it too long anyway, dad said. The back of the trousers had a zipper, and dad opened it and playfully probed my asshole with his fingers and made me grunt and blush as delivery guy watched and perfectly knew what was happening back there. I could see a clear drop of precut on the head of his dick as he slowly jerked himself.

The next thing to put on was weird, a pair of gloves with long arm pieces, directly sewn to a shirt with no part to cover my abs... strange, and hard to put on, not possible without help, that much was sure.

Since I was more muscular, I even looked better than the AI model on the cover. The "vegan leather" aka plastic was again fitting like painted on my muscles, and bulged with the play of my muscles. Dad took a few more pictures of me modeling the gear, and told me I would be on the cover of the box, eventually.

Dad nodded to the delivery guy and told him to put his beer down and fuck my ass if he wanted, and he took the chance to open that back zipper once again. I felt delivery guys fat dick push in and I tried to relax, but he slammed in too quick and made me grunt in pain and surprise.

"Auurghmm fuck!"

"Don't be wuss, boy, you took ten dicks in one night !" My stepdad commented, while he looked at the last pieces he had ordered, this time a leather slip cut like a speedo, some bands to go around my wrists and a leather bow tie. He held it up while I was fucked, still in the top showing my abs, and delivery guy held me by my hips and slammed in really hard.

He moaned: "You have to tell me when he wears this to work as a waiter and I will show up!" and he grunted and bucked as he came, deep into my ass, giving me a full load of hot UPS man cum.

My stepdad had filmed it all, without bothering to tell the young and hot delivery man. He would be a nice extra in my newest fuck video dad could sell online. UPS dressed up again, smirking at me as he pushed his fat dick back into his brown shorts, and I saw what a huge bulge it actually made. He wore a t-shirt with the logo that was bulging as well, and I thought about the designer of the uniform. He was a perv to display the employees like that, but I guess it was alright, and I liked it.

"Boy, go and have a shower, we have an appointment!" My stepdad told me in a voice that made clear he was all business. I tried to whine me out of the situation, telling him I was tired and all, but dad only said:

"Clock is ticking, boy!"

As I walked out to take my well needed shower, my dick was leading the way. I was hard as steel since I did not had a chance to cum, and I heard dads voice again as he reminded me " No jerking off in showers, kiddo!"

I heard my dad say something to the delivery guy, who answered "Thanks for the invitation, I will be there!" And I knew Bill set up a surprise for me to take part in. I realized from now on I would work for my stepdad.

As he walked into my bathroom, I was still in shower, rinsing off my hair. Stepdad opened the slider and told me to be quick, an I knew I better should do as I was told.

He tossed me the small speedolike piece of leather gear, the bow tie and the cuff links, and a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts to hide my lewd outfit. We left the house, but he didn't tell me were we were going, and I did not recognize the neighborhood or the house we stopped at.

Dad rang the bell, and as the door opened, I realize who let us in.

The nerd, Halloween Superman, the guy from school who I had realized was responsible for the lewd things I had to do last night. He looked at me like I was good enough to eat, and handed my stepdad an envelope, I assumed full of money. He smiled wicked: “ Thank you for the just in time delivery!” And my stepdad nodded and left. Left me alone in the hands of a mad man, a guy who was responsible for me and the guys being tied up, drugged, whipped, and fucked. The nerd had planned it all ahead, it seemed, and even though at first I was just collateral damage, now I was the main course for someone who wanted to eat me alive, or offer me to the sharks.

The nerd smiled again, telling me to loose my t-shirt and gym shorts. He licked his lips and giggled wicked, telling me I would look good enough to eat.

I had known it from the beginning.

I was doomed.

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