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The Trio Of Power - Pitch Black
Chapter 3 - The Trio Of Power - Pitch Black - Epilogue
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Epilogue: To The Trio of Power (Pitch Black!)

Pure Energy Man is truly sad but knows he must now tell his brother’s about Mid-Knight and his love affair with a Power Draining Vampire their swore enemies!

As he comes closer to the out standing perimeters of the Trio of Power’s main fortress the staff or the power staff, which he is holding, sets off an alarm!

At once he is greeted by 10-Adam’s and the head of all the Adam’s Adam-1 speaks!

“Master PEM you are holding something that has set off all our defense grids!”

Pure Energy Man

“Yes I know Adam-1 I will explain!”

Just as the words had left his sexy full lips mouth out run Top Star and Lightning Strike!

Top Star

“What in this world are you holding PEM? It just set off all of our defend alarms!”

Lightning Strike

“What ever it is I must say it’s very powerful to set off all of our defense alarms!”

Pure Energy Man

“Lets all go to the main patio and I’ll explain my brother’s shall we?”

Both Top Star and Lightning Strike nod their very handsome heads and all go to the very large patio and sit down.

Pure Energy Man

“Adam-1 you need to be present with us have a couple of the other Adam’s bring us meals and drinks please!”


“Yes Master PEM!”

Adam-1 has Adam-7 and Adam-9 bring forth each of the Trio of Power’s favorite drinks and food and all start to eat and when finished each has their favorite drink in and hand and both Top Star and Lightning Strike turn to their brother Pure Energy Man and just stare at him and also glance at the beautiful staff that is now hovering next to him!

Pure Energy Man

“I want to start by saying please try to understand and not think angry of me my sweet brother’s, PLEASE!”

Lightning Strike

“Oh PEM why would we ever be angry with you?”

Top Star

“Come on out with it PEM! We could never be angry with you, NEVER!”

Pure Energy Man hangs his all too handsome head down and then after a few seconds raises it back up and starts telling his brother’s about his and Mid-Knight’s love affair, he doesn’t go into a great detail about the things they did but enough when he is through talking he looks both his handsome brother’s in their eyes to see that both have strange smiles within them as well as big grins too!

Top Star

“PEM, we already knew about Mid-Knight he never told you?”

Pure Energy Man with a shocked look in his eyes

“NO! And no! That damned handsome STUD!”

Pure Energy Man was going to say fucker or some thing else but his love for him stopped him from doing so!

Pure Energy Man

“When did the two of you know about him?”

Top Star

“I found out about him at one of Alpha and Omega Wasp’s parties, Omega Wasp brought him to my attention by a power glitch showing on their main homes power supply unit’s indicator and their many security cams, I went to him so fast he didn’t have a chance to fly off and we spoke, he told me his name and that he didn’t feed off of the mutant’s of this world and I believed him and told him to go a head and feed and he did and left.”

Pure Energy Man with a mad look on his handsome face!

“So the two of you had sex then?”

Top Star

“No PEM, we did not ever have sex although I sure would of love too he never ask me too nor did I ask him too!”

Top Star smiles to see his sweet brother Pure Energy Man’s face turn to a smile also.

Lightning Strike

“I never had sex with him either my sweet brother the same as Top’s story except I was made award of his power feeding at The Mutant Allied Protection Forces main head quarters by Dr Solitary Spider I went to him and we talked for a long while and he told me of his love and how he felt about you, I really thought it was so sweet! And you know he was different so nice he was and drop dead SEXY!”

Pure Energy Man ask the staff to re-play the message for his two brother from Mid-Knight that he had only herd an hour ago!

And a strange thing happened the beautiful white golden Hermes with very light blue crystal type eyes at the very top of the staff began to talk and it was like it had come alive and was really a small human!

The Staff

“Sure thing my master sexy Pure!”

Top Star and Lightning Strike could not help but to burst out laughing! While Pure Energy Man’s mouth flew open wide in shock!

The staff put his long right first finger up to his full sexy lips and both a very amused Top Star and Lightning Strike both stopped laughing and watched and listened.

When beautiful staff was finished the staff told Pure Energy Man that he was the main master and that he didn’t have to speak out loud his wishes or commands and that Top Star and Lightning Strike were now also his new master’s but that he Pure Energy Man was his main master!

He also told them all not to worry about sex play times and he let Top Star know that if Top Star was in mind to have his way with his main master not to worry he would not interfere!

Which made them all laugh!

This power staff was a wonderful gift and weapon he told The Trio of Power what a very bad thing it would have been if he had not been instructed to become Pure Energy Man’s if his old master Mid-Knight had become involved in a power-wave! He also explained why he couldn’t stop the power wave from happening to his old master Mid-Knight and even if his old master Mid-Knight was still alive as they say for a vampire he would never be his staff ever again!

He taught The Trio of Power all about it’s self and how to always keep it as their own! Because he told The Trio of Power that from now on a Power Draining Vampire can never become his master for if this happen nothing but trouble and hardship would become of it! In other words they would and could become puppets to an evil Power Draining Vampire or Vampire’s!

After the staff taught them all about it’s self he put a smile on Top Star and Lightning Strike and of coarse Pure Energy Man’s handsome faces by letting both Top and Light see what he would look like when they held him!

For Top Star he became Hercules and for Lightning Strike Thor and with both different colored eyes and sounding voices!


The end.         David Circe    7/11/2011