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Spiderboy Halloween
Part 1 - How dumb could I be
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

Spiderboy's Halloween: How dumb could I be?

At my age I should be much more muscular , I been told by my stepdad.

Mom always said I was cute, but on the slim side. But Moms have to say that, right? I am more of a runner than a heavyweight, that much is true, tight and ripped, but not as bulky as dad, as he wants me to call him, seems to want me to be.

Mom always says I just had a growth spurt, now I needed to bulk up and would be sexy as hell. And I always blush and squirm and say "MOOOM !" like a stupid 10 year old. I mean , whose mom says hes "sexy as hell" . That's weird, right? But at least I have a big dick!

In summer I always mow lawns and wash cars and rake yards, all over the neighborhood. A growing boy needs some money, mom always says. Weird, again, I don't like to be called "a growing boy" by my mom.

She always makes me wear my old stuff when I work, since we are not rich , and mom doesn't want me to spoil my good stuff to play, as she calls it when I work for the neighbors.

I sometimes think she makes me wear those old tight cutoffs on purpose.

My Stepdad gave me some old gym equipment to install in our garage. I am quite sure he found it by the side of the street waiting for the trash, but after I cleaned it up and painted some of the metal, it does it's job.

Mom doesn't like to drive into the garage , and so I have one side to myself. I just have to be careful with dad's pride and joy, his car is his sanctuary I guess. He even has cams installed to prevent any damages or, god forbid, someone stealing it, and I know he can watch it from afar, since the cams are hooked up to his computer and the internet.

Mom always wants me to be low on wash, so I use only one towel to cover my weightbench and rub my sweaty body, and I only wear some old gymshorts. No underwear.

No one sees me, anyway. Only when it's really hot, since I workout with open garage doors for a cool breeze. But the old neighbor living on the other side of the street just watches birds with that goggles and the cam he has, he doesn' t bother me.

Now, with halloween coming up, some idiots at school thought it would be fun to dress as Marvel superheroes. I wasn't having it, i'm too old to trick' n' treat , and I knew I would be the butt of the jokes , dressed in tight spandex, posing as Superman. Oh, Supy is DC, I hear.. see, not much of a comics fan here!

Anyway, my classmates challenged me, and as I denied, they made a bet: Best hero gets 20 bucks. Everyone had to pay 5 bucks into the pot, and we were four boys coming up with that bright idea.

" At the end we count the candy" one guy said. He was 2 years older than the rest of us, dumb enough to start school a year late, and dumb enough to repeat a year, so here we were. He was coaches treasure , since he played football and was way taller and heavier than any opponent we usually had. And that's why our team always won. Coach and the principal thought he and the quarterback walked on water.

The QB was schools hero , his good looks, many victories and relatively good grades made it easy for him. He was the son of the towns richest man though, and his dad had just closed a production plant in town, so he was not everybodys darling.

The plan was fixed, and after they had talked me into it, the QB had bragged about his hot costume. Someone had to pay for his costume, right, and a Ironman suit was not cheap.

His big buddy thought he looked good enough to be Thor, and me and the other guy that they had talked into doing it were left alone to decide what hero we could afford.

Back home I made the mistake to talk about it. meant more or less as a joke my mom thought the idea was bright, and as she bubbled over about it, stepdad heared it too.

I thought he grinned vicious as he gave mom the tip to check Amazon for a costume.

I couldn't stop her, and only minutes later, after comparing prices and looking at the models depicted online, she had made up her mind and pressed "order" full of determination.

" MMMomm , what did you do? Hell.. why didn' t you wait and ask me? What did you order in the first place?"

Mom was all the grinning cat but she refused to tell me what she had ordered. I just heard her talking to my stepdad , and I swear to good I knew i was doomed as i heared "Just 10 bucks.. and this english boy looked so cute in the suit"

Stepdad grunted an answer, and i swear i caught his glance at me .. he clearly envisioned me in the suit "of the english boy" . I knew mom had ordered a cheap Spiderman outfit.

I was doomed.

One day later i heard the doorbell, and mom giggled as usual as she joked with the sexy delivery guy in his tight shorts and shirt. I had seen him wink at me more than once when he brought something as i was working out, and i knew moms charms were wasted, but she had fun with him, so who was i to stop her dreams?

Even my girlfriend sometimes shared some words with her friends about him. Once i overheard a telephon call and i first thought she was bragging about me, as she said " yeah his bulge is huge" , and i knew she meant me , since my bulge IS huge, but then she went on "those arms and the v-shaped shoulders" and i knew she meant Delivery Guy.

Anyway. He had delivered a small thin envelope. Not a letter, dont get me wrong, but no box, if you understand. No helmet or hammer or shield. just something thin and flat, fitting inside a freaking envelope.

I knew i was right, Mom had ordered a stupid Spiderman costume. I knew i was doomed, again.

She walked in as i just finished my math homework, and she gave me her usual headrub that i hated so much. She was hiding something as she exclaimed: " Look at my cute and smart boy, just as the real ....." I heard drumrolls in my head...... " SPIDERMAN"

With that she lifted her hand and enrolled a thin piece of fabric, pretending to be a Spiderman suit.

" Oh mom... " i wanted to say, but she cut me off the way only moms can.

" Don't 'oh mom' me, babyboy! I ordered it, it will suit you fine, and you will wear it!"

Mom's word was law, even though stepdad sometimes thought his was, but i didn't dare to cross her.

Mom did not take my no for an answer as he almost forced me to try it on. Even stepdad walked over from his favourite sofa in front of a football game on TV and watched me.

"Please, guys, i can change here and model it in the livingroom" I tried to talk myself out of a stripshow to buy me some time and some privacy.

Mom wouldn't hear anything about it and cut me off: " I gave birth to you, young man, and i washed your butt countless times, don't be shy now!"

I knew i lost , so i started to strip down to my boxers.

Stepdad chuckled about the fact that the actor had complained about the tight costume:

"He said it was too tight for even briefs, i guess they taped his dick in place or something"

He had already one or two beers i bet , as he suggested to get the duct tape.

Mom shot him a nasty glance and walked straight into my room. She came back with some old briefs from the back of the drawer i long grew out. She again shot my stepdad some glares , but he still watched as she made me take my boxers off.

Stepdad gave me a wolfwhistles as he taunted me: " Shit boy, at least in one place your a real man!" he turned to mom as he chuckled: "I always knew his dad had to make up for his lack of brains". After mom had make me expose my manhood to the world, or at least my stepdad, i put on the old pair of briefs.

By now I thought it might work this way, and not even moms new nasty glances didn't make Stepdad leave. At least he shut up and just watched. Soon he pointed out the fabric of the briefs would show and make me the butt of every joke, so mom decided to try on the new suit going commando, for now. If mom is determined, no one can stop her. Mom enfolded the custome and i realized it was weird, just a zipper on the back waistline, above the ass.

" How do i get into this thing?"

Mom had to read the instructions and i realized i had to get into the legs first, than , helped by a second person, could bend over and slip carefully into the upper part. The stuff was full of spandex, thank god, and flexibel enough to actually wear slip in.

Mom turned me around so i faced the mirror, while she closed the zipper in the back. I watched myself in shock.

" Hell Mom i can't wear this, they will arrest me!"

My dick was far from hard, not even swollen, but looked impossibly obscene , forming a long thick tube in the tight suit, snaking down my right leg.

" I told you i need at least a jockstrap, damnit!"

" No swearing, young man! " Mom wasn't having it . At least she opened the zipper and helped me out of the suit, but, under the watchful eyes of my stepdad, she insisted i should try a jock under the suit. This time my bulge was still huge, as usual, but not all over the place but at least a little disguised by a clever darker coloured area of the suit. At least i thought it was cleverly designed, before stepdad teased me: " Man, boy, that dark patch ... " He giggled, pointing, and i knew i was doomed. Again. Shit.

I bet any drunk in town would point and ask me if i pissed myself. Damn.

Anyway. Mom decided i would wear it, and she even took a few pics.

Did i say that i was doomed?

My buddies at school didn't tell me what costumes they had decided to wear, so i was waiting till Halloween night to see them. As usual QB had gone over the top, since he wore an Iron Man outfit that looked almost real. As usual he had spent a fortune and burned daddies credit card, but he didn' t care.

His football buddy on the other hand was a way cheaper, since he wore something like a piece of cloth around his waist and some red tablecloth as a cape, showing off his impressive physique. He knew he was hot , and he emphasized it by lifting a huge hammer with his bulging arms. The hammer looked like a quite good replica of Mjölnir, but as he lifted it it was clear it was made of light plastic. He did not fail to make his biceps bulge as he lifted, anyway.

I had to giggle under my breath as he yelled out " Here, see Maullnor, my mighty hammer" since he was not even able to pronounce the name of the hammer correctly.

He looked at me in question, since he maybe heard my giggle, but i pretended to cough.

No one wanted to piss him off, he was as mean as he was dumb.

The next "hero" i saw was not as wise, though, he openly burst out laughing. "Thor" reacted quickly, as his manliness was questioned, or whatever shit he came up with. He grabbed the boys crotch and squeezed, and as the boy squealed, i realized we had the same bright idea.

Tight spandex, nothing hidden, he dressed as Superman. I moaned as kinda i felt his pain, and i had to fight hard not to ad to his demise by pointing out we wanted to play Marvel heros. He was DC, damnit!

Ironman jumped to his rescue, but i bet he didn't think about someones pain. He just wanted to ring at doors and get admiration for his costume, maybe snatch a beer or two.

" Come on guys, lets move, i have a bet to win!"

Oh yes , the bet. I knew already i wouldn't win the 20 bucks, Ironman and Thor were just to charming already , Thor by just grabbing a full bag of candy out of some kids hands, and Ironman talking sweetly at a door of a nice house that belonged to one of his dads high ranking employees.

Superman and me knew we had no chance.

At least i looked the best, he told me, and i realized he , even though he wore no mask, was a nerd i had not recognized.

I absentmindly thanked him as he knocked on a door , and as that door opened, Ironman and Thor were almost pushing us aside.

I did not see much as some kinda hood was pushed over my head, smelling sweetly.

The last i did see was Ironman, evenly hooded.

A bloodcurdling scream made me wake up with a start. I grunted as i realized my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, my wrists hurt. It took almost a minute till my fogged brain worked good enough to assess the situation. I was hanging, cuffed by my wrists, my feet on the ground but my legs half folded. I tried my muscles to , at least, stand up and take the weight off my shoulders, but i realized i had no power left.

I looked up to see Thor was in a even worse situation. Naked, his back turned to me, his neck and wrists pushed through such a medieval device to display wrongdoers.

I heard a low voice whisper into my ear: " Its called pillory, but i bet you knew that. It was quite a shameful punishment to put someone in the stocks like that, and often for petty crimes."

As he fondled my naked ass, i realize in shock that i was naked as well, just like Thor.

" The hammer is a nice touch, don't you think? It has a fairly thick handle, i'm afraid"

He chuckled nasty , and i realized one more fact i before had not seen. Thors hammer was deeply embedded between his impressive asscheeks. The scream i heard as i woke up was Thor, right as he passed out, while the handle of the hammer was forced deep into his rectum.

" Please ...please help me .. it hurts !" I started to plead as the man was till right by my side.

" Please help me to stand!" I knew i needed to stand to relax my arms and shoulders. I still had not recognized the man , but he softly said: " Oh yes , certainly, if you want to stand...." He held a remote control right in front of me, and i heard a little noice started, a winch or something. My shoulders hurt even more, but soon i was able to stand on my feet, and the pain subsided. I heard myself breath deep in relaxation, but i still felt the pulling , and I grunted in new pain as my feet were lifted off the ground.

"Oh god UUURGHMm please aurghmm lemme go..i didn't do anything"

The chains stopped pulling as i was hanging spread like a perfect X. The man chuckled low as he whispered in my ear again: " There you are, an X. Even though you have difficulties to handle the Xcess and Ysss in my classes when i ask you to come to the blackboard, here you will work the X just fine.

I realize he was my schools mathematics teacher, the man i dreaded the most. I simply must admit i was too dumb to understand science, while he always tried to explain it and most students understood. But not me. He whispered in my ear: " Today, my boy, you will concentrate!"

He fondled my dick and even joked : " I guess i might first pull a few roots!" and i realized that my dick reacted to him manhandling it. Again he spoke softly, as if he didn't want to disturb anyone: " Oh look, some one else is waking up. We can't have his little brain disturb your big brain, right?"

" AUURGHHMMMMM" I screamed and struggled as he dipped my dick in molten iron, but he pointed out: " Icewater can sting nasty, right, my boy?"

I just panted and grunted as he removed the bucket with he ice and water off my dick and balls. I was on the brink of passing out as he put something on my shrunk dick.

He smiled at me as he fondled my nipples, my dick and nuts, in the thing he had put on it. I looked down and realized he had put a clear plastic cocksheat on my dick, and some strange device on to my nipples.

As he caught my looking, he smiled wicked as he gave the nipple pumps a few more twists, and i grunted in pain again. He told me: " Such a huge dick, but so small nipples. We can't have that, its schools responsibility to prepare you for the world, for a good life"

He went on: " It's a pity you are not as built as your two friends. It's much more fun to work a muscleboy"

I realized a nagging doubt was lingering in my brain, i knew something was odd, but i had no idea what.

Till i heard the Nerds voice, that is. Fuck, your TWO buddies he said.. but we were four as we started the evening. He should have said THREE buddies!

The Nerd softly spoke into my other ear, and i felt a hand on my ass and knew it was his.

" Bad luck you associated yourself with them, i did always think your were cool, no asshole like them"

I just wanted to protest as i heard another scream, this time from the other side of the room. I had not checked the room out before, but now i realized it was a solid looking cellar, a basement only a few houses in our small town have. I also realized there were no windows, and the solid looking door had some extra soundproofing. We could yell and scream and grunt till we were hoarse, and i heared a hoarse voice already:

" my dad..he will pay all you want..i'm rich , please call my dad!"

I heard another voice answer, right before i heard a snap of a whip. I registered the sound before, i knew now, and as i turned my head, i saw the naked QB, hanging just like me, in all his glory. The only difference: He was tied up in a wooden frame.

Only his fairly small dick was not as perfect as the rest of him, and the pattern of criss cross welts covering his perfect skin was reminding me of the diamond-pattern stitching on the seats of "his Bentley" , the car he sometimes borrowed from his mom.

I did not recognize the man who handled the whip so perfectly, but i saw him and QB both sweated hard, the man since he worked so hard, and QB of the pain.

My classmate the Nerd whispered into my ear again: " You know i planned to fuck his ass, but now you are here, and i always wanted to be your friend before you disappointed me like this. I guess i better fuck your ass, since you are already so fucked up!"

" Man, please.. what did i do?" i tried to ask, but he forcefully turned the screw on the nipplepumps again. " UUUrhgmm please aurghm you don't know how this hurts"

My math teacher chuckled: " Certainly not, why should we know this. Those implements of torture were invented to be used on boys like you!"

Just as he said this, the big "Thor" grunted and moaned as he woke up as well. Another man i recognized by now, the neighbor from over the street, stepped up , finishing a bottle of beer, and said cheerfully: " Hey there sleeping beauty.. i guess i'd like to hammer your beefy ass some more!"

"Thor" moaned right before he started to plead : " Oh god please take it out, it ripping me apart!"

While the nerd started to make me grunt as he fingerfucked my ass, "Thor" already screamed again . My neighbor grinned at me , since he perfectly knew we had no chance. He somehow knew we couldn't do anything to stop them, and even after the ordeal, we wouldn' t rat out to the police. He moved the hammers handle in and out of "Thors" ass, and as the big burly brute screamed, i saw a camera mounted on the wall, right in front of him, evidently filming his face.

The Nerd chuckled over the screams of "Thor" and the grunts of QB and myself, as he told me: " Yes, now you know it. We film you, and even if this is illegal, you wont tell no one, since your reputation will be ruined if we leak the vids!"

As he pushed his hardon into my virgin ass, all i could do was grunt again. I had given in, i let him fuck my ass even though i considered myself straight. Anyone would see we didn't fight anymore, and i saw QB's dick was rigid and oozed pre. The arrogant asshole seemed to be a little painpig.

Nerd fucked me slowly and deliberately, and his assaults at my prostate did their trick. Soon i felt my dick stir. I realized it couldn't get hard in the small cockcage, and started to plead:

" Oh god .... buddy.... pleaseeeeee.... remove that thing on my dick , its killing me. I need to get hard, im so horny by now!"

The men all must have heard me and smiled . I evidently was the first of us three to break and give in.

"Thor" followed only a minute later. I figured he just needed a leader, even if that lead headed right into an abyss.

" Please oh god i do all you want, just pull that damned Maullnor stick outta my ass!"

The men all started to chuckle, than openly laugh as they degraded the dumb muscled jock.

" It's called Mjölnir, Mjölnir you dumb fuck!" Nerd pointed out loud enough for anyone to hear, even though he just now fucked my ass hard and deep, enraged by "Thors " stupidity.

"You think you rule the world, but you can't even say words out of your fucking favourite tv shows!" The neighbor fucked "Thors" ass even harder with the thick handle of the hammer.

The big footballer scream a gurgling scream again and passed out, like before.

" Fuck!" the man said and turned to his friends, " I hate it when they do this, and i didn't even used the real handle of that cheap plastic piece of shit, but replaced it with a nice soft dildo. No harm done to our sensitive plant!"

I knew better, i knew the pain was horrible, and i knew i would never recover , just as my buddies, as i watched QBs welts and the huge hammer Mjölnir even now sticking inside "Thors" ass.

The nerd still fucked my ass and now grunted ..." You will never have any proof against us, but we have the vids of you, pleading for mercy and to be allowed to cum"

He sounded so sure i somehow understood we had been masterfully manipulated. I knew he was right, and i knew he and his friends from now on had us by the balls. QB by now also got fucked hard and deep, by our teacher, who hated him deeply. All three of us would never be virgin again. QB gave a special show since his dick was hard as steel and oozed a ton of precum, and he came handsfree as he got fucked deep and hard. He seemed a real jockslut, and that was the name the teacher called him as he seeded QB's tight ass.

"Thor's" prayers to remove Mjölnir was answered as well, under the chuckles of our tormentors, since the way he uttered the name of the famous hammer got more distorted with time, while he turned almost hysterical. In the end his ass took a dick only a little smaller than the dildo he took before.

Nerd stopped fucking my ass briefly to take the cockcage off, pointing out that i had the biggest dick of the three " victims" as he called us. I guess he knew it would help to sell the videos our tormentors produced. He came grunting and moaning, and as i felt his cum ooze out and dribble down my legs, i blushed deeply again ... since i had cum handsfree, just as QB, as my ass was bred.

As the men untied us , they cuffed our hands behind our backs and made us kneel, next to each other, in a nice row. One of the men , my neighbor, had a gun he pointed at us, and we all were eager to lick and suck the dicks presented to us, to clean our ass-slime of them, as Nerd told us. All three of us gagged and choked, but managed in the end.

The last i saw was the black hood again, and it smelled sweet and heavy , again.

I woke up several hours later under the furry eyes of my mom, my stepdad standing right next to her.

" Young man what did you think, drinking and driving and smoking pot and whatnot!"

" You are in deep trouble, my friend! We had to pick you up at the sheriffs office after you started a fight in a gay bar in the city!" my stepdad added.

I closed my eyes since my head hurt like it was splitting open any second. I knew Nerd was right. We had no chance, and after i later had called my buds QB and "Thor" , who had been in the same situation, we knew we lost. The gay bar , as my stepdad had called it, was a notorious BDSM club, and we had barged in drunk like skunks and high as kites, full of viagra and drugs, and challenged the guys in there to spank us and fuck us. They were happy to oblige, and after hours in the sling or tied up in a frame the cum oozing out our wellfucked asses destroyed any evidence.

I had known it from the beginning.

I was doomed.

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