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Dylan's Training
Part 8 - Dylan's Training 8
By Dylan

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Dylan's Training -8-

The Principal had summoned him again, and Dylan sat nervously in front of the desk of the Principals assistant, Randy. He could see the young mans bulge under his desk, since he had a new set of office furniture, and someone, maybe even himself, had decided to get rid of the heavy old wood desk and replace it with one made of glass and steel. The assistant, a former athlete, was still beautifully muscled and evidently had a huge bulge, proudly presented in the suit he wore. It was too tight to be formal, but showed every curve in the delicious young man's perfectly trained body, emphasizing his round ass, muscled legs and the huge bulge almost obscenely.

Dylan knew the man had to dress like this, the Principal liked to see what he could use.

Now Randy answered the buzzing sound of the intercom and nodded at Dylan, and the boy stood and walked to the office' door. He knocked, respectfully, and opened the door after the voice from inside answered “Cum in” . Dylan's nervous ears at least heard “cum”, since he was already full of mixed emotions, and even though each and every time he was summoned ended in a quite painful exercise, he was eager to be called, used, worked over, and , in the end, made to cum a huge load in an almost agonizing orgasm, or, as the Principal had once told a watching visitor, a spectacular display of young male virility, trained to a maximum of almost animalistic urges combined with the peek of anything a real man could wish from a boy.

This time, after Dylan had walked in and assumed the position he was taught to take, the “Parade rest” as the Principal called it, legs spread to give easy access to his bulge, arms up and folded above the head to pump up those hard pecs and make the fat swollen nipples nicely visible in the thin dress shirt, chest puffed out and muscles nice and tightly displayed like powerful cords under a thin layer of soft, tanned skin, this time Dylan saw a man he already had met earlier.

It was the Bishop he had seen at the party.

The clergyman stood, walked over, and fondled the boy's body as if he examined a priced horse he was about to buy. His hands roamed freely over every curve of Dylan's muscles, but without opening a button or ripping open the shirt or the shorts.

The Bishop turned to the Principal while he fondled Dylan's bulge, making the boy's dick grow to full size and hardness. He commented, and Dylan remembered the words that the Bishop had used while he spoke to guests of the party:

“Oh it is quite usual for a well endowed young man to get aroused by the sensations you put him through, and if you think about the extreme situations those muscles were put through before, in order to make them perform their best....." He trailed off, and the obvious bulge in his cassock made sure the Principal perfectly understood what reasons led to a man's arousal. Still letting his hands roam openly over the boy's body, he addressed the Principal: “ You will send him to church, today, right after school, right after working out?” And Mr. Miller just nodded.

As Dylan rode to church on his bike, the Bishop already waited for him by a side entrance.

Dylan parked his bike right next to him and he walked over to greet the waiting man, who already was licking his lips. He knew why, since his dick was making a fat tube in his tight black shorts, and his hard muscled pecs with those swollen nipples were a sight to behold as well.

Dylan felt naked in his black shorts and white dress shirt, even though the Principal had told him he just wanted him to look sharp for church. The shorts were cut to make a revealing bulge.

Thanks to Randy the assistant who had carefully chosen the outfit, anyone got a good look on what the school's hottest asset packed, and no one had to use much of his imagination.

Father Raymond, as the Bishop humbly wanted to be called, already opened a door and waited for Dylan to follow him, before he lead the way into a side building of the church.

He told the boy: " Today we will be in here , since the housewife's need the church to rearrange the flowers!"

Dylan had no reason to doubt him, so he followed through several locked doors which the Bishop opened with a key, and down a stairwell into the huge basement area under the church. The doors looked pretty thick, and the room they ended up in had no windows. Since they had passed the noisy heater and climate control room, Dylan was sure no one would hear anything from down here.

As Father Raymond closed and locked the door behind them, the young athlete realized something special was about to happen. The room was not dark, since seemingly a million candles lit it up. There was an altar on one of the walls, a huge cross on another, and a bench or such , covered with a large piece of linen.

The Bishop smiled malicious :

" I hope you have prayed to god and used the candle i gave you to receive our fathers blessings?" The candle he mentioned had been given to the boy right after he had left the office, and the so called “workout” had been a carefully monitored inserting of the candle into Dylan's ass, monitored by Randy the assistant himself.

Dylan struggled to give an appropriate answer, since he was not really used to go to the church, or talk to a priest.

" Uhg uhm yes sir .. i mean Father , i did ..pray ..and ..uhm .. received the blessings of the candle"

He stuttered the answer , and he nodded .

" And how often have you received the candle.. i mean the blessings ?"

Dylan didn't even realize the Bishop slipped and misspoke, but he seemed to blush a little bit.

" Uhm, two times sir .. once with Randy, once right before I came here"

The depraved priest beamed: " That is very good! Prepared like that and strong willed you will climb the stairs of heaven easily, my child!"

" Uhg ..uhm ..stairs of heaven, Father Raymond?" Dylan asked , meanwhile starting to get scared.

Father Raymond answered : " Yes my boy, i true test for a god fearing christian boy! If you climb up to the top, nothing will be impossible for you!" After he said so he turned around and pulled the cloth off a device Dylan had never seen before. He even smiled proudly as the boy saw some kinda narrow bench, with dildos mounted to the surface. The first was fairly small, maybe 6 inches and one in diameter, smaller then the well endowed boy's own flesh and blood cock, but the dildos got bigger and bigger.

Dylan swallowed nervously as he heard Father Raymond say in a thick and throaty voice:

" Go ahead and touch them …. You will need to feel them intimately before you try Gods tests!"

The muscled boy realized he had been locked up in a sound proof cellar to make him fuck himself on a series of ever growing dildos. The Bishop smiled as malicious as before as he said:

" You wear such a nice tidy uniform.... you look almost like one of Jehovah's Witnesses!"

Dylan realized Randy had made a gravely mistake, or he had played him a really bad joke. Maybe Randy had missed the chance to fuck the tight boy ass and now wanted revenge. Dylan didn't know it, all he saw was a perverted Priest who slowly worked up steam. The man said slowly:

" You better take that blaspheming uniform off! God doesn't like those people!"

"Uhm yessir ..but be assured my parents and i only pray in your church" Dylan saw the Priest's face change as he almost grimaced a fake sweetly smile.

" Oh so you only pray in my church, boy? You don't fear god when you are at home...? You don't fear god when you are out in the street, shaking that sinful body to attract good God fearing men and pull them down to hell?"

" Oh God, Father.... You got me all wrong!" He tried to open his shirts buttons , but the Priest had lost control and ripped the shirt open. The buttons flew around, and the shirt was shredded as he tore it off the boy. Dylan rushed to get the shorts off but again was to slow for Father Raymond's tastes. Since Dylan didn't know he had a nerve whip, he was totally surprised as he felt the red hot sting of it on his back.

" AUuurghmmmm ooooh GODDD!"

" Don't use our fathers name in vain!"

The priest screamed.. and hit again. This time the well trained boy had waited for the sting so he just grunted out , but the priest was not satisfied and whipped him again, aiming at his rippling six pack abs .

Dylan lost control and knelt down.. maybe his best move today, since the Priest stopped whipping him.

" Yes my boy, it is never to late to pray and ask our heavenly Father for forgiveness."

While Dylan knelt down in that candle lit horror of a chapel in the churches basement, as usual several hidden cams filmed every angle. The school had made sure that a full crew of production assistants, two assistant directors, an art director who designed the stage and the torture devices and a director paid full attention. They knew every aspect of the filming would be stored on hard drive for future editing, but they also knew they had to be concentrating on steering the cams to film the right angles, zoom in and out following the directors orders, and all in all do the best filming they could do. The pervy scene would be online live for my fans admiring me openly already, and later a full HD blueray would be available, plus a download. After all, Dylan was the schools new star, and no one wanted to waste a possibility like this one.

Father Raymond was totally oblivious. Like Dylan he was not much more than an actor who didn't know he played a role. He had been carefully chosen before the Principal offered him the opportunity to use the boy.

The Principal worked with a production company that had quite a network of depraved clients and were always eager find the perfect candidate for another of their notorious videos They needed a man with natural charisma, able to transport the role of a clergyman with perverted tastes well enough to catch the audience. But this was all top secret, and all Father Raymond knew was that he was given the chance to work a sinful boy over.

Without Dylan knowing anything of the above, he knelt and panted, the wooden bar with the dildos mounted on top was waiting right in front of him. He didn't realize some construction worker had invested much pride and craftsmanship as he cut and sanded the almost black wood, before he installed it on solid steel . The perfectly polished black root wood was a devoted work of a god fearing craftsman, and now used to hold Gods tools to test the power of the faith and devotion of a good christian boy. At least that was the sermon the Priest gave him.

While the cams filmed Dylan as he followed the pervy priest's commands, anyone online could watch him bend over and kiss the tip of the first dildo. Father Raymond had told him to kiss the tip of Jesus' manhood , presented in Gods will, and to prepare himself for the powers of Gods blessings.

In the editing studio the director chuckled nasty: "That crazy old perv is a true blessing of God. No one could write a script as hot as the lines the old guy says by himself"

And he leaned back and worked the bulge of his pants, while he watched as the boy kissed and licked the first dildo.

Dylan perfectly knew he had to sit on the dildo. As he licked it, he felt it was made of rubber, as usual, but maybe with a steel rod in it . It was kinda solid. While he knelt , bent over, kissing the dildo, he felt Father Raymond's hand on the back of his head. He pushed Dylan down without mercy, and the boy really sent God a quick prayer to thank him the priest didn't force him down on a bigger dildo, as he took the rubber into his throat. Father Raymond almost grunted:

" Yes boy receive the flesh of Jesus that he offered to deliver us from evil!"

While he made Dylan fuck his own throat with he thankfully fairly small first dildo, he started to pray:

" AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL: FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOM, AND THE POWER, AND THE GLORY, FOR EVER. AMEN!" As he ended , he let Dylan go. The boy came up and took a deep breath. Father Raymond didn't smile as he told the sweating boy:

" Now kneel over Jesus' body and receive his blessing!"

Dylan perfectly knew the wanted him to fuck myself on the first dildo, and the next , and so on, and he perfectly knew he had no choice , since the priest evidently had a task to fulfill, to make Dylan fulfill his task.

The young athlete moaned as he knelt on the perfectly polished black stone floor, over the perfectly polished black walnut beam, and took the dildo that Father Raymond thought was a symbol for gods blessings. The cameras captured the way he tried to relax his muscles as the tip of the rubber cock opened the boy's ass ring, and his face changed as he grunted: " UUurghmmmm !"

The priest stood and watched the boy sit on the dildo, take it all the way. He told him to move a little bit, to feel the bearing of the cross, as he worded it. Since Dylan took the dildo all too easy to be a hard task, the Priest grabbed him by his arm and pulled him off it again, kinda roughly.

" Aurghmmm..." Dylan moaned out since the Priest didn't take much care. He pointed at the fifth dildo, a 10 incher thick as a beer can, and said:

" Since god blessed you with a penis of that size, you better begin with this one, my child!"

" Yes father" the boy answered, while he already knelt and bent. He knew for this one he would need some spit to make it slicker and easier to take it up his butt. By now Father Raymond was a little distracted, it seemed. The boy couldn't see his hand inside his cassock, but the cams captured it. The operator of that cam zoomed in, and the crystal clear picture showed a big wet stain in the priests cassock. He seemed to leak heavy, or maybe he already came? He watched Dylan suck the dildo, sized like the boy's own dick.

The audience would later be informed that the dildo was molded of Dylan's actual hard penis.

It was used before to work the boy's ass, and such a detail made the special appeal of the productions of the studio's successful videos or the other brands the Company used to market their products.

In the basement Dylan already moaned and grunted as he fucked himself on the fat dildo. Almost against his will his dick was hard and flopped around, oozing pre. Father Raymond just watched, since the boy didn't need any incentive by now. But he soon told Dylan not to idle, but move on . The boy had 10 more dildos to ride, he realized.

" Please Father Raymond, i did all you wanted.. The next ones are way to big to take!" He knew he made a mistake just as he moaned out those words. The priests eyes opened wide as he screamed:

" Sinner! I will teach you to refuse to do the tasks our God has put on your shoulders!"

The boy felt the touch of the whip on his shoulder as the priest said the last word. All he could do was scream as his muscles cramped. He slid down on the dildo again, fucked it into his ass all the way, and almost passed out. With the dildo deep up his guts he tried to breath, tried to concentrate to slide the dildo out of his ass again, kneel over the next, and sit on it. He knew better than to give the dedicated Man of God another reason to force Gods word upon him with the whip. Father Raymond smiled wicked as he saw Dylan take the next dildo, again as thick as a beer can or maybe a little thicker, and maybe 12 inches long.

" UUrghmmm please, aurghmm Father have mercy" Dylan maybe exaggerated a little bit to buy himself a little time. The fat dildo slid in slowly, while his ass ring opened. He breathed deep to relax his muscles.

Father Raymond watched pleased, since the boy fulfilled his biddings and worked hard to expiate his sins.

" Very good my child! You may now try the next step of the stairway to heaven!"

Dylan moaned as he pulled himself off the dildo. His ass was trained enough to stay tight, but right now he would have liked to be a little less muscled. Father Raymond watched him bend over and kiss the next dildo.

This one was so thick Dylan couldn't open his mouth wide enough to take it, so he tried to cover it with spit by licking the head and let some saliva trickle out his mouth. The pervy priest would have none of it. He didn't want the boy to cut corners or do any easy job. He stood spread legged over the beam and forced the boy's head down onto the fat rubber dick. Dylan gagged and choked, but realized in wonder that the dildo kinda deflated, got thinner and somehow was as small as the one before. He swallowed it till it was deeply embedded inside his throat, and now just concentrated on breathing through his nose, and, in the end, held in his air, as the dildo cut his breathing. He thought he would die as he couldn't breath for ages. But Father Raymond had a feeling for it and let him go right before he passed out. As Dylan's head was free to move again and the Bishop let him sit up again, he saw the man's dick was hard as steel and peeked out of his cassock. He clearly got off on making Dylan struggle for air.

Dylan didn't dare to offer to suck his dick, since he knew the priest had another task him he needed to bring to an end. The boy was sure Father Raymond would use the whip on him again, if he just started to suck him , instead of obeying gods wishes. The wishes the good Priest interpreted for the boy to fulfill.

He watched Dylan squat over the thick monster dildo. Even tho the boy now knew it would deflate and he could handle it, he played a little and moaned and grunted a little louder than necessary. As he did so, the director in the studio told his assistant a little secret:

" We sometimes use uhm ..lets say.. magic for our props. So just like a knife made of rubber Hollywood uses to stab the hero without wounding him, this boy only had to endure the small dildos in full size. By now he rides a dildo that looks like 15 inches long and double beer can down at its base, but in fact its much smaller as it somehow gets squeezed to get smaller."

The assistant still watch Dylan moan and sweat as he took the dildo. He asked: "And how big is the dildo for real, now?” The director smiled. " Only 12 inches and beer can size" And yes, no man in his staff could have taken a dildo of this size in his own ass.

While the crew worked in the studio, Dylan worked hard down at the churches basement to receive gods blessing. "AUuurughmmmm Father...aurghmm its so thick ..."

" I will help you with Gods word, my child, repeat after me:

Our Father in heaven,"

Dylan grunted: "Our Father in heaven,"

"hallowed be your name."

" Auurghmmm.....hallowed be your name."

"Your Kingdom come,"

" UUUUHGGGGG uhmmm uhmm Your Kingdom come,"

"Your will be done....... "

Father Raymond helped Dylan to go down all the way by pushing him down by his shoulders again, while he made the boy grunt and moan the words of The Lord's prayer. As Dylan did sit down on the last and biggest dildo, he was covered in sweat and panted like a dog. Even though the Director had said it would be a Hollywood film trick , the last dick had solid 15 inches and it felt like it would split Dylan's ass in half.

And Father Raymond smiled down at Dylan: " You made it , my child, under the eyes of God and Jesus, his son. Now receive the blessings of the Lord by taking the holy semen ..."

Dylan just had time enough to open his mouth wide, since the Priest had jerked his fat dick as he spoke his blessing. He shot a fat load, covered the boy's face and coated the tongue. After Dylan gave him a brief suck to clean his dick he hid it inside his cassock again, fondled the boy's face briefly and gave him the permission to stand up by a move of his hand. Again the athlete moaned as the dildo slid out of his sore ass, but at least he had done what he needed to do to get the Priest's blessings. Father Raymond was pleased with him. He watched Dylan dress again, muttering something about the boy's "Heathens outfit" that evidently had reminded him of another church, and surely he could not resist to play with the boys prominent nipples, since Dylan couldn't close his shirt after the Priest had ripped it open .

He didn't give Dylan permission to jerk and cum, since he told the boy he wasn't allowed to spill his semen in vain, and so the young man's dick was still hard as a rock and tubed his shorts obscenely. Dylan was tired and his muscles glistened in sweat, but from the look the Priest gave him, he guessed this made him even more exciting to look at. His hard pecs and six pack abs were clearly on display in the ripped shirt.

The Bishop smiled as he handed Dylan 50 Bucks and told him: “ Go and get yourself a more decent shirt, boy, we can't have you walk around in such a sinful attire!”

He had walked the boy out into the hot sun again and now left, closing the door of the side entrance behind him, without any last word.

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