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Dylan's Training
Part 7 - Dylan's Training 7
By Dylan

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Dylan's training -7-

Dylan's dad was in a good mood, a very good mood. The Mercedes Dealer had called to tell him that his new convertible would be delivered this afternoon.

After he hung up on the man, he looked out of the window and saw Dylan workout, in the backyard , under the watchfull eyes of several cameras, as his dad had told him to do. The muscular boy was naked, as his dad wanted, and he did all that callanetic workouts he had been trained to do. Workout without weights, and while he did the movements naked and with his daily dose of viagra, he looked very erotic.

His dad checked the polls of the website " Naked callanetics with Dylan" he had set up as a little side project, and saw it did quite good. The boy was making real money for his stepdad, and since the man's wife did not support him the way he thought she owed him, her sons work was a fair compensation.

Given how rich his wife was, she gave him a ridiculously small amount, he thought, and as usual he got all worked up on that fact. While looking out of the window, he realized someone had to pay for it, and that someone was Dylan.

"Dylan" the man called out of the open window,"come here, right now!"

He had checked the clock: The online time for the website was over. He would not spoil one program to start another, he considered himself a professional.

Dylan knocked respectfully, as he had been told a thousand times, and walked in, after his stepdad had called "Come in!"

He wore his small speedo again, the uniform his dad had given him for summer, and he must have put it on right after his workout, the moment his dad had called him. As usual he didn't know what to do with his hands, since he was told to stand at parade rest, hands behind his back, whenever his dad called him, but was insecure since his dick was painfully hard and tented the speedo, so his hands hung down in front of him, blocking the view to his bulge.

"Dylan, what did I tell you about showing up in front of me when I call you?" Dylans stepdad's voice was low and almost dangerously calm. The boys skin began to show goosepimples, and not only because the air condition was on.

"Dylan,you know i love you boy, but if you don't pay attention to my rules, I told you I needed to punish you, right?"

Dylan wanted to speak up, wanted to apologize for his mistake, and already had changed his stance to parade rest, or, as his stepdads perverted friends called it, slave rest. He stood like he was told, hands behind his back, chest puffed out, stomach with that flat and heavily rippled eightpack sucked in, feet slightly apart, so his legs were spread just a little.

" Very good, boy! BUT TOO DAMN LATE!" Dylan seemed to wince with every word his dad spat out.

His stepdads voice was dangerously low again, as he softly said:

"I am truely sorry, but you have to be punished, son"

He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pair of heavy steel handcuffs, the old english type.

"Put those on!" He knew it would be difficult, but he watched patiently, while his stepson did as he was told. As usual, cameras filmed the boys humiliation, this time for a totally differend audience.

As Dylan was cuffed, his dad said the words he would later use as a bridge while editing the footage to upload to his channel " Dylan's ordeals"

He made the boy, still only in his super small red speedo, follow him to his car. Today he took the G-Class Mercedes and put the boy in the back, were he laid down, invisible thanks to the dark tinted windows.

It was only a short drive to the man's business associate Vince, who owned a good business of several brothels, were countless illegal immigrants, both woman and men, worked for him.

In fact, he whored them out, and sold several of them out of the country after a few months , or if they made the mistake to complain, get sick, or simply did not perform to his standards.

Dylans stepdad knew Vince would have fun to work Dylan over. He had a mean streak.

After driving out of town, they reached a gate. A short phonecall later the gate opened, and a private street leading right through a quiet piece of forest lead to a nice villa. The house that belonged to Vince was basically a mansion, and Dylan's stepdad, who had never been here before, was overwhelmed by the sheer opulence.

Vince waited for them in a luxurious living room. A butler had lead them inside.

Their host smiled wide, and Dylan used all of his willpower not to show that he already knew the man.

He had met him at the party a few week before, the party were he had been used by several of the guests, the staff, and even his old enemy, Joey, who had served as a waiter, and as a paid sextoy as well.

The host had no such problems, and he openly told Dylan's stepdad how much fun he had fucking Dylan's tight ass at this party he would never forget, as he bragged.

The stepdad, Michael, carefully asked why they had been invited today, and the host, Vince, smiled broadly.

" May I show you what I had in mind for some time?" He lead his guest and his guests son out to a huge terrace, overlooking a nice lake. The estate was huge.

A funny looking construction on wheels parked right by the terrace on a nicely paved walkway . It looked a little like the Pumpkin-carriage right out of Disneys Cinderella animation film, all curvy and round.

Vince walked right too the funny vehicle, showing off his construcion made of carbon fiber and titanium. The bubble top roof was made of a clear but light plastic, and solar panels evidently powered the carriage. Or not?

Michael was flabbergasted and asked the host about the funny looking vehicle.

"Does it run electric?"

Vince had already taken a golden device out of the vehicle, and now two of his henchmen grabbed Dylan by his arms. The muscular boy struggled in vain, especially since his hands were still cuffed behind his back.

Vince closed the golden device around the base of Dylan's genitals and pushed till it was nice and tight. He held a little remote in his hand and smiled: "Dylan, if you might pay attention! I won't repeat myself! Be a good boy and do what you are told, or this happens...." With that he pushed a button, and Dylan's eyes got wide as he grunted in pain.

The man changed a setting, and Dylan screamed as the man pushed the button again.

" See, it's simple. Obey and you won't get hurt!"

Dylan's dad felt his dick grow hard as he saw his stepson pant. The device around his cock must be some kind of electric cattleprod.

Vince turned to him and smiled: " You wanted to know how my little carriage is powered? The air condition is electric, the soundsystem and such, but the drive......lets say, it gets pulled by a pony, or two."

The two men watched two handler put Dylan into a complex set of tack, made mostly of leather, including a bridle to bite down. Something like a drawbar was connected to the ring on Dylan's dick, but it was also connected to a handle so Dylan could use his full body power to propel the crazy device.

Michael smiled: " Wow, this will give him a good workout. Can we somehow film the show?"

Vince was prepared: " Oh yes, we have cameras filming from the carriage to the front, and cameras in the handlebar to film the ponies face and the cockpiece, as well as the full body to show the beauty of a wellmuscled pony at work."

Dylan's dad now needed a testdrive, but also had some more questions: " How heavy is this thing, lets say with the two of us? do you steer the boy..i mean the pony?"

Vince smiled: " The pumpkin is light, only 1000 lbs , plus your weight, and mine. Maybe 1400 max, what do you think?"

" And for your other question: Dylan was introduced to the steering. His hands will feel a light current if i want a turn, and the handle that has the feel is the side i wanna turn too, quite simple. The power is embedded into the cockring. The higher the current, the harder the pony should work."

Michael and Vince watched the handler finish the setup and the carriage was ready for a drive. Everyone could hear Dylan grunt in sudden pain as his muscles tightened and he started the carriage. He was fully naked, only wore a pair of sneakers for better grip.

Vince turned a button on the remote, and a screaming Dylan started to sprint, with the heavy weight of a carriage and two pervy men in tow. Vince reduced the power soon lafter the full sprint, and the carriage stopped by the lake, were they opened the doors and stepped out. Dylan's dad inspected his son, fondled him, felt him. He saw Dylan' s dick was hard as steel, and his host commented: " We always inject some formula to make the ponies stronger and more resistant to infections."

As he started the carriage again, he used more and more power to make the tired and excausted boy work as hard as in the beginning. They soon started to see that he was unable to perform, and Vince stopped and pressed the button forcefully, furious, and screaming for his team. Dylan by now knelt, his muscles convulsing in pain. To go back they needed a new pony, it seemed, and soon a car rode over form the house , bringing a fresh pair of ponies, this time a beautifully built black boy of 18, and as his counterpart, a evenly well built blond. Vince, their proud owner, explained: " Those two are trained to be ponies, so they won't tire as quick as Dylan"

Dylans dad watched as the handlers opened the tack on Dylan and put him to the side, while hooking up the two new boys. A bucket of cold water was enough to make Dylan wake up again, and he was told to follow the wagon back to the house. A reminder to think about the golden cockring device was not neccessary, but as his own dad used the device , and Dylan again grunted and screamed like had been biten by a 100k volt, at least, he felt.

The host insisted to show the full workout video in his home cinema, Dylan kneeling by the men to be able to watch and learn from his mistakes. The video showed the muscled boy in all his naked glory, his fat dick fully hard since the cockring device cut the bloodflow, his face in pain as he bit down on the bridle, him evidently trying to work as hard as the driver wanted. The camera that filmed the face showed the agony of the boy, the pony, as he was shoked to perform at his peak.

Dylan was put back into the trunk of his dad's car. He had been fucked again by the host, after his dad insisted to pay back for the fun he had during the presentation, but this didn't ad much to the boys humiliation. He was already broken in quite well.

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