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Alpha Wasp Vs Duke Anaconda
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Alpha Wasp Vs Duke Anaconda

Ring announcer - “Good evening gentlemen, to begin our new season of death matches we have a special match tonight, a handicap match between two heroes’.”

“Alpha Wasp Vs Duke Anaconda this match will be a three out of five fall match, the winner will receive a special two parts money checks, one for the homeless and other to the victor.”

On two monitors the stats of both Alpha Wasp and Duke Anaconda are shown front poses.

Alpha Wasp: Handsome 6ft3 short jet black hair green colored eyes, muscle bound has super strength, wings that able him to fly lightning fast, black wrestler type boots rust colored soft metal flex shield briefs has a 22-inch stinger penis when fully erect.

Weapons: Android power brain, goggles, gauntlets, utility belt different types of stingers, a long list of venom’s next to some say can be deadly.

Best known as: 5-year Death Match Champion/Mutant allied force hero.

Duke Anaconda: Handsome 7ft0 very long dark brown hair, brown colored eyes, muscle bound has super strength brown wrestler type boots snake skin colored soft metal flex shield g-string tubular like,  has a 36-inch snake like penis when fully erect.

Weapons: Android power brain, gauntlets utility belt flyer boots.

Best known as: Mutant allied force hero

Ring Announcer - “And now lets give a big hand to our heroes’.”

The crowd cheers as Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp and the new snake mutant heroes’ Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda enter the arena.

Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp flies in from the left side and Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda walks in from the right.

Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp flies around close to the crowed and smiles and waves.

Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda smiles and waves to the cheering fans.

Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp lands and their wings fold they walk up to Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda.

Alpha Wasp puts forth his hand and Duke Anaconda takes it and they shake.

The Ring Announcer walks to both and stands in between them.

“Thank you both for this match! The money is going for a great charity the homeless.”

“And as you both know all your weapons except deadly ones can and should be used.”

Both Alpha Wasp and Duke Anaconda nod.

Ring Announcer - “Now when you hear the bell the match begins.”

All four heroes turn and look at each other smiling.

Alpha Wasp looking at both snake mutant heroes’ tubular in-cased snake like penises.

Alpha Wasp - “Are those things real?”

Both Duke and Count Anaconda laugh out loud and shake their heads yes.

Alpha Wasp - “My love do you see their penises? Damn!”

Omega Wasp grinning big.

“Yes my love I think I’m going to stay hard forever when he puts that huge weapon of his to you!”

Alpha Wasp frowns then laughs out loud and so does Omega Wasp.

The crowd can hear every word said and all are laughing.

The bell rings and Omega Wasp and Count Anaconda go to different corners to aide their lovers when one falls.

Alpha Wasp flies fast upwards watching Duke Anaconda, Duke Anaconda’s fly boots allow him to fly and he heads straight for Alpha Wasp also very fast.

Alpha Wasp puts both his fists outwards and towards Duke Anaconda and dozens of stingers fly at Duke Anaconda.

They all bounce off of his skin and fall to the floor below.

The crowd cheers for Duke Anaconda.

Alpha Wasp - “Damn! He has tough skin, hum will have to try something else!”

Duke Anaconda thinks Alpha Wasp is awesome checking out the Death Match champion for five years muscle bound body, his stinger penis bulge and stunning good looks.

Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis starts going fully erect.

Count Anaconda smiles he understands, he to has had many thoughts about the sexy stud hero Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp flies lightning fast and while doing so hits a button on his right arm gauntlet.

A duplicate image of him self is cast up high, it looks as if he’s watching and just hovering.

Duke Anaconda flies towards the image thinking it’s Alpha Wasp.

Duke Anaconda gets closer and closer thinking he will grab Alpha Wasp and put him in a knock out squeeze.

When a sharp pain zaps his asshole he reaches down and pulls out two 5-inch stinger’s dripping with thick green and yellow liquid.

Duke Anaconda’s pecs start indenting then stop his very muscular arms fall down to his sides his eyes are half closed drug like.

Alpha Wasp - “Like my muscle paralyze and sleep venom Duke Anaconda?”

Alpha Wasp flies behind Duke Anaconda and yanks down his g-string, he pulls the still rock hard snake like penis out of the tube.

Because it is so big Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis has to much girth and it hangs down.

The crowd is loving this and cheers go out to Alpha Wasp jackoff rooms start lighting up fast.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis self lubes with more of the same type venom he bends the big muscle snake mutant man over and puts the head of his stinger penis to Duke Anaconda’s swollen asshole.

Alpha Wasp slides his stinger penis in as far as it will go then grabs Duke Anaconda’s huge snake like penis and starts pumping him.


Alpha Wasp starts flying down to the floor with Duke Anaconda impaled on his stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp strokes Duke Anaconda’s huge penis for the crowd, then Alpha Wasp flexes his muscle bound body and shoots two more loads of sleep and muscle paralyze venom deep into a very zapped Duke Anaconda.

The crowd goes wild seeing this and loud cheers for Alpha Wasp ring out through the arena.

Alpha Wasp grabs both of Duke Anaconda’s very muscular arms and pulls them out from his sides and lets go.

Both fall back in place and sway back and forth.

Then Alpha Wasp’s fist goes to Duke Anaconda’s penis head area and he pushes a button on his gauntlet, a powerful vibration starts.


Alpha Wasp starts flexing his stinger penis making it go up and down as Duke Anaconda shoots huge loads of his sperm for all to see.

Alpha Wasp keeps vibrating Duke Anaconda’s huge long penis the ejaculation stops and Duke Anaconda is sound asleep out cold.

The entire crowd is roaring for Alpha Wasp jackoff room lights going on rapidly.

Alpha Wasp stops his gauntlet from vibrating and pulls his stinger penis out of Duke Anaconda.

Then Alpha Wasp turns the sleeping Duke Anaconda around grabs his now going limp penis near the head area and lifts him up and down like he is weight lifting.

Duke Anaconda’s muscular arms and legs hang downward limp no power as Alpha Wasp flies up and takes Duke Anaconda to his partner and lover Count Anaconda.

Omega Wasp watching with a big smile on his handsome face beaming with pride.

Alpha Wasp flies over to his Omega Wasp and they kiss one another and both smile big for the crowd.

Rex - “Alpha Wasp wins the first round congratulations! The score is 1-0 round two will begin in fifteen minutes.”

Count Anaconda gives Duke Anaconda the antidote’s to the venom’s Alpha Wasp zapped him with and he starts coming around he stands and flexes his muscle bound body.

Duke Anaconda looks over at Alpha Wasp and smiles and gives him a thumbs up, Alpha Wasp smiles and gives a happy thumbs up back.

Count Anaconda whisper’s something in Duke Anaconda’s ear and both laugh loud.

The bell rings and round two begins.

Both Alpha Wasp and Duke Anaconda fly up fast Duke Anaconda reaches down to his fly boots and he pushes two buttons.

Lightning fast Duke Anaconda is very close to Alpha Wasp.

This fast move towards him startles Alpha Wasp and he launches stinger’s at Duke Anaconda forgetting they have no effect.

With his well muscled arms pointing forwards Duke Anaconda pushes two button’s on his gauntlets then he points his fists at Alpha Wasp’s handsome head.

Nothing happens Alpha Wasp keeps flying backwards as Duke Anaconda advances towards him.

Alpha Wasp - “Hey look everyone his weapons aren’t working looks like I’m going to have to shut him down again!”

The crowd cheers loud for Alpha Wasp jackoff rooms filling up fast.

Alpha Wasp turns and looks at the crowd and flexes his pecs and bi-cep’s and smiling big for the crowd.

Alpha Wasp turns back to see that Duke Anaconda is very close and from both his gauntlets powerful blasts of a purple powder fly directly into his face.

Alpha Wasp’s eyes open wide with a very shocked look on his handsome face.

Alpha Wasp breaths the purple powder substance in his entire muscle bound body quivers, his handsome head jerks and spasms, his eyes become fixed un-blinking very drugged looking.

Duke Anaconda - “Got you! How do you like my purple haze daze weapon powder Alpha Wasp?”

Alpha Wasp’s power brain is zapped by this weapon, unable to think or function all his awesome muscles are paralyzed and his wings stop working.

Alpha Wasp starts going down fast but Duke Anaconda grabs Alpha Wasp’s utility belt and holds him up in front of himself.

Duke Anaconda pulls down Alpha Wasp’s briefs exposing the stud heroes’ limp stinger penis his big balls and very muscular buttocks.

The crowd goes wild chanting Duke Anaconda has Alpha Wasp in his power!

Alpha Wasp’s head stops jerking and his chin falls down to his bubble pecs, his eyes very drugged out looking, his very muscular arms and legs limp and dangling.

Duke Anaconda floats himself and Alpha Wasp down to the arena floor.

Duke Anaconda with one hand grabs Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and holds the zapped out Alpha Wasp up only by his stinger penis.

Then Duke Anaconda pulls out his huge snake like penis and puts the head of his to the head of Alpha wasp’s stinger penis.

Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis hole starts getting bigger and bigger, it starts sucking Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis into it.

The crowd has never seen anything like this and very loud cheers go to Duke Anaconda! All the jackoff room are full.

Duke Anaconda’s snake like penises keeps sucking Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis into it, in no time it wraps around Alpha Wasp’s big testicles.

Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis starts constricting and putting a powerful death grip on Alpha Wasp’s big testicles.

This some what brings the zapped out Alpha Wasp back to reality.


Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis puts a knock out squeeze to Alpha Wasp’s big testicles.

Alpha Wasp is out cold in 8 seconds his entire muscle bound body lays back with his muscular arms and legs hanging limp.

The crowd cheers loud for Duke Anaconda.

Duke Anaconda walks to Omega Wasp with Alpha Wasp dangling between his awesome muscular legs.

His snake like penis releases the grip on Alpha Wasp stinger penis and Omega Wasp grabs hold of his lover Alpha Wasp.

Both Omega Wasp and Duke Anaconda smile at each other and The Duke walks over to his partner Count Anaconda.

Rex - “Round two goes to Duke Anaconda congratulations! This match is tied up 1to1 round 3 begins in fifteen minutes!”

Omega Wasp has the antidote to Duke Anaconda’s purple haze daze drug powder and injects a large vein with it.

Alpha Wasp is still out cold and Omega Wasp smiles and reaches into his utility belt and picks out a packet of smelling sauce.

He waves it under Alpha Wasp’s nose and he comes to life very quick!


Omega Wasp - “Oh there you are sleepy head, he got you good! He put a good squeeze to those big balls of yours and used the new weapon purple haze daze on your sexy self.”

Alpha Wasp - “I have big balls! Have you look at yours lately? Speaking of balls mine hurt really bad!”

Alpha Wasp looks down at his red somewhat swollen testicles and frowns.

Omega Wasp - “Bend over my love!”

Alpha Wasp - “My love you want sex right now! Here in front of everyone?”

The crowd goes wild with laughter and so does Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda and Omega Wasp.

Omega Wasp - “My love this right here is for the pain and swelling of your now somewhat bigger balls!”

Omega Wasp shows Alpha Wasp a syringe with two different type liquids.

Alpha Wasp smiles and bends over.

Omega Wasp injects Alpha Wasp with the pain and swelling relief antidote.

In no time Alpha Wasp’s pain and swelling stops, he smiles big and pulls up his rust color flex soft shield briefs.

He turns to Omega Wasp and kisses him and says thank you.

Omega Wasp grins a big sexy grin and with his long finger motions for Alpha Wasp to come listen in secret.

Alpha Wasp raises up both he and Omega turn towards Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda laughing!

Both Duke and Count Anaconda’s make questioning face jesters then smile big.

The Crowd cheers loud, all are very much enjoying this show between heroes’!

The bell rings and lightning fast Alpha Wasp flies upward looking down at an advancing Duke Anaconda.

Alpha Wasp smiles big as Duke Anaconda gets closer and closer, Alpha Wasp just hovering watching him come with his hands at his utility belt.

Duke Anaconda is almost to Alpha Wasp when the stud hero twist the silver center of his utility belt and pushes at it.

A to all snake mutants, a sensitive high frequency brain stun wave beam emits from Alpha Wasp’s utility belt and slams into a shocked looking Duke Anaconda.


Alpha Wasp keeps hovering with his brain stun beam pointing directly at Duke Anaconda’s head.

Duke Anaconda’s handsome head goes down ward, his chiseled chin resting on his big round pecs.

Alpha Wasp quickly pulls down Duke Anaconda’s tube g-string and swings his still hovering with his fly boots self around.

Even with the brain stun beams not going directly to his head, Duke Anaconda can feel a lesser effect and is stunned good.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis head self lubes with quick knock out venom and he slides it into Duke Anaconda’s very tight asshole.

No response from the snake mutant the brain stun beam zapped him good!

Alpha Wasp flexes his muscle bound body and loads Duke Anaconda with a big deal of quick knock out venom.

Duke Anaconda’s sexy eyes go from drugged like to closed all of his awesome muscular body limp like a rag dolls.

Alpha Wasp flies the stinger penis impaled He-man snake mutant around close for the crowd to see.

The crowd cheers loud for Alpha Wasp chanting Alpha Wasp rules!

Then Alpha Wasp flies downward with a huge grin on his handsome face first towards Omega Wasp then to Count Anaconda.

Count Anaconda has a full erection, his monster snake like penis erection is very girth laden and hangs downward, a dream like smile on his very handsome face.

Alpha Wasp hovers close enough for Count Anaconda to pull his lover The Duke, off of Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp nods with a smile and flies to Omega Wasp.

Rex - “Alpha Wasp wins round three congratulations! The score is Alpha Wasp 2 Duke Anaconda 1 round four will begin in fifteen minutes!”

Omega Wasp, has a big sexy grin on his stunningly handsome face and a rock hard stinger penis sticking out of his briefs, he kisses Alpha Wasp and then speaks.

Omega Wasp - “You never cease to amaze me my love, what you did to the sexy Duke Anaconda was quick and to the point.”

Alpha Wasp - “Yeah we make a great team don’t we my love? That ideal of yours worked very well but can’t use it again, Count Anaconda is putting brain stun wave filters in that drop dead good looking Duke’s ears.”

Count Anaconda gave Duke Anaconda the antidote for the quick knock venom and a brain clear drug, in no time Duke Anaconda is smiling and ready for round four.

Count Anaconda - “I’m still rock hard from watching that My heart, that stud hero Alpha Wasp zapped you good and quick.”

Duke Anaconda - “He sure did my only one, thanks for the filters I have a pay back plan for this next round, I hope that huge beautiful cock of yours can handle it!”

Duke Anaconda winks at his lover and both smile big and look at Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp.

Alpha Wasp - “Hum, do you see them smiling like two Drug Store bandits my love? I wonder what he’s thinking!”

Before Omega Wasp can answer, the bell rings and Alpha Wasp flies up fast, a little to fast he has now lost sight of Duke Anaconda and starts looking around for him.

Duke Anaconda had pushed a button on his utility belt and went into invisible stealth mode and is in hovering very close to Alpha Wasp.

Duke Anaconda pushes a button on both his gauntlets and a flood of invisible Wasp sexual thermion gas floods into a unsuspecting Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp keeps searching for Duke Anaconda, breathing in the potent sexual thermion gas.

Soon it takes full effect and Alpha Wasp is very drugged looking with a fully erect stinger penis.

Duke Anaconda comes out of stealth mode and appears right in front of Alpha Wasp with his gauntlets pointing very close to Alpha Wasp’s face.

Duke Anaconda flies backward some.

Duke Anaconda - “Alpha Wasp, pull down your briefs and then bend over and spread your ass-crack wide for me!”

Alpha Wasp obeys he yanks down his briefs bends over and spreads his ass-crack as wide as he can.

Duke Anaconda makes sure he keeps one Wasp sexual thermion gas flooding gauntlet arm close to Alpha Wasp’s face, if the thermion gas stops for more then ten seconds the effect fades fast.

He reaches to his utility belt with one hand and grabs a spray tube of very slick lubricant.

He sprays a good amount onto Alpha Wasp’s exposed asshole then all over the head of his rock hard snake like penis head and shaft.

He puts back the lubricant and sticks the head of his very-very fat and long snake like penis to Alpha Wasp’s asshole.

Duke Anaconda’s penis acts like it’s got a mind of it’s own and starts trying to force it’s way into Alpha Wasp’s asshole.

While this is happening Duke Anaconda pushes the buttons to stop the Wasp sexual thermion gas, the buttons are blinking indicating low amount.

Duke Anaconda frowns, seeing that his huge long penis hasn’t went into Alpha Wasp yet.

Alpha Wasp starts coming out of his sexual stupor and is some what disoriented, not knowing why his stinger penis is fully erect and sticking out of his briefs.

Duke Anaconda reacts fast knowing Alpha Wasp is coming out of his stupor and with one arm and hand reaches around to Alpha Wasp’s big balls and puts a firm grip to them and pulls him backward.

His other hand goes to his snake like penis and with his super strength finally forces his huge very fat penis into Alpha Wasp’s asshole!


The force of Duke Anaconda’s huge penis head, going into Alpha Wasp jerked his head back hyper extending it, then back down fast! His chiseled chin resting between his cut at the top of his pecs.

Alpha Wasp is out cold his rock hard stinger penis went limp lightning fast.

Duke Anaconda finishes sliding his huge cock in as far as it will go.

Duke Anaconda wants to make sure Alpha Wasp doesn’t wake up and take away his win.

He reaches to his utility belt for a small spray tube of instant sleep drug and sprays it around Alpha Wasp’s nose and mouth Alpha Wasp breathing in the spray.

Duke Anaconda smiles big and replaces the sleep spray to his utility belt, he then flies down to Omega Wasp with an out cold sleeping Alpha Wasp.

The crowd cheering loud for Duke Anaconda!

Omega Wasp’s 25-inch fat stinger penis is rock hard he has a dreamy look on his very handsome face.

Duke Anaconda has to call to him to snap him out of it, he shakes his head and takes hold of Alpha Wasp’s waist and slowly pulls him off of Duke Anaconda’s huge penis.

Duke Anaconda smiles big at Omega Wasp and the smile is returned then he flies to his Count Anaconda.

Rex - “Duke Anaconda wins round 4 congratulations! The score is Alpha Wasp 2 and Duke Anaconda 2 the victor of round 5 will be the winner of tonight’s match, round 5 begins in fifteen minutes!”

Omega Wasp holds a completely limp muscles Alpha Wasp in his loving arms and gives him the antidote to the sleeping drug.

Nothing Alpha Wasp remains out cold.

Omega Wasp smiles big and reaches into his utility belt for the smelling sauce again and waves it under Alpha Wasp’s nose.


Omega Wasp grinning big - “Wake up my love only one round left to go!”

Alpha Wasp - “You know something?”

Omega Wasp - “What my love?”

Alpha Wasp - “I think you like bringing me out of a dead sleep with that damn smelling sauce!”

Omega Wasp laugh out loud, while laughing he reaches into his utility belt and takes out two nose filters.

Alpha Wasp - “What are those for?”

Omega Wasp - “Protection I think he’s all out of Wasp sexual thermion gas but just in case.”

Alpha Wasp’s head goes back and Omega Wasp inserts the nose filter’s.

Alpha Wasp - “Well my love you got any help for this final round?”

Omega Wasp - “Hum, well it looks like he has as many non-deadly weapons as you do let me think.”

Omega Wasp is in deep thought and then his eyes light up.

Omega Wasp reaches down to Alpha Wasp’s left ear and starts whispering to him.

Alpha Wasp with a your crazy look on his face looks up at Omega Wasp for a good spell then smiles big and kisses him.

Alpha Wasp - “Hum, I guess we will see.”

Alpha Wasp stands along side of his lover Omega Wasp a bit jittery in anticipation of the beginning of the final round.

The bell sounds and he flies straight upward this time watching Duke Anaconda closely.

Duke Anaconda keeps a steady pace and heads right after Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp takes a defensive posture, Duke Anaconda comes very close and pulls down his g-sting exposing his long huge penis.

Alpha Wasp doesn’t know what this is all about but soon he finds out.

Lightning fast Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis wraps around the very bottom of Alpha Wasp’s pecs.

Duke Anaconda’s snake like penis starts constricting, Alpha Wasp’s hands try to go to his gauntlet’s but Duke Anaconda grabs both and holds them.

Alpha Wasp starts to panic! He wasn’t expecting this and tries to use his super strength to get himself free.

But Duke Anaconda, also has super strength and holds on and his snake like penis keeps squeezing tighter and tighter.


Alpha Wasp’s head goes back he keep struggling but the grip is mind boggling.

The crowd cheers loud for Duke Anaconda!

Duke Anaconda - “Oh yeah! In a minute or two this stud hero will be out-cold and I will win this match!”

Then something Duke Anaconda wasn’t expecting to happen, happens.

Alpha Wasp’s goggled eyes look into a looking into his eyes Duke Anaconda.

Very powerful bright magnetic hypno-beams lock Duke Anaconda’s eyes to Alpha Wasp’s eyes.

Because of the metal parts of an android power brain Duke Anaconda is unable to close his eyes or look away.


Alpha Wasp - “Duke Anaconda, let go of my hands and stop your snake like penises death grip, you will OBEY!”

Duke Anaconda - “Yes, I will obey.

The now fully power brain hypnotized Duke Anaconda, stops his snake like penis from constricting Alpha Wasp and lets go of his hands.

Alpha Wasp - “Now handsome Duke Anaconda, your so sleepy your eyes will close and you will fall into a deep sleep you will only awake when you hear the words.”

Alpha Wasp goes to Duke Anaconda’s right ear and whispers the words.

Duke Anaconda’s sexy eyes close he fast asleep steady breathing.

The crowd is roaring and cheering for Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp turns himself and a out-cold Duke Anaconda, towards them he smiles big.

He then flies down to a smiling and fully erect Count Anaconda and gentleman like hands Duke Anaconda to him.

Alpha Wasp is smiling big and flies to his lover and partner Omega Wasp who also has a throbbing hard on.

Rex - “Alpha Wasp is the winner congratulations! Be right to you for the closing and check award ceremony!

Omega Wasp - “You did really well my love, like I say all the time you never cease to amaze me!”

Omega Wasp grabs hold of Alpha Wasp and kisses him with very deep love and effecting.

When this is done, Alpha Wasp takes Omega Wasp by the hand and they walk over to Duke and Count Anaconda’s.

Count Anaconda - “Congratulations Alpha Wasp! That was to HOT! I know my Duke will be happy to congratulate you also if he was awake that is.”

Alpha Wasp clears his throat and says - “Suck my fat stinger penis stud!”

Duke Anaconda’s sexy eyes open up and he is fully awake and feeling very rested, he smiles big at Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp smiles back with a happy thumbs up jester.

Rex comes walking up with a check in hand.

Rex - “Once again congratulations Alpha Wasp! Here is your tonight’s match victory check.

Alpha Wasp - “Rex, I would like to give this check to Duke Anaconda he and his handsome partner Count Anaconda are new to this area and also our newest allied force heroes’.”

Alpha Wasp - “And hopefully with this money they will be able to get settled in and celebrate their marriage which just happened two days ago!”

The crowd cheers loud and claps for the new married couple Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda!

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp and Rex also clap along with the crowd.

Rex hands Duke Anaconda the check and with a bright smile on his handsome face he gasps at the money amount of the check!

Duke Anaconda with happy tear going down his cheek looks at Alpha Wasp and says.

“Thank you so much Alpha Wasp! This is allot of money are you sure about this?”

Alpha Wasp - “Oh yes, I’m sure I want you and Count Anaconda to have the money consider it a combo wedding and honey moon gift from Omega Wasp and myself!”

Duke Anaconda goes to Alpha Wasp and hugs him and Omega Wasp, all four heroes’ have big happy grins on their handsome faces.

After all is said and done.

Alpha Wasp - “Hey Duke and Count Anaconda, follow Omega Wasp and me to our place and spend the night what do you say?”

Both snake mutant heroes’ shake their heads in yes gestures and they all walk out of the arena smiling and laughing together.

The end. David Circe.

Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp Rex Duke Anaconda and Count Anaconda are my creations.