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Alpha Wasp Vs Ultra Wasp
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Alpha Wasp Vs Ultra Wasp

Omega Wasp is very upset with Alpha Wasp a grudge match challenge via the Airway’s, TV, Radio, and Newspapers, well just plan everyone knew!

That the stud hero Ultra Wasp use to go with Omega Wasp they were a hot couple at one time.

And Ultra Wasp blames Alpha Wasp for taking his man away from him!

So a fight to the death match wants Ultra Wasp winner takes all! Alpha Wasp was all for it.

He never liked Ultra Wasp the two clashed every time they got near one another and sometimes it got nasty!

Omega Wasp - “Please don’t accept, please!

Alpha Wasp - “Why not it will give me a chance to get all my frustration out on the one person I have never liked the least little bit!

Omega Wasp - “The word death I think passes on by your mind every time you hear the word!”

Alpha Wasp - “If I win this match I’ll get more money out of this one then I have in a years time! I already looked over the paper work on it!”

Omega Wasp - “You don’t need the money you have more then you’ll ever need in 10 life times!”

Alpha Wasp - “You know it’s a funny thing about being rich you never ever think your right there!”

Omega Wasp - “Please don’t do this, PLEASE!”

Alpha Wasp - “Well now I know you love me all lot! You never beg me for any thing!”

Omega Wasp - “Your going to accept aren’t, you?”

Alpha Wasp - “It’s already a done deal tomorrow night special show 9:00p.m.”

Omega Wasp hangs his head down he is very sad!

Alpha Wasp - “My love I will be alright I promise you! Come with me to our bed and punish me I beg you! Please stick that fat 25-inches when on hard stinger penis in me and make me cum that will zap me senseless, I have been very bad!”

Omega Wasp smiles somewhat and stands up and follows Alpha Wasp to their bedroom.

Ring Master - The crowd is wild tonight we have a very special death match between two heroes’ the champion

Stud hero Alpha Wasp Vs the stud hero Ultra Wasp, in a grudge match!

Alpha Wasp flies in one side Ultra Wasp flies in from the other.

The crowd cheering Alpha Wasp chanting over and over super powers Alpha Wasp.

Two monitors show both statistics.

Alpha Wasp: 6ft3 jet-black hair green eyes extremely muscle bound with super strength an extremely fat cut 22-inches long when fully erect stinger penis, a large arsenal of venom’s next to some say can be deadly, An A-1 android power brain.

Other weapons: Goggles, gauntlets weapons utility belt red rust colored flex soft metal shield briefs short black wrestler type boots.

Ultra Wasp: 6ft2 blonde hair light blue eyes, extremely muscle bound with super strength a very fat uncut 21-inch long when fully erect stinger penis, a large arsenal of venom’s next to some can be deadly, An Z-1 android power brain.

Other weapons: Goggles, gauntlets weapons utility belt silver flex soft metal shield briefs black type wrestler boots.

The ringmaster walks up to both.

“Hello two you both! This is a special grudge match to the death when you hear the bell begin fighting.”

Both Alpha Wasp and Ultra Wasp turn towards each other hate looks in each other’s eyes!

The bell sounds and both fly in different directions.

Alpha Wasp does something to his right gauntlet and points his fist towards Ultra Wasp and 6 stingers launch and head for him.

Ultra Wasp’s eyes go wide seeing Alpha Wasp pointing his gauntlet towards him he tries to avoid the red beam but Alpha Wasp managed to beam Ultra Wasp’s right very muscular bubble peck

The race is on Ultra Wasp tries to out run the stingers but no luck all 6 sting his right pecks!

Ultra wasp - “OHHHHHH-ArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRR!”

Ultra Wasp was not to high off the ground he manages to land before the full effect of the brain stun venom grabs him.

Ultra Wasp very drunk-like is walking around the ring in a powerful, daze!

Alpha Wasp - “Look everyone at the brain dumb muscle man I think his mind has been zapped what do you think?”

The crowd cheers and chants Alpha Wasp put Ultra Wasp’s Android power-brain in a trashed stupor, oh my!”

Alpha Wasp flies down to the zombie acting Ultra Wasp and stops him Alpha Wasp is standing close right in front of him from Alpha Wasp’s nipples his peck stingers go deep into Ultra Wasp’s bubble like pecks and hit their mark Ultra Wasp’s thick very nice sized nipples and go deep!

Alpha Wasp’s awesome pecks start rippling and indenting at his nipples and loads Ultra Wasp with weak mind, venom!


The crowd goes wild and cheers very loud for Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp doesn’t waste any time he bends Ultra Wasp over and kick spreads his muscle legs wide.

Alpha Wasp pulls down his briefs and his stinger penis goes fully erect it self-lubes with power paralyzing venom.

Alpha Wasp sticks the head of his stinger penis to Ultra Wasp’s asshole and rams it in fast!

Ultra Wasp - “ArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRR-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-AHHHHHHHHHH!”

Alpha Wasp slams pumps Ultra Wasp senseless and then loads him with power paralyzing venom!


The crowd roars loud for Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp - “That’s right Ultra Wasp I just took away your super strength and with you impaled on my stinger penis I’m going to fly you around to the crowd and have you tell them what I’m going to do to you!”

Alpha Wasp flies upward with a completely limp power muscle arms and legs Ultra Wasp he is like a rag doll.

Alpha Wasp hovers in front of the crowd.

Alpha Wasp - “Ultra Wasp tell the crowd what I’m going to you and how your feeling right now!”

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp has me in his power! He is going to destroy me! His-His venom is paralyzing my super strength powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

The crowed cheering chanting over and over Alpha Wasp, rules!”


Ultra Wasp keeps saying this over and over and Alpha Wasp gets tired of hearing it so he lands and ruff shoves Ultra Wasp off of his stinger penis!

Ultra Wasp lying on his stomach Alpha Wasp turns and walks to the crowd smiling and flexing his huge thick biceps, triceps and very big and round bubble like pecks telling them what he’s going to do to Ultra Wasp.

Ultra Wasp had done his homework on Alpha Wasp and had taken venom neutralizers for every venom Alpha Wasp just put into him.

The effects of Alpha Wasp’s venom wore off and Ultra Wasp pushes a button on both his gauntlets and powerful streams of wasp sexual thermion gas blast towards Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp is unaware and inhales huge amounts of it in he turns from the crowd and walks back towards, Ultra Wasp!

Breathing the wasp sexual thermion gas is webbing Alpha Wasp’s will and mind areas of his android power brain, in a trap!

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis goes to full erect and pre-cum drips down the head.

Ultra Wasp starts talking to him his voice has a hypnotic effect.

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp you’re so super powerful flex your pecks and bicep muscles for me!”

Alpha Wasp with a stupid grin on his handsome face!

“Yes I will do that for you!”

Alpha Wasp is totally in Ultra Wasp’s power he starts flexing his huge round biceps and pecks.

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp take off your briefs goggles and gauntlets and utility belt for me.”

Alpha Wasp is totally being controlled by the wasp sexual thermion gas he starts removing his briefs then the rest when he is finished he is naked except for his boots.

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp your stinger penis is throbbing bend over and spread your ass crack for me!”

Alpha Wasp’s eyes looking very drugged he bends over and with his hands pulls his ass crack wide open exposing his pink muscle tight asshole!

Ultra Wasp keeps flooding Alpha Wasp with the thermion gas it isn’t effecting him he took a neutralizing agent.

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp I’m going to insert my stinger penis into you and then I’m going to jack off your stinger penis while my stinger penis is inside of you.”

Alpha Wasp bent over.

“Yes please insert your stinger penis into me and keep it there while you make me cum, oh PLEASE!”

The crowed goes ballistic roaring loud this is a first the muscle bound stud hero being webbed up in a sexual thermion trap all of the jack off rooms went full, fast!

Ultra Wasp’s rock hard stinger penis self lubes with sexual flooding venom he puts the head to

Alpha Wasp’s asshole and slides it in all the way.

Ultra Wasp - “Now stand up Alpha Wasp while I pump you and I jack off your stinger penis!”

Alpha Wasp stands up his muscular legs wide as Ultra Wasp pumps him and pushes a button on his right gauntlet a powerful vibration begins he wraps his fist around Alpha Wasp’s hard stinger penis and goes back and forth.


Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp tell me when you are going to cum you are so powerful and strong your stinger penis is dripping pre-cum it won’t take much longer will it?”


Alpha Wasp shoots huge loads of his sperm for a good two minutes when he is done his muscle arms are limp his handsome head jerking back and forth moaning from the power drain.

The crowd is in heaven!

Ultra Wasp removes his stinger penis from the power drained Alpha Wasp and lays him down on the floor face down.

Ultra Wasp stops blasting Alpha Wasp with the thermion gas he pulls Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis back towards his legs.

Then Ultra Wasp sticks a finger to Alpha Wasp’s asshole and stings him with a huge load of obey venom.


Ultra Wasp - “A huge load of obey venom thank you for falling into my trap you soon to be dead fool!”

Alpha Wasp knowing now he fell into a trap the obey venom zapping away his will!


Ultra Wasp starts squeezing Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis.


Ultra Wasp puts three fingers to Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and stings him senseless!


Ultra Wasp paralyzed Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis erection ability! Whenever that happens to a mutant, it has a powerful mind raping effect on them!

Ultra Wasp - “Oh yeah Alpha Wasp I just paralyzed your stinger penis took all of it’s power away! And that sure did put a metal mind fuck on you, didn’t it? You soon to be destroyed stud hero!”


“That’s right Alpha Wasp I’m going to destroy you drain away your super strength and drain your power brain dry.

 One of the venom’s I stung you with is a power brain paralyzing venom.”


Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp tell the crowd who is more powerful and what I’m going to do to you.”


The crowd goes insane seeing and hearing the stud hero Alpha Wasp stuttering and totally in Ultra Wasp’s, POWER!

Ultra Wasp - “Now it’s time to flood you with power paralyzing venom Alpha Wasp and take away your super strength.”


Ultra Wasp’s stinger penis is rock hard the head of it self lubes with power paralyzing venom he sticks the head of it to Alpha Wasp’s asshole and slams it into him.


Ultra Wasp pounds Alpha Wasp hard and fast and then floods his insides with power paralyzing venom.


Alpha Wasp is pounding the arena floor with both his quivering fists his pinched very muscular buttocks are jerking up and down non-stop!

Ultra Wasp - “Just two more loads of that Alpha Wasp and you will be destroyed where is all your power stud hero, tell me?”


The crowed roaring and chanting over and over Ultra Wasp is taking away all Alpha Wasp’s power!

Alpha Wasp’s super strength and power brain power was draining away two more loads of Ultra Wasp’s power paralyzing venom would render Alpha Wasp completely destroyed.

Ultra Wasp’s stinger penis rock hard and still inside of Alpha Wasp he starts pumping him faster and faster. Alpha Wasp in a power drain stupor his very muscular buttocks flexing and spasming as Ultra Wasp pounds his stinger-swollen asshole!

Ultra Wasp flexes his awesome muscle bound body and floods another huge load of his power paralyzing venom inside Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp getting weaker and weaker his muscled out body spasming all over roughly! As if it is begging for power!

Ultra Wasp - “Where’s all your super strength? Your power Alpha Wasp? Tell me!”


Ultra Wasp - “Oh yeah he’s very weak and his power brain is failing one more load of my power paralyzing venom and he will be, destroyed!”

Ultra Wasp’s stinger penis is still rock hard and inside of Alpha Wasp he puts his muscular arms around the power zapped hero and starts flying Alpha Wasp impaled on Ultra Wasp’s stinger penis his very muscular arms and legs limp no power his handsome head hanging way down with his upper body.

Ultra Wasp takes the defeated stud hero Alpha Wasp around for the crowd to see his handy work! What they see is a very weak drugged out of his mind looking and soon to be dead champion!

Ultra Wasp - “Alpha Wasp tell them what I’m going to do to you and what will happen when it’s done.”


The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing and hearing!

Will Alpha Wasp soon be no more?

Ultra Wasp lands he roughly pulls Alpha Wasp to an upright position he grabs Alpha Wasp’s muscular arms and lifts them up above his head and lets go!

They fall down like bricks no power Ultra Wasp bends Alpha Wasp over again and starts slam pumping him, senseless!

Alpha Wasp’s muscular arms swing back and forth!

The God-like stud hero that is extremely muscle bound! And the five-year Death Match Champion Is talking out of his head, jumbled and mindless words!

As Ultra Wasp is fixing to flood very deeply his insides with more of the deadly power paralyzing, venom!

Ultra Wasp shoots another huge load of his power paralyzing venom deep inside of Alpha Wasp!


Ultra Wasp roughly shoves Alpha Wasp off his stinger penis Alpha Wasp lays face down silent!

Ultra Wasp puts his booted foot on Alpha Wasp and raises his muscled arms in a victory stance!

The crowd hails the new champion as, Ultra Wasp!

He puts his fist around his stinger penis and waves it back and forth saying this is what destroyed Alpha Wasp!

After a brief victory flight he looks down at Alpha Wasp’s lifeless body he decides he wants everyone to see his handy work!

He lands down at Alpha Wasp’s non-moving pinched buttocks area he reaches down and picks him up and turns him towards himself!

Alpha Wasp’s eyes and mouth open wide and a deadly blast of green liquid venom blasts Ultra Wasp’s face!

A shocked looking Ultra Wasp’s body freezes then falls backwards and down he is dead!

The crowd can’t believe what they have just seen and roaring cheers for Alpha Wasp begin!

Alpha Wasp stands spreads his muscular legs lowers his muscular arms then flexes his entire muscle bound body his handsome head goes back his eye glow with intense brightness he completely re-powers!

Alpha Wasp looks down at the very destroyed Ultra Wasp! Then picks up the dead stud heroes’ stinger penis as he kneels and sinks his two fat round needle like fangs into it and starts sucking!

When he is done Ultra Wasp is nothing but a completely dried up husk!

Alpha Wasp - “I never like you! I’m glad you’re all dried up! Want to take my, MAN! HA!”

Alpha Wasp goes to his weapons and briefs and puts them on Omega Wasp flies to him the crowed cheers, loud!

Omega Wasp - “My love you never stop amazing me, I’m ashamed!”

Alpha Wasp - “Why are you ashamed?”

Omega Wasp - “ I got a hardon watching him web you up in that sex trap! I have been a bad husband! You must punish me and pound me with your stinger penis tonight!”

Omega Wasp grins his sexy as all get out grin!

Alpha Wasp - “Sex trap? Good I get to have my way with you tonight, yeah!”

Rex comes walking out with the check and the trophy!

Rex - “Stunning victory Alpha Wasp so glad to be talking with you! Can you tell us about that first time ever sexual thermion gas Ultra Wasp used on you and you’re feeling about it?”

Alpha Wasp - “He had me totally in his power with that weapon but my power brain detected it and set up a save mode reaction plan!”

Rex - “But Ultra Wasp stung you with a power brain drain venom, can you explain?”

Alpha Wasp - “For that to completely wipe out my power brain another venom has to be induced my power brain was being weakened but not totally disabled.”

Rex - “One more question Alpha Wasp I know you and Omega Wasp have plans remember everyone can hear everything in this place?”

Rex - “The weapon that destroyed Ultra Wasp can you give us some insight about that?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes Rex that weapon can from KingCow Ants DNA the battle where I was totally in his power! The King Ant’s fuck puppet! The whole match! I just got lucky with that one, very lucky!”

Rex hands Alpha Wasp his check and trophy they shake hands and Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp fly upwards together circle the crowd close their wings fanning the crowd.

A monitor reads: “We thought you could use some cooling, off!”

And they fly out of the arena and go very fast, home!

The end. David Circe.

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp, Ultra Wasp, Rex are my creations.