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Alpha Wasp Vs Death Hornet
By David Circe
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Alpha Wasp Vs Death Hornet


Well another packed house tonight men the fighting has been brutal and hot!

And in our final death match we have the champion and hero Alpha Wasp and his opponent  the villain, Death Hornet.

Alpha Wasp flies in from one direction and Death Hornet from the other.

Both are greeted with loud cheers.

Their status is displayed on two screen monitors.

Alpha Wasp 6ft3 jet-black hair green eyes muscle bound super strength 22-inch cut stinger penis when fully erect red rust colored flex metal shield briefs.

Weapons arsenal goggles gauntlets utility belt assortment of stingers and venom’s next to some say can be deadly.

Death Hornet 6ft3 red hair blue eyes very muscular build super strength 28-inch cut stinger penis when fully erect longest on record multi-color briefs.

Weapons arsenal gauntlets utility belt assortment of stingers and venom’s some say can be deadly.

The ringmaster comes and stands in the middle of both men.

Ringmaster - “Both of you have made it to the final round congrats this match is to the death when you hear the bell begin fighting.

Alpha Wasp and Death Hornet turn and look each other over.

Alpha Wasp is a little stunned by how handsome Death Hornet is and his huge bulge he can see status monitor saying 28-inch long stinger penis when fully erect!

The bell sounds and both flies up into the air Alpha Wasp has the advantage he can fly faster.

Death Hornet waste no time in launching and attack he lifts both hands and stingers fly towards Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp is to fast for them he darts out of the way he does something to both his gauntlets and sneaks up on Death Hornet.

Alpha Wasp’s gauntlets are pulsing high pitch sound waves that can stun he starts zapping Death Hornet with them.


Death Hornet starts flying downward Alpha Wasp following they both land and Death Hornet is in a brain stupor and walks around the ring very dazed Alpha Wasp following.

Then Alpha Wasp points both of his fist on either side of the handsome brain stunned Death- Hornet.

Death Hornet drops to his knees the all hornet mutant’s are very sensitive to these type sound waves! And they are zapping him senseless!

Alpha Wasp waste no time and puts his two first fingers to Death Hornet’s neck two long stingers go into Death Hornet’s neck and Alpha Wasp zaps him with brain stun venom.

The crowd cheers loud!

Alpha Wasp stops the sound wave blasts and grabs Death Hornet by his neck and pulls him to his feet.

Death Hornet starts walking around the ring dazed and in a powerful stupor his huge penis went fully erect when he first got zapped.

Alpha Wasp smiling up at the crowd flexing his muscles.

Death Hornet shakes his head and snaps out of the stupor but doesn’t show it Alpha Wasp didn’t notice he is still flexing his muscles for the crowd.

Death Hornet starts walking towards Alpha Wasp and when he gets close enough his wings spread out and start waving fast.

Some type of black powder like venom blasts Alpha Wasp.


The crowd roars loud and jack off lights start clicking on, FAST!

Death Hornet - “Like my power draining dust venom stud hero Alpha Wasp? I’m going to keep blasting you with it until you’re in a complete power drain, stupor!”


Death Hornet keeps blasting Alpha Wasp with his power draining dust venom walking around and around the power drained hero.

The crowd goes wild jack off lights rapidly turning on.

Death Hornet keeps flooding Alpha Wasp with his power draining dust venom walking around the zapped senseless muscle bound stud.


Death Hornet with an evil grin on his handsome face keeps blasting Alpha Wasp with the black power draining venom dust he pulls down Alpha Wasp’s briefs the zapped muscle bound heroes stinger penis is fully erect a side effect of the dust venom.

Death Hornet puts his fingers to the head of Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and opens the hole venom dust floods into the opening loads and loads of it.

Then Death Hornet walks behind the power failing hero and with his hands spreads open his ass crack and floods Alpha Wasp’s asshole and inserts a venom dusted finger deep!


Death Hornet stops his power zapping attack and turns towards the crowd.

“Hey crowd I think I need to ram my huge stinger penis up his ass and jack him off at the same time we all know what that does to him don’t we?”

The crowd goes mad and chants over and over when Alpha Wasp has a stinger cock slammed up his ass jack him off and take away his power really, fast!


Death Hornet pulls down his briefs his very huge and long stinger penis going fully erect spreads Alpha Wasp’s muscle legs wide and bends him over.

Death Hornets stinger penis self lubes with black color venom he puts the head of it to Alpha Wasp’s asshole and has to force it in finally is slides in all the way until it bottoms out.


The crowd is in heaven and roaring loud!

Death Hornet pushes a button on his gauntlet and a powerful vibration starts.

He wraps his fist around Alpha Wasp’s rock hard stinger penis just under the head.


Death Hornet - “Tell the crowd who is more powerful and what I’m going to do to you Alpha Wasp!”

Alpha Wasp speaking in an extremely high-toned voice!


The crowd goes insane! Jack off lights hit the roof and soon all of the jack off rooms are, filled!

Death Hornet Pounds Alpha Wasp senseless with his very huge stinger penis Alpha Wasp’s handsome head jerking back and forth with each slam to his asshole he is totally powerless a sexual pump toy to his dominator Death Hornet!

Death Hornet puts load after load of his total submission venom into Alpha Wasp!

Then Alpha Wasp ejaculates hard and keeps ejaculating with Death Hornets huge stinger penis inside of him.


When Alpha Wasp finally stops cumin he is helpless and totally in Death Hornet’s power!

His muscled pecks indenting hard like they are trying to re-power he sinks to his knees his handsome head hanging down his beautiful green eyes are all glazed over and un-blinking!

Alpha Wasp stuttering that Death Hornet is the most deadly opponent he has ever had to fight and that his life was over and he would soon die!

Death Hornet - “Alpha Wasp is telling the truth my power draining venom dust and my huge stinger penis along with my total submission venom was all he had to experience to make a believer out of him!”

Death Hornet grabs up the defeated Alpha Wasp and stands him up he spreads the zapped heroes muscle legs wide.

Then Death Hornet opens his mouth and gushes of his liquid saliva go down to Alpha Wasp’s feet sticking him to the floor.


Death Hornet keeps gushing load after load of his saliva covering Alpha Wasp he is turning the hero into a powerless statue.

Death Hornet keeps this up until Alpha Wasp is covered to his neck he made sure not to cover

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis and asshole it dries fast! And it is as hard as stone!

Death Hornet - “How do you like my power draining saliva venom soon to be a dead hero, Alpha Wasp?”


Death Hornet turns towards the crowd and flexes his awesome muscles he pulls his very huge penis out and waves it to them.

Death Hornet - “Look at my Stinger penis all of you! And all of its awesome power! It is my main weapon that brought this soon to be dead heroes’ life to an end! When Alpha Wasp felt it for the first time that’s when he knew he would be destroyed!”

The crowd cheers and chants over and over Alpha Wasp is totally in Death Hornet’s, stinger penis control!

Death Hornet turns back to Alpha Wasp looking at him and breathing in deep as something strange is happening, Alpha Wasp’s goggle lens turn to hypnotic and powerful beams hit Death Hornet’s eyes!

Death Hornet stops dead in his tracks then he is stunned by something else a deadly thermion vapor carried in the powerful beams.


Death Hornet’s muscle bound body is frozen his arms go limp he can’t brake this attack his eyes bulging and as wide as they can be he’s trapped!


The beam becomes incredibly bright more powerful and powerful with every second.


Then the villain’s head explodes! And he is very much destroyed!

The crowd roars and is in awe of Alpha Wasp! And chants over and over! “ When you think he’s dead, beware!

The beams stop and Alpha Wasp’s head falls down ward.

Omega Wasp flies to him at light-speed!

Omega Wasp - “My love hold on I will get you out!”

Omega Wasp does something to his gauntlets and puts them to the hard as rock prison his lover is stuck in!

And it shatters and Alpha Wasp falls into Omega Wasp’s arms!

Omega Wasp takes Alpha Wasp away from the power draining, rubble.

Omega Wasp - “Talk to me my love! You beat him! You won!”

Alpha Wasp opens his eyes slowly.

Alpha Wasp speaking weakly - “I won?”

Omega Wasp - “Yes thought I was going to lose you! I hate him I’m glad you popped his head like a, balloon!”

Alpha Wasp - “He had me so weak I’m still weak his power draining venom’s and his huge stinger penis almost drained me beyond return get my money and my trophy and take me home, please!”

Omega Wasp - “You will be in my arms we will go get them together just rest in my arms I will do the rest, O.K.?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes O.K.”

Omega Wasp flies to Rex with Alpha Wasp in his thick very muscular, strong arms!

Omega Wasp - “Rex money and trophy interview later he is to weak needs to re-power.”

Rex hands Omega Wasp the trophy and check.

Omega Wasp flies out of the building and takes the love of his life, home!

The end.

David Circe.

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp, Rex, Death Hornet are my creations.

Reviewed 6/18/2008