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Dylan's Training
Part 3 - Dylan's Training 3
By Dylan

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Dylan's Training - 3

While Dylan was on his knees and sucked the man's impressive dick, the man held him down so he could not see were the car was driving. At the very moment the driver put the car into park, the man released the boy and told him to stop sucking and get up. Dylan sat on his lower legs, kneeling in the spacious back of the limousine, and looked around. His pouty red lips glistened still in saliva and precum, and he man smiled as he ran his thumb over them and pushed it in briefly. Dylan obidiently started to suck on the thumb, but the man cut him off and said: " No time to waste, boy, we have company!"

Dylan got out and moaned low as he stretched briefly . Riding for 30 minutes , kneeling and sucking cock was even for the trained young athletic muscleboy straining. The man smiled lewd as he saw Dylan stretch and commented darkly: " You will feel nice and stretched in no time , boy!" Dylan did not dare to answer, since he knew this needed no answering .

The man lead him into a room right by the entrance hall. A servant already waited for commands, and the man just said: " Prepare and dress him, you know how" and the servant simply noded: "Certainly , Sir!"

The man left the room, undoubtedly for some important business, and Dylan was left in the capable hands of the servant. The boy felt nervous, anxious, restless, and was kinda relieved as the man left for now and the servant gave him clear orders.

" Strip naked boy, we need to clean you out!"

The servant had led him into an adjoining room, looking a little like the locker room at school, but very high class. The lockers were perfectly built and clearly made by an experienced and expensive carpenter, Dylan saw himselve in a huge wall to wall mirror, and he saw a passage to a bathroom of sorts.

Looking around he realized the impatient glance of the servant and remembered the order to get naked. Even though only a few seconds had passed while Dylan looked around, he knew he had made the man wait. He decided to execute his order quickly.

In less than a minute he kicked of his sneakers and lost his socks, pushed down his shorts and shed his tanktop. He did not pay attention to the stuff he took off, but realized the servant had folded it neatly and put it in one of the lockers, maybe the only locker in use now, since it was clearly labeled as "Guest 1", while the other lockers were labeled "1", "2" and so on, and "Guest 2" and so on. The athletic boy usually did not waste much time to think about deep philosophical problems, and today was no exception, so he did not ask himself why there was a literal lockerroom right by the entrance of the huge mansion.

The servant coerced Dylan into the next room, the hand in the boys neck, and Dylan saw it was a restroom, with stalls.

" Do your business if you need to, i will clean you out afterwards"

Since the man was all business and even wore a suit with long tails the way Dylan had seen in films, reminding him of a true British butler, the boy did not dare to waste time. He sat on a toilet in an open stall, but the servant did not pay attention to the boy.

As Dylan flushed , he heared the servant call him to the tiled shower area. " Stand here, boy"

He pointed at a strange looking table , evidently solid and evenly tiled. Dylan walked over to that tiled block and stood right at the point the man had pointed out. The man helped him to sit right on the edge, but the athletic youth did not need real help, but followed the man's hands as a pointer were to sit.

"Lay back" and again Dylan followed the mans orders . He felt the man cuff his hands, using two sets of cuffs, and pulling his arms down and a little back, till the chains of the cuffs were tight and locked into rings in the base of the desk, or block, one cuff for the left and one for the right hand.

Dylan was helpless by now , and his anxiety started to rise. The man made the boy lift his legs  after he folded out some leg rests, so the boys ankles were restrained as well, wide open and up.

The man allowed himselve a lewd grin as he briefly fondled the muscleboys pecs and said:

" Soon this part of the day is over , my boy, just wait till you meet the other guests!"

Dylan could not see the machine the man wheeled over, but soon he felt a greased finger slide into his ass.

"Auurghmm ...uhgggg" he panted, but in vain. The man just smiled knowingly as he commented: " I knew you had bigger things up there, so don't fake it for me, i just do my job!"

Dylan felt a cold rod or something was forced into his greased ass, and grunted , but did not dare to say anything. Only seconds later it was clear that the machine was highly elaborated. Some rubber ring inflated inside Dylans ass and held the rod in place, and water started to flow, warm water that felt almost good for a few moments, before he realized his colon would be filled merciless.

His tight tummy started to push out like the boy was pregnant, and even though he did not know the water was soapy and full of chemicals, he started to cramp, only faster thanks to the detergants.

" Auurhgmm god ..please aurghmm its too much!"

The servant smiled as Dylan moaned in vain and even started to control the strength of the cuffs restraining him. He wasn't interested in being gentle. The boy was going to have to get used to larger objects than this being shoved up his hot little ass soon enough.

Dylan realized the man by now wore a rubber apron, protecting the full front of the man against any stain.

The boy realized that apron was more precaution then necessisity as the servant pushed buttons , and the machine flushed the water out of Dylans intestines. Evidently the man could see the water flowing out , maybe in some kind of gauge glass, as he noded and started the process once again. Before Dylan could get used to this new feeling, he heard the machine whir into life, and began to feel cool water flow into his guts. The servant could easily have used warm water, but he wanted the boy to really feel the sensation of the water filling him up, and there was no doubt that he could. The boy's eyes were wide, as he wriggled his hips, perhaps trying to dislodge the tube. However there was nothing he could do to stop the flow of water up inside him, and slowly the chill liquid swirl and seep deeper and deeper into his bowels. Watching the process eagerly, the man thought he could begin to see the kid's flat stomach begin to distend. The boy was so slim it would not take long for the water to fill him and start to push outward.

Now there was a distinct bulge in the kid's stomach and grunts of discomfort had begun to escape his throat. He was wriggling on the tiled table, trying to find a comfortable position, but was unable to do so. The servant watched with pleasure as the boy's belly grew, and his writhing, grunting body began to sweat, as if the water inside was escaping through the pores of his skin. The servant knew his superior would not permit the use of the boy by any of the employees, but at least while fulfilling his duty he could have a little well deserved distraction and even some perverted kind of fun.

Still the servant let the machine pump the water into the boy's guts, until he almost looked pregnant, and was begging the man to stop.

" UUURGHHmmmmmm " Dylan grunted as the water filled his colon again and he felt like he would explode. The cramps started again, and the boy started to plead for release, but the servant was gone, while the machine was on an automated cycle. Just to raise the mental torture another notch, he had turned his back on the boy and walked out of the room. Leaving him to wail and sob into the watching cameras, hoping that the man would return and save him from his torment. And even though Dylan once more had no idea he was filmed,  huge screens hanging somewere else showed his merciless ordeal in high quality and full detail.

Meanwhile, in a huge salon in the upper floor of the huge mansion, a party was in full swing. Certainly this function was no normal party for friends to come together, drink beer and have a nice barbeque, and it was no christmas party or babyshower. The guests tonight were all whealthy businessmen, heirs of huge fortunes that had no qualms to use their power to make even more money out of the money they had. Others had followed the call of duty and served their country as politicians, always giving speeches for their constituents to make sure those people knew how hard their elected representatives worked for them, and so two Senators, three congressmen and even a former secretary of the treasury were guests today, along with a few sports idols and some more or less famous singers and actors.

They all wore tuxedos and were engaged in a civilized get-together, sipping drinks served by young servants.

The only slight indication that this cocktail party was not one of the usual, boring functions was the fact that the servants were all very young, all very muscled, and all only wore jockstraps and cufflinks and bowties.

Nothing else.

They  were all hairless, their skin flawless, the eyes bright and the white teeth were shining.

They all had pouty lips and well rounded asses  and very promising bulges, and even though the dicks were hidden in the black jockstraps, the guest clearly could imagine that their host had not spared any efforts. The drinks and the boys were superbly, but the men were used to the best , and they used their hosts offerings as taken-for-grantedness. They knew they only deserved the best, and their host simply answered a hospitality he somewere else had enjoyed himself.

The guests walked around in the huge grand salon talking, looking at the fine art with paintings on the walls or statues sitting on pedestals. All art was evidently old and valuable, and the men knew the artists were fellow souls, as the objects depicted in the paintings were usually young men, mostly shown in inescapable situations, at the mercy of remorseless , powerful shadowy figures. One huge timeless masterpiece for example showed a dark scene of the spanish inquisition, a muscled young peasant tied down helplessly with heavy chains , and his  face contorted in screams as merciless clergy men interogated him in the name of god. A few men stood around the priceless classic oilpainting, while a man dressed in a priest's robe gave them a knowledgeable lecture, spiced by little funny stories and anecdotes . The priest was non other than a Bishop, but here, since he was descending from one of the oldest families of New England, he was just one of them, an old boy like all the other men attenting to this relaxed joining.

The bishop just pointed at the young mans huge and seemingly very hard cock and talked about the various times he had reenacted a similar scene.. " Fully harmless, i must say" as he chuckled lewd and seemed to think about the moans and grunts the young men had uttered as they had to endure what ideas the pervy clergyman followed while abusing  them. The men around him all showed interest and the Bishop smiled as he said: " Oh it is quite usual for a well endowed young man to get aroused by the sensations you put him through, and if you think about the extreme situations those muscular peasants were put in , in order to make them confess or maybe even renunciate the devil and recant the heresies they commited....." He trailed off, and the obvious bulge in his cassock made sure he perfectly understood what reasons led to a mans arousel.

The men around him were all deeply involved, some thinking of him as the old pervert he was, some clearly imagening what they would have done to the helpless youth, chained down to suffer in the painting.

They all were clearly relieved as two of the sexy young waiters presented champagne.

Meanwhile a huge screen on one wall showed a scene clearly filmed at another location. Only a few of the men paid attention, since several huge screens showed scenes, usually hardcore sex , natural since the host was a producer of films. Only a few knew that this man was the owner of several mayor porn producing studios, specializing usually in young actors, and even less knew what he produced for a very small selected audience, films in the highest quality of videography, but depicting the lowest of the low acts someone could come up with. The scripts for the videos were usually, together with detailed discriptions of the contractees , for example what  actors they were looking for, delivered by hidden means of transfering, together with an untraceable amount of money to produce the  films.

The special branch of the empire of the host was so hidden that they had to rebrand and remove every time they made a film, leaving no traces.

This made sure that, for instance, one of the whealthy guests attending today had still unabated joy to see his younger sisters bratty son grunt as he got spitroasted by several hung black young men. The guest had had enough of the antics of his spoiled nephew, and after even a semester in a very expensive boarding school did no good, he had decided to break his nephew out of his old habits. After a summer in a camp the host of the party had set up for such cases, the boy came home sobing for his moms arms, and was a good god fearing boy ever since. And the good uncle, evidently not openly involved in any of the physical altercations his nephew had to endure, was still fascinated to watch the ideas the camps staff came up to deal with the boys outbursts of disobedience. Involving a hearty fuck of the boys ass , naturally.

While the certain guest listend to the priests explanations how he dealt with indomitably choirboys, saying: "And if you make them ride a thick altar candle, they sing the highest tunes" , he fondled one of the servants tight ass and pictured the unspeakable acts he would later commit to this cute young sexy piece of fuckflesh.

The huge screen by now showed a grunting boy, tied down in a tiled room, over a tiled block, and worked hard by an automated process. While the small round of men watched the screen and discussed what they saw, Dylan was sweating in pain as the machine had pumped enough water inside his ass to give him the bloated look of a pregnant woman.

He grunted another tune as he felt the machine open up valves to release the presure, and he screamed out as his cramping muscles relaxed, very painfully.

Dylan panted as the servant walked in again, still wearing the long rubber apron to protect his impeccable suit.

The man pulled the deflated probe out of the muscular boys sphincter, not without feeling  Dylans bubble butt and probing the tight muscle ring once again with his fingers.

Dylan felt surprisingly good after this ordeal, clean and refreshed and if the painfull and degrading treatment was quite normal. He certainly had no idea that the water that washed him out was laced with powerful drugs.

As the servant uncuffed him and helped him to his feet, Dylan needed no break . As he was lead back into the lockerroom, he was presented with the outfit his host wanted him to wear.

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