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The Trio Of Power - Pitch Black
Chapter 1 - The Trio Of Power - Pitch Black - Part 1
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

The Trio of Power, Pitch Black, Part-1

Top Star, doesn’t know what to think about his two cohort hero Brother’s, PEM short for Pure Energy Man and Light short for Lightning Strike.

They are fighting and he has never seen this happen! He being the leader though if something bad happens and all are needed his command is final and both will halt until the situation is under control!

The fight started over a very rare plant within the Trio of Power’s very large and main garden.

Being as Pure Energy Man’s main power is mechanical re-pair just by touching such a devise as well as many other powers and he must always be within light!

You would think that he would have a natural green thumb as they say but this is not the case with the very kind and wise Pure Energy Man!

There are only a very few plants that he can do some what well with un-like Top Star and Lightning Strike both of them exceed in growing herbs and plants of all kinds.

This has always been very upsetting to Pure Energy Man! And he had to be calmed down one time by his creator the great and renowned professor, Bruce Wayne!

Pure-Energy Man was watching Top Star and Lightning Strike tend to their flowers and smiling and talking to each other about how they had used this and that for their food.

Pure Energy-Man wasn’t smiling hearing their happy words because when they had gotten to their main garden PEM’s black roses were, dead!

Both Top Star and Lightning Strike tried very hard to calm Pure Energy Man down talking sweet words to him but he would just put up his right hand up and shake his handsome head and then they both knew to just leave him be! Both knowing that this was a very touchy subject with him!

And very rare this would happen but both very much disliked the Negative Pure-Energy Blast’s effects that would sting them both! If he was not left alone, to calm down!

Pure Energy Man wouldn’t let his two brother’s see the tears and after looking down at his dead black roses for a good five minutes, he bolted and flew from the main garden and flew to his favorite place in the garden besides his plant beds the maze within the very middle of the very huge, garden!

He had really thought that this time he would be lucky with this very rare black rose, he named it “Dark Knight” it had been doing so well and had lived far beyond any of the others he had tried to, grow!

He just sat on his marble bench and hung his handsome head down and was crying when a hand came to the back side of his handsome head!

It was his Father Professor Bruce Wayne.

Professor Bruce Wayne

“My Son why are you crying?”

Pure Energy Man

“I’m sorry Father! I didn’t mean to! My roses died and I think I told you that I had named it!”

Professor Bruce Wayne

“Yes my Son you told me you named it and I do believe it was perfect (Dark Knight) a very nice name my, Son!”

Pure Energy Man

“Thank you Father, Father why do I have such trouble growing plants?”

Professor Bruce Wayne

“Forgive me my Son it’s my fault the power I gave you to be able to re-pair machines with just a touch has a bad side effect! The pure energy aurora about you is to extreme! I’ve tried everything my Son to solve this problem, from A to Z nothing will work, I’m so sorry my Son! I know it hurts you to see how well Top and Light do with all types of plants!”

Pure Energy Man

“Yes I can’t lie it does hurt! You know how much I love plants but they don’t love me!”

Professor Bruce Wayne

“Well now this might cheer you up? I have been working on three plants that I know that if you don’t spend anymore then five minutes at a time with and you keep them at least 100 feet away from each other, I do believe you will have very good luck with them! And one of them is your favorite, a beautiful black rose!”

Pure Energy Man’s mouth flies open very wide! And then a huge smile goes upon his handsome face! And he gently hugs his Father and quickly asks to see them!

Professor Bruce Wayne

“Yes my Son I do believe you can see them and I have had Adam-1 prepare all three places for them, he just staked off the ground, it will be your job to make them a nice bed, what do you say?”

Pure Energy Man

“Thank you Father! Come on come on! Let’s go see them!”

Professor Bruce Wayne smiling very big!

“Sure thing Son! Pick your old man up and let’s fly to them!”

Well this was so true, his long since dead Father Professor Bruce Wayne had made it so!

And within his area of The Trio of Power’s large and main garden were his three living and thriving plants! One a rainbow colored wisteria that grew all over the oaks within the garden and another of the three is very light blue and white mixture of orchids all about here and there…

But within Pure Energy Man’s area of his garden and at the very center are his loves his pride and favorite! His beautiful black roses! He name like before “Dark Knight” and they are his joy his pleasure and a love gift, from his creator his beloved Father, Professor Bruce Wayne!

He had done as his Father had told him and never spent more then five minutes at a time close about them quick as light he would work and with his mental timing android power brain he knew when to walk away!

Well one day he and Lightning Strike were together and he was a bit annoyed by Light’s constant chatter but didn’t say a word! He had ask Lightning Strike to water his roses by his special way while he went to get a food source he would later on apply and Lightning Strike smiled and said yes that he would, so off flies PEM!

When he returned though his face went into a shocked look! Lightning Strike had accidentally let loose a thunder bolt that came crashing down within PEM’S rose garden!

Pure Energy Man


Lightning Strike

“Please forgive me PEM I didn’t mean too! Adam-4 came up to me and startled me! I’m so sorry! I’M-I’M!”

Pure Energy-Man just looked at Lightning Strike with a very mad look within his eyes and Lightning Strike’s head turned side ways with a hard whence!

Pure Energy Man for weeks now was still fighting with Lightning Strike over what had happened to his prized roses!

He had trimmed down all the looked to be very destroyed black roses and the one that looked very much alive, he petted it to the max of five minutes, everyday!

Lightning Strike

“PEM are you still mad at me?”

Pure Energy Man

“Go away! And yes!”

Lightning Strike begins to cry loudly and a slow rain begins! He flies off and back towards the Trio of Power’s main Fortress!

Pure Energy Man twist the center dial on his lights him always utility belt and flies to the center of the garden the maze and sit down and shakes his handsome head trying not to think about it all!

He starts to relax and lays his handsome head back and feels the slow rain upon his face.

Then something happens a darkness engulf him completely! And some type of very strong power surge destroys his force field protected light-power utility belt!

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight

“Oh yes it is me! Why aren’t you glad to see me? You the sexy one that I do love!”

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight

“I don’t have to tell you that my love! I have used my shadow cape to put out your lights! HA-HA-HA! Here now time to strip you naked! I must have you and your pure power to feed upon, yours taste so sweet!”

And that’s exactly what Mid-Knight does to Pure Energy Man! At light-speed he completely strip Pure Energy Man naked!

Pure Energy Man is unconscious with out light his energy-powered brain becomes very trashed and un-able to form thoughts he’s totally helpless!

The very powerful Power Draining Vampire Mid Knight with his shadow cloak wraps our completely naked muscle dripping and energy-brain trashed Pure Energy Man up and throws him over his wide shoulder and off he flies back to his never has been found hide-out!

Once there the very godlike handsome indeed Mid-Knight strips himself naked of his very little to wear black boots and black metal flex briefs is all! His cape is around Pure-Energy Man he likes to feed that way!

Mid Knight also has a unique staff of black wood of some unknown type and a white-gold top that is a Bat with it’s wings spread outward and it has two glowing bright red eyes, that he makes come and go at desired times!

His hideout is all too unique! It is within another dimension the 5th to be exact!

Only Pure Energy Man knows this!

No other Power Draining Vampire knows about Mid Knight’s power to bring about such a genius way of keeping what he desires and loves, truly!

The Trio of Power’s Pure Energy Man’s pure power to feed upon, too!

Mid Knight’s place within this 5th dimension is drips water always very dark and goes on for many miles cave!

He arrives at his made to his satisfaction with all the comforts he likes place and un-wraps the one he loves Pure Energy Man!

He quickly chains him up both of PEM’s very muscular arms are spread wide as his well made body is lifted three feet off of the stone floor!

Mid-Knight could feed upon Pure Energy Man and you would think that he would be completely de-powered but this is not the case if Mid Knight fed and drained away all of Pure Energy Man’s power some-how not known even to any of The Trio of Power a amazing thing happens to them!

Their beautiful eyes begin to glow and either rapidly or constantly slow but sure they re-gain full power again un-less they are penetrated and made to ejaculate 5-times consecutively which is very hard to do most of the time!

Mid Knight has done it the chains he has about Pure Energy Man’s wrist are a rare metal that none of them can break with their hands restrained! See if their fists are pointed upward they can’t attack it and this is a must to break this type of metal!

Mid Knight is very intelligent and he has some how set up a power source within this 5th dimensional world cave! And he flips a switch and three very strong lights above PEM flood down upon him!

Next Mid Knight wakes Pure Energy Man the old Fashion way; he waves his hands about and then puts his fingers together and Walla! Smelling sauce!

He laughs it does bring him joy to hear and see the one of the three he truly loves Pure-Energy Man’s re-action to it!

He waves it right under Pure-Energy Man’s nose!

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight with his handsome head rose up high!


Pure Energy Man

“I’m glad you get a big chuckle out of that every time my, Mid-Knight! It just never grows old for you does it?”

Mid Knight grinning his all too sexy grin!


Pure Energy Man

“Say why don’t you let me lose! I won’t harm you! I promise! And you know that I could completely re-power right now if I so desire!”

Mid Knight

“No you can’t, try!”

Pure Energy Man

“I’ll take your word for it, you’ve never lied to me!”

Mid Knight smiling big walks over to Pure Energy Man and releases him from the cuffs and chains and holds him close and begins to nozzle up to him and smelling his neck and then starts kissing it up and down!

Then Mid Knight become very aggressive and roughly turns Pure Energy Man around and plants his huge 12-inches around and 17-inches long penis inside of Pure Energy Man’s tight and very muscular ass-crack!

And starts pumping up and down! He had lubricated his huge penis before he went to capture, Pure Energy Man!

Mid Knight’s huge penis head hits the spot Pure Energy Man’s hot very tight rectum and he begins to force it into him!

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight

“You know the more you ask me not to! The more I will force myself upon you!”

And that’s exactly what he does!

Mid Knight can’t hold back any longer he puts a good very firm grip to Pure Energy Man’s big balls and with his other hand he grabs a hold of Pure Energy Man’s limp penis and starts his rape of Pure Energy Man’s main weak spot, his ass-hole!

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight


Pure Energy Man doesn’t want to be put totally in darkness and put to sleep again so he summons up all of his will power and goes into a deep-deep relaxation mode!

Mid Knight

“Oh there you go my love! See my very fat penis is all the way in! And I’m not going to fist pump your beautiful phallus well not just yet! I couldn’t wait any longer! I love you! Even if you don’t love me! I watch over you and I have seen how upset you have been these past few weeks! You fighting with your beloved Lightning Strike! That must end! I will help you with that, my love!”

Pure Energy Man

“Oh yes your huge around penis does feel so good! Once I get use to it but what a powerful effect it has on me!”

Mid Knight

“Yes I know! My penis size is the only thing my brother Absorbatron and I have in common, wouldn’t you agree?”

Pure Energy Man

“Yes my Mid Knight, if he had me I would be tortured by him! He is so malice and evil! What he did to Top-Star hurt him and Lightning-Strike as well as me too! And you saying you watch after me my Mid-Knight? My brother’s will kill you! This I know! Please be careful! I would not enjoy seeing that at all!”

Mid Knight

“Oh I’m always careful! And I’m about all three of you a lot and none of you ever know it, well so far!”

Pure Energy Man

“You must have re-programmed my power-brain! For me to have feelings for you I must admit you are drop dead handsome and very muscle bound! The kind of guy I do love to look upon and play with!”

Pure Energy Man smiles big and Mid Knight’s huge around penis is feeling better and better!

Pure Energy Man

“Question my Mid Knight!”

Mid Knight is slowly pumping Pure Energy Man and as he does so is he flexing his beautiful buttocks as he goes back and forth!

Mid Knight


Pure Energy Man

“How did you knock out my light force utility belt? It is protected with a very powerful, force field!”

Mid Knight grins big

“With this my love!”

Mid-Knight brings around Pure-Energy Man’s well-made body for his eyes to see his unique staff!

Pure Energy Man

“How do you do that? How do you do so many of the strange things you do?”

Mid Knight

“Um well I’m a Power Draining Vampire you do know that my love, each of us has unique abilities, Absorbatron claims to be the Top Leader of us all! He always did love to think he was king of the hill! And well there is no leader! We are all the same! It’s just that some can do this and some can do that, very simple But I do have to admit the both of us are very dominate and powerful!”

Pure Energy Man

“O.K. I understand and I have seen many different things performed by many of your race but I have never seen any of your kind do the awesome things you can do my Mid Knight!

Really my love if you decided to keep me here my brother’s would find me, it would take awhile I must say but they would!”

Mid Knight

“I know that they would, I’ve seen the multi-dimensional transportation units that are within your main fortress my staff here is how I do the things you my love are in awe about!”

Mid Knight grins big and throws his staff upward before Pure Energy Man’s eyes and he watches in awes! As it just disappears!

Mid Knight

“We will talk more about my staff later, I want to feed! I’m hungry for your pure sweet tasting power!”

Mid Knight while still pumping Pure Energy Man sinks his two fangs into Pure Energy Man thick muscular neck! And begins to suck away rapidly his power!

Pure Energy Man


Mid Knight’s feeding was extremely intense! And quickly drained Pure-Energy Man! His very handsome head after Mid Knight pulls away from his thick muscular neck falls downward!

And his chiseled chin is resting at the top of his very pumped up pecs and his beautiful eyes are all white and glowing!

Mid Knight with Pure Energy Man impaled upon his very fat around 17-inches long penis starts walking with him he is lovingly holding him up by his waist!

After a good 5-minute walk Mid Knight walks into a very dark area of his 5th dimensional hideout it is his bedroom he has fixed up for his love Pure Energy Man!

Mid Knight flips a switch and a powerful light beam shines down upon the bed! It is very very bright! He hopes that his love Pure Energy Man, will like it!

He sits on the side of the bed with Pure-Energy Man still upon his huge cock and easily swings around and floats upward some then down in the very middle of this very odd looking bed!

He is feeling out Pure Energy Man! All over his well made body and is giving Pure-Energy Man’s pecs special attention! And putting a good super strength squeeze to both rock hard nipples!

Mid Knight can feel Pure Energy Man’s re-powering! And it is a quick one! In ten minutes he is back to life and fully powered!

Pure Energy Man

“Oh thank you my Mid-Knight for the wonderful light! Oh yeah it’s almost as good as working Top Star over and cumin in his handsome face!”

Mid Knight

“Oh my love the things you say sometimes make me wonder about you! I find it interesting that you enjoy seeing your leader weak minded and totally in your power!”

Pure Energy Man

“Why? He likes it! And all of our sex play is recorded, Light and I have on several occasions caught him jacking off to what we did to him!”

Mid Knight

“And his reaction to being discovered?”

Pure Energy Man

“Its cute and sexy he blushes and smiles big every time! And tells us to go away or cum suck him off and we just laugh and go on.”

Mid Knight

“That seems normal for the three of you, I have watch the three of you interact with one another it is to me quite charming I really must say!”

Pure Energy Man

“Why do you love me so much? How come you’re not like the others that are evil and malice nature! While you’re so kind and can show love to me, your sworn enemy!”

Mid Knight

“Because I have never been power waved by a tri-vampire lot! So that makes me un-touched and an out cast!”

Pure Energy Man

“Well that’s a new one! What is a power wave?”

Mid Knight

“It is a ritual where three very dominate power draining vampire’s stand naked in three points to the also very dominate naked power draining vampire that the three have totally in their power! And the one who is in their power his mind is open to their will! To flood it with their true feeling, which are evil, malice and lust for power!”

Pure Energy Man

“I didn’t know that such went on! So until this power wave a power draining vampire can be kind and caring?”

Mid Knight

“Yes, but most enjoy and look forward to the power wave, it gives one a tremendous feeling that is very potent with malice and evil thoughts! The power wave can be put to a dominant power-draining vampire against his will if teamed up on! Many have tried to put me totally in their power and put the power wave to me but so far I have managed to with stand them and escape! I hope that they never get me! If they ever do, my love for you will be destroyed!”

Pure Energy Man

“I do love you Mid Knight! You know that I truly do! If my brother’s ever find out about you and I It would be bad! They must never know!”

A single tear falls from Pure Energy Man’s right eye!

Mid Knight lovingly but firmly hugs Pure-Energy Man!

“Mid Knight

“Not to worry! Have they ever sense my presence?”

Pure Energy Man

“No, I don’t know what it is you do? But Top-Star or Lightning Strike’s touch should pick you out! But never has yet!”

Mid Knight

“Thanks to this!”

Mid Knight holds his left hand up high and before Pure-Energy Man’s eyes, Mid Knight’s staff appears!

Pure Energy Man

“What does it do?”

Mid Knight

“It just totally clouds my appearance, this staff of mine is why so many have tried to put me in their power! But I’m a good hider! Losing this staff would break me, defeat me, and utterly trash my world as well as my mind!”

Pure Energy Man

“NO! That can never happen! Your love for me to be forever destroyed! NO!”

Mid Knight

“Oh stop worrying, My Love! I will try my hardest to never ever let that happen!”

Pure Energy Man smiles big!

And then Mid Knight does something totally un-expected!

He lifts Pure Energy Man off of his huge penis! And holds Pure Energy Man close! And whispers into his ear!

Mid Knight

“I want you inside of me! I trust you my love! If you destroy me, I’ll die a happy stud Power Draining Vampire, knowing that I gave up my life, for love!”

Pure Energy Man with his sexy full lips mouth hanging open and looking to be in shock!

Pure Energy Man

“Your messing with the mind area of my immortal power-brain, aren’t you?”

Mid Knight

“No! I want to feel you inside of me! That has never happen to me and very rare for any of us to want such! But you drive me MAD WITH DESIRE! I must have you make love to me! Please my Pure-Love!”

Pure Energy Man

“Roll over! And I’ll use my spit to lube my rock hard cock! Look at it, Mid Knight! Now I’m so hot for you! Just lay face down and spread those thick so beautiful legs of yours to the MAX! DO IT!”

Mid Knight smiling that sexy as all get out grins of his! Does as Pure-Energy Man says quickly and he is spread eagle to the max! And his handsome face turned to the side awaiting his loves rock hard penis!

Pure Energy Man’s now 10-inches un-cut penis is rock hard and throbbing, pulsating! He spits a lot of clear saliva into his right hand and slicks up his beautiful cock!

He tells Mid Knight to spread his fine ass-crack and Mid Knight obeys!

Then Pure Energy Man puts the head of his penis to Mid Knight’s exposed sphincter muscle and drives his hard steel it feels like cock into the one he loves! The very-very muscle bound and powerful God-like in looks Mid Knight! And then lays upon him! His legs spread wide and on top of Mid-Knight’s, his washboard abs upon Mid Knight’s muscled out back! Pure Energy Man’s thick very muscular arms on top of Mid Knight’s very thick muscular arms and begins to slowly pump the Power Draining Vampire, that he knows he should not, but he is in love with!

Mid Knight


And that is exactly what Pure Energy Man does! With so much love in his heart! He power-pumps a moaning and groaning softly with deep pleasure! His love his Mid Knight!

After a good hour Pure Energy Man has had his thick very muscular arms around Mid Knight’s huge bubble-like pectoral muscles! Feeling them out! And he has a very super strength pinch hold upon Mid Knight’s good-sized nipples! He roars out loud his climax! As he arches his back and clinches his pinched very tight muscular buttocks and lets lose the most sperm supply he has ever in his entire immortal, life!

Mid Knight is swooning and pleasure sounds are coming from his hearing his love Pure-Energy Man calling out his name and breathing very hard! As he is now kneading both of Mid Knight’s huge bubble like pectoral muscles and smiling as if he is in, HEAVEN!

Mean while

Top Star

“Stop it Light!”

Lightning Strike

“Stop What?”

Top Star

“You know what I’m talking about! And you and PEM’S Fighting is and will stop!”

Lightning Strike


Top Star grins big and before Lightning Strike knows what hit him Top-Star is on him and zaps the crap out of him and Lightning Strike is on the floor out cold! And Top Star is stripping him naked and then…


End of part-1     David Circe      Reviewed 12/9/2010

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