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Super Ultraman To The Rescue
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Ultistud - “If you do this, we are finished! Why didn’t you ever tell me you had such a devise, it seems like you haven’t told me a lot of things!”

SuperUltra Man - “I do not like your attitude! You’re the one that sucked him off! And when I touched you I felt the pleasure he put into you and it was awesome! I can’t help it I want that feeling to! And why can’t you understand that he needs us!”

Ultistud - “He needs you not me! I’m out of here!”

SuperUltra Man frowns big as he watches his now X-lover Ultistud fly away!

He shakes his handsome head and go goes to the devise that Ultistud was taking about.

This type of devise is relatively small and not un-known about, it is similar to a boom tunnel maker but this one Super-Ultra Man has he made himself with the technology that came from the galaxy where he is from.

It is a lot more advanced, this type of boom devise does more then just transport it, it is also a physical-humanoid or other type of organism location finder and with just the slightest bit of the persons or animals DNA they can be located.

And not just the location also it sees a 50x50 feet square area in which they are at! So as not to be seen, like looking into the looking glass!

Super-Ultra Man has many such important machines that help him very much with his hero responsibilities and he is up-set with himself over how easy that evil villain X-Force-X was able to completely web him up mentally and physically like he did!

Although X-Force-X is just the type of male that usually gets him put in some type of trap, he has never came up against one that powerful!

His robotic brain was totally put in a sleep mode but a duel sleep mode and the other side of it now remember everything that he himself did to Ultistud! And what X-Force-X did to him while he was put completely under the stud villain X-Force-X’s mind manipulation power force rendering him utterly helpless!

Which bothers him a lot! That is not ever suppose to be possible to a life force such as he is, not to mention what X-Force-X’s huge skull-fucker penis did to him! It was like he was turned into a fuck puppet!

But X-Force-X went to a lot of trouble to capture him and he made a big mistake X-Force-X implanted his own DNA within him and now he understands more about him and found a weakness! That is so strange where as X-Force-X was able to easily subdue Power-Man Omega-1 with liquid Crystalline Titanium, X-Force-X can easily be subdued by silver in any form!

Super-Ultra Man has made himself a new and different colors of Lycra costume his tights are now dark blue and his briefs are metallic-silver and not just the color silver but dipped within a metallic silver compound that he has invented!

Also his gloves and his boots and his Pal within his utility belt have the same type of metallic-silver too!

He goes to where his new costume is he has been timing its completion and it is ready!

He quickly comes out of his briefs and stands looking at it completely naked then he checks to see how fast he can put it all on!

It only took him 9-seconds which he thinks is way to slow! And he promises himself to try and do it faster!

He attaches the boom-like devise to his utility belt and flies to where he webbed up Ultistud!

He didn’t tell Ultistud a lot of things that he found out because he knew that Ultistud deep down not meaning to resents what he did to him!

And Super-Ultra Man understands but he was helpless to break the total and complete control X-Force-X had over him!

Ultistud talks in his sleep and with his Super-Ultra Man powers such as they are well it’s like watching a TV-Program! Ultistud thought he could keep what happened between he and Power-Man Omega-1 secret, WRONG!

He takes from a hidden wall the DNA he found that is Power-Man Omega-1’s a single lock of hair and opens the devise and puts it inside and then presses three buttons and there before him is Power-Man Omega-1 dripping in muscles and completely naked! His well made body still coated completely he is all silver and his beautiful colored eyes are now all just two eye shapes of light, no color no pupils!

He is totally in X-Force-X’s power! And is serving him like a slave!

Super-Ultra Man doesn’t like what he sees next! X-Force-X starts working a helpless Power-Man Omega-1 over commanding him to bend over and spread his tight muscular ass-crack and a looking very mindless Power-Man Omega-1 does as he is told!

X-Force-X starts raping a very weakened Power-Man Omega-1 with that very fat and long penis of his!

Until Power-Man Omega-1 shoots a very huge load of his sperm for a good five minutes and when he finally stops ejaculating he passes out! While X-Force-X keeps power pounding him non-stop for a good three hours! When he is finished fucking the still out cold Power-Man Omega-1 he shoves him off of his huge penis and walks out of the room!

Super-Ultra Man has a little surprise for that evil X-Force-X he’s going to do the same thing to him that he did to Powerman Omega-1! Super Ultraman sees his chance and takes it!

He pushes only one button on his boom devise and instantly he is before an out cold Powerman Omega-1!

Super Ultraman softly picks up Powerman Omega-1 in his thick muscular arms and whispers into his ear!

Super Ultraman - “Powerman Omega-1 I’m here to rescue you please wake up, PLEASE!”

Powerman Omega-1 slowly opens his no color only white-like eyes and asks…

Powerman Omega-1 - “Who is this Angel? Who dares to cross my Master X-Force-X! Please help me! He plans to destroy me very soon! Please help me!”

Super Ultraman - “I’m Super Ultraman don’t you remember me? You’re the one who saved me from that evil tyrant X-Force-X!”

X-Force-X - “Oh did someone say my name? Oh it’s YOU! What do you think you’re doing with my slave Power-Puff Man!”

Super Ultraman - “I’m here to save him you evil fiend! You won’t ever do this to anyone ever again! This I promise you!”

X-Force-X - “HA-HA-HA! Thanks for the laugh you stupid hero! I’ll do exactly the same thing I did to you last time! You muscled out stud hero, just watch me!”

Super Ultraman knows he must act fast! With a snap of his long fingers Powerman Omega-1 floats in mid-air and as quick as light Super Ultraman is right behind X-Force-X!


Super Ultraman from both of his gloved hands comes forth-powerful blasts of liquid silver! And being as X-Force-X was and is totally naked it spreads all over his dripping in muscles body!


Super Ultraman watches as the very handsome and dripping in muscles stud villain X-Force-X Goes quickly to his knees!

Then fall backward speaking very weak words! Super Ultraman as fast as light completely covers X-Force-X in silver his bane! When he is finished even X-Force-X’s proud penis is a phallus of bright and shining silver along with his tight virgin asshole!

Super Ultraman does to him what he did to Powerman Omega-1 he super strength blow dries the wet liquid silver when he is done X-Force-X is completely powerless body and mind!

Super Ultraman with his robotic brain scans the room and finds all of X-Force-X’s security traps and shuts them all down! Then he super strength destroys all of the entrances!

Once done he smiles and pulls from his utility belt a small but very potent drug of his own making he brought just for the now completely helpless and in his power X-Force-X!

Super Ultraman - “X-Force-X For your crimes against all heroes and more this is your punishment!”

Super Ultraman takes the suppository like drug he made just for X-Force-X and roughly shoves it very deep up his now silver coated ass-hole and deep within his anal-track!

It works fast!

Super Ultraman - “X-Force-X tell me how to remove all of the Crystalline Titanium you coated Powerman Omega-1 with!”

X-Force-X is smiling and acting very meek!

X-Force-X - “To get rid of that you use alcohol!”

Super Ultraman - “Rubbing alcohol?”

X-Force-X - “No the kind of alcohol he-he-he like on earth whiskey etc-etc-etc!”

Super Ultraman - “I see all right, now tell me how to wash away all of your now silver coated body, you want to don’t you?”

X-Force-X - “Is my body covered in silver? I didn’t know! I have a drum of the stuff I need to get rid of it, or do you have any ideal how I can get that stuff off of me?”

Super Ultraman - “No I think I’ll let you use your stuff now one more thing, soon when I snap my fingers you will fall deep into a powerful sleep! And when you wake up you will wash away all the silver coating your magnificent body and then you will become a good justice for all, hero! And you may never ever come back to earth if you try to you will be automatically destroyed!

Do you understand me?”

X-Force-X - “Yes I understand you and I will obey!”

Super Ultraman snaps his fingers and X-Force-X falls to sleep!

Super Ultraman goes quickly to a floating in mid-air Powerman Omega-1 and takes him in his thick muscular arms and holds him close to him self and pushes the one button on his boom devise and away he and Powerman Omega-1 go!

Once back to his hide-out he thinks about how to remove all of the Crystalline Titanium from the very handsome and muscle bound isn’t the word stud hero he has in his arms and chuckles a bit and then thinks well I have herd of stranger things!

He whispers in the very weak Powerman Omega-1’s ear to wake up he will soon be free of the of the one thing that is his bane!

Powerman Omega-1 - “Really? Oh thank you Super Ultraman! Thank you!”

Super Ultraman - “Oh you’re welcome Powerman Omega-1 you saved me and it’s the least thing I can do for you sexy Now I’m going to lay you down on my big comfortable bed and I will go get what you need, so just rest and think about me!”

Powerman Omega-1 smiles big and says O.K.

Super Ultraman knows of a place not far away from his under ground hideout that is a whiskey factory!

He uses his boom devise and in no time he has his huge and some would say strange bathtub filled with two 50-gallon drums of whiskey!

He warms it up with his super strength breath! And it is warm enough he thinks and he goes and gets Powerman Omega-1 and puts him in the huge bathtub!

Super Ultraman - “Powerman Omega-1 I have filled my huge bathtub with the ingredient you need to wash away all of this bad ole Crystalline Titanium! I’m going to carry you to it, O.K.?”

Powerman Omega-1 - “YES PLEASE! YES!”

Super Ultraman smiles big and quickly carries Powerman Omega-1 to the bathtub and lays him into it!

Powerman Omega-1 - “OH YES! Let me dunk myself!”

And he does and Super Ultraman in watches in awe! As all of the Crystalline Titanium dissolves right before his eyes!

And Powerman Omega-1 floats up from the tub filled with looks now to be only whiskey!

Powerman Omega-1 - “You’re my Angel! He was going to destroy me! In my very weak state he could of done it! Thank you so much! I’m at your service! And I’m honored to be with in your presence!”

Super Ultraman - “Ah shucks! I’m just a hero who save a hero who saved me!”

Both laugh really loud! And together and with Super Ultraman’s boom devise they get rid of all that whiskey!

Once back at the hideout Powerman Omega-1 starts checking Super Ultraman out his 12-inches of power rod as he calls it goes to full attention!

Super Ultraman smiles and his eyes get big! Checking out Powerman Omega-1’s equipment too!

Both without words go to each other Powerman Omega-1 like magic starts stripping Super Ultraman naked some how Powerman Omega-1 happy nature comes forth wild and free! His so good powers flood about a swooning and dumb struck Super Ultraman!


Powerman Omega-1 - “Oh don’t be afraid my Angel!

It’s my sex force ORA! You’ll like what I’m going to do to you, just relax! I won’t hurt you! I will only please you my friend!”

And with those words Super Ultraman completely relaxes and his also 12-inches when fully erect penis is rock hard!

Throbbing and pulsating as Powerman Omega-1 takes him in his thick very muscular arms and walks with him in them to Super Ultraman’s huge king sized bed and lays him down!

And floats up above Super Ultraman who can see Powerman Omega-1’s sex force ORA! And his eyes are glued to Powerman Omega-1’s awesome bubble like pectoral muscles and washboard abs! His bulging bi-ceps and tri-ceps his thick and big trap muscles and deltoids and his very fat 12-inches of cut throbbing and pulsating penis and very big and looks to be very potent testicles, all of him!

Powerman Omega-1’s thick penis and big testicles! Is driving Super Ultraman wild with desire for his sperm he must have it he needs it!

Powerman Omega-1 - “My omega-sperm is your sperm! Let me turn and place it in your mouth and I want your beautiful penis with in my mouth what do you say my stud-hero?”

Super Ultraman can only nod his handsome head yes! He is totally under Powerman Omega-1’s sex force Ora effect! And he very much likes it!

Powerman Omega-1 has turn and now he is slowly lowering himself and his rock hard penis to Super Ultraman’s wide open and eager for it mouth!

Now both are sucking each other’s throbbing and pulsating penises!

While Powerman Omega-1 floats above in the air!

Super-Ultraman loves Greek Mythology! And before his eyes the Super stud hero Powerman Omega-1 transforms into the Honor-God himself, Hermes!

Super-Ultraman - “Oh yes! Hermes is it really you?”

Powerman Omega-1 looking just as Hermes is depicted in literature with the golden helmet and beautiful white wings at his ankles and he is naked! He even has his Golden Staff Honor, too!

Powerman Omega-1 smiling hypnotic-like and his voice is also like too

“I’m what ever you desire my Hero-Angel of this earth my God-like powers are yours to command!”

Super-Ultraman - “Hermes suck me and let me suck your beautiful penis! Make sweet love to me, PLEASE!”

Without saying a word Powerman Omega-1’s mind locks with Super-Ultraman’s he raises and lowers non-stop! As Super-Ultraman lovingly sucks Powerman Omega-1’s penis and slowly inserts his middle finger just barely inside and then out of Powerman Omega-1’s ass-hole bringing on the muscle bound heroes’ climax to the MAX!

Powerman Omega-1 looking just the same as the Greek God, Hermes!


Powerman Omega-1 thrust his tight pinched buttocks forward hard and Super-Ultraman super strength wraps his thick full lips around Powerman Omega-1’s head of his big powerful penis and keeps them there and locks down Powerman Omega-1’s ability to pump his penis and this drives him wild! And he cums for a good three minutes filling Super-Ultraman with the most cum he has ever given to another!

When he is finished Super-Ultraman begins his climax roar!


Super-Ultraman cums hard for a good three minutes too! When he is finished he starts feeling the powerful effects of Powerman Omega-1’s Omega-sperm!

Super-Ultraman has never felt this way! Powerman Omega-1’s sperm has doubled his super strength and powers!

Powerman Omega-1 - “Do it to me Super-Ultraman! My sperm I gave to you has me totally weak so weak and in your power!

Please fuck me! Please fuck me NOW! MUST FEEL ALL OF YOUR POWER-MUST!”

The effect is awesome! And Super-Ultraman does what Powerman Omega-1 asks of him!

Super-Ultraman roughly turns a looking very weak and helpless Powerman Omega-1 over face down and plants his fat throbbing penis into a moaning and groaning Powerman Omega-1’a tight ass-hole and goes deep!

For an hour Super-Ultraman power pumps! Dominates a non-stops smiling Powerman Omega-1 and an over whelming feeling of great joy! And total control! And flooding of love pure and innocent love!

Is making Super-Ultraman the most happy! The most secure and the greatest desire for Powerman Omega-1 he has ever felt for anyone his entire life!

When it is over Super-Ultraman takes a very weak acting Powerman-Omega-1 who is asking him to please hold him within his strong arms!

Super-Ultraman - “There-there my love! I’ve got you! I will lay you on your side and press my body up against yours! You are safe I will hold you and keep you warm! You are free and I want you to be mine!”

Powerman Omega-1 - “I’m yours!”


The end.      David Circe                   1-13-09