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Captain Planet Vs AcidRain Man
By David Circe (Illustrated by David Circe)
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At a beach surrounding the Great Lakes, the Planeteer's are battling a flood of toxic waste coming from a place unknown?

Thousands of fish are dead and drifting to shore different colors of waste wash to shore along with the fish!

Despite all their efforts the Planeteer's are not making any headway and decide to call upon Captain Planet!

With fists and rings raised above their heads they call upon the handsome and very good and happy to help at all times the muscle bond Super Hero! For help with this disaster!

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Heart are called out and Captain Planet sparkling with power comes forth!

The Planeteer's


Captain Planet

"Oh hi there Planeteer’s what a mess this is, I think earth wind water and fire is needed to clean this up!"

Captain Planet with both his fists forward causes a giant circle of earth around all of the toxic waste!

Then a water and wind shield to hold it together he then makes a giant circle of fire above it all and with the wind makes a cyclone which pulls all the toxic waste up and towards the circle of fire.

All of the toxic waste goes into the fire and is destroyed little by little.

The Planeteer's hear a call for help from a boat that has went ashore and race to it!

Captain Planet has driven all the toxic waste into the fire when he hears a weak help from a cave area down south.

He flies in that direction fast the sound is coming from a cave he flies inside.

It is dark so Captain Planet puts fireballs to each of his hands and flies on to the sound of the cries for help getting louder!

And soon Captain Planet can see a young handsome muscle bound man penned underneath what looks to be an old ship sail mass.

The young handsome muscle bound man has long multi color hair red blond black he has green colored eyes.

He looks to be a half a foot taller then Captain Planet and he is completely naked with a very long penis and huge testicles.

Captain Planet stunned his awesome good looks his build and huge manhood Captain Planet's penis starts going erect he shakes his head and clears his thoughts.

Captain Planet

"I'm here to help you let me move this old ship mass off your midsection then we will go from there!"

The young man weakly

"Thank you so much I thought I was going to die in here!"

Captain Planet moves the old ship mass off the young man and to the side of the cave area.

Once this is done he flies down to the young man the young man turns his head and starts coughing hard.

Captain Planet can see why the young man came in here there is a pool not far from him with waves of steam rising upwards.

The young man stops coughing but still looks weak and disoriented!

The young man

"My abdominal muscles hurt could you pick me up and put me in that pool of water? It's fed by a very warm spring might make me feel better."

Captain Planet

"Sure I can do that what's your name?"

The young man answers


Captain Planet

"Well nice to meet you Rain I'm Captain Planet and don't worry I'll be gentle."

Captain Planet puts his strong arms around Rain's very muscular shoulders and the bends of his well developed legs and lifts him up.

He walks himself and Rain over to the warm pool of water and floats up above it then lowers himself and Rain into the pool.

Captain Planet gently sets Rain down he doesn't notice that the steam  coming from the pool starts turning two different colors light green and yellow!

Rain groans loud and turns his head in the opposite direction away from Captain Planet.

Captain Planet goes to him and puts his hand to his head.

Captain Planet

"Rain are you ok?"


"Please hold me I feel like I'm going to faint!"

Captain Planet puts his muscular arms around Rain and holds on to him  sitting back besides Rain.

Rain starts talking to Captain Planet but something is very wrong! The  words are echoing and Captain Planet’s eyes are glazing over becoming  hazy and out of focus!

Captain Planet's chest globe bright with power starts to dim and darken.

Captain Planet


AcidRain Man

"That was to easy Captain Planet you fell right into my trap welcome to my place the cave entrance now looks like a complete rock wall."

AcidRain Man puts his hands above Captain Planet's head and blasts of light yellow and green rain start flooding down on Captain Planet.


Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"I have been watching you for sometime now Captain Planet I was there but you didn't know it you could be a problem to me and I want you sexually and to reprogram your mind to my will."

Captain Planet


AcidRain Man

"Oh when I'm finished with you Captain Planet you will come to me and you will obey!"

Captain Planet's chest globe is blinking growing darker.

AcidRain Man floats up out of the pool his huge penis is fully erect a good 14-inches and fat his huge balls hanging down the size of tennis balls.

He grabs Captain Planet by the hair and pulls him out of the pool he then pulls down Captain Planets briefs exposing Cap's limp penis and testicles and pinched muscular buttocks!

Acid-Rain Man bends a weak Cap over and spreads his muscular legs wide with his feet.

Captain Planet



AcidRain Man's penis head self lubes with a yellow and green substance he puts it right to Captain Planet's asshole and starts forcing it into him!

Captain Planet



Finally Acid-Rain Man's penis head goes into Captain Planet this drains more of Cap's power and he goes completely limp his muscular arms and legs like a rag dolls!

Acid-Rain Man slide his huge cock all the way until it bottoms out

Cap's eyes are bulging and very drugged looking as Acid-Rain Man has him impaled and starts walking him further into his cave.

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yes your good and weak Captain Planet don't worry I can re-charge you some I know what gives you your great powers."

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"Now that I have drained most of your power you won't be able to resist what's next for you

Captain Planet."

Acid-Rain Man from his fingers comes a red colored like gas he points his fingers towards Cap's nose!

Captain Planet breath's the gas in exhales and breath's it into himself!

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yeah Captain Planet breath my sexual perversion gas into your body it will over ride your Heart power and make your limp penis grow to rock hard!"

And indeed Captain Planet's limp penis starts to grow rock hard and to it's full 8.5-inches!

Acid-Rain Man comes to a room in the cave that looks like a laboratory.

He walks himself and the impaled Captain Planet to a drawer and reaches inside and pulls out a condom.

He opens it and takes out the condom and slides it over Captain Planet's erect penis!

Captain Planet is in a weaken state of mind he has been captured and is being totally dominated by a very handsome muscle bound huge penis male that plans to reprogram is mind to his will!

Acid-Rain Man

"You still have some power Captain Planet I see by your chest globe

it's not completely black yet good your going to need what power you have left!"

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"No it's not gone Captain Planet in your weaken state your not able to fight the effects of my sexual perversion gas it's just over rode it! HA-HA-HA!"

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"I need a pure sample of your DNA Captain Planet I know I look young

but I'm older then you would think I've been around since the turn of the century."

Acid-Rain Man

"With your sperm Captain Planet I will be able to completely control you not all of the time but when I desire your company you will come to me and you will obey!"

Acid-Rain Man begins flooding Captain Planet with his sexual perversion gas again Cap tries to hold his breath but can't he's to weak and breathes in the gas and exhales!

Acid-Rain Man watches the gas going into Captain Planet knowing that it is over riding his Heart power and making his penis throb and pulsate!

Cap's mind telling him he must ejaculate he must cum!

Acid-Rain Man starts pumping Captain Planet and walks him over to a full-length mirror.

Cap looks at himself impaled on this handsome villain's huge cock and looks at his throbbing penis he keeps breathing in the gas and it's taking over his mind!

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yes Captain Planet your so handsome look at your throbbing penis you want to ejaculate you want to climax and shoot your load!"

Captain Planet not stuttering anymore for the moment.

"Yes I need to cum your so good looking your body and your huge penis you have me totally in your power your cock is so big it's making me weak with each thrust!"

Acid-Rain Man starts working Captain Planet's rock hard cock he reaches into the drawer and picks up a tube of lubricant and slicks down Cap's rock hard incased cock!

Four cameras in the room are taping everything from all angles.

Acid-Rain Man stop the flood of gas he knows it has Captain Planet totally in its power.

He starts pumping him faster and faster and jacking his pre-cum- dripping penis!

Acid-Rain Man keeps pounding Cap but the effect of the perversion gas has him! He is weak but all his thoughts are of cumin he has to cum!

Acid-Rain Man keeps working Cap's hard penis as he pumps him faster and faster.

Captain Planet


Captain Planet shoots huge loads of his sperm into the condom for a good minute load after load then slows and stops.

Acid-Rain Man squeezes Cap's hard penis milking it for the last drop.

Captain Planet's climax had a strange effect on him his handsome head starts jerking up then down continuously!

His eyes glazed over un-blinking his eyelids half way down his pecs indent at his hard nipples making big circles then relaxing then indenting again!

Captain Planet's penis is not going limp it remains rock hard throbbing.

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yes that got you good Captain Planet your power level good and zapped now it's time for me to shoot my load deep into you!"

Acid-Rain Man starts slamming Captain Planet faster and faster Cap's muscular arms and legs swaying back and forth with each thrust!

Finally Acid-Rain Man's climax begins his entire muscle bound body flexes his muscular buttock juts forward and load upon load of cum shoots deep into a very weak Captain Planet!

Finally Acid-Rain Man stops cumin and with draws his huge cock from

Captain Planet!

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yes that felt so good Captain Planet can you feel the effect of my sperm it's a powerful mind control chemical that will last a month and even when your fully re-powered!"

Captain Planet



Acid-Rain Man

"That's right Captain Planet your will is drying up you will obey me

I'm your master now two more loads of my mind control sperm and two more loads of your sperm supply and a special chemical of mine will enslave you to me forever!"

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"Yes you do need more power Captain Planet your chest globe is completely black I'm going to re-power you and you will obey me do you understand?"

Captain Planet

"Yes I will obey you Master!"

Acid-Rain Man takes Captain Planet to a tilt table and straps him onto it once this is done he pushes a button and from up above a wide sunbeam goes directly to Captain Planet's chest globe.

Captain planet starts getting stronger his chest globe starts glowing and getting brighter!

Soon Captain Planet is fully re-powered but still under the effects of Acid-Rain Man's mind control sperm!

Acid-Rain man removes the condom from Cap's penis and puts it in a refrigeration unit.

He then goes back and gets another condom and puts it on Captain

Planet still erect penis.

Acid-Rain Man

"There now just two more loads of your sperm Captain Planet and two more of mine deposited into you and your brain will obey me and you will be my sex toy forever!"

Captain Planet

"Yes Master!"

Acid-Rain Man takes Captain Planet down from the tilt table Cap looks normal no drugged out look.

Acid-Rain Man test his mind control sperm.

Acid-Rain Man

"Captain Planet bend over and spread your ass-crack for me!"

Captain Planet

"Yes Master I will obey!"

Captain Planet spreads his muscular legs wide and bends over and with his fingers spreads his ass-crack exposing his asshole!

Acid-Rain Man's penis head self lubes again and he sticks the head of it to Cap's asshole and inserts it fast!

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yeah I know it's making you weak Captain Planet but your so strong and you can take it you will obey!"

Captain Planet

"Yes Master fuck me! FUCK ME PLEASE!"

Acid-Rain Man does just that he fucks Captain Planet senseless draining away his power and loading him with more of his mind control sperm and making Captain Planet cum two more times!

Acid-Rain Man

"Oh yes Captain Planet all your power is drained your chest globe is black as tar!"

Captain Planet


Acid-Rain Man smiles an evil grin and takes Cap back to the tilt table and strap him onto to it and pushes the button again a wide beam of sunlight beams down onto Captain Planet's chest globe.

While Captain planet is re-powering Acid-Rain Man takes all of Captain

Planet's sperm and mixes it with some type of chemical.

When he is done he takes the large tube with Cap's sperm and the chemical to a fully re-powered

Captain Planet.

He un-straps Captain Planet from the tilt table and hands Cap the tube and tells him to drink it down.

Captain Planet

"Yes Master I will obey!"

Captain Planet drinks down his own sperm and the chemical and hands the tube back to Acid-Rain Man.

Acid-Rain Man

"That's very good Captain Planet now when I call you will come to me

I'm going to put a small audio devise inside your left ear no one will be able to see it do you understand?"

Captain Planet

"Yes Master when you call I will come to you!"

Acid-Rain Man puts the devise inside of Captain Planet's left ear it is not noticeable.

Acid-Rain Man tells Captain Planet his orders and whenever the Acid-Rain issue comes up he will ignore it and change the subject!

He walks Captain Planet to the cave entrance and turns to him and kisses him and Captain Planet kisses back his penis going fully erect!

Then Acid-Rain Man reaches inside of Captain Planet's briefs and his long middle finger lubed with a short sleep drug inserts into his asshole!

Captain Planet falls to sleep quickly! Acid-Rain Man opens the cave entrance and sets a sleeping Cap down where the sun is beaming down on him.

Captain Planet wakes up and flies to the Planeteer's.

One Month later.

Captain Planet has just cleaned up a toxic waste spill he is hovering up in the air when from inside his head he hears.

"Come to me Captain Planet!"

Captain Planet tells the Planeteer's he has to go check something out and will be back when he can!

They all smile and say hurry back to us Cap!

The end. David Circe.

Captain Planet belongs to DTC Entertainment/Hanna Barbera Cartoon/TBS Production. This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended. Revised   9/10/2008