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Family Business
Part 2 - Mikey turns 18
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

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Family Business -2- Mikey turns 18

It had been a fun year, I must admit.

Since Daddy did find out I was filmed for the first time by a rival porn studio and they sold the video online, with me being shown at the tender age of 16, and the film coming out as I had just turned 17, he had sued them into oblivion.

I am still not sure if he was mad at the fact that I did a film for another company, or that I did it with only making 200 bucks, since I was royally screwed over by the producers as I signed my contract.

But now , after winning the case and putting one boss in jail for filming underage gay porn, and having the other paying a large settlement, the other studio was no more, or, actually, was owned by my Dad.

He still sometimes plays the video when guests of honour visit us, and they usually get horny enough to fuck me afterwards. But, to make up for it, Daddy bought me my first car as I turned 17, a nice new Jeep, and I loved it. Win-Win, right?

As I told you guys last time, my Principal had seen the film as well, and he took advantage of me since then. I must admit I did a good job playing innocent, and the old perv almost got a stroke as I sucked his dick for the first time. He gave me a scholarship and I got some nice extra points as he started to “tutor” me, after school, sometimes at school, sometimes at his private house. Even his wife was home sometimes, but we always worked in his private study, and she never found out.

The studio Daddy had taken over actually stopped selling the original film, but Daddy used several sequences of the film so I was basically a body double in several other productions, were my muscles, ass and dick, but never face, appeared the make the star look even better than real. But, as I said, Daddy gave me a brand new Jeep, what else could I ask for?

But today everything changed! Daddy wanted to see my face on screen, and I would be using all I had learned to be the star in a new line of videos. I was 18, ripped, hung, good looking, and nobody wanted to waste my potential any longer.

The customers, the pervs out there, demanded always new sensations, and one of Dads authors for the screenplays used as the bases of filming came up with the new idea to use makeup, special effects and CGI postproduction in a new line of hardcore porn.

At first Dad was hesitant, but the author knew some guys from a mayor Hollywood studio, and one fine day, shortly before I turned 18, I sat in our private cinema, with Dad, the author who had the idea and some more of the other authors working for Dad.

The guys from Hollywood made a presentation off their skills, and we watched a fully digitally edited and rendered film. I was there since the author, who had seen the product once before the presentation, had told Dad I needed to be there since I would be perfect to be part in the production they wanted to prepare, and Daddy was curious enough to tell me to come.

So here I was, sitting in the dark, waiting for the next sensation in porn production.

At first the Hollywood guys presented some pictures.


I saw my buddy Robby in pictures we had taken while producing one of his films, the one “Robby and the Pervs” were neighbors spied on Robby at several occasions, and it everytime leaded to hot , steamy sex. The film was no sensation but sold quite well, and afterwards Robby was recognized, maybe not so much for acting, but his black soft skin covering bulging muscles, his huge dick, and his cute babyface.

Even though the picture was hot, showing Robby working his dick with a buzzing vibrator till he came in a huge eruption of white cum, a really geyser of a load, shooting all over his hot muscles, even hitting his face, the picture was normal, conventional, not the huge sensation I was hoping for.

Dad thought so as well, it seemed, and he said so, but the Hollywood special effects and CGI guys just grinned and hit the button, and the next sequence made my jaw drop.


I gasped as I saw Robby again, this time struggling in pain, it seemed, his eyes rolling back, his nuts mercilessly pulled by steel cables, him being in a glass walled laboratory of sorts, under red light, evidently being electrocuted, while his dickhead oozed cum into a steel tube .

The men from Hollywood and the author all watched us, Dad and me, and waited for our reaction.

By now the still picture had started to roll into a video, and a most realistic looking scene took place, and the man in the white labcoat mercilessly watched Robby suffer, while he took notes and even made some comments.

I was about to jump up and call Robby, see if he was fine, as the door opened, and the same Robby I had seen struggling on screen walked in, in just a Speedo, perfectly showing his hot body was flawless.

Dad and I, and several other members of the team, sat back flabbergasted.

We actually had seen the beginning of a new area, CGI and Digital post production, all by the help of AI , and now cheap enough for us to have it, to use it in our productions.

The screen kept showing a show of still pictures, made from real pictures with the use of digital tricks, and even I was in that show.


Dad and I both had to chuckle as we saw me, evidently cuffed to an altar , surrounded by weird monks, shooting a cascade of cum, as I was possed by a demon.

One of the Hollywood guys laughed as he said: “ OK, we went a little overboard with that pic...”

But he was hot and I was horny, and we both knew I would get to know him much better within the next few hours.

Daddy decided that we would do a film to test the reaction of the crowd, and this film should be my first real film, fully show me in all my glory, as I now was legal to fuck and get fucked, and show it all on screen. Dad was sure my face would be the new trademark for our studio, and I had to admit I had seen enough pictures of me sucking huge dicks to know that he was right. My pouty lips were made to be on screen while sucking dick, and my handsome face looked good even if was moaning and grunting while I got fucked. Dad always said he watched new talents for their fuckfaces. A dumb face while fucking spoils the whole film.

After I had read the script, I was glad we used so many tricks to make the filming possible. It was we would do gay horror movie, with blood, demons, torture, a damsel in distress theme if you will.

Only that I would be the damsel.

But as a first film they decided to use some kind of a thriller, based on a real crime that happened a few years ago.

I had to giggle at first, but soon found out it would no walk in the park for me to film the hard scenes. They needed blueprints, so to speak, and I would be tied up naked in front of a green screen filmed by various cameras, directed by my Dad for the porn action, and an additional assistant director, one of the Hollywood artists, to make sure the raw material could be used for the digitalizing.

Dad was nervous, and even though everything involving hardcore torture and such stuff would be fully virtual and digital, he made my costars really whip me several times, as well as fuck me hard, make me scream and gag and choke and struggle .

The Hollywood guy was blown away and actually thanked me and Dad for being so professional while filming, since no other star had been through so much for the sake of art, as he told us.

My round bubble butt was really spanked by a costar, and I was really fucked by a huge dick, since Daddy wanted authentic material.


For the next scene I learned some about filming. I learned that the succession of scenes in films and the chronological order those scenes were filmed can be screwed up, and as I had to dress up in some extra tight cutoff jeans and a ripped mesh tanktop , I soon saw what he meant.

My hair was messed, my unblemished skin was marked with makeup to make me look excausted , like after a long interrogation by pervy cops, and burnmarks of cigarettes or maybe tasers were painted on my skin.


I had to sit on a wooden chair, was cuffed tightly, and one of our staffmembers did suck me to make my dick hard and ooze pre. That fluffer job was sometimes necessary to always provide hard dicks, even after a tiring long day of filming, and today I needed that help.

After that preparations, showing me basically at the end of a long cruealing day of interogations and abuse, the action was filmed. The action that would basically all take place in a computer to make it look real.

Two of our older actors were glad to play a role as cops, and the had fun teasing my dick with a low voltage taser. Even though it left no marks, and all marks were just makeup, I really struggled and really screamed out. Dad later said I would have done a great job of acting , like the best mayor filmstar, but as they made me feel the heat I really thought they worked me with a hot taser on high setting. Everything happened in my brain , though. But trust me, it felt real!


Daddy was really proud of me as I pissed on the floor and the guys later complemented me for my efforts to make it look real, but in fact I was so captured in my feelings and in the attempt to make it look good, that I simply lost control.

For the next scene sparks would fly, and I was stripped , all on film as you sure can imagine, and cuffed to the bars of a cell, with a cuff around the base of my nuts and chains with attached wires.

I grunted in pain, again for real, as a muscled bear with a thick dick fucked me from behind , while low voltage tickled my nuts and arms to show me that I had to react, scream , struggle, grunt . The bear was as well an older star of my Dad's studio, now mostly working in production, but perfect for the role as a corrupt and dangerous sheriff, abusing a young hot inmate.


The next scene was filmed the same day, but later, and even though I knew my makeup burnmarks were gone after I had showered, no one seem to be bothered. They even did a photoshooting of me dressed like a hustler pretending to sell maps of the star's homes right after my break, right after my shower, looking fresh and well rested, and I really lost any feeling for the filming.


But, three weeks later, as my dad told me I was a huge success and gave me a blueray disc, I realized that one day of filming had been enough to produce a full feature film, with me in a leading role. The films title “ Did you hear what happened to the Tyler boy?” was reminding me of a mayor case that took place some years ago, and the missing of a boy named Tyler had been never solved, even after they had found his body in a lake, after his murderer had tried to get rid of him.

I found it a little tacky , or better distasteful to make a film about it, but as the crdits rolled and I seen me star as the poor boy Tyler, I knew it would be a huge success.

And all those randomly arrangend shootings, all those filmings that seem out of the order now gave a logical sequence.

From Tyler selling his hot body on Hollywood Boulevard to the detention by corrupt cops, from the first of several hard sex scenes sailing close to rape by cops and men that took advantage of the boy,

from the first hard torture under the pretence to get information , but actually to sexually arouse the men doing it was just a short step to the lake were the body was found.

The end scene showed me, playing Tyler, and was filmed absolutely free of any jeopardy in our huge pool, while I simply closed my eyes and floated in the water, holding a weight so I was upside down. The end in the film, after some CGI magic, looked like this:


And yes, you might have guessed it “Did you hear what happened to the Tyler boy?” won the porn Oscars !

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