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Family Business
Part 3 - Mikey : On popular demand
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

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Family Business -3- Mikey : On popular demand

Since “ Did you hear what happened to the Tyler boy? ” had won the porn oscars, I was on high demand. Daddy had signed a contract with a mayor distributor, and the sales numbers boomed and were basically of the scale, he told me. He needed a follow up quickly, and I agreed, actually I insisted. I was high and hot and wanted to be fucked by all those big porn stars.

One of Dad's writer friends suggested a type of romantic comedy, a Highschool drama script, easy to pull off, and it sounded like fun. As usual the script did not pay much attention to details, so no one would wonder why the main character, played by yours truly, me, was having a spring break vacation alone but still attended High school, but who would care? I was 18, legal to be filmed and shown all over the world, and spring break seemed to be a good plot.

“Mikey's Spring Break Adventures” sounded like a fun project with huge possibilities.

The first take was simple, showing me boarding a plane, dressed in such a lewd tight outfit I turned heads in the airport as well as on the plane.

The pilot took a good look at me as he walked through the cabin, and soon I was invited to come to the cockpit to watch the view first hand. And the view was spectacular, both the pilot and the copilot playing actors had been chosen by my Dad to look old enough to be pilots, but hot enough to give the audience a really good show. As I said, the plot was maybe not really logical, but Dad had a set with something that looked like the solid cockpit door, and the two hot actors had quite the fun working me inside that cockpit set. I was cuffed to some rings in the ceiling, arms spread wide, and the pilot worked my nice puffy nipples with heavy weights on sharp clamps, and they were really delighted as they found out silly young me wore a steel and leather cockring and ballstretcher under my shorts. It was a funny and totally unlogical scene, but promoted my goods nicely and gave those well known stars a chance on screen again.


Even though the pilots were busy working me over, modern technology made sure we landed safely and on time, and my cockring device did not alert any metal detector. The Spring Break parties could start!

The next day my Dad, me, and the crew used our mansion and grounds to film the outdoor scenes, but one take needed something special, so my Dad had ordered someone to pick me up, and I had a limo with a chauffeur. The hunky driver gave me a hell of a ride, and even though the limo was huge, our cameraman and the guy taping the sound were really cramped in the back of the car as the driver fucked me.

The next scene was easier, as I pretended to walk into the resort and found out how they say hello in Palm Springs, which is a very open and friendly place.


They filmed me after that opening scene as I checked into my room and then walked around the grounds to make myself at home, which felt funny since I was filmed checking into one of our own mansions guest suites, pretending I was a guest. But you know the business, you have to make the best out of the cheapest equipment .

The script said I had to accidently walk into one other guest as he was jerking off. Fun part was, that I myself had sucked him, fluffed him to get hard, and now had to pretend I had never seen him, as I just ran in on him.


The next scenes were quiet normal, I must admit. Dad had told me that my Oscar winning last film had been expensive to produce, and we needed to be careful with the budget, so this time I had to do my best in performing, but we could not use high tech tricks. I was delighted to see a blond dreamboy of mine walk onto the set the next day. Jimmy played a surferboy, traveling in an old VW Bus, and I was really horny to do my best for the sexy stud.


The scene I had to do with him would be one of the key scenes, and my Dad had talked to us for an eternity during the last evening, instructing the camera guys, the lighting crew, and us performers.

He wanted the scene to be some mix of seduction and forced fuck, with Jimmy being the well seasoned top and me the young, fresh, naive and dumb bottom, looking for a sexy affair for summer. I had to walk at the beach in my very small cutoff jeans, seductively sipping on bottle of beer, as Jimmy prepared his board. The audience would see our mutual attraction and our hard dicks, while I should be flirting, thinking I would seduce him, while he was masterfully manipulating me to be his next helpless prey.


Dad had told us in detail what he wanted to see. We had to do some smalltalk, before the magnetic force of pure lust would pull our lips to each other. The cams should film a few minutes of two hot boys making out, hands roaming, cocks rubbing against each other. I finally had to brake off my assault on his mouth and kneel in front of him. He was a magnificent sight to behold. His face was flushed from our make out session and that big dick of his stuck out of his sculptured body like a fucking cannon! I ordered him to turn around until the incredible ass of the blond, well trained surfer came into view.

My Dad had told us we both should look like we were in control, me, as I told him to turn around, him, as he wanted me to worship him. Our faces in closeups had to be convincing, so little smirks, a quick lick of the lips, a low snort should show what we had in mind. Dad wanted me to think I prepared Jimmy's ass to fuck him, since he was a well known bottom in another mayor studio, but Dad had another plot in mind. From now on Jimmy should top, at least form time to time, and I would be the first victim of his fat monster of a dick.

But for yet I just knelt there and looked at that firm muscular ass which had tantalized untold numbers of hot, lust-crazed males. It was truly a work of art, with its two perfectly symmetrical globes of muscle, its flawlessly smooth surface, and its tight crevice which led to the sacred portal of which thousands of males had fantasized about penetrating as they watched him getting fucked in his dozens of fuck films. I gently caressed each cheek and then slowly separated them until that object of so many men's desires came into view. I stared at the ring of muscle and mused that this little barrier was the last line of defense for me to break down in order to do the first fucking for this spring break. I hardly could wait, by now crazy with lust, surrounded by the pure sexyness of all the hot men staying in this resort.. I moistened my index finger, brought it up against the very center of Jimmy's muscular ring and began a slow circular movement while subtlety increasing the pressure against this final guardian of Jimmy's masculinity.

But he had other things in mind, and he simply turned around, his fat dick slapping my face.

The studios best cameraman filmed the closeup of his dick slowly sliding into my mouth, filmed my pouty, full lips part as he pushed in, while he recited the lines my Dad had writen for him:

“"Okay Mikey," He said quietly. "You've made Daddy very happy. Now its time for us to make you happy. Daddy's going to make you happy by letting you suck on his dick. That's right, Mikey. This is a very special day for you. Only very special people are allowed to suck on Daddy's thick, hard, cock. And you are one of those special people. So start sucking on Daddy's big dick, just like you wanted for so long. Make sure that you keep your lips together really tight, and rub your tongue all

around Daddy's big dick while you are sucking on it. You do this right, Mikey,and Daddy will give you a special treat."

Jimmy had to repeat the “daddy” part like a mantra, as if he was hypnotizing me, to make clear why my character in the film would finally give in and do all Jimmy wanted.

"Very good Mikey," he said as the handsome male sex god began fucking my face. "Whoa, yes, Baby. You're making Daddy feel soooo good," he moaned as he felt my lips tighten around his shaft and my tongue began to explore it.

"Now, Boy, there's one more thing that you need to do to make Daddy really happy. Start moving you head back and forth like this," He said as I grasped the sides of his hips and started pistoning up and down the length of his hard shaft.

"Ohhh, that's right, baby. Suck on Daddy's big dick. You do it so well," he moaned as he beamed triumphantly above my conquest. "That's got to be the best thing that you ever tasted in you life. If you do a good job sucking off Daddy, he'll make sure that you get to suck it anytime that you want."

"While you're down there giving Daddy a blow job, Mikeyboy, why don't you use your hands to explore and stroke Daddy's hot male body. If you're going to be a great cocksucker, you're going to have to really get to know what a man's body feels like and how to please a man. Go ahead Boy. Get those hands into action. Feel Daddy up. Feel my hard muscles. Feel my strong legs. Feel my balls Mikey. They are busy at work making you a nice treat, a nice hot fill of semen. So stroke them gently. Don't forget Daddy's tummy or his chest. Reach up and explore me, Boy. Feel my sixpack and my hard pecs, boy, make Daddy feel wonderful."

The young stud, not much older than me, played the role of a stud top my Dad had wrote for him, but at the same time his words were so full of power, countless men would close their eyes, jerking, listening, bathing in their own perverted fantasies of being the daddy...or a boy.

"Suck harder on Daddy's dick Mikey, and start moving your face faster as you bob up and down on my fat dick. Don't stop licking that thick surferboy dick with your tongue, baby. Daddy's almost ready to give you that special treat" As I gagged and choked it became more and more difficult for Jimmy to hold off his orgasm. And mine, since my dick had been hard and oozing pre the whole time, and if my hands would not have been busy caressing my co-star, I would have jerked off to the point of no return.

By then Jimmy had his next line, prompted by Dad who stood off camera with cue cards:

"Stop sucking, Mikey!"

Jimmy snapped as I desperately tried to make him cum.

"Open your mouth really wide, and stick your tongue out! Now!!!!"

He barked as I pulled mouth back and he began beating off.

"Open wide,Boy! Open wide you little cocksucker! Daddy's gonna cum! This is for you, baby, unhhhhhhhhh"

As he shot all over me, I groaned as I went over the edge into one of the most intense orgasms of my entire life. I did cum hands free, just while his cum hit me in the face, creamed my pecs and abs. My whole body shook and spasmed as white lava erupted from my cock and hurled towards the floor. The long, stringy wads of cum instantly covered the short distance between my semen spewing urethra and the ground, splattering the tiles under me with my gooey white mansauce. I had intended to dump my entire load into his tight ass, but he masterfully had manipulated me into sucking him off instead, cumming all over the floor in front of me, like an eager cocksucker would, cumming without touching my dick just because I fulfilled my duty and made my master feeling the best I could. The intensity of my orgasm caught me completely by surprise. All I could do now was to just keep my cum spouting dick in my hand and feel it pulse.

Jimmy felt the same as the euphoric wave that hit him as he hosed mewith cum rolled over him.

The blond surfer sex god had such a powerful cumshot that, if he hadn't steadied himself on my brawny shoulder with his free hand, he might have lost his balance, pitched forward and landed on me!

When his orgasm finally subsided, he released his grip on my shoulder, caught his breath, and just looked down on me. It was a sight to behold! The bulk of his load hand had landed on the region of my face located just south of the bridge of my nose, and slightly north of that cute chin. Since I was able to open my mouth in time, a considerable portion of his baby making sauce was clearly visible inside of my mouth. The camera could see a decent sized accumulation of the white stuff pooling on the center-right part of my tongue, surrounded by randomly distributed droplets on that muscle which moments before had been licking away at Jimmy's cock. A semen stalactite hung frozen in the air from my full upper lip, while both the upper and lower lips were heavily saturated with splotches of cum.

As one looked from further away from the epicenter of the semen explosion which had been my first taste of another man's cum for this vacation, one could see droplets, streaks and a few flowing rivulets of the sperm laden substance that the thick surfer's dick had unloaded onto this young kneeling stud. My cheeks were also flecked with droplets of semen which glistened as they reflected the light.

I waited, just as Jimmy, for my Dad's “ CUT!” and it came, just in time as my knees started to hurt. The magic was gone for now, but Dad and the crew were ecstatic, since the simple blowjob had been evidently a great piece of art, at least for the porn industry.

Jimmy, who had much more experience, smirked down at me and offered me a hand to help me stand.

We both knew we had a nice break now, while the crew filmed other stars, even though the film would make it look like as if Jimmy stayed as hard as me, and fucked me right after he shot all over me. But for now we were done.

I had a light lunch with a few co-stars, as a fully naked young man walked out of the showers and approached me. As if it was the most normal thing to do, he pushed his hand right into my cutoffs and fondled my dick.


He smiled teasingly and said in a cocky way: “ If I ain't too tired after I had my scene, why don't we get to know us a little better?”

I smiled back since I knew the script: He would have enough time to get to know me better, since we would have a scene together, me working my cocksucking lips all over his fat horsecock, right by the pool.


It was a fairly short scene filmed by my older brother as a director, since we were a true family business and Dad was busy with another scene. My bro knew my skills firsthand from our earlier experiments in brotherly love, and wanted to see someone squirm, moan and sigh as I worked my magic, and that's exactly what I did to the arrogant stud from earlier.

Shortly after that my Dad was done preparing my other big scene for this film, a big fucking scene. Me with two studs, getting fucked into my ass and mouth at the same time, a nice hot spitroasting for a little sex craving piglet, as my Dad put it under the laughter of the staff, as he explained what he had in mind. The scene would begin with me spying at a group session taking place in a room I could look into from my window in the resort. Actually we simply filmed from the terrace into one of the guest room, but no one would know.


I walked into the set, one of the guest rooms of the mansion, as my Dad just gave some instructions to the crew.

"Murray, you're our best at close-up shots. Since the film is only the second in my son's career, it's basically a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm going to be placing some heavy demands on you. We're going to film the hardest phallic penetration of the famous Mikey ass from several angles. I want at least one that is close enough so that our horny customers will really witness the penetration, starting from the moment that Vlad's cockhead first touches Mikey's sphincter, continuing through his asshole's losing struggle to remain intact, climaxing with Mikey's actual loss of the tightness he still has as if he looses his virginity as the barrier is breached, and ending with the entire length of Vlad's dick as it buries itself triumphantly inside of my son's small butt. We're going to hype this film like crazy. I want to make sure that our customers' get their monies worth! Our bank accounts are counting on you Murray."

"Don't worry Boss, I won't let you down. If I do a good job, can I try some of that ass myself?" he asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Perhaps. Murray, perhaps." Dad said as he subtly winked an "OK" to him.

"Okay guys, study that script and let's get ready. We have a new film to make. Let's do a good job."

I spent the next 20 minutes locked away alone with Dad and Vlad, my costar for today. He was a quite a big star, coming from Hungary, hung and muscled, hairy and hot.

We were going over the script, Dad telling him what he wanted to see, and Vlad should not hold back, since I could take a good fucking. After Dad's little coaching we immediately went to the set, once our private coaching session had ended. The cameras, lighting, props and sound equipment were ready. All the crew needed were the actors, me, Vlad, and another big cocked, young and muscled man, Hector. Once we were in place,the shooting began immediately.

The two guys were with the group I had watched before, through my window, watching the orgy in the other room. Later, in editing, the two scenes, filmed separately, could be cut together, so the orgy and the threeways with me rolled both at the same time, jumping back and forth from one shot to the other.

Our scene started with the two studs,breaking my door down and walking into my room, finding me naked and hard.

"You sure look like a faggot to me," said Hector, his face just inches from mine after he had walked over to me.

"Yup, he looks like a cocksucker to me too," said Vlad as he strode next to Hector, effectively trapping me between the two increasingly belligerent males, the rear wall of the room, and the huge windows on the left. With absolutely no room to maneuver, I had to act increasingly distressed and began to say "Come on, guys ..." when I was cut off in mid-sentence by Vlad, who got right in my face, grabbed me and pushed me to my knees.

He pushed his shorts right into my face, and I felt his hardon through the thin fabric. I wanted to protest, but he pulled me up again: “Now here's what we're gonna do with you: We're gonna take our fucking clothes off, you lie face down on that fucking bed and spread those legs of yours. Then I'm going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours," he continued while grabbing my right buttocks. "When I'm through with you, my friend Hector here is going to fuck you too." he snarled.

”Nooooooooo!" I yelled, following the script, as I tried to bolt past my two tormentors, but the space was too confined for me to get any momentum. A few moments later I was lying on my back, pinned underneath my two adversaries.

"Lemme go, you fucking bastards! Help!" I shouted as I struggled to throw them off.

"Scream all you want faggot," laughed Hector as he struggled to restrain me. This had a noticeable impact on the level of resistance coming from the trapped victim, me,very much like a net on a wild animal."Hold him down, Hector," Vlad snorted as he shifted his weight, turned his body and I felt his fat dick between my ass cheeks.

"Hold that fucking High school boy down," snapped Vlad. "I've had enough of this!”

As my face and upper torso once more came into view,me, the overwhelmed hunk was Seconds later cold steel was pressed against my neck."Listen faggot. Here's the story. Either give it up, or I'll cut your fucking throat and slice your pretty little face to ribbons. Give it up, faggot! Give it up!"

Trapped beneath the two determined males, and feeling Vlad's knife pressed tightly against my throat, I gasped "Okay. You win. I give."

"Goood," smirked Vlad is he looked down contemptuously at his panting victim. "Just lie there very, very still. Hector, take his mouth, while I take his ass!” I had no choice then just lay there, my powerful chest glistening with perspiration from the struggle, while it rose and fell as I slowly tried to recover my breath.

"Mmmmmmmm, nice tits, bitch," exclaimed Vlad as he tweaked my right nipple with his free hand. "Very nice tits. I'm going to have fun playing with these," he laughed,"A lot of fun, heh, heh."

He had fun roughly manhandling me, and he really put some effort in his playing his role. I moaned and struggled as he pulled and pinched my nipples, and I wanted to follow his moves to lessen the force, but he would not have that:

"Okay, cocksucker. I'm going to get off of you" Vlad snarled in my ear. "Remember who has the knife. If you try to pull any shit with me, I'll cut your fucking heart out." We knew the guys of the sound department were able to record the lightest whisper, moan, and grunt, so no loud voices were necessary, which added to the effect. Vlad was really menacing me, and my face showed as well my pain as my fear.

"Okay, pussyboy. Lie on your stomach lengthwise on the bed. Hurry up faggot, I ain't got all day." Seconds later my magnificent body was lying face down on the huge bed. The script my Dad had written wanted me to pretend I was not very experienced, basically a virgin. I had to remember to answer the questions of my costars correctly, as now a mayor part of the scene started.

"Whoa, nice ass!" laughed Vlad as he leaned over and began to lewdly massage my firm ass cheeks. "Oh,baby," exclaimed Vlad "This ass was made for fucking. Has anyone ever had a piece of it, pussyboy?" he asked as he continued to explore each smooth mound. A muffled groan was all that came from me, laying face down on the mattress.

"Hey, faggot!" Hector yelled as he lifted my head to expose my face by the chin,he forced me to look into his eyes and said :

"He asked you if you've ever been fucked." A soft "No" was the reply.

"I'm gonna bust me a fucking cherry!" chortled Vlad as he slapped Hector on the shoulder. "Let's check her out," continued the hairy chested Hungarian top as he climbed back onto the bed and squatted in between my wide spread legs.

"Spread em, cunt," he barked. Moment's later the powerful thigh muscles in my legs got the signal from my brain and began to obediently spread apart.

"Whoa, the bitch is hot for it Hector!" announced Vlad,his voice dripping with sarcasm as he watched me, playing my role as the hot teen on Spring Break submissively spread his legs. "Oh, yes! She wants it bad," he mused as he gently ran his hands up and down my inner thighs.

"Hey bitch. Get your hands back here and show me your

pretty pussy. Spread those cheeks, now, cunt!" snapped the sneering Hungarian.

In order to comply with the demeaning order, I had to arch my back and stretch my arms backwards as far as possible in order to grab a hold of my tightly muscled butt cheeks and spread them apart.

"Hector, get back here," said Vlad, beaming in triumph."This bitch looks really tight! Check out this pussy."

"Nice," Hector observed barely able to stop from bursting into laughter at the sight of the humiliated boy straining uncomfortably on the bed.

"Mind if I see how tight she is?"

"Be my guest, but use some lubrication," replied the dark Hungarian stud as he nodded towards me and brought his finger to his own lips. Quickly picking up on the clue, the handsome Mexican put his right hand in front of my face and thrust his middle finger inside of the mouth with those pouty lips, commanding:

"Lube me up bitch! Make it nice and wet."

Seconds later a broad smile broke out across the Latin hunk's face as he felt the boy they had overpowered use his tongue to coat Hector's invading finger with his saliva.

"Oooooooh, baby!" cooed the hot Hispanic hunk. "I'm gonna enjoy having you as a toyboy. Now open up." As the gleeful Mexican removed his glistening finger from my mouth, he leaned down and whispered:

"Don't worry. You mouth ain't gonna be empty for too long."

It wasn't long before I felt a damp pressure against my still sphincter. Even though I had been fucked since I could think back, I was still tight enough to give any new dick a run for his money. A well rehearsed shudder went through my magnificent body, but I had not enough power to resist. All I could do was lie on my front and surrender my ass to this strong assault. The delighted Latino slowly brought the tip of his saliva coated finger up against the very center of the long lusted portal. Slowly pushing forward he emulated his earlier exploration of this secret, sacred place. Once again the guardian of my southern front put up a tough resistance to the invader, and once again its defenses failed as the smiling Mexican new discovery on the porn heaven pushed his finger forward.

Unlike the initial penetration of the magnificent ass, Hector's invasion did not stop at the first joint. He kept his invading digit pressing forward until the entire length of his middle finger disappeared inside of the toppled boy's butt.

"Unnngggghhhhhh," I groaned as the probing finger reached full insertion. Hector inserted a second, then a third fucking finger.

"Hey, if you think that feels good, wait till Vlad shoves his cock up your ass," declared the smug Hispanic male when he heard my groan. "Damn, you're tight!" he exclaimed as he felt the ring of muscle clamping around the base of his finger. "You're gonna love this bitch's pussy, Vlad. She's gonna milk you dry," he continued as he suddenly pulled his finger out of my ass.

"She's ready," Hector announced as he moved away from the bed. "She's definitely ready!"

"Okay, faggot. You can let go of your ass. Let go of your ass, and sit on the edge of the bed. It's about time you got to see what a real man looks like," declared Vlad as he began to remove his clothing. "Keep your eyes on me," Vlad commanded as the sexy, naive teen I played complied with his latest directive.

I sat passively on the bed watching Vlad as the good looking Hunk removed his clothes.

"This is a man's chest," Vlad said as he removed his shirt and exposed his hairy chest, "Not some hairless pussychest like yours. "And these are a man's legs," he continued as the Hungarian's dark, hair coated legs came into view. When the superb specimen of Balkan masculinity was down to only his underwear, he strode over to the side of the bed and stood directly in front of my face, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, and pulled them down. The room was full of the crew, filming the scene from all angles with our best high definition cameras, in closeups and full angle, but you could not even hear a breathing as his fat, heavily veined dick jumped up, already oozing precum.

"And this is a man's cock!" he proclaimed staring down as his fully erect dick came into view of the cameras. Out of the corner of my eyes, while staring mesmerized on this massive piece of meat, I looked over to my Dad who looked at one of the monitors and broke into a broad smile as he saw a close up of Vlad's super hard cock inches away from my face. I got an even harder erection immediately! I could only imagine how turned on guys would get when they watched the completed video.

I sat on the edge of the bed,legs spread, seemingly mesmerized by the monster Hungarian fuck snake as it rose proudly out of its dark hairy nest. I could tell by the expression of smirky arrogance on Vlad's face that he was really getting off on the whole scene.

"Take a good luck at that cock, pussyboy," Vlad said, his voice a combination of triumph and contempt, as he thrust his groin forward, bringing the underside of his fully erect fuckpump to within an inch of the tip of my nose.

“It's going to be fucking you every day of your Spring Break! That's what you need, isn't it faggot?" he asked "Come on, faggot, answer me!" he demanded as Vlad unexpectedly slapped me across the face with his hand.

"Yes!" came the surprisingly loud response from the me, obviously startled by the blow that was off the script."Yes!"

"That's much better," replied the swarthy Hungarian who now grabbed the back of my head and roughly pulled it into his groin. "Enjoy yourself, faggot," he said firmly as he dragged my handsome face across his dick,scrotum and crotch.

"Stick that tongue out, pussyboy," barked Vlad as he continued to grind my face.

"Yeah, that's the way, you sucker," Vlad said encouragingly as he felt his crotch and genitals being swathed by the tongue of the hot kid in front of him. He secretly had wanted the Boss' son for ages, and now he could use this pent up steam for his best performance ever.

The scene on the monitors was incredibly hot. The unmistakable face of none other than the newest Porn Oscar award winner was being dragged back and forth across another male's crotch. My tongue was clearly visible as it was hauled over Vlad's cock and balls, and through his dense pubic bush. There was no question as to who was calling the shots in this relationship. The sexy boy was totally subservient to the other male. The “Prince of gay porn” as I had been called had been dethroned! After several minutes of demonstrating his total control over the younger man, Vlad abruptly pulled my face away from his groin, looked me in the face and announced, "That's enough foreplay, cocksucker!" He then bent his hard rod downward, wedged its bullet like head in between my pouty lips, and jammed the hard cock fully into my mouth.

There was no warning, no order to open "open your mouth" and no concern for me, his costar. It was simply a brutal taking of a helpless boy's mouth,one brutal, rapid stab forward that did not end until Vlad's cock was fully buried inside of the throat of the young,big dicked boy, me.

Later, as I watched the edited video, I could see my lips crash to a halt against Vlad's hairy crotch, I could see the me begin to gag and cough from the ruthless and completely unexpected rape of my throat. The magnificent camerawork showed my eyes welled with tears, cock-muffled gurgling sounds escaped from my throat, and my magnificent body spasmed from cock induced coughs. The in charge Hungarian top showed no mercy for his victim, holding the boy's head tightly against his groin while snarling "Get used to it, dickhead!" I had to take a deep breath while watching the video, and my Dad told me later that,for a few seconds, he almost interrupted the filming since it appeared that I, the boy hunk getting facefucked by the lustcrazed Hungarian, might actually be in danger.

Suffocation was definitely a possibility, but eventually the coughing and spasms stopped and the crew saw the dick stuffed boy, his face streaked from choking-

induced tears, was able to catch his breath. They knew their Studio's heir, me, was doing a perfect job again. My conquering Hungarian kept his dick buried in the depth of my throat, exulting in his unmistakable demonstration of complete dominance over the world's number one boy porn model.

"Get that dick nice and wet, pussyboy," sneered Vlad as he looked down disdainfully at me, "unless you want it dry!"

The camera really zoomed in for a close up of my handsome face completely impaled by Vlad's fuck muscle. The dense pubic bush of the Hungarian male covered the world famous countenance, a tiny section of the standing hunk's rigid cock was barely visible at the entrance to my mouth, while my cute little chin was completely obscured by the Hungarian's big swollen balls,aching for release.

Clearly discernible behind my cock engorged cheeks was the movement of my tongue as I obediently slathered the hot dick with saliva. The camera also captured at extreme close up every moment of the slow, deliberate withdrawal of Vlad's glistening wet hardon from my sexy boy mouth. After the lip piercing head of Vlad's spit gleaming rod emerged from his preys mouth, the camera angle shifted for a splendid shot upwards showing Vlad's proud cock from underneath,the fur covered, muscular torso at the towering Hungarian, and Vlad's haughty face as he gazed down at the completely mastered boy in front of him, me.

My Dad had selected the next scene after a great deal of thought, and gone over it with us repeatedly and carefully, since it was a apogee, a pinnacle, a true highlight in every porn film, and one that would dramatically emphasize the act of anal penetration: The dramatic moment of the fat dick of Vlad invading the tight ass of me.

My Dad had a scene in mind that had been featured in many films before. The specific scene was one of those typical postures were the fuckee is bent over getting fucked by Vlad's trademark megacock, while simultaneously sucking on co-star Hector's dick. Only in today's film, it would be me, the last Porn Oscar winner being the one bent over at the waist getting sodomized by Vlad while sucking on Hector's cock. The crew and my Dad counted on my talent, and I did not plan to let them down.

"Good job, pussyface," Vlad chuckled as he glanced down at his stiff rod,shimmering from the fresh coat of saliva that I had just obediently given it. "Now stand up, get in the middle of the room, bend over, get yours hands on your ass, and spread those cheeks. You're gonna get fucked!"

My dad had given him clear and simple orders, and once again the cameras caught every movement as the fresh faced bottom unquestioningly obeyed the commands of his new Hungarian master. Really getting into the whole scene, Vlad swaggered up behind the bent over boy passively waited to get fucked. Grabbing a hold of my left ass cheek, my hot top asked the soon to be hunky kid: "Are ya ready to get fucked, faggot?"

Hearing no response, he smacked my firm, round ass, and repeated the question, only much louder this time:

"I said, are ya ready to get fucked? Speak up faggot! Tell me how much you want me to shove my cock up your ass!" he bellowed once again whacking the ass of me hard.

"Yes," I now groaned. "I want you to fuck me. I need

your cock up my ass. Please do it, now."

"That's much better, pussyboy," replied Vlad, his face beaming in triumph, as he placed his glistening,saliva soaked cock just outside of my still virginaly tight looking sphincter. In preparation of the shooting I had given myself a good cleaning and a deeply inserted load of the best lube you can get, but for the scene we pretended my only lube was the coat of saliva my mouth had applied on Vlad's dick as I sucked him earlier.

"Don't worry, I'll fuck you good!"

Once again looking up at the monitor,my Dad could see the wisdom of the decision to have Murray in charge of the close-up shots of the actual deflowering of the famous Mikey, Oscar winner. The left half of the monitor was virtually filled by the image of my magnificent butt. It's flawlessly smooth surface, the self-evident firmness of it, and its near perfect shape were all emphasized and enhanced by Murray's skillfully employed camera lens. My tight ass, pretending to be almost an virginal rosebud was also clearly visible. A few inches away loomed Vlad's spit covered battering ram, poised to breach the last remaining barrier between him and a total corruption of another sexy Pussyboy on vacation.

Murray's camera work on the dick that would forever be known as the cock that conquered Mikey was also fantastic. Vlad's long, turgid organ, wet and shiny from its recent bath in my mouth, threatened menacingly outside of the gateway that so many males had fantasized about fucking. With my unmistakable voice I was saying "I want you to fuck me. I'm a pussy. I need your cock up my ass" as the camera completed an awesome sweep of Vlad's fuck weapon starting with a hot close-up of its bullet shaped head and the fissure through which hundreds of millions of sperm would soon be exiting into the deepest recesses of my tight ass.

The panoramic sweep of the anxious to penetrate phallus continued back, highlighting the complex system of veins which nourished and elevated the proud organ. The side of the massive base tube of the sublime reproductive shaft was also clearly visible. The grand tour of Vlad's cock ended where the base of the thick cock emerged from the Hungarian's dense pubic bush.

This extreme closeup would later be described in many reviews of the film as the most tantalizing intro of a hard fuck that had ever been captured on film, and the close surface shot not only was heightening the thrill, but also showed Vlad's magnificent cock like a Mammoth tree, with deep ridges in it's surface, and unmatched in its majesty.

The camera swept back up along the length of the long shaft just in time to record the beginning of a moment that would forever cement Vlad's reputation as a dangerously hard top.

“Come on bitch," Vlad announced. "This is what you've been waiting for."

The long Hungarian love ram began a slow, steady, and inexorable advance towards its target. Each moment of the final assault on Fortress Mikey, in this plot the virginal ass of a dumb teenager on vacation, was displayed in glorious color on the monitors around the room. Within seconds the smooth but menacing tip, of the turgid organ made contact with my assring, my faithful guardian. As the camera recorded the moment of contact and the concaving of my last line of defense, our sensitive sound system captured and transmitted a gasp from deep within my powerful chest, as if my soul itself was moaning.

Although the struggle was brief, time seemed to be suspended as the crew

watched and filmed me as an outclassed defender,battling hopelessly against the irresistible invader. Its initial bend inward was a desperate act of futility, for once the guardian of my sacred portal could no longer retreat, and its fate was sealed! A second, louder gasp signaled the end of the fight, as the tip of the rigid battering ram stabbed right through the ring of muscle. Once the tip was in, the rest of the sleek head followed, further widening the breach in my ass's defenses. Additional gasps and groans escaped from my lips as the sensitive nerve endings in my ass transmitted the shattering message that he was being taken. That the character I played might be virgin was one thing, but I really loved to be fucked, and the viewers would see the rapid metamorphosis from the frightened virgin boy to the willing, lusty, cock hungry slut.

"Ungghhh,oooohhhh,auuurghmmm fuck," groaned the capitulating boy as more and more of the relentless Hungarian invader entered him and changed his views from boy to boy slut.

"Oh, she's a tight bitch!" Vlad announced triumphantly as more and more of his hard rod was engulfed by my steamy, meat gripping ass.

"Oh, baby! I think I'm in love" Vlad laughed as his forward movement was finally brought to a halt when his bushy pubic bone collided with my smooth buttocks. At my silent cue,Vlad pulled back so that approximately three quarters of his splendid love muscle was visible to the camera. The image on the monitor told it all!

There was the hottest boy slut in gay porn, Mikey Masters, bent over in utter passivity, conquered,defeated, mastered and subjugated, skewered on the hard cock of the smugly grinning Hungarian stud. Vlad, his head flung back in glory, his arms crossed on his chest, and his face etched with pride, was the image of the conquering hero at the moment of his greatest triumph. It was just too awesome to behold. My Dad later told me he instantly came in his pants.

This film was a low budget triumph, and Dad was the one who had masterminded it. And he was the one who was going to make a lot of money off of it.

"Hey Hector, get that big Mexican cock of yours over here," Vlad's commanding voice boomed. "Give this bitch something to suck on while I knock her up."

Seconds later Hector, carefully reconstructing one of the typical iconic scenes often used in gay porn, was on the bed, his back partially elevated by the headrest of the bed I was fucked on, his legs spread apart, and his stiff cock pointed upwards in my face.

"Wrap those faggot lips of yours around that hot cock," Vlad snapped as he reached forward and pushed downwards on my back. Me, the big dicked, cock impaled boy offered no resistance as his faced was shoved towards the hot Latin hose. I opened my mouth automatically, without prompting from either Hector or Vlad, and started sucking on Hector's stiff phallus.

"She's a hungry cocksucker!" Hector announced gleefully as he watched his dick disappear into the mouth of the Prince of Porn. "Whoa, baby! Suck that cock!" he said looking beyond me, exchanging a knowing look with Vlad.

As Vlad began to piston his rigid boner in and out of my boy ass, he ordered me to begin masturbating.

"You know for a faggot, you got a pretty big dick. To bad you aren't ever going to use it on anything. You'd be better off with a cunt. Now play with that cock. Show us how much you enjoy getting taken by two real men. Play with that faggot dick of yours. Go on, stroke it, cocksucker." My Dad had written a hot piece of gay porn poetry, and Vlad was the perfect actor to say the lines.

Seconds later I began the debasing ritual that been had inflicted on so many of the most prominent pornstars, jerking off as I was being taken by another male, as I simply needed to cum, indicating how horny the men fucking me had made me.

Once I commenced this act loaded with symbolism of being submissive, Vlad started rapidly thrusting his pelvis back and forth, showing his perfect style of the classic ass fucking technique that was so vividly displayed in his films.

In the meantime, Hector, duplicating the role of other top face fuckers,

grabbed a hold of my thick hair and began guiding my head up and down as the handsome hunk shamelessly made me service his thick dick. The hot Hispanic even stroked the base of his long, rigid cock,using the saliva that dripped from my penis stuffed mouth as lubricant. Needless to say, my own cock was once again as hard as a rock.

Even the rest of the film crew was affected by the historic and incredibly torrid event that was happening before them. These guys were consummate professionals who had filmed thousands of hours of lurid gay porn flicks staring some of the hottest stars in gay porn, but watching the topping of Mikey Masters,the Boss' son, the heir of the empire, the Prince of Porn, one of the newest, most enduring icons of the industry, was incredibly arousing. My Dad later described what he had watched, as my spellbound crew groped themselves as they trained their cameras, microphones and lights on the hot young stud being ravished by Hector and Vlad. Most of the crew wanted nothing more than my ass or mouth.

Cock flavored Mikey saliva dripped from the my plundered mouth while Hector contemptuously forced my cock sucking star face up and down on his erect cock. Dick muffled groans repeatedly escaped from my cock filled face as Vlad relentlessly plunged his Hungarian fuck stick deep into his new pussyboy. And all the while I followed my Dad's script as I pathetically yanked away on my world famous cock,a cock that would soon again relieve itself in another male's mouth or ass, while playing in another hot gay porn production my dad directed.

But for now I could only imagine the impact that this scene would have on the scores of thousands of horny men who would pay top dollar for a copy of “Mikey's Spring Break Adventures". A lot of guys would be wiping cum off the floor after watching this scene!

The action in front of the camera was rapidly building to a crescendo. Hector was obviously trying to hold back from cumming, while Vlad too looked like an orgasm was imminent. Even my big dick was at full mast, helped along no doubt by the pounding my prostate was taking from Vlad's invading meat. To everyone's surprise, and against porn protocol, it was the huge meat of the Bosses son that began to shoot first. The microphones could hear deep groans of intense pleasure as I was double fucked, bent over, and began to ejaculate thick wads of my famous white cream from my trademark boy phallus. The thick slab of meat, which had been only in a few films but was so famous already,and had made so many other males cumming hard while watching my films,came over having taken another males fat dick up my ass, and in submissive joy at having been taken by brute force by the biggest dick I had so far. The stimulation had been too much, I lost control and came like a rocket!

While my own monstrous rod fired its wads onto the bed and I screamed out my cumming, the lust crazed Mexican hunk went over the top and began to jettison his load of white man lava. Although consumed by lust, Hector did manage to yank my face off of his cock a nanosecond before the first jets of goo blasted from his cock head.

The film captures were spectacular! The first wad of Hector's dick snot hurled out of his turgid organ when it was less than two inches from my mouth. My lips still formed the tight O that had been sucking Hectors incredible dick. We had an unbelievable shot of this first load of sperm laden goo flying through the air and shooting directly into my mouth. This was another incredible first for Masters Top Stud Productions: The first load of cum ever to be filmed flying through the air and hitting the goal, a cocksuckers mouth, in a closeup and slow motion!

That Hector had been incredibly stimulated by the whole scene was evident in both the quantity of semen that he produced and the difficult time he had concentrating on the script. While my Dad had wanted most of the cum to land on my tongue, we ended up with my full face getting a facial hose job from the new Latino star. Cum wads leapt out of Hector's uncontrollable dick and landed all over the face of the his young fuck object. Rivulets of dick snot formed on my cheeks. Pools of semen gathered in my mouth, collected behind my teeth, and dribbled out and over my thick lips before joining together in the natural valley formed by the cleft in my chin. Cum stalactites hung from my face where several shots had landed. A wad of stud sauce oozed snot-like out of my left nostril, while cum splatters wadded together clumps of my thick dark hair. The camera crew aimed four cameras right in my face, taking a total, a closeup, a slow motion and even stills, and my Dad could choose from a plethora of the most incredible footage ever filmed in gay porn. My face, even if it was dripping of cum, would be the most famous face ever filmed!

While this scene was unfolding Vlad lost control and joined in the group ejaculation. This again was not according to plan. Dad had hoped for three well-coordinated cum shots, however, Vlad too had been so taken in by the incredibly eroticism of this once in a lifetime opportunity that his ass conquering rod began to shoot before Hector's was finished.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Fuck! I'm cumming," Vlad groaned as he involuntarily slammed his cock in to the hilt and fired a hot load of cum deep into my hungry bowels, giving my ass its baptism of cum, at least his baptism, since I in reality had been fucked many times.

Quickly recovering, my Hungarian top pulled his cock out of my ravished asshole, wedged the base of his spewing dick in between my two ass globes, and fired several more shots of his warm slime onto my V-shaped back. With great difficulty the spasming hunk dropped the elevation of his cum spewing rod, fired several globs of sperm rich cream directly onto my cock stretched sphincter, and then plunged his cum shooting, semen coated cock back into my stretched out warm lair.


The crew and my Dad were witnessing the bare backing, semen injecting sodomizing of a hot teen stud, something that was luckily normal again in current day gay porn. But they were seeing it done to none other than Mikey Masters himself, and by the great Vlad the Impaler, whose fat dick would soon be available as a dildo, with vibrator or just made of rigid rubber.

Once again Murray's camera work was superb. His lens had actually captured the very second that Vlad's cum firing rod had exited my ruined, stretched out portal, providing incontrovertible evidence that the hot kid every man wanted had been bottomed in the most complete way possible. I had taken a man's load up my ass! It wasn't sheathed in latex, and it hadn't been dumped on my back. The subsequent video shot of Vlad's cum covered, goo firing dick re-entering my busted asshole was the final proof as to the depths that I was willing to go for a great performance, even though I by now moaned in real, as my love tunnel was sore and stretched and I needed a break. But then again: Once these hot close ups were in the hands of the public, no force on earth could stop the pervs out there buy our videos. I had been taken by the long hard rod of our Hungarian stud, and both his and my fame would get another massive boost!

I saw my Dad was beaming with pride as he continued to watch the action on the monitors. Vlad had just earned his title, The Impaler,and I, Mikey Masters, had just earned a new one too: Pussyboy, or as our promotional material would more accurately say: "Mikey Masters, Masters Hot Top Productions' cocksucking, cum-swallowing, Pussyboy Prince of Porn!"

As the scene was ending the all seeing cameras continued to capture each and every lurid detail of my newest appearance as a fuck toy. Hector finally stopped spurting semen all over my face and was able to regain enough composure to grab another handful of the my hair, and forced my face back down onto his cock,

where the satiated Hispanic hunk squeezed the last remaining drops of semen out of his cock and onto my tongue. When Vlad's large rod also exhausted the Hungarian's supply of nutsauce, the dark haired man once again pulled his cock out of my brutalized ass, strode around to my face, and presented his semen and ass flavored penis to me to suck it clean.

"Clean me off, faggot," said the sneering Hungarian. Me, by now full in my role as completely submissive bottom slut, obediently opened my mouth, accepted the proffered male organ, and began to cleanse it. I did not stop nursing on the rod that had conquered me till Vlad pulled out and, as a final, and improvised indignity, Vlad pushed my head down and ordered me to lick my own cum from the bedspread. And in the fashion of a true cock slut bottom, I got onto my hands and knees and lapped my own semen from the mattress.