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Dylan's Training
Part 10 - Dylan's Training 10
By Dylan

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Dylan’s training 10

It was the day after the unplanned party with the black gardeners, the day after his Mom had walked in on Dylan and the hung, naked, black men that were using him.

His Mom was furious, had fired the landscaping company on the spot, and blamed Dylan for corrupting the trusted company so she had to take action. Dylan knew Mom was more mad about the inconvenience to find new gardeners than to find him naked, high, and getting fucked.

But, after all this commotion, she had told his stepdad, and he was mad too, or at least he used the reason to discipline Dylan, once more. He had taken his stepson to a strange place Dylan had never been before, and the boy soon found himself under the bright lights of several powerful lamps, naked, and immobilized by some weird devices that held his hands tightly in place.


The man who was now working the boy over dressed in a weird robe, like a monk, and chanted verses of the bible, to cleanse Dylan's soul, as he claimed. His stepdad had deliver Dylan to a mad man with money, who had decided Dylan needed some kind of exorcism, it seemed.

At first he had tied the boy up on a chair and wanted him to confess, but the nervous young athlete was too scared to come up with enough fantasy to find the answers to the crazy questions of the monk. The man got more and more worked up and attached the boy to the metal immobilizer.


Dylan went through a very scary afternoon of standing between the metal pedestals, firmly interrogated by the man looking like a monk, before the man got tired of the muscle boy simply standing and lying to him .

The man seemed to think hard before he decided to call more men into the room, and soon Dylan was accompanied by other naked athletes, seemingly already brainwashed and trained by the mad scientist who had Dylan now in his clutches.

The other guys followed the man's orders to the T, and soon Dylan was forces to stick his dick deep into a machine, electrocuting it, while, at the same time, working it's sensitive dickhead.

Soon Dylan was whimpering, pleading, moaning and grunting, only able to beg to be allowed to cum. His nuts were full of boiling semen, and his dick worked too good to be ignored. He needed to cum hard, spill his hot salty load, but the man and his goons did not permit it for hours.

They detached Dylan from the machine, and the exhausted, sweaty boy, his hair hanging into his eyes, was force to his knees, some electrodes put on his nuts. Under the watchful eyes of the man and his cameras and Dylan's Stepdad the boy had to perform what he did best: Get hard and shoot a fat load, hands free, just be stimulating his sensitive nerves and triggering his brain with some phrases his Stepdad had used as Dylan grew up.

As Dylan's orgasm had subsided and his breathing got almost normal, two goons grabbed him and forced him over to a desk in the middle of the room. The perverted fun was by far not over, and the man opened a nicely decorated wooden box, to show the scared boy some ancient and evidently expensive set of silver probes, decorated with brilliants.


The man told Dylan about the old rites he followed, and he told the boy about the monks that had manufactured those tools of God, as the man named those old artifacts. The boy, almost panicking, realized what the man wanted to do with the silver probes, and the guys holding the boy made sure he would have to go through all the man would want to do to him.

Dylan watched, almost not believing what happened to him, the man slide a probe into his dick's piss slit. Or, as the man called it, he inserted God's test into the boy's urethra to try and pull the devils spawn right out of the demoniac, the possessed person.


As he pushed in deeper, Dylan screamed out on the top of his lungs, but the man was on a mission. The probe slid in deep into the muscled boy's burning urethra.


The men holding Dylan in place were prepared for his outburst of energy as he tried to brake free and escape from the crazy man, so Dylan had no chance. He had to go through a painful progress, all filmed by several well hidden cameras, and as Dylan's stepdad later opened the door to the room, the well decorated studio in fact, his stepson was passed out laying on a thin rag on the floor. It had taken the crew almost a full day to film “ Dylan's Torment Part2” , a long awaited sequel of another video Dylan had to do for his pervy Stepdad. Everyone in the studio as well as the distributors waited of the newest visual fantasy with the boy who portrayed the pain and suffering like not many other actors.

And almost no one knew the boy was no actor, and his “acting” was simply reacting to the things the men did with him.


Dylan was well on his way to gay Porn stardom, well on his way to a hardcore porn Oscar.

As he woke up again, he was choking . He realized someones fat cock was forced down his throat, and all he could do was take it. He heard his Stepdads voice, almost dripping from nastiness, saying:: “ I told you he was a tight fuck!”, while someone forced his dick right into Dylan's tight throat. The man did not last long, luckily for the exhausted boy, and flooded Dylan's mouth with bitter and salty cum, making him swallow much, while a bit oozed out and dripped down onto his pecs.

As the fat dick was withdrawn, Dylan could see the man who had just used him. It was the film's director. He grinned down at the boy , smiling lewd, saying: “ Your such a good fuck, boy, your much too good to give up!”

Dylan turned to his Stepdad, who had witnessed the whole scene patiently<, evidently sporting a huge hardon in his trousers, but not stepping in. Dylan's Stepdad explained, almost bursting with pride:

“ We made a huge deal with you, boy! Your films are selling so well a European company wants to sign a contract: Two years of exclusive rights over you, to do what you do best!”

Dylan could feel the color drain out of his face as he realized his Stepdad basically sold him . When the exclusive contract was over, he might be the most famous young porn star on the planet, and a fucked out shell at the same time. But he saw this did not matter to his so called Dad.

And so, not too long after the last filming on American soil, Dylan's new European company released the first video of the breathtaking remake of the infamous series “ Hostel”, this time with a cast of only very sexy , extremely good looking young men, traveling Europe in an old bus, and being misled by a nerdy, maybe stupid, or maybe evil teacher who made his naive but studly students in a seedy hostel somewhere in an unknown eastern European country.

Needless to say that even the first teasers of the new video series featuring Dylan and his pals made the presales skyrocket. Dylan's Dad as his manager and co-producer made millions.


Dylan in an electrifying situation using all his skills to pay


Dylan's good buddy having the time of his young life
while being brought to the most intense orgasm


Dylan having the biggest cum shot ever, an experience changing his life!


The youngest and tightest of Dylan's classmates is prepared for more fun


Dylan after weeks in the hostel, too weak to fight: Will he be freed at all?