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D Angel Ant Vs Gypsy-Moth Man
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Ring Master - “Welcome to you all! We have gotten to our final match with the  7-year Death Match Lord Champion the amazing stud Super Hero D Angel Ant! And the Super Villain Gypsy-Moth Man! I hope you will all be pleased gentlemen!”

From the right side of the arena in flies D Angel Ant smiling and flexing his awesome muscles for all to see!

And from the left side of the arena float-like flies in the wickedly handsome stud villain Gypsy-Moth Man smiling and also flexing his incredible big bulking muscles too!

The Crowd is roaring loud for both!

Both D Angel Ant and Gypsy-Moth Man land and check each other out!

Upon very large screen monitors are both D Angel Ant and Gypsy-Moth Man’s front and back views along with both stats.

D Angel Ant: 6ft3 extremely handsome as well as muscle bound with jet black hair short army crew cut type his eyes are stunningly beautiful light blue color!

He has wings that able him to fly at lightning fast speed!

And he is baring a black and silver color utility belt and has a very powerful and deadly silver color halo-weapon upon it, he is also wearing black and silver color gauntlets with rainbow color buttons upon both arms from wrist to elbows.

He is wearing a mind stunning sexy gold metallic soft metal protection g-string his stinger penis is cut and 25-inches long when fully erect!

He has an extremely large venom arsenal some say can be deadly, he has a Class-AO-1 Android Power-Brain.

D Angel Ant was voted the most-sexy and most dominate-hero for a 7-years straight time in the highly bought Hero/Villain magazine!

Gypsy-Moth Man: 6ft7 long multi colored brown curly hair with a red&white colored bandana that can be used as a weapon! His eyes are a very light color brown, he is extremely muscle bound!

His wings are of a multi-color of brown with in them are powerful drug-like dust’s  and some can be deadly!

He is toting red and black color gauntlet’s and red and black color utility belt.

He has an odd long thin silver steel cigarette holder upon a strong steel necklace that always has some type of wicked and can be deadly cigarette with in it!

And he wears a magnetic chest diamond shaped shield held on by black leather cross straps!

His penis is un-cut and 26-inches long when fully erect, his briefs are like his bandana red&white he is for the most part immune to most venoms and his super strength is a 3rd more then most insect type mutant’s!

Gypsy-Moth Man was voted most charming but sneakiest villain for 5-consecutive years in the very highly bought Hero/Villain magazine!

The Ring-Master comes forth and stands between both D Angel Ant and Gypsy-Moth Man.

Ring-Master - “Congrats to you both for making it to this final match! When the bell rings begin to fight! Good Luck to you both!”

D Angel Ant and Gypsy-Moth Man turn towards each other and start checking each other out!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “Hum you don’t look like you could be a 7-year Death Match Lord Champion to me what do you do, cheat?”

D Angel Ant - “No I don’t cheat and I don’t smell like dead meat either, you muscle bound creep!”

Gypsy-Moth Man - “Oh now that wasn’t very nice! I will make you wish you had talked to me better, I promise you! And really, all I want from you is to stick my big cock up you main weakness ass and make you cum three times, muscle head!”

D Angel Ant - “Well you with your big ugly colored wings! You’ll have it to do!”

The bell rings and both fly upward D Angel Ant very fast and Gypsy-Moth Man very constant but slowly!

D Angel has gone up against Gypsy-Moth Man before and both beat the tar out of each other and both escaped death!

D Angel Ant being the Death Match Lord Champion now his new Death Match Champion title, doesn’t waste time and sends his halo-weapon to Gypsy-Moth Man fast!

An arrogant Gypsy-Moth Man is ignoring D Angel Ant and grinning big and flexing his dripping in muscle physique for the cheering as well as cat-calling the stud villain!

D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon as quick as light hovers over Gypsy-Moth Man’s head and then from it bright light beams come forth!

Gypsy-Moth Man can not help but to look upward towards the very bright-light beams flooding down ward upon him! It is indeed his nature to do so!

Gypsy-Moth Man seems to be very much in a deep trance!

D Angel Ant flies down to Gypsy-Moth Man and watches to see if he is faking but it does seem that the very handsome stud Moth Man mutant is very indeed within the power of D Angel Ant’s famous halo-weapon!

D Angel Ant commands his halo-weapon to remain very bright and to turn at a side-way’s angle and float down and it does as it is commanded and a looking very hypnotized Gypsy-Moth Man follows it to the arena floor!

D Angel Ant is smiling and flexes his awesome muscle bound body for all of the crowd and they are going wild cheering for the seven year Death Match Lord Champion!

D Angel Ant turns towards a still looking very hypnotized Gypsy-Moth Man and looks him up and down.

And then goes to the smoking cigarette with in it’s long holder stuck to his diamond peck plate and lift’s it off of it and also Gypsy Moth-Man’s neck and turns towards the crowd, with a sexy devil’s grin and puts the hot end of it to Gypsy-Moth Man’s right nipple and pushes it deep!


This snaps the big dripping in muscles wickedly dark handsome stud villain out of his hypnotic state of mind but it is to late D Angel Ant commanded his halo-weapon to lower and fit right around Gypsy-Moth Man’s forehead right above his eye brawls!

And then it shrinks tight enough to put Gypsy-Moth Man in a lot of pain and agony!


Gypsy-Moth Man passes out cold and lands face down upon the arena floor!

D Angel Ant tosses the cigarette holder and it’s now out of fire and bent cigarette away.

Then D Angel Ant places his right wrestler boot clad foot on Gypsy-Moth Man’s beautiful pinched and bubble round buttocks and starts flexing his awesome huge biceps and making his very big bubble round peck’s ripple and indent!

And as the drop dead handsome D Angel Ant is working his pecks and biceps he starts working his bulge pump jiggling it for the going wild crowd!

After a good 5-minutes of this he stops the lights of his halo-weapon and puts it back to normal size and it comes from around Gypsy-Moth Man’s forehead and floats back to D Angel Ant.

He puts it back onto his utility belt and then he begins to strip a still very out cold Gypsy-Moth Man completely naked throwing his utility belt gauntlet’s brief’s and boot’s over to where the cigarette holder is.

Then D Angel Ant spreads Gypsy-Moth Man’s very thick muscular legs wide and pulls down his sexy metallic gold g-string.

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis is limp but he pushes a button on his right gauntlet and a strong vibration starts and he wraps his fingers around his stinger penis!

The crowd watches as D Angel Ant’s stinger penis comes to life and to it’s full 25-inches, then D Angel Ant floats up ten feet above Gypsy-Moth Man and then slowly lowering and looking out at the crowd grinning that sexy grin of his!

D Angel Ant while looking towards the crowd doesn’t notice that Gypsy-Moth Man’s red and white bandana his floated up into the air and is headed straight for him!

And just as D Angel Ant turns his handsome head away from the crowd and back down towards Gypsy-Moth Man the bandana flies onto a very shocked looking D Angel Ant’s now imprinted face and entire head area then a powerful electrical shock stage begins!

D Angel Ant falls the arena floor hard as his head and entire body starts very violently shaking, jerking and spamming! D Angel Ant is face down and his stringer penis went fast to limp!

His very sexy pinched buttocks it jerking wildly up and down!

While this is going on Gypsy-Moth Man is putting back on his bandana, leather strapped chest plate and puts his cigarette holder back around his neck then his gauntlets utility belt and boots.

From his utility belt he reaches into one of the steel pouches and take from it some type of cigarette and then he lights it up and takes a deep draw!

As he looks toward a cheering madly for him crowd he is giving them a devil’s grin and a wink!

He then walks over to a still jerking very badly D Angel Ant and Gypsy-Moth Man removes the bandana after pushing a button in the center of his utility belt!

He reaches down and lifts up a shaking all over D Angel Ant by his thick muscular neck and then walks the very helpless D Angel Ant around the arena ring for all to see his handy work!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “You stupid muscle head hero! You should have destroyed my utility belt! Then my bandana would have been rendered powerless! Oh I do remember the beating I got from you! Pay backs are and will be, HELL!”

Very true!

After Gypsy-Moth Man had displayed a very trashed D Angel Ant before all of the crowd he then starts his taking away all of D Angel Ant’s POWER!

D Angel Ant is able to stand barely he is in a very power state of well shock! His very thick muscular legs are spread to the max! His pelvic area is thrusting back and forth making his now very limp stringer penis dance-like for all to see!

All of his awesome champion body builder physique is jerking and quivering! His big round bubble like peck’s are non-stop indenting and rippling!

D Angel Ant’s handsome head doing wild jerks back and forth his eyes looking very drug-like and his beautiful full lips mouth hanging open wide!

Gypsy-Moth Man walks behind a taking out of his head D Angel Ant, due to the electric shocking by Gypsy-Moth Man’s bandana, D Angel Ant’s Android Power Brain has been damaged, nothing like this has ever happened to D Angel Ant, but it has!

Gypsy-Moth Man reaches into a pouch in his utility belt and pulls out some type of spray devise and starts using it on D Angel Ant’s wings!

When he is finished he turns towards the crowd and flexes his huge and powerful biceps and then makes his larger then D Angel Ant’s pecks dance for all to see!

The Crowd chanting - “Hail! Gypsy-Moth Man the one who put the Death Match Lord Champion, DOWN! This Angel looks to be soon never again, around!”

And it sure doesn’t look like our hero will indeed be around!

Next Gypsy-Moth Man takes from his utility belt his prized lighter and light it up and then puts the flame to both of D Angel Ant’s wings!


The crowd goes wild seeing D Angel Ant going insane and not being able to stop his wings from being totally destroyed!

When it is over D Angel Ant is once again face down on the arena floor jerking all over his stinger penis and balls very visible back behind his pinched muscle tight buttocks!

This has made the fallen hero very weak minded and his voice has climb to a very higher octave, like a vibrating fly would sound! He is begging Gypsy-Moth Man to destroy him quickly and not to keep torturing him!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “Oh no! This is too good D Angel Fuck! I’m going to show all, how I the soon to be new Death Match Champion took out the stud hero 7-year Death Match Lord Champion, in STYLE!”


Gypsy-Moth Man removes D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon from D Angel Ant’s utility belt and before a very daunted helpless and in mind wrecking pain D Angel Ant’s eyes!

Gypsy-Moth Man with his more powerful super strength twists D Angel Ant’s halo-weapon into a figure-8 hearing it sound off in broken words and then silence and it turns from bright silver to midnight, BLACK!

Gypsy-Moth Man throws the now looking very destroyed halo-weapon to the cheering loud for him crowd!

Next the totally winning this match, hands down Gypsy-Moth Man grabs a totally weak acting D Angel Ant by his jet black hair and pulls him up to his feet and holds him there…

As his brown colored wings start fanning and from them comes forth a green type mist that coats D Angel Ant’s handsome face as well as his eyes and his open wide mouth! And all of his front muscle bound body!

Then Gypsy-Moth Man roughly twists our helpless Hero around and around by his now mostly all green colored hair until all of his well made body is coated in this very mind wrecking drug-like mist!

The only good thing about this powerful drug-like mist is that it stopped the pain of D Angel Ant’s now stubs where his wings were!

Gypsy-Moth Man starts talking sweet words to the all green muscle bound looking very much defeated 7-year Death Match Lord Champion D Angel Ant!

The drug-like mist has totally wiped out D Angel Ant’s will-power! But on a good note? It has stopped him from talking out of his head and he is now some what able to function but looks very-very drugged out of his mind!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “My sweet stud hero dripping in muscle spread your ass-crack open for me, please!”

D Angel Ant - “Yes, O.K. I will do that for you Master!”

And the very within Gypsy-Moth Man’s power D Angel Ant with his long fingers spreads open his ass-crack exposing his red and tight asshole for all to see!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “My sweet D Angel Ant may I penetrate your main weakness with my big fat and long penis, oh please! Let me make love to you!”

D Angel Ant - “Yes oh yes Master please make love to your slave! I want you inside of me, PLEASE!”

The crowd is going wild cheering for Gyps-Moth Man! They never have seen anything like this ever! The stud villain Gypsy-Moth Man, was known to be very clever and deadly to his looking very defeated stud hero all in green opponent!

Gypsy-Moth Man puts the head of his very fat and long penis to D Angel Ant’s exposed red rectum and from his penis hole a yellow type fluid starts spraying and slicking up D Angel Ant’s exposed ass-hole!

This is feeling very good to the acting very submissive D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant - “Oh yes! Oh that feels so good Master! Please penetrate me, PLEASE!”

And that is exactly what a devil’s grin Gypsy-moth Man does!

Gypsy-Moth Man’s yellow drug fluid is a hyper sex drive once the victim is aroused and a very powerful wipe-out drug-like substance that will disable all of D Angel Ant’s venom’s and paralyze his regeneration glands ability to function, while making him feel very good!

And unaware of what is happening to him!

Gypsy-Moth Man slams his cock all the way into D Angel Ant and coating D Angel Ant’s anal-track with this power drug-like fluid!

D Angel Ant’s handsome head juts back hard! And then down his chiseled chin resting at the top of his now green bubble like pecks!

D Angel Ant - “Oh Master is making love to me! I must obey his every command!”

Gypsy-Moth Man - “Oh yes my sexy muscle bound slave, tell me something, if you are penetrated and some how your entire super-sperm supply is being sucked out of you other then you ejaculating, will all your awesome powers be drained?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes Master, if that is done all my powers will be drained I will be completely drained of power!”

The very sexy Gypsy-Moth Man looks out at the crowd and grins a devil’s grin!

Gypsy-Moth Man starts pumping D Angel Ant nice and slow, this action makes D Angel Ant’s stinger penis go to full erection!

D Angel Ant - “Oh yes! That feels so good Master! Thank you! Oh thank you! May I stroke my stinger penis while you make love to me?”

Gypsy-Moth Man like other mutant’s very much desire the coveted super-sperm of ant-mutant’s, the way it makes ones muscles grow and the high feeling is very good!

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis is now fully erect and throbbing and pulsating and will not be able to go limp due to the effect of the yellow drug-like fluid put with in him!

Gypsy-Moth Man - “My Pet spread open your stinger penis hole for me, PLEASE!”

D Angel Ant is now under a powerful stupor and will obey anything he is told to do anything!


And that is exactly what our hero that is in a powerful drugged out state of mind D Angel Ant does!

From Gypsy-Moth Man’s mouth comes forth a huge thick with spikes coiled up tongue! It is how all Moth-mutant’s drink their re-powering nectar and more!

It un-coils and it goes straight to D Angel Ant’s open stinger penis hole! Making D Angel Ant scream in a very high toned like voice!


Gypsy-Moth Man - “Oh yes! This is so sweet and your finished hero! FEEL MY POWER! My sweet tongue will suck away all of your super sperm while I have my cock deep within you! Drained you will be and very much, DESTROYED!”

Gypsy-Moth Man starts sucking away all of D Angel Ant’s super sperm supply totally trashing him! He is getting weaker and weaker fast!


And indeed D Angel Ant was being destroyed his all green muscle bound body jerking wildly his huge bubble like pecks indenting non-stop his handsome head jutting back hard and then his mind goes into a shock stage and he hears the words…

“My love! My love! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”

D Angel Ant opens his eyes to see his lover and mate He-Man Spider with a very concerned look upon his very handsome face!

He-Man Spider - “It’s alright My Love you were having a nightmare! Come let me hold you!”

D Angel Ant rolls over and into He-Man Spider’s big thick muscular arms and tells his lover and mate He-Man Spider what his dream was all about.

He-Man Spider looking at D Angel Ant with deep love in his eyes!

“My Love you quickly destroyed that evil fiend Gypsy-Moth Man as I recall, with halo-weapon!”

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah you stinger penis working me over must being having a strange effect on me! I think I’m starting to like it?”

He-Man Spider - “Oh yes I do think my training you to be less weaker by a stinger penis or just a penis within your main weakness that hot tight ass-hole of yours, must be working but why Gypsy-Moth Man my love, hum?”

D Angel Ant - “Well he was very-very handsome and you know that extremely muscle bound body of his made me rock hard checking him out before the match started, HE-HE-HE!”

He-Man Spider - “HUM! I’m going to stinger penis pump you senseless! MY LOVE!”

D Angel Ant smiling big! - “O.K.!”

The end.            David Circe      11-19-2008