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How to sooth a burning passion
Part 2 - Chapter -2-
By Dylan

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How to soothe a burning passion

Chapter -2-

It was the Company's motto to fulfill any customer's wish, at any cost. The prices was high, but the clients were filthy rich and always could get all they wanted.

Andy was in stock of the Company since his coincidentally capturing, not because of a pre - planned extraction, but either way he would be here till someone found him appealing enough to buy him. Both ways were normal for the company, the young men that made the livestock the Company acquired, trained, herded and sold off in the end were mostly just young men who somehow ran into the open arms of a hunter. Only a few were pre-ordered by men who wanted a specific target, like men who wanted a sexy singer, a successful sportsman or, sometimes, maybe a sexy nephew or a classmate that had offended or attracted them. Those targets were harder to capture and more cost-intensive, but the end result was the same, a perfectly groomed toy for a wealthy connoisseur.

Andy was in his holding cell, hungrily sucking on the dildo that stuck out of the plain gray wall, the dildo that provided food and water when he worked it well enough. Sensors in the dildo, pleasure sensing receptors if you will, gave an algorithm the information to decide if Andy's efforts were good enough, fruitful, productive, in short sexy enough to make a real dick cum, spurt it's seed, serve the client's wishes well enough to be rewarded.

Andy's training by now lasted 2 full months, one in private, and one under the watchful eyes of potential buyers, paying for the right to see very sexy young men perform degrading acts on camera. One of those watchers might decide to buy the boy on his screen, and after a hefty down payment the boy in question would be trained to the specific wishes of a client, but not earlier. The progress of training would not be spoiled.

But today was the day. Several potential bidders had shown their interest, and Andy would be presented to them. He was prepared perfectly, had worked out harder then ever, had been cleaned, shaved, and a thick chain around his neck showed his number, since names were not used in the facility.

Andy was Number 8.


The potential buyers had gathered to test the merchandise, and within reason they were allowed to do all they wanted to the livestock. A gentleman of Asian decent, accompanied by a big burly bodyguard, fondled Andy's , Number 8's fat dick and made it go fully hard in his soft hands.


Andy moaned openly as the man fondled him, and was about to cum, as he man's fingers flicked his full, swollen nuts, giving him a short, sharp shoot of pain that stopped his ejaculation immediately. The man smiled malicious and explained : “I did not tell you to cum, Boy. You should be educated enough by now to know this”

With that the man knelt in front of the helplessly tied up slaveboy, and started to savor the precum oozing out of the thick dick in front of him. Soon the slaves dick was fully hard again, and Number 8 moaned, groaned, and started to plead to be permitted to cum.

As the Japanese gentleman had milked the boy to his satisfaction, teasing the poor slave till he could not hold back anymore and came without permission, he swallowed the delicious load, licked his lips, stood and gave the poor Number 8 a hard slap in the face.

“What did tell you, Slave? YOU MUST NOT CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION!” He raged, slapped Andy again, and turned around before the slaveboy Number 8 would see the man's satisfied grin.

Number 8 by now hung limp in the chains that held him up, his dick limp, his mind in a turmoil.

He struggled to stand up again, to try to relax his arms again, to reduce the pain in his shoulders. He took a deep breath and saw the men watching him looked satisfied. This slave would be not easy to break, and they all looked forward to a nice slow process of working him over.

The company had certain methods in stock to work they boys over, and clients almost competed in finding new perverted ways to make the slave perform for them. As long there was no permanent damage inflicted to the boy, the company would not step in. Customers always came first.


Number 8, Andy, endured a painful series of forced orgasms as the men electrocuted his dick , while a heavy weight pulled his nuts down. They even told him it was all for his own best, since his nuts looked pitifully small compared to his huge, fat dick.

After Andy had passed out, he woke up again from the pain of a huge cock forced deeply into his ass. He realized he had been freed from the weights and the electrodes, and now was laying on a fuckbench, legs bent back and wide open, getting fucked hard, while other naked men stood around him and spurted their heavy cum shots over the muscular toyboy.


As Andy realized the m men were done with him, he felt strong hands lifting him up to his feet. They more dragged then lead him out in the open, were he wide eyed and in shock saw that they led him to a old looking wooden gallows. A solid rope around his neck was pulled up and he had to balance on his tiptoes to not get strangled. One of the handlers stood right in front of him, and smiled wicked as he pointed a solid fire hose in Andy's direction, opened the valve , and hit the slaves swollen nuts with a full blast of powerful water. Andy screamed and pulled a leg up in a vain try to protect his sensitive testicles, a move any man would make, a move the man with the hose had anticipated. His teeth showed in a wolfish grin as he knocked Andy off his feet, the noose tightening around the scared boy's throat. Andy panicked and tried to steady his swing, catch a solid stand again, as he realize the noose was not suffocating him. It could not tighten enough to cut his breath, but it certainly did pull his neck as he frantically tried to get a grip. The man mercilessly cleaned the cum off the slave, using high pressured ice cold water. He even aimed at the helpless Andy in a way that made the boy slowly turn around, so the man as well could clean the muscular back of the boy flawlessly, while living out his perverted way to use the helpless young beauty.


As the man had cleaned the struggling boy and untied him from the noose, he lead Number 8 to a cell and tied him up for another fucking. The men of the camp were permitted to use the merchandise on occasion, and Andy had not had too many fucks from the personnel . The man did not take much time to prepare and, but simple rubbed some spit over his dick before he shoved his dick balls deep into the boy's tight ass. He seemed to like to make the boy scream, and came in no time. The bosses did not seem to like wasted time, it seemed, so the man cut the break and the fuck short.

The next morning Andy had an unexpected encounter. Much to his surprise handlers dragged him out of his cell, and blindfolded him before they again cuffed his hands and hooked them to chains from the ceiling to display him in his best light. He was gagged and blindfolded , and all he could do was grunt as they attached some kind of harness to his dick and balls, and sharp clamps to his nipples.


He heard the murmurs of a crowd he could not see, and this time, he knew, it was maybe more serious then ever before. None of the really rich and influential wanted to be recognized by a slave before they owned him and had him somewhere safe and secured.

As Andy heard the word “SOLD” and the crowd applauded, he felt a sting in his left ass cheek.

While he passed out all he could think off was : “ I hope I get a good master”

And for the holidays several friends of a rich and well-liked businessman, known for his charity work, received one very special seasons greetings card “ Happy Holidays wishes Harold and his pup, Thumper”