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Brother's Coming out
By Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

Brother's Coming Out

By Mark Dylan (Illustrated by Jotto, with permission)

Author's point of view:

I am Mark Dylan, and I was asked to write a story. If John Meyers, the owner off JM Modeling Agency, offers you a job, you don't decline the offer! He had read my story ' Benny the Matchmaker' by Mark Dylan, available on Barnes and Nobles and various other outlets, and he told me to write the story of his Agency's greatest success, Callum Masters, the breathtakingly hot Supermodel you all have heard off and all have seen on the covers of the magazines. The book is now hidden away in the vault of John Meyers himself, but waits for publishing!

He gave me the chance to watch a crew of young new models play for the camera, and, to be honest, it was a pleasure to view the well-muscled studs interact, perform, frolic around the pool and play in bed while they shot a new hot video.

I never did a story like this before, and I hope you will like my version of a comic for adults as much as I liked to write it . It's a guilty pleasure to look at the pictures of the boys, knowing I saw it all while they had no idea the world was watching.

Steve and Jonas: Brothers, Models, Trophyboys


Jonas was 16 when he first discovered 'Chaturbate'. Without being a paying member, he still had enough possibilities to watch the hot guys, strip, jerk off, perform for the men and boys watching them.

Jonas spent countless hours online, switching from one hot model's channel to the next, jerking off his big dick.

Jonas knew he was as hot as the models. Muscled, with a good face and a healthy dick, this young hunk had a fair share of girls he laid and boys who followed him, idolized him, wanted to be like him.

He was the star of the school's football team, quarterback, leader of the pack. The coaches always asked him for his input in team meetings, and the winning of the season was the well deserved result of a perfect score for the team and for him.

He never asked himself why he watched all those boys jerk off. He fucked girls, all those girls that basically offered themselves to him like the slut they were , and he only sometimes closed his eyes and envisioned a boy sucking his dick while he fucked a big titted blond cheerleader or, sometimes, even a housewife that had asked him to mow her lawn or clean out her garage

He didn't think twice before taking the money a housewife offered, usually much more than just the meager 10 bucks a normal mowing would bring. When he was done with the job, they often would invite him in, and they would end up fucking bent over the kitchen counter or in bed.

But then, one early day in summer, it all changed.

Jonas had his shorts down and his dick in his hand, 'Chaturbate' open, lazily jerking, as the screen showed a familiar face. His brother.

His older brother, Steve, presumably in College, studying hard for his law licence, worked his hard dick, pinched his nipples, grunted as the plug in his ass jingled with incoming tips.

Jonas didn't believe his eyes.

Steve had always been the beloved older brother, for sure, but he had never been as sporty as Jonas, nor as muscled. But this guy on screen? He was hung like Jonas, a full 10 inches of fat, hard, veiny perfection, and his body was even more ripped than Jonas'.

He checked the comments. Men wanted to see lewd action, and Steve was happy to oblige. Jonas checked how much money his brother asked for. A simple licking of those full lips was 50 tokens, and to make the 'Lovesense', the plug up his brothers ass, tingle and vibrate the users online had to pay 100 a least, up to 1000 for a very demanding minute of working over his brothers love-button.

Jonas had just found out about those fees as his brother on screen began to moan, grunt, squirm in his chair in front of the camera. Someone evidently had paid the fee, and those tokens made the 'Lovesense' toy wake up and work his brothers asshole.

Steve seemed to loose control. He worked his fat shaft with his left hand, while pinching his nipples with the right. Everyone could see his handsome face. He moaned and grunted, perfectly visible and with sound. Jonas, at home, eyes glued to the screen, waited to see how far his brother would go.

The crowd online went wild. Jonas heard the sound of the tips, each payment making a audible 'ching' sound, and Steve was evidently driven wild by the vibrator in his ass.

He came hard, pumping his dick, working his nuts, milking a fat load out of them, shooting all over his abs, pecs, hitting his lips.

Jonas came at the same time. He could feel the heat, he felt the same his brother felt. He came harder then ever before, watching his own brother, the whore for countless men, perform on camera.

The cum he pumped out was as hot as his brothers load, had hit the same spots, and he realized he had shot for free while his brother had been paid

He made up his mind. He would confront his brother. He wanted into the business as well, as soon as possible!

Intro Chapter:

Jonas had watched his brothers online performance countless times now. He had even intensified his workout, cut his food intake, and over summer he had developed an even more defined body.

Without his coaches watching, he had changed his physique, still muscled, but more definition and less bulk. He had turned 18, and his brother had invited him to come over to the West Coast, to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, the place where Steve was supposed to study, but evidently also performed for the internet.

As he had picked his younger brother up, Steve had driven a beat up Toyota. Jonas had looked for a hunky, sexy model, but instead his brother wore baggy jeans and a long sweater that hid what looked online like a very hot body. Jonas couldn't help but wonder what was going on, if he maybe had been mistaken .

The drove to Steve's place in relative silence. Steve pointed out several houses, places, the way to the beach, even passed the university, but Jonas didn't feel any of the vibes he was expecting.

Could he have been wrong.. ? Maybe the 'Chaturbate' model was someone else, looking mindbogglingly similar to Steve, but still another guy?

As he felt those nagging doubts, Jonas waited for Steve to park the car in front of a quite simple little house. The family knew he shared the house with 4 other friends from college, and it looked clean but simple, a typical suburban home shared by a bunch of nerds, so it seemed.

Steve lead the way. Behind one door Steve heard a low, rhythmic sound, a lil squeaking noise maybe, not the moan he would wait for if a horny boy fucked a slutty girl.

Steve grinned impishly as he banged his fist on the door several times, yelling “Police, that's a raid”

A voice from inside reacted coolly, yelling back “Shut up Bonzo, I'm almost done”

They passed the closed door and Steve showed Jonas his room for the time being. One of their friends had quit school, he said, moved out back home, and the room was vacant.

Jonas saw a room with a desk, a closet, and a surprisingly huge bed. He grinned as he dropped his bags and slumped down on it.

' Fuck yeah' he thought, 'I bet the boy next door uses his accordingly right now' while he said out loud: “Nice place bro, thx again for inviting me!”

He had the feeling his brothers gaze was a little too long on his bulge, but then again, who wouldn't take a look. He knew his dick had grown over the last few moments, from hearing the boy behind the door, imagining him fuck. Remembering he was here in LA for a few weeks, without parental control, and would live the life!

“ OK, cool. Why don't you unpack, have a shower and then join me in the kitchen? The bathroom is right next to this room, you can't miss it. Towels are on the shelf.” Steve suggested, all in his BigBro mode, just like home. Jonas grunted, exaggerating, but soon giggled and decided the idea sounded to good to object.

As his brother left the room, Jonas heard him answer his mobile phone: “Yeah..hes here..yeah...”

Jonas couldn't pick up more since his brother closed the door, but suddenly he was thinking back to the 'Chaturbate' thing again. His interest was back.

He stripped down to his briefs before he left his room and headed to the bathroom. He didn't think twice, being in a flat-sharing community of guys only, and shed his briefs in the bathroom without locking the door. The shower felt nice, the hot water cascading over his body, the soap out of the built in dispenser had a nice smell, and the foam was so creamy he couldn't help but relish the almost luxurious feeling.

While his hands roamed over his well built body, massaging his muscles, his dick started to grow as usual. He was just 18, at the peak of sexual power, and he had not shot a load for almost ten hours, from the moment he had jerked off at home till now. It felt incredible as his fist glided up and down his hefty dick.

He didn't care how loud he moaned. He didn't think as he jerked off, didn't consider who might hear him, walk in on him, watch him as he came. He shot his load all over the tiles, and while he watched the shower wash it away, his knees almost buckled.

In the kitchen, his brother Steve was still on the phone.

Someone said: “OK, his first show was a major hit, buddy. I knew we needed to get him online as soon as you showed me his picture. Shit, this little hotty is perfect, the polls are even higher than yours!”

The man on the other end of the call was Steve's Boss. He somehow had detected the address of an online client using his free tokens while doing a routine phishing for guys he could milk, and the man on the phone had used his software to open that clients webcam withouthim knowing.

As usual, the man on the phone, the Boss of the ring of boys performing online and for real clients, shared the information with his most senior boys.

Steve had recognized his little brother on the spot, and he had not been able to disguise his surprise. His Boss had picked up the facts pretty quickly, and to invite the little hotty over was a simple task.

The online performances Jonas gave without him even knowing were breathtaking. They did not film camsex-shows yet, but they filmed him shower and jerk, lay in bed and jerk, sunbath and jerk, actually the horny boy jerked off all the time.

The Comic:

The Boss decided to go one step further. Steve and Jonas were invited to a weekend hideaway in the mountains, and Steve sweetened the surprise even more as he told Jonas they would ride in a friend's Lamborghini.


Jonas was thrilled by the cool ride, and the way Steve handled the supercar showed he hadn't borrow it for the first time.


Jonas tried to question his brother, wanted to know where they were going, who invited them, who had lent them the Lamborghini, but Steve was just grinning and remained silent.

The two young men had dressed accordingly for the heat, both in a quite sexy outfit showing their impressive arms and pecs.

Even though Jonas didn't know what was waiting for him, he had followed his brothers lead, and for the first time now Steve looked like the online-sex-model his brother thought he was.

Slowly Jonas' suspicions grew, as did his dick. He was horny, he was thrilled, the fast car and the way his brother drove it didn't do much to relax him, and Jonas was hoping no one would notice his hefty boner before he would get to his room or a least a toilet to jerk off and bring it down again.

But his hopes were in vain, and his wildest dreams paled as Steve stopped the car in front of a fairly large block-house in the forest.


The view was surprising and breath taking at the same time, and Jonas almost could not believe his eyes as Steve got out of the car, shouting “Get a room, you fuckers!”

The two muscled studs performing a hot sex-act right in front of the house didn't stop. The black guy just greeted the newcomers with a wave of his hand, while the Asian stud in front of him, on his knees, sucking the black's dick, never stopped.

Steve chuckled, commenting the scene: “Yeah.. that's the way we are!” and passed the sexy pair to walk into the house.

Jonas was speechless, but followed closely.

Steve showed Jonas an empty bedroom, and left him to get his own room. Jonas, already too aroused to think, looked out of the window and saw a heated game of ball. Several naked boys played without paying attention who might watch them, all stark naked, all tightly muscled and all heavily hung.


Jonas felt his cock grew too hard to bear, and decided to get naked.

“When in Rome” he mused, undressing quickly, walking outside through the door that lead from his room to the patio and the pool-deck.


It took only a minute to be in a heated group session with some boys that had lounged around the pool. One of them went down on Jonasdick like an expert, and the boy, so far a virgin to man to man sex, grunted in lust, feeling something no girl had given him before.


It was almost an hour later, as Jonas was completely surrounded by young sexy men, when one of them attached a device to the boy's nuts and dick. He came three times already, but the guys seemed to be determined to milk him dry.


Soon the device triggered his nerves again, and his dick rose once more to its full size. He heard someone say: “Number five and counting, the users go crazy!” but Jonas had no idea what washappening to him.

His own brother Steve had a button that controlled electric shocks, and he watched as his little, hung and horny sibling screamed out in lust and came again, pumping out his load like a geyser of white and creamy cum.

No one stopped Jonas as he slumped down to his knees, his muscles to weak to support his weight.

His dick was still oozing, and Steve pressed the button in quick succession, making the muscles of his younger brother contract and squirt every last drop of cum.



Jonas was unable to move, breathing deep and trying to regain his senses, as Steve took the electrodes off his brothers nuts, and the boys surrounding him gave him a golden shower of hot piss to fully introduce him to their group.


The baptism of piss was quickly followed by another ritual they all had went through. Several pairs of strong hands grabbed the almost unconscious boy and unceremoniously dropped him into the pool for the second part of his christening.


They watched as he sank in deep before he regained his senses and came back to the surface to see their smiling faces and inviting hands.


The rest of the afternoon was a blast. The guys were all funny, relaxed, easy to be with and hot to look at. When one of them got horny, he simply jerked off or someone offered his help to drain his balls.


Jonas was in the pool, lazily riding a pool-toy, an inflatable unicorn, as Jamal, one of the black boys, approached him.


Jonas was already horny again, had regained his strength, and was all to willing to play, as Jamal surprised him.


Still not sure about his gay side, and an anal virgin, Jonas found himself helplessly pinned and held down on the receiving end of Jamal's fat dick.


Several of the boys watched, and Jonas saw his own brother stare and jerk as Jamal shoved his cock deep into the tight, virgin ass of the just 18 year old boy. All Jonas could do was scream out , but Jamal didn't take this for a signal to stop as he started to fuck the boy's ass mercilessly.

The action got heated up even more as Steve suggested to tie Jonas down on a lounge-chair and take turns fucking him.


Steve himself filmed the scene, not even hiding it from his baby-brother , who grunted and moaned helplessly, while his cock was hard as steel again.

It was Steve's dick who fucked his little brothers ass when Jonas lost control once more and shot all over his own face. A sight to behold, filmed by at least three camera phones.


Soon the guys double-fucked the helpless novice, spitroasted him, just following their own carnal instincts.


Jonas was left behind on the lounge-chair to sleep for a while, and the boys went back inside for some more fun and games.

His brother took his best buddy Jamal to his room.

The young men shared the best moments of the afternoon again, watching huge TV screens full of hard fuck scenes filmed during the afternoon.


Spent, Steve slept in as well, while Jonas passed his open door on his way to his own bedroom.

The screens still showed the fuck-scenes and Jonas watched them for awhile, trying to decide whether to join his brother or retire to his own room.


In the bathroom he met Jamal, and once again the game began. His carnal instincts drove him as he walked in the shower and joined the hung black man.


Jonas was hungry for the thick black cock of the muscled man, and knelt to worship it.


This time, it was Jamal s turn to be fucked, and he laid down on the tiled floor, the warm spray of the shower raining down on them, waiting for the boy to mount him.


Jonas didn't waste time. He had never fucked a man's ass, but he had fucked countless cunts, and his dickhead followed his instincts. Soon he came into the black tight ass he was fucking, grunting and moaning as he coated Jamal's inside muscles.


With a nice blowjob returning the favor, Jonas milked Jamal's dick one more time before the boys left for their own rooms to retire for the night.

Tomorrow would be another full day!