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Dylan's Training
Part 2 - Dylan's Training 2
By Dylan

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Dylan's Training - 2

Dylan was in the principals office like several times before.

Principal Miller took great interest in the boys education he always said, and was busy to do his best possible job to make sure Dylan would learn to be the a usefull member of the society .

So he worked quite a sweat to keep up with the muscular boy, a task he always looked forward to.

Dylan hung naked from cuffs on short chains, suspended by steel cables dangling from the ceiling, and by a push of a button the Principal could lower the boy, or pull him up higher, and his arms wider. The school spared no costs when it came to means to teach a boy.

The young athlete panted. The principal had stopped whipping his back, ass, and his fully hard cock n swollen balls, and the whipmarks burned.

Now Mr Miller prepared a new method of teaching the boy. He had crocodile clamps and a cleverly engineered device to work electricity to make a body mildly move ..or heavily trash, by direct manipulation of the muscles.

As the principal attached crododile clamps to his swollen nipples, Dylan moaned and asked the question the principal wanted to hear: " Sir please let me cum!"

The principal smiled lewd as he heard Dylan plead. The boy knew his teacher would not let him off the hook so easyly, as the nippleclamps closed .

" Auurrghmm god sir ...." Dylan moaned .. and the principal loved to hear the pain in the muscled boys voice.

" Aurghm please i do anything ...dont do this to me"

The principal watched Dylan toss n turn , still helplessly hanging from the ceiling, legs spread and held wide open by another set of anklecuffs and short chains . He set the electronic device that steered the current flowing through the boys nipples on automatic and sat down to watch and chat with some men online.

He read the comments.. men paid to watch boys get worked over hard, and men suggested what the boys should go through during such a display of open sexual abuse of a helpless young man.

Dylan grunted , his muscles tight: " Aurghm please no more sir ..aurghmm ..i cant take more"

The principal watched as the boys muscles tightend and relaxed , remotely controlled by the merciless algorithm of the machine.

He knew men online watched in awe as the boys well trained body gave them a spectacular show. The principal had added more clamps onto the boys balls, so his dick jumped when the setting gave him lil hard shocks. Allways a scientist the teacher knew the current flowed out of the boys body through the cuffs and steelcables , so a perfect set up was working the boy over and over.

Dylan grunted as Mr.Miller switched the machine off.. he hung limp in the restrains.

" Please sir.. please.. untie me..i do anything. You can fuck me sir..or I can suck you...i do all you want!"

The principal let his hands slide over the pumped up muscles of the young hot athlete.

He smiled: " We have great plans for you, son.... elaborated plans. If you are willing to play nice, you might even have fun being part of those plans."

Dylan just moaned as the principals hands caressed his sore muscles. The older man pushed a button , and Dylan was lowered to the ground. He was too tired to stand..his muscles could not support his weight for now.. he sank to his knees.

The principal uncuffed him and opened the anklecuffs as well. Dylan was covered in sweat as he knelt naked on the floor, his dick still fully hard and oozing pre. Mr.Miller was delighted to see how well all the experimental drugs worked on the boys body.

Simpson Pharmaceuticals, a company which sponsored the school for years now, provided the pills the members of the schools board tested on the boys, and they were always coming up with new substances to test.

And Mr Miller always looked forward to make the boys even more obidient, more athletic, more sexually aroused.. the school provided a steady stream of sexy, nice, and easy to handle boys for the huge market out there.

He adressed Dylan: " You wanted to suck my dick , boy.. why don't you go to work?"

" Uhg uhm yessir... " Dylan almost grunted the answer as he realized the principal sat in front of him, trousers open, and his dick sticking out his fly.

Dylan scooted over on his knees..he did not bother to stand up. As his sexy pouty red lips closed around the principals dickhead, the man moaned and his hands worked Dylan's short brown haircut. He did not see the man had a little handheld camera and filmed the boys face as he sucked dick.

Mr Millers fat cock was deep in Dylan's mouth as the phone rang....

As usual Dylan did not seem to pay attention and worked the task he was given. He knew he had to make the principal feel good, he knew he had to make the principal cum as hard as possible.

The principal just then told the man on the phone: " Oh yes ..he wont like it, but I am sure he will do all you tell him."

Dylans eyes were looking at the principal, and Miller knew Dylan had listened in, even though he did a really terrific job sucking dick at the same time.

Mr Miller caressed the boys face as he made Dylan really suck his dick deep down into the athletes throat. The boys countless hours servicing mens dicks clearly had made him an expert cocksucker. As usual Mr Miller marveled how the schools experts molded a young sexy colt into a welltrained toy to be used .

The principal loved to keep the boys on their toes, so he smiled wicked as he said:

"I had a nice phonecall with a man who ..uhm ..lets say.. likes your special features and wants to put them to good use, my boy"

Mr Miller smiled down at the boy , who evidently wanted to know what the principal ment.

" Dylan, you may ask away, boy" said Mr Miller as he let the boy know he could, for now, stop working the principals thick penis.

"Uhm Mr Principal... and ..uhm .. what ..uhm special features do you mean sir?"

The older man smiled wicked as he answered bluntly: " Oh boy what do you think? Your sexy muscled body, round ass..and fat dick , certainly.. and the possibility to work you over as hard as a man could dream off"

The principal evidently was not interested in any answer Dylan might give, as he shoved his dick deep down the boys throat again.

"UUURGHHMM...Ughmmm.URGGHHHH" he heard the boy gag n choke and he felt the boys throat tighten around the head of his penis.

Mr Miller knew he would cum like a faucet in just a few seconds , so he held the boys head tight and really made Dylan gag.

As he started to feel his cum rise, he made sure Dylan's mouth would be on his dick ...and shot a fat load. Some poured out of the grunting n gagging boys mouth, and Miller pulled out for a classical moneyshot, since he knew the cams would still film the hot scene.

He shot several squirts over the boys handsome , deep tanned face, and moaned and panted as he slowly came back from his sexual high.

" Please sir..may I cum now ?" Dylan pleaded hopefully.

The principal was all business again as he zipped up n stood .

" Who do you think you are , you slut, crawl around naked on my floor covered in cum and demanding something?"

Dylan held his head down n waited for the usual punishment.

The principal smiled wicked as he used a whip on the boys back to remind Dylan of his place.

As usual the athlete did not dare to move.. he just just took the whipping , first grunting, then screaming, without any try to get away.

The principal just did a few quick licks with the whip to really show Dylan his place, but without breaking skin. Only a nice pattern of welts on the boys wide back marked the punishment he just received.

Mr Miller adressed him: " You might dress again boy.. and at 5 sharp a car will pick you up at the flagpole. An admirer of yours likes to see you in person. You better do your best to satisfy that important man, or else."

Dylan stood nervously in the hot sun , waiting for the man Mr.Miller told him to expect... and satisfy .

He wore an old, tight, ripped jeans cutoff and a tanktop so small it really showed off his muscular pecs, big arms and wide back...and so short it ended just above his sixpack abs.

The slutty outfit was not Dylan's own choice. Mr.Miller had given it to him some time ago, and he told Dylan to put it on right in his office to check it out. Since that day Dylan had gained some more muscles, but the principal still said the cutoffs and tank fitted really nicely..

And Dylan's bulge was prominently displayed. A sight to behold, the principal had told him.

He even heard the principal talk to someone on the phone , and he heard the words " An ass to die for... yeah , muscular, round, tight .. you won't have a long ride till you cum like a rocket"

Dylan did not hear the other sides answer... but he was sure he was discribed like that, to a client he needed to serve , and serve well , or the principal would punish him.

It was a few minutes after 5 PM as a car drove into the school's deserted parking lot.

It was a shiny new Mercedes, and Dylan knew the driver had enought money to buy what he wanted.... and today the driver wanted Dylan.

Dylan saw a window roll down and he heared a voice: " Hey fucktoy you must expect me"

He realized a man in the rearseat wanted company.. and he opened the door to slip into the expensive car.

The man smiled at Dylan: " We have 30 minutes to kill before we reach my home .. don't waist time, kneel and suck my dick"

And Dylan did what he was trained for.

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