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Alpha Wasp Vs Super Tarantula
By David Circe (Illustrated by Herodotus)
Email: David Circe

Mutant World - The Hero Alpha Wasp Vs Super Tarantula


Well it’s a packed house tonight everyone our hero Alpha Wasp has mopped the floor up with all of his opponents.

And we come to the final death match the Hero and champion Alpha Wasp Vs the villain Super Tarantula.

Two monitoring screens show the hero Alpha Wasp and the villain Super Tarantula’s status.

The Champion and hero Alpha Wasp front pose a very handsome muscle bound 6ft 3 jet-black hair 22-inch on full erection stinger penis super strength.

 He has wings and can fly at lightning speed weapons goggles weapons gauntlets weapons utility belt has rust color special flex soft shield protect briefs short black boots a long listing of special venom’s next to some state can be deadly.

Contender the villain Super Tarantula front pose very handsome and muscle bound 6ft 5 jet-black curly hair light brown eyes 25-inch when fully erect stinger penis he wears black briefs with silver like webs super strength.

His webs are of different types and can be very trapping or laced with venoms!

A long listing of venom’s next to some state can be deadly has short black boots and a round symbol with a spider fanging to death a looks to be in deep shock muscle man that has black leather straps criss cross his awesome chest area holding it on.

The fight announcer walks up to both fighters.

Announcer - “Alright Alpha Wasp and Super Tarantula congrats on making it to the final round this is a fight to the death the winner will take home the cash and the championship trophy when the bell rings the fight begins.”

Super Tarantula - “Everyone are you ready to see this muscle stud hero be destroyed and see me as your new champion?”

The crowds eat that up and all lot of them say yes destroy the wasp and cheers.

Alpha Wasp - “Shame on some of you destroy the wasp not nice and any ways everyone knows a spider’s worst enemy is a wasp and his stinger.”

Alpha Wasp smiles that sexy grin and picks up his limp stinger penis and shakes it at Super Tarantula.

The crowd goes wild and cheers Alpha Wasp.

The bell rings and the death match begins.

Super Tarantula starts at Alpha Wasp and tries to grab him but Alpha Wasp is to quick and flies up into the air out of his reach.

Alpha Wasp - “What’s a matter Super Tarantula I’m I out of your reach?”

The crowd cheers and all lot of them yell Alpha Wasp, Alpha Wasp, Alpha Wasp YEAH!

Super Tarantula puts both of his hands towards Alpha Wasp and stingers launch and go towards the stud hero.

But Alpha Wasp is to quick and darts out of the way Super Tarantula keeps trying to no avail.

Then Alpha Wasp flies lighting fast and Super Tarantula can’t see him anymore.

Super Tarantula turns and Alpha Wasp is standing right in front of him before Super Tarantula can do anything.

Alpha Wasp’s long peck stingers come forth and go deep into Super Tarantula’s pumped pecks.

Alpha Wasp’s pecks indenting rapidly loading Super Tarantula with brain stun venom.

Then Alpha Wasp’s peck stingers withdraw.

Super Tarantula is in a brain stun venom stupor his eyes look very drugged and he walks around the ring in a daze.

The crowed goes wild! And jack-off lights start lighting up full blast you can rent a jack off room that has a twin bed and a full screen monitor of the show.

Alpha Wasp pulls down Super Tarantula’s black and silver briefs and grabs Super Tarantula’s huge limp stinger penis and starts walking him around the ring.

Alpha Wasp - “I think this big muscle stud got zapped good by my peck stingers and brain stun venom what do you think?”

The crowed cheers OH YEAH and roars Alpha Wasp rules!

Alpha Wasp smiles his sexy grin for the crowed and pulling on Super Tarantula’s huge limp penis walks him to the center of the ring.

Alpha Wasp - “Your not so super anymore Super Tarantula I think it’s time for me to ram my stinger penis up your ass and load you full of my killer venom what do you think everyone?”

The crowed goes wild chanting over and over again destroy Super Tarantula.

Super Tarantula’s head is jerking ever which way he is moaning and groaning his eyes drug like.

Alpha Wasp pulls down his briefs and his stinger penis goes to full erection then the head of it self lubes with all kinds of different colored venom’s.

The crowed goes wild.

Alpha Wasp with his legs spreads Super Tarantula’s muscled legs wide and then bends him over and puts his venom lube stinger penis head to his asshole and slams it in.

Super Tarantula - “OH-I’M-AHHHHHHHHHH!”

The crowed is eating this up.

Super Tarantula’s very muscled arms hang down like a rag dolls he is impaled on Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp - “Look everyone I just put my stinger in this stud Super Tarantula! Poor-poor Super Tarantula!”

The crowed goes wild jack off lights going on one after another.

Everyone can see Alpha Wasp’s erect stinger penis inside of Super Tarantula via clear picture x-ray.

Then lightning fast dozens of stinger go into Alpha Wasp’s erect stinger penis pumping it full of different venom’s


A very shocked look shows on Alpha Wasp’s handsome face.

He pulls his now very limp and full of stinger holes stinger penis out of Super Tarantula’s asshole and it flops downward.

Alpha Wasp is in a powerful stupor and walks around the ring dazed out of his mind.

Super Tarantula’s laughs loud.

“Look everyone the muscle stud hero fell into my trap!”

The crowed goes insane and jack off lights go blinking on by the dozens.

Super Tarantula flexes his awesome muscle bound body for the crowed he then walks to the zapped hero Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp doesn’t know anything he’s zapped senseless.

Super Tarantula removes Alpha Wasp’s goggles then his gantlets then his utility belt then his briefs.

When Super Tarantula is finished Alpha Wasp is completely naked except for his boots.

Super Tarantula grabs Alpha Wasp’s zapped limp stinger penis and pulls on it and walks the completely and totally mind parlayed stud hero around the ring.

The crowed goes crazy jack off lights going on wildly.

Super Tarantula - “Alpha Wasp one of the venom’s I zapped you with is a powerful mind control venom I’m your master you will obey do you understand?”

Alpha Wasp answers stuttering


The crowd goes insane jack off lights keep lighting up non-stop!

Then the handsome villain Super Tarantula goes to Alpha Wasp’s pecks with his fingers he pushes around and inward Alpha Wasp’s left nipple exposing the stinger.

Super Tarantula grabs the stinger and rips it out.


Then Super Tarantula goes to Alpha Wasp’s right nipple pushes in and exposes that stinger and rips it out.


The large crowd goes insane they have never seen Alpha Wasp’s pecks stingers ripped out before!

Alpha Wasp’s handsome head is jerking wildly mindless words coming out of his mouth.

Super Tarantula - “This stud heroes stinger penis went powerless I think I will give it some life.”

The crowd roars insane like jack off lights going off in record numbers!

Super Tarantula lifts up Alpha Wasp’s zapped stinger penis he puts the head of his stinger penis to the base of Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis.

From the penis hole of Super Tarantula’s stinger penis comes forth a stinger and goes in.

Alpha Wasp eyes go wide open and shocked he starts begging Super Tarantula to please, stop!


The monitor shows two kinds of venoms Super Tarantula put into Alpha Wasp fear and up and down.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis goes to full erect for five seconds then rapidly goes limp then goes erect again and again and does not stop doing this.

The crowed goes ballistic they have never seen anything like this happen to Alpha Wasp the stud hero being turned into a weak acting very powerless pussified begging powerless muscle bound stud hero!

Then Super Tarantula swings Alpha Wasp around and rips both of his wings off!


The crowd goes mad mindless words of pain and defeat coming out of Alpha Wasp’s mouth!

Super Tarantula smiles a devils grin and starts walking the defeated stud hero around the ring Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis going erect then limp as Super Tarantula shows the crowed his work.

Super Tarantula - “I think it’s time for a new champion this stud superhero is totally in my power I think you all will like what I have planned for him next.”
The crowd cheers and chants over and over again Alpha Wasp is finished and in the new Death Match Champion Super Tarantula’s, POWER!

All the jack off rooms are full the video sells of this will go through the roof!

Super Tarantula - “Alpha Wasp who is your master who do you obey?”

Alpha Wasp - “Super Tarantula is my master I will I must, obey!”

The crowd roars on and on.

Super Tarantula - “Alpha Wasp start turning around and around!”

Alpha Wasp starts turning around and around as commanded.

Super Tarantula’s huge stinger penis is rock hard he points it at Alpha Wasp’s lower pecks area and load after load of power draining webbing blast Alpha Wasp.

With Alpha Wasp turning around and around the webbing makes a complete circle.

Then Super Tarantula points his stinger penis upwards the webbing attaches and pulls Alpha Wasp two feet off the floor.

The crowd loves this and roars on.

Super Tarantula starts at Alpha Wasp’s neck the blasts of power draining webbing turning him around and around.


Super Tarantula does not web up Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis so everyone can see it still going erect then limp.

Super Tarantula finishes webbing the helpless stud hero Alpha Wasp up Alpha Wasp’s head jerking.

Alpha Wasp speaking in a very high-toned voice


The crowd is in heaven and keeps chanting over and over Super Tarantula rules!

Super Tarantula - “What do you think crowd time for me to put my huge stinger penis into him and flood him with my power draining webs until all his power is gone?”

The crowd roars and chants over and over Destroy the muscle bound stud hero, wasp!

Super Tarantula’s huge erect penis head self lubes with venom he removes the webbing from Alpha Wasp’s asshole area.

Super Tarantula puts the head of his stinger penis to Alpha Wasp’s asshole and rams it in as far as it will go!


Super Tarantula starts pumping Alpha Wasp and flooding him with his deadly power draining webbing.


Super Tarantula - “Your not weak enough yet feel my power Alpha Wasp sucking all your power away!”

Alpha Wasp was indeed getting weaker and weaker Super Tarantula’s power draining web flooding his insides.


The crowd is going wild never have they seen the stud hero Alpha Wasp this close to being destroyed.

Super Tarantula - “Where is all your power stud hero? I will tell you where it is draining out of your muscle bound body just a little more of my power draining web and your lights will go out forever!”


Alpha Wasp’s power level is showing on the monitor it is falling rapidly fast downward to zero, FAST!

Super Tarantula - “The great stud hero and champion death match king soon will be destroyed hail to the new death match champion!”

The crowd roars loud and chants over and over: Hail to the new Death Match Champion Super Tarantula!

Alpha Wasp almost completely drained of all his power seems helpless and will be destroyed in seconds.

But then his eyes start glowing and getting brighter and brighter then his entire webbed up body is flooded with an incredible power surge.

Super Tarantula is blasted out of Alpha Wasp’s asshole and is dead on the floor.

All the power draining webbing is gone from his awesome muscle bound body new wings sprout from his back he stands erect and flexes his pumped pecks and new peck stingers pop fully out then go back in.

The crowd is in awe and cheers and roars loud.

Alpha Wasp goes to the dead Tarantula and pulls up his limp stinger penis two fangs come from his mouth and go into it and he starts sucking.

When he is done Super Tarantula is nothing but a completely dried up husk!

Alpha Wasp lifts his muscled arms up to the crowd and they start cheering and chanting his name over and over.

Alpha Wasp goes to his briefs and gauntlets and goggles and utility belt and puts them all on.

From somewhere in the back a very handsome man like Alpha Wasp flies to him the crowd roars.

The owner and announcer comes with a check and a trophy.

King Cobra Rex - “Congratulation Alpha Wasp winner and still champ!

Alpha Wasp - “Thank you Rex and all my fans and my partner here Omega Wasp!

The crowd cheers and chants over and over again hail Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp.

When the cheering dies down Rex ask Alpha Wasp about the match.

Rex - “Alpha Wasp I really didn’t think I would be standing here talking to you that was the most incredible match so far up to date fill us in will you?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yeah Rex Super Tarantula zapped me good he had me totally in his power I thought I was done for.”

Rex - “Alpha Wasp are you still feeling the effect of his power draining webbing?”

Alpha Wasp - “No Rex I still had all my power reservoirs supply Super Tarantula almost started tapping into them my power surge neutralized his power draining webs and all of his venoms.”

Rex - “Alpha Wasp can you tell us Super Tarantula’s mistake and how you were able to rebound from almost being destroyed?”

Alpha Wasp - “If Super Tarantula would have webbed my head up along with the rest of my body he would have destroyed me my android like power brain started a tactical help plan lucky for me he left my power brain alone.”

Rex - “So your power brain wasn’t affected by all his venoms?”

Alpha Wasp - “My power brain was zapped by all his venoms but as soon as his stingers stung my stinger penis, my power brain started a safe mode plan.”

Rex   - “What was it like battling Super Tarantula?”

Alpha Wasp - “This is the first time I have come that near death I thought my peck stingers had put all his stingers to sleep I was wrong me being the champion I get a listing of all my opponents weapons and venom so I knew about them he trapped me.”

Rex - “Alpha Wasp when he pulled out your peck stingers and ripped off your wings I thought that you were done for can you tell us about that?”

Alpha Wasp - “That zapped me senseless my mind fell into darkness others have tried to rip off my wings but were not strong enough Super Tarantula was a powerful deadly force I’m lucky to be here!”

Rex - “I see your partner Omega Wasp is here with you right now Omega Wasp how did you feel about what was happening to your, lover?”

Omega Wasp - “I was very scared Rex I thought Super Tarantula was going to destroy my man but he didn’t and that makes me happy and very proud of him!”

Rex - “Well I know you’re tired and want to get out of here so here is your check and trophy I know the sells of this match are already in big demand hail to the Death Match Champion the stud hero, Alpha Wasp!”

The crowd cheers and chants over and over hail to, Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp smiles at all the crowd and he and his partner Omega Wasp fly up in the air together and fly around close to the crowd!

On the monitor it says we thought you could use some cooling off.

Then both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp fly out of the building.

The end.

David Circe. The heroes’ Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp and King Cobra Mutant Rex and this Mutant villain Super Tarantula are my creations.     

Reviewed 6/18/2008