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D Angel Ant Vs Top yellow Jacket
By David Circe (Illustrated by Herodotus)
Email: David Circe

Illustrations by Herodotus

Two years into the future.

Ring Announcer - Good evening gentlemen! We come to our last death match of this evening!

In this match we have the two-year Death Match Champion super stud hero D Angel Ant and the villain Top Yellow Jacket!

The crowd cheers loud for both contenders as they fly into the arena from different directions.

On two large screen monitors both hero and villain’s stats are displayed.

D Angel Ant: 6ft3 very handsome! Extremely muscle bound, short cut jet black hair, light blue colored eyes, super strength, is one of the rare type mutant ant’s that can fly, his wings can make him sore at light speed.

Weapons: Arm gauntlets utility belt a very powerful gold halo weapon, large assortment of stingers and venom’s next to some say, can be deadly!

Silver soft metal flex steel protection g-string 25-inch un-cut when fully erect stinger penis, black short wrestler type boots.

Class-A most advanced type android like power brain.

He is top leader of the mutant allied protection force and raining two-year champion of the death matches to date.

Top Yellow Jacket: 6ft3 very handsome! Extremely muscle bound, short blonde hair, dark blue colored eyes, super- strength, black and yellow stripe soft metal flex protection g-string, 25-inch cut stinger penis when fully erect, bright yellow short wrestler type boots.

His wings can fly him at light speed.

Weapons: arm gauntlet’s, utility belt, large assortment of stingers and venom’s next to some say can be deadly!

Was named villain of the year in last issue of Hero/Villain Magazine.

The ring announcer comes forth and stands between both contenders’…

Ring announcer - “Congratulations gentlemen for making it to the last round, when you hear the bell start fighting, good luck!”


D Angel Ant turns and is mentally stunned looking at the drop dead gorgeous Top Yellow Jacket, he is dripping in muscles, his stinger penis bulge is hypnotizing, he is handsome beyond words.

The also drop dead handsome and dripping with muscles D Angel Ant’s stinger penis goes fully erect and rapidly extends upwards out of his g-string to it’s full fat 25-inches, it starts throbbing and pulsating.

Top Yellow Jacket’s also fat 25-inch stinger penis is fully erect throbbing and pulsating as he looks up and down at the stud hero D Angel Ant’s body builder physique and huge bulge, along with his male model stunning good looks!

Top Yellow Jacket - “To bad we are doing this, I think I would love taking away all your top abilities and in the morning most all your powers would be drained totally and completely away!

With you laying completely naked, your awesome buttocks quivering up and down, for my eyes to see, you’re spread eagle, your eyes very drugged like and your very shrunk rock hard stinger penis totally drained of power!”

D Angel Ant, smiles big and flexes his big powerful bubble pec’s making them ripple and indent at his rock hard quarter inch long nipples, for Top YellowJacket.

D Angel Ant still smiling.

“You keep talking like that stud and my stinger penis and I may take you up on that, those sexy nipples there looks to be same size as mine!”

The bell rings and both fly up fast! Stingers from their fingers launch both D Angel Ant and Top Yellow Jacket avoids them.

D Angel Ant touches a button on his left gauntlet and twenty images exactly looking like him appear all around Top YellowJacket.

This catches Top Yellow Jacket off guard and he flies towards the wrong D Angel Ant.

Giving D Angel Ant, the right chance to strike and he does, he points his first finger at his target and a stinger launches and it hits perfect!

Top Yellow Jacket, pulls from his asshole a long stinger that has fast power drain venom, he flies down fast and gets to the floor just in time when it takes full effect.

The certain percent of power drain was enough to put him in a power drain stupor and he begins to walk around the arena dazed out of his head.

He will remain this way until something strong enough snaps him out of it.

D Angel Ant, smiling flies to him, stops him and begins to strip him of his weapons and briefs fast.

When he is finished the handsome muscle bound villain is completely naked accept for his bright yellow boots.

D Angel Ant, lifts up Top Yellow Jacket’s limp stinger penis, he wrap’s his right fist just below the cut head.

In addition, begins walking the very brain dazed and awesomely handsome, as well as muscle bound Top YellowJacket around the ring for the crowd to see.

The crowd cheers loud for D Angel Ant, many of the crowd yelling loud, how handsome and sexy D Angel Ant is!

And many whistles and cat calls for the young hunk villain, who is very dazed and being led around by his limp stinger penis for all to see.

D Angel Ant stands side ways with Top Yellow Jacket in the center of the ring for all to view.

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah! Top Yellow Jacket I am holding onto your stinger penis of my complete de-powering and being hypnotized and mind controlled by your indenting and rippling pec’s of incredible non-stop energy, of my very deadly desire!


The crowd goes wild! Hearing the words spoken by the very brain dazed Top Yellow Jacket and stud hero D Angel Ant like a flirtation of death between them.

The jack-off rooms start filling up rapidly and soon are completely full!

D Angel Ant knows that his attraction for this very muscular and stunningly handsome villain, is very powerful! And feels certain this stud villain feels the same way about him.

However, this very powerful lust could be his date of utter destruction.

His mind being weakened more like paralyzed to total and complete submission, defeated and conquered!

As his eyes are glued to Top Yellow Jacket’s truly hypnotizing champion body builder physique and very spell binding Adonis looks and same sized hypnotic stinger penis and huge testicles.

Top Yellow Jacket’s rock hard nipples are also a quarter inch long and fat just like his own.

D Angel Ant’s 25-inch stinger penis is in full erection and is continuously pre-cum dripping white pearl sized drops of his super power sperm, down his stinger penis shaft to his two huge testicles.

D Angel Ant’s thick very muscular legs spread wide and he begins to pump back and forth and flexing his powerful buttocks muscles and huge very round power pec’s.

Like in a dream, D Angel Ant is completely naked and there is a nine-inch around and 14-inch long expander dildoe inside of him.

And a good part of it sticking out of him too its vibration is powerful!

The expander dildoe is getting bigger and bigger stretching D Angel Ant’s super tight rectum; it is quickly paralyzing the stud heroes’ ability to tighten his asshole fast!

Taking away, all the rarely penetrated D Angel Ant’s very-very tight and powerful asshole’s small size and tightness and flexing ability.

Never has D Angel Ant had an expander dildoe inserted into him, the effect is wrecking him and stretching his very super tight rectum.


Before this match, his asshole had never been penetrated by a Death Match opponent or such a powerful mind melting down weapon!

  As it keeps growing, a powerful strange sexual spell floods D Angel Ant’s mind area of his power brain, slowly damaging that area.

A hypnotic voice is commanding him to ejaculate his love sperm for his completely in control and flooding him from his quarter inch long rock hard nipples.

An invisible all ant mutant sexual pheromone tube jets, blasting into both breathing nose and mouth of a now completely conquered and helpless D Angel Ant!

The completely subdued hero D Angel Ant thinks Top Yellow Jacket more then he could ever be, his invincible total domination love, master!

../../Herodotus/Angel Ant-1.jpg

D Angel Ant obeys his new master Top Yellow Jacket’s command and ejaculates huge load after load of his highly coveted muscle grower sperm into a long receiver collection condom tube!




The crowd goes insane! Seeing the extremely muscle bound and incredibly handsome stud hero D Angel Ant being drained senseless with each thrusting out of his large stinger penis hole de-powering him fast!

Finally, D Angel Ant stops ejaculating, he is in a very powerful! Power drained stupor and starts walking around the arena, dazed out of his mind, his pec’s indenting wildly, his eyes blinking rapidly.

Top Yellow Jacket, smiles an evil grin watching the extremely handsome muscle bound stud hero, walk around the ring mumbling to himself and for the first time since he has been Death Match Champion, in a very powerful power drain stupor.

D Angel Ant, fell in to the stud villain’s trap the stinger D Angel Ant stung him with had no effect.

Top Yellow Jacket, had done his homework on the stud hero D Angel Ant and knew his entire first take down venom attacks.

Top Yellow Jacket had taken black market antidotes which is permitted by the Death Match Council to all of D Angel Ants first assault venom's.

He smiles thinking, that was too easy my power drain stupor acting worked very well! D Angel Ant fell into my trap! I’m going to sting all his powers away!

  As D Angel Ant walked him around the arena, coming from his hard nipples a powerful all ant sexual thermion invisible gas was flooding D Angel Ant’s lungs!

This type pheromone gas is long acting and can make the victim see hear feel act and believe any thing he is told.

Top Yellow Jacket walks over to his utility belt and puts just it back on, then walks to the dazed out of his mind D Angel Ant and stops him.

He removes the expander dildoe out of D Angel Ant’s zapped asshole and makes it shrink and puts it into a pouch in his utility belt…

Then pulls off the most potent of all mutant’s sperm filled collection condom.

Top YellowJacket, ties a knot in the collection condom and deposits it into a small freezer unit on his utility belt.

Top Yellow Jacket looks over a defeated D Angel Ant, picks up his now gone limp stinger penis, and finds a large vein.

He sticks his first finger to the large vein and a bigger then normal thick stinger goes into the vein and starts pumping D Angel Ant with powerful venom!

The venom, drains away all of a top males aggressive ability completely and turns the victim into a total passive thinking man very-very weak thinking!

The pain from the bigger then normal stinger snaps D Angel Ant out of his power drain stupor!


But the fast acting very powerful venom has D Angel Ant weak thinking and acting! His power brain mind area being damaged slowly wrecking a certain percentage little by little!

A deadly thing can happen to a power brain possessing mutant, if 95% of his mind area of his power brain is completely damaged!

The mutant’s power brain security, thought and normal functions will shut down! Enabling the one who caused this to happen the easy ability to destroy the mutant!

If a 100% of a power brain mind area is damaged it cannot be repaired and the power brain will have to be replaced saying the mutant some how survives.

Complete repair of a large percent power brain mind area damage to a mutant, usually takes two weeks at the Trio of Power’s main compound fortress.

The Trio of Power being the exception, they are immortal the mind area of their power brains cannot be damaged.

Top Yellow Jacket commands D Angel Ant to come suck his left rock hard nipple that is still blasting invisible waves of the all ant sexual pheromone gas.

D Angel Ant with never seen fear in his light blue eyes until now, goes fast to Top Yellow Jacket’s very erect quarter inch-long nipple and starts sucking.

D Angel Ant, breaths in the powerful sex pheromone gas, it’s wrecking him and damaging the mind area of his power brain, his penis goes to full erection throbbing and pulsating.

Top YellowJacket, commands him to switch to his right rock hard nipple and suck it too.

D Angel Ant quickly obeys and goes to Top Yellow Jacket’s right nipple and sucks his eyes begin to glaze over his pupils are smaller then pen points, very drugged looking he’s totally helpless and trapped!

Top Yellow Jacket smiles knowing that D Angel Ant is being over dosed with the all ant mutant sex pheromone gas and completely in his power!

Over the two years as death match champion nothing like this has ever happened to D Angel Ant!

The very dominant top male that he is being crumbled down, caught in a trap made a complete weak acting bottom in seconds!

Top Yellow Jacket roughly pushes D Angel Ant off his nipple and looks him over, seeing the drugged out of his mind stud hero, makes his fat stinger penis go fully erect.

Top Yellow Jacket commands D Angel Ant to turn around bend over and spread his ass-crack, D Angel Ant obeys quickly and bends over and spreads his ass-crack exposing his red rectum.

Top Yellow Jacket’s stinger penis head self lubricates with stinger penis venom neutralizing venom.

In addition, he sticks his stinger penis head to D Angel Ant’s ass-hole and slams it into him fast and slides it as far as it will go and loads the fallen hero with a huge amount of stinger penis venom neutralizing (wipeout) venom!




Top Yellow Jacket - “Oh yeah! My slave you liked that didn’t you?”


Top Yellow Jacket - “Your so weak and power drained my D Angel Ant! You need one of my stinger penis injections to re-power you and make you feel stronger, you want me to don’t you?”


Top Yellow Jacket - “OK here it comes my slave stand up and spread your muscular legs wide for me!”

D Angel Ant stands fully erect and spreads his very muscular legs wide for his new master!

Top Yellow Jacket slams his pulsating stinger penis into the fallen hero, then pulls his stinger penis almost out of D Angel Ant…

Leaving just the head area just inside of his no longer super tight rectum.

Then lightning fast from just under his stinger penises fat head, 4-one-inch very thick stingers come forth and start pumping D Angel Ant with powerful venom's!

A very shocked look goes upon D Angel Ant’s handsome face as he is being pumped senseless! By the powerful venom’s completely de-powering him!

Top Yellow Jacket is pumping fast acting super strength melt down venom, short acting B-1 all muscle paralyzer venom…

Complete mind control venom and stinger penis super shrink venom, all four very mind raping venom’s!


D Angel Ant’s fast regeneration ability tries to engage but is totally disarmed and paralyzed by the powerful venom’s!

The super muscle bound D Angel Ant crumples and his huge muscular arms and upper body goes totally limp, along with his powerful muscular legs!

The crowd goes insane! Seeing the stud hero Death Match Champion for two years, being venom flooded and watching him fold like a rag doll!

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis starts to shrink fast getting smaller and smaller, rapidly before everyone’s eyes!

His entire muscle bound body jerking his pec’s indenting wildly his handsome head shaking roughly, his eyes bulging wide and very drugged out of his mind looking!

Top Yellow Jacket - “Look at the Top Captain stud mutant allied hero now! He is not in a power drain stupor, HE IS IN A POWER DRAIN COMA!”

The crowd goes insane! Chanting, “Top YellowJacket, stung all the stud hero D Angel Ant’s powers away!”

Top Yellow Jacket starts to fly upward with a very much hung on his stinger penis D Angel Ant the heroes’ upper and lower body hanging limp down ward! Looking very much finished!

../../Herodotus/D Angel Ant vs Top Yellow Jacket.jpg


Top Yellow Jacket hovers and smiles at the crowd and begins flexing all his incredible muscles, with a shocked eyes D Angel Ant hanging 24-inches below him completely limp showing no power!

The crowd is in heaven! Seeing the stud hero D Angel Ant’s very pinched muscular buttocks raised up above the rest of his now all limp and hanging downward very muscle bound body!

On the monitor the crowd can see that D Angel Ant’s eyes are open but all glazed over no blinking…

Very drugged out of his mind eyes, his pupils are less then pin points, the huge white showing now areas, showing rarely seen red hypnotic like circles!

D Angel Ant’s eyes stare into utter darkness, Top Yellow Jacket being the first in two years to bring the stud hero Death Match Champion, this close to being destroyed!

The incredibly muscle bound and very-very handsome Top- Yellow Jacket smiles a very sexy grin for the cheering very loud for him crowd.

Over D Angel Ant’s two year rein as Death-Match Champion video sells were at there all time lowest, but in some areas sells were fair and even sell outs…

Fans just wanting to see him go erect and see his beautiful stinger penis take out his well made opponents, but never like when Alpha Wasp, was champion.

The Top Captain Mutant Protection Force Leader, was just too good at winning! At times he would get caught a little bit off-guard maybe getting his briefs, g-string or thong pulled down.

But always him being an ant mutant, his fast acting regeneration ability, quick to act before a villain could insert a stinger penis into him and make him shoot his very-very highly coveted super power sperm, for everyone to see…

And putting him in a power drain stupor, this super handsome as well as super muscular and Death Match Champion and Top Mutant Protection force Captain stud hero…

D Angel Ant being the total top male that he is and has to show all he is to powerful and has no weakness and must always be in control!

In the two years as the Death Match Champion, D Angel Ant seemed invincible and never once put in a power drain stupor stripped of his weapons or stinger penis briefs g-strings or thongs coverings…

But in seconds, one very handsome and muscular stud villain that in looks and body and even same size stinger penis became the spider who trapped then webbed up! The seemed to be invincible, D Angel Ant!

And turn the almighty stud hero into a completely powerless no longer to be seen at all invincible, venom drugged out fly!

Of all the different mutants of this world ant mutant’s super power sperm contains incredible high amounts of incredible very potent protein and a rich supply of energy enzyme.

To swallow down an ant mutant’s super power sperm supply, will make the drinker’s muscles grow in muscle bulk 2-times greater their size very fast…

All over his body, lose all fat and give a 24-hour feeling of very well health and energy after swallowing, a two hour rest for some, not all is a must!


This match being viewed via the airways all over this alternate earth has commentators chattering away, saying no matter what the out come of this match…

This video demand is staggering, upon this Death Match ending sells as of now are incredible! And so far the largest demand in record history!

Top Yellow Jacket lifts his upper body upward fast, with a still all  muscles paralyzed, limp rag doll like and appearing to be out cold D Angel Ant, hanging two feet downward from the stud villain’s stinger penis.

The stud villain once upward in the air with the fallen D Angel Ant, flexes his awesome power pec’s and big round biceps for the very much in heaven crowd!

The crowd chanting  - “D Angel Ant is so weak so weak and drained! He is finished, defeated, from the powerful stud villain’s stinger penis stinger’s came!…

Totally de-powering and totally limp bent completely over from the new death match champion’s stinger penis he hangs!”

As Top Yellow Jacket lowers again, D Angel Ant’s is completely bent over with his very pinched and muscular buttocks raised up above the rest of his awesome muscular body.

He is swinging very limp no show of power! Swinging back and forth slowly as his dominator looks downward at him, looking over his handy work, with a sexy devils grin on his handsome face.

Top Yellow Jacket - “Hey crowd! I think this soon to be either destroyed or enslaved limp no super strength very-very muscle bound and yes damn good-looking! but very defeated hero needs to wake up, what do you think?”

The crowd goes wild! Cheering yes! Wake him and then destroy the God-like D Angel Ant! Or drain away all his remaining power then enslave him!

The Crowd - “Top Yellow Jacket RULES! He is our new DEATH MATCH CHAMPION!”

Top Yellow Jacket, flies downward almost to the arena floor D Angel Ant’s non-moving feet and hands slightly touching the floor, as the stud villain hovers above.

D Angel Ant’s very beautiful and pinched muscular buttocks are higher then the rest of his folded downward completely limp, super muscle bound body.

Hanging from the fat head and 4-one-inch thick stinger’s that pumped him with venom’s of his very possible death, or enslavement, could this be the end of the super good guy stud hero D Angel Ant?

Top Yellow Jacket - “Well crowd, your new very handsome and stud champ here, has run out of my all ant sexual thermion gas, my nice sized nipples was blasting this very defeated stud hero with!”

The crowd moans acting like they are truly sad.

Top Yellow Jacket - “Oh, don’t worry! My rock hard quarter inch long nipples here, have another venom gift for our soon to be finished hero that is…

Hanging from my fat stinger penis head and 4 thick stingers, that totally and super shrunk and knocked his stinger penis in the dirt!”

The crowd goes insane! Chanting… “Top Yellow Jacket is the muscle bound stud Devil, that with his mighty pitch fork between his very muscular legs…

Shoved it into D Angel Ant’s holy weakness and took all of his heavenly powers completely away!”

Top YellowJacket, grins big for the cheering and chanting crowd.

He does a two-minute rippling and indenting pec show for them, stopping time to time to rubs his fingers up and down his very erect quarter inch long nipples.

As he hovers with a very venom zapped and looking very conquered D Angel Ant, who swings slowly back and forth…

His eye pupils smaller then pin points and his very wide open white area’s with many red hypnotic like circles.

The stud heroes’ well-made pinched buttocks suspended up higher then his drugged out of his mind looking face and awesome physique.

D Angel Ant is so very handsome now a death mask of black circles surrounds his glazed over light blue eyes.

The stud heroes’ eyes only see darkness! Utter and complete darkness!

Top Yellow Jacket with all of his super strength fully intact, takes pleasure indenting his very round muscular power pec’s for the cheering crowd.

“Look at my two big powerful stud Devil weapons dancing in and out, up and down!”

“And very soon this stud Devil’s big round powerful evil weapons will destroy this Angel’s wings!”

  “And send this very conquered stud hero Angel, into complete darkness, then hell!…

No longer Death Match Champion or Top Captain leader, he will be totally put down, destroyed or enslaved, oh well!”

Top Yellow Jacket looks down at the lifeless D Angel Ant and bends his big round chest towards D Angel Ant’s folded silver clear wings.

From both his very erect nipples loud spraying sounds start and from both the villains’ nipples powerful blasts of yellow venom spray coats all of D Angel Ant’s silver tinted clear wings!

The venom quickly starts destroying D Angel Ant’s wings! The extremely powerful acid venom forcefully spray melting and utterly destroying them fast!

This snaps D Angel Ant alert!


Top Yellow Jacket, releases his four 1-inch thick stinger’s and D Angel Ant falls to the floor and rolls over face down, his temp paralyzed muscles come to life again…

His head and buttocks jerking up and down fast as he screams in pain!


All of D Angel Ant’s muscles have completely returned to normal, his muscular legs spreading as far as they will go…

As his pinched muscular buttock juts up and down rapidly, his handsome head jerking wildly!

Top Yellow Jacket, goes to the floor and reaches between D Angel Ant’s legs and pulls out his big testicles and limp very badly shrunk and de-powered stinger penis it is only about 3-inches long.

D Angel Ant’s pain ridden voice, going higher and higher in tones with very weak minded words spilling out of his mouth! 

The stud villain picks both of D Angel Ant’s huge testicles up looking at them with dollar signs in his eyes and a devil’s grin.

Top Yellow Jacket - “I’m going to drain all your high priced sperm from your very full storage gland sack first, then both your huge testicles, my defeated, de-crowned champion, x-stud x-hero…

Then I’m going to finish destroying you with a huge load of my all powerful Yellow Jacket mutant, all power destroyer venom…

That will seek out any and all power sources, including your power brain solar cell and snuff it out, rendering you a dead hero, STUD ANGEL DESTROYED…

Or perhaps, insert stingers into your power brain and flood the thought area with permanent de-think venom, making you my puppet slave!”


Top Yellow Jacket - “Destroy you? Or enslave the conquered D Angel Ant?…

Even my expander dildoe could not completely knock out your main weakness, yes everyone thought it was your asshole and we were right!”

Top Yellow Jacket’s picks up D Angel Ant’s very shrunk stinger penis, sticks his right hand first finger to D Angel Ant’s wide stinger penis hole.

A very rare thick and keeps extending suction stinger rips it’s way straight to D Angel Ant’s over full sperm storage gland sack and starts sucking the sperm out of it!




Top Yellow Jacket - “No one is going to help you, soon to be x-hero and soon you will be drained of all your money making sperm supply x-champion and conquered top leader x-stud x-hero!”


Top Yellow Jacket - “Oh yeah D Angel Ant! I have you totally in my power, don’t I? Tell the crowd, what it feels like right now and what I’m going to do to you!”


The crowd cheering loud and chanting - “Drain all of D Angel Ant mighty sex seeds and power! Then the brutally handsome Devil King, Top Yellow Jacket will enslave the fallen Angel…

Or use his superior weapon between his legs to utterly destroy him within this hour!”

Top Yellow Jacket continues to skull fuck the very weak sounding, acting and completely defeated stud hero D Angel Ant!

Truly D Angel Ant is totally helpless! As the very handsome, muscular villain Top Yellow Jacket keeps his suction stinger working, as it drains away the fallen heroes’ high prized powerful sperm!

Top Yellow Jacket - “Damn stud! Your testicles, are so full of your high paying me big time sperm! Why is that? Your too sexy and super muscle bulked, to not have someone!”

D Angel Ant’s voice to the highest pitched tone and rapidly vibrating buzzing stutter so far…


Top Yellow Jacket - “Tell the crowd and your new master me what made your already huge testicles start to over fill with your super power sperm D Angel Ant! YOU WILL OBEY!”


The crowd, not liking this at all keeps shouting hate filled words at the fallen D Angel Ant, while loud cheers for the apparent soon to be the new Death Match Champion, Top YellowJacket!

As the crowd shouts hateful and praising words at both!

Top Yellow Jacket slowly stands while removing his suction stinger from D Angel Ant’s now completely drained of all his super power sperm storage gland sack…

Top Yellow Jacket turns toward the cheering loud for him crowd smiling big and quickly inserts his suction stinger into the collection freezer unit.

Top Yellow Jacket - “Okay, now it is time to take the super power sperm from this soon to be either destroyed or enslaved x-champ’s…

Huge testicle’s, D Angel Ant tell the crowd how it feels with my suction stinger robbing you of your super power sperm, OBEY ME!”

Top Yellow Jacket slams his fat suction stinger back into D Angel Ant’s very small 3-inch long limp stinger penis hole…

And goes directly to his huge left testicle over filled with super power sperm, draining it slowly!

This is wrecking D Angel Ant into a senseless state of thinking, with his super power sperm being unnaturally suck out of him by a very rare suction stinger!

D Angel Ant’s pinched very muscular buttock jerking wildly up then down non-stop!


D Angel Ant’s long tongue starts sliding out of his sexy, very in shock wide open mouth, with drop after drop of clear drool dripping onto the arena floor!

Top Yellow Jacket’s powerful suction stinger sucking dry D Angel Ant’s super power sperm from his once huge and now very small and shriveled up left testicle!

Top Yellow Jacket repositions his suction stinger to go into the very weak talking D Angel Ant’s huge overly filled with his super power sperm right testicle!

Top Yellow Jacket, has to stop draining D Angel Ant’s super power sperm and make another deposit…

He quickly removes his suction stinger and inserts it into his collection unit.

When finished he malice like inserts his suction stinger into an un-able to think or speak D Angel Ant’s right testicle…

And starts stinger sucking the fallen heroes’ last and final super power sperm supply!

Top YellowJacket, whispering into D Angel Ant’s right ear…

“This reminds me of what I did to your lover Sly-wind Ant, I was the one the Dragonfly clan hired to destroy him…

After you both were captured, I took all his awesome power and super power sperm away!…

I’m going to enjoy watching my all power destroyer venom, kill you like it did him!”

D Angel Ant’s once huge testicles are now very shriveled up and tiny completely drained dry of his super power sperm!

Top Yellow Jacket, retracts his powerful suction stinger from D Angel Ant’s very small limp 3-inch long stinger penis.

The handsome villain like before deposits the sucked super power sperm into the collection unit, once done he looks over his handy work and smiles an evil grin.

D Angel Ant no longer able to speak or move his long tongue still dripping clear drool…

A large puddle near his in shock looking, wide open mouth!

Top Yellow Jacket starts flexing all his awesome muscle bound body for a cheering very loud for him crowd…

For 5-minutes and after that stroking his fully erect and pulsating stinger penis.

Top Yellow Jacket, turns and looks down at a non-moving D Angel Ant, seeing the no longer super stud’s long tongue hanging out of his mouth, dripping drop after drop of in shock drool.

Top Yellow Jacket, kneels between D Angel Ant wide spread legs and starts to ejaculate…

He points his stinger penis head to D Angel Ant’s red asshole and load after load of his hot sperm soak and lubricates the fallen heroes’ rectum!

Top Yellow Jacket - “Time to finish this no longer a hero off, I mean destroy him, no enslaving him and crown me the new Death Match Champion men!”

The crowd hails loud cheers to the new Death Match Champion!

Top Yellow Jacket, rams his fat stinger penis into a non-responsive D Angel Ant and starts pumping him faster and faster!

As the evil, very-very brutally handsome, with a very powerful hypnotic effective muscle bound body Top Yellow Jacket…

Is about to shoot a huge load of the deadly all power destroyer venom, into a deep-deep coma like D Angel Ant…

But then something un-expected by the crowd and Top Yellow Jacket happens…

A very thick and long stinger goes into a very shocked eyes stud villain’s stinger penis hole…

And rips threw the entire shaft and load him with incredible amounts of a deadly acid venom!

The deadly venom flooded a very in shock and rapidly being destroyed Top Yellow Jacket, he stands fast pulling a looks to be totally de-powered and destroyed D Angel Ant…

Up with himself, D Angel Ant’s light blue eyes glowing brighter and brighter and pulsating showing he is still alive!

Top Yellow Jacket’s, stinger penis is destroyed along with a no longer muscle bound no longer handsome and very dead Top Yellow Jacket!

Rex - “D Angel Ant is the victor! And still crowned Death Match Champion! all hail the champion!”

The crowd seeing, a still seems to be lost in utter darkness D Angel Ant, with his long tongue still hanging out of his sexy mouth…

And dripping drool, roars louder and louder cheering the Death Match Champion’s name!

Strange music begins to play, as a stunningly muscle bound and super hunk handsome Omega Wasp, flies to a still zapped senseless D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant’s entire muscle bound body is vibrating, where his wings began the stumps trying to flutter fast…

Weak minded moans with very loud vocal sounds coming from the almost destroyed hero!

The crowd seems to be hypnotized, looking at the super powered physique and sexy as a God Omega Wasp…

Omega Wasp’s fat stinger penis is in a black with bright silver reflector stud stones, he quickly removes a can of all ant nectar from his utility belt.

He slowly pours large drops of the thick liquid onto D Angel Ant’s long sticking downward tongue…

D Angel Ant’s long tongue goes back into his sexy full lips mouth.

As each can of nectar is swallowed down, D Angel Ant becomes stronger and stronger! After the final can of nectar is drank, D Angel Ant spreads his muscular legs very wide…

His body of super muscle, juts forward with bright beaming light as his destroyed wings grow back to normal, along with his stinger penis and huge testicles once again mesmerizing all!

Omega Wasp - “Feeling totally re-powered again super stud?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes all my power is fully restored, but his thick stinger to my stinger penis left a painful scar, I’m still feeling dazed and my buttocks muscles are sluggish, he almost destroyed me!”

Omega Wasp - “I know, I felt very afraid and shocked at how fast he took away all your power! To bad you wasn’t able to absorb all his venom’s and DNA.”

D Angel Ant - “Believe me, I managed to absorb all that fiend’s venom’s and complete DNA, what was his is now mine watch…

D Angel Ant, goes to a still intact cold storage unit and from his first finger comes forth a thick long suction stinger…

In seconds all of D Angel Ant’s stolen super power sperm is restored and in all three places once again over filled.

Omega Wasp, walks behind a still totally naked and very trusting D Angel Ant, From Omega Wasp’s stinger penis a powerful blast of triple obey venom soaks his entire anal track and further.

The effect is fast acting and D Angel Ant will obey whatever Omega Wasp tells him to do.

Omega Wasp’s stinger penis is fully erect to it’s fat cut 25-inch length, it is throbbing and pulsating with incredible power!

Omega Wasp - “Super suck my stinger penis, super one and swallow down my wasp mutant sperm!”

D Angel Ant, lowers his handsome head slightly and begins to super strength suck Omega Wasp’s throbbing and pulsating stinger penis.

In seconds Omega Wasp starts ejaculating load after load of his to all but few secret being swallowed down super power sperm…

When all is done the hypnotized like crowd watches as an already muscle dripping D Angel Ant gains two times more muscle bulk…

Right before their eager sex filled eyes!

Rex, comes walking up to D Angel Ant, as Omega Wasp finishes giving the super stud Death Match Champion a secret antidote to the very hushed secret triple obey venom.

Rex - “Welcome Omega Wasp! Glad to see you here with the champion, D Angel Ant, how close did Top YellowJacket come to destroying you tonight? Can you tell us what you were feeling?”

D Angel Ant - “Rex, I felt weaker and weaker mentally as he flooded me with his very powerful all ant mutant sexual thermion nipple gas blasts…

And I fell into utter darkness when his four stinger penis stingers melted me down and allowing his acid venom the ability to destroy my wings…

I’m still very mentally sick over how his powerful venom made me act and speak, like a very weak top turned into a totally submissive bottom…

His mistake was de-powering me slowly, with his very powerful venom’s, a more rapid attack by him would of utterly destroyed my regeneration ability and dried up all my power, to my end my death.”

Rex - “D Angel Ant, many have ask this question about you, are you a super mutant?”

D Angel Ant - “I can’t answer that question Rex, next question please!”

Rex - “D Angel Ant, many think your super tight rectum is your main weakness and is why you have avoided being penetrated for over two years until tonight, can you comment?”

D Angel Ant - “Rex all gay mutant’s rectum’s are their main weakness, with a stinger penis fully inserted and made to ejaculate, puts all homosexual mutant’s into a power drain stupor.”

Rex - “D Angel Ant, as Death Match Champion you receive a detailed list of all opponents venom’s and powers, did you over look Top Yellow Jacket’s rare and powerful venom’s and abilities?”

D Angel Ant - “I looked over all of Top Yellow Jacket’s venom’s and power’s and saw everything that he used on me, I forgot to apply my gas filter’s a mistake that almost destroyed me!”

Rex - “Well I’m glad and happy to let you know that this video match is now one of the top five, all time greatest money makers on record to date!”

D Angel Ant - “That is so great to hear Rex, I know my video sells have never been as good as the awesome five year champion Alpha Wasp’s, hopefully things will change and bring me more video sells money too!”

Rex - “D Angel Ant in closing let me say I’m very happy to be standing here asking you questions and giving you this huge money amount winner check and trophy…

  I know your ready to rest and get home, congratulations super stud hero and un-defeated champ, before you do go allot of fans want your autograph, could you please?”

D Angel Ant - “I certainly can do that for any of my fans Rex, I will go to the autograph room shortly!”

Rex, smiles and hands D Angel Ant his winner check and trophy and nods then walks away.

Omega Wasp - “I will take your check and trophy for you, do you want me to wait on you sexy?”

D Angel Ant - “No, go on home to Alpha Wasp, he needs you more and more, he has nightmares about of our late good friend Superpower Wasp, he needs you Omega Wasp, I will be on home directly.”

Omega Wasp kisses D Angel Ant with deep passion then flies out of the arena with check and trophy in his hands.

Sometime later, D Angel Ant is walking alone to his new hover craft and is about to get in, when he hears a familiar voice happily greeting him.

T Star Ant - “I saw what that evil fiend did to you D Angel Ant! Are you okay Baby?”

D Angel Ant grins big seeing the very stunningly handsome  just as muscular as he is also being the very same rare type flying ant mutant standing before him, T Star Ant…

T Star Ant is also an allied protection force hero, he has a fat 26-inch long when fully erect un-cut stinger penis when fully erect…

He is clad in a light blue soft metal flex protection g-string totting his huge testicles and stinger penis, he wears gauntlet’s and a utility belt with dark blue short wrestler type boots.

D Angel Ant - “My ego is very bent, from what he did to me and his skull fucking me almost to a senseless state, along with his reveling that he killed my love, Sly-Wind Ant…

He permanently scared my still in pain stinger penis and I stupidly fell into his powerful and deadly venom’s traps…

The crowd wanted him to destroy me and he made me very weak talking and acting, I would say I feel so much better knowing he is very dead!”

T Star Ant goes to D Angel Ant and lovingly wraps his muscular arms around him and holds him with powerful love and understanding in his heart.

D Angel Ant starts shaking un-able to stop trying hard not to let T Star Ant feel his metal pain.

T Star Ant - “Please be my lover! Stop trying to be so strong, let me help you take away all your pain, you know how I feel about you and I know you love me sweet D Angel Ant!”

D Angel Ant - “Everything you just said is true, but if we did become each others love and you died like Sly-Wind did at a villain’s hands, I would lay down and die, my heart couldn’t take that again!”

T Star Ant - “Please be my love! Please let me take away your loneliness and pain D Angel Ant, say yes and make me happy and your life partner!”

D Angel Ant truly loves T Star Ant and starts kissing him with a growing more and more powerful wanting!

T Star Ant kisses D Angel Ant with highly potent love and deep affection!

D Angel Ant stops shaking, feeling the very handsome sexy and muscle bound T Star Ant’s love calming him down from what happened tonight.

D Angel Ant goes to one knee

“ T Star Ant, will you be my lover and life partner? I promise to love you with all my heart, and be yours and only yours if you will have me!”

T Star Ant smiling with very apparent love for the super-stud D Angel Ant in his also light blue eyes!

T Star Ant - “Yes D Angel Ant, I will be your lover and life partner yours and only yours, I will never stop loving you and try harder and harder each day to make you so very happy and take all your pain away!”

  A very happy grinning D Angel Ant starts feeling a lot of his built up pain fade away…

As he and his now life partner T Star Ant, get into his brand new hover craft and fly to Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp to tell them the wonderful news!

The end.

All in this story are my creation. David Circe. Reviewed 3-15-2009