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Interview with Alpha Wasp
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Interview with Alpha Wasp


“Alpha Wasp refuses to give up either of his partners! This and more of the story (LIVE) at 6:00 p.m. this evening please join us!”

Alpha Wasp - “Do you see this D Angel Ant? It is running on every station and all news units will it ever end?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes, I have seen it try not to let it get you to upset Alpha Wasp, it will stop perhaps after your interview later on tonight.”

Alpha Wasp - “I’m getting sick of it D Angel Ant, so glad the 6-month death match brake has began, congrats on your two death match victories!”

D Angel Ant - “Thank you Alpha Wasp, I won every match with me on top every time to the last, I can never be as good a crowd shaker as you though.”

Alpha Wasp - “That will come, you just take care and remember my advise and you are now our special security protector how are you liking your east-wing living quarters?”

D Angel Ant - “It is wonderful and so many nice things to play with and keep me happy on the job, I can’t ever thank you and Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp enough!”

Alpha Wasp - “We love you D Angel Ant!  And only want the best for you, thank you for excepting the job, I hope all three of your jobs don’t drain you down and you can handle all three.”

D Angel Ant - “The security protector and Death Match Champion jobs aren’t bothering me and I make a good Top Leader of the Allied Protection force, I want He-man Spider to take that job from me!”

Alpha Wasp - “FUCK! You just put a very powerful sexual vision of He-man Spider working you over stud! My stinger penis is fully erect see? Look at it!”

D Angel Ant - “Hum, Omega Wasp said the same thing to me about He-man Spider, you know he wants the Top Captain job he and I go back along way and we are suppose to be friends, we still talk like it any ways.”

Alpha Wasp - “Two sexy stud’s you and He-man Spider battling for Top leadership of Allied Protection Force is making me so randy I hope Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp are behaving them selves!”

D Angel Ant - “Would you like me to go check on them for you?”

Alpha Wasp - “No I could hear both of them laughing when I passed by the room they both loved each other before and were good friends, I know they still are and will except the situation.”

D Angel Ant smiles big.

Alpha Wasp - “And remember it’s my turn with you stud and I’m not going to just let you top me, you will have to turn me into your bottom, I saw what you did to my Omega Wasp with your wings and extreme sensory antenna’s HOT! Let’s go to the North wing and get started okay?”

D Angel Ant checking out Alpha Wasp’s fully erect stinger penis and awesome muscular body and sexy handsome face, makes his stinger penis go to full erection fast too!


On the way to the North Wing, both pass by the huge room Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp are in.

Alpha Wasp motions for D Angel Ant to come listen.

Omega Wasp - “Yeah, I remember the first day he walked into the main Allied hero training fortress your eyes glue to all that sexy body and drop dead good looking face of his!”

Superpower Wasp - “OH YES! As I remember, the entire room went fully erect when our Alpha Stud walked into the main class room on his first day of hero training!”

Both Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp, laugh, cuddle and keep talking about the one and only love of both their lives, the stud hero and undefeated death match champion for 5-years Alpha Wasp.

D Angel Ant smiles big, looking at Alpha Wasp grinning big, his ear very close to the hardwood doors of the room both his loving mates are in.

D Angel Ant comes to Alpha Wasp and puts his long muscular arms around his new bosses 29-inch waist and tugs, Alpha Wasp follows.

In a few minutes both are in the very north part of the awesomely huge luxurious home.

Like with all the wings of this giant house a security door is present but this one requires a retinal scan un-like the east wings number code input.

D Angel Ant steps up and moves his drop dead handsome head close, a red scan beam locks onto his right light blue eye.

An authorization okay alert bell rings and the heavy door opens, both fully erect D Angel Ant and Alpha Wasp walk into the beautiful north wing their rock hard stinger penises bobbing up and down.

Alpha Wasp - “I must say D Angel Ant, I have a powerful desired to fully insert my stinger penis in that super tight asshole of yours and load you with a few choice venom’s, making you weak and totally in my power!”

D Angel Ant - “I believe you could drain all my power away, I watched all of your death matches and non-death matches, you’re truly un-defeated and five years of venom & DNA gathering there is no telling what you could do to me.”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes many years of DNA & venom transferring sure did help me with the death matches but you don’t get to be Top Captain of the Allied Protection Force and not have a trick or two right?”

D Angel Ant - “I must admit I have over the years absorbed more then a few villain’s DNA and venom’s from them and me having wings is a  great help also.”

Alpha Wasp and D Angel Ant start stripping each other quickly when finished both are completely naked with fully erect stinger penises.

Both 6ft3 sexy studs embrace, Alpha Wasp starts kissing D Angel Ant’s very full bottom lip and sucking it into his sexy mouth.

A caught off guard D Angel Ant is zapped senseless fast!

As Alpha Wasp acting lightning fast put both his middle fingers to D Angel Ant’s super tight pink asshole.

Then 5-inch long stingers sting and load a very shocked looking super stud D Angel Ant, with two very potent and ant-mutant wrecker venom’s!



The two very powerful ant-mutant wrecking venom’s loaded into him are, all powers paralyzing and thought shocker venom’s.

Alpha Wasp’s two middle finger stinger’s retract from D Angel Ant’s now extremely swollen pink asshole.

D Angel Ant, looking like he has been on a two week drunk, he beautiful blue eyes go very wide open, his pupils to pin points and looking very drugged out of his mind looking!

All of the stunningly handsome and muscle bound D Angel Ant’s awesome power, body and mind completely neutralized with two very powerful venom loads.

D Angel Ant’s fat un-cut 25-inch when fully erect stinger penis goes completely limp fast.

It swings back and forth as all of his incredible muscles are violently quivering non-stop!

His very huge round bubble pecs indenting at his large quarter inch long rock hard nipples making huge craters.


Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis is throbbing and pulsating looking over his handy work of the very zapped senseless D Angel Ant.

Alpha Wasp grabs D Angel Ant’s very limp stinger penis and in one motion turns the zapped out super stud completely around.

Alpha Wasp, lets out a loud exhale looking down at D Angel Ant’s very swollen pink asshole.

Alpha Wasp sticks the head of his stinger penis to the fallen D Angel Ant’s wrecked swelling fast asshole.

From Alpha Wasp’s rather large stinger penis hole comes forth another ant-mutant type wrecker venom’s an all aggression and strong mind wipe-out venom as a lubricant.

The venom blasts are powerful enough to soak and deeply coat all of D Angel Ant’s entire asshole track.

Mindless words come from a totally venom soaked, unable to function D Angel Ant’s mouth.

Alpha Wasp smiles hearing the super stud D Angel Ant’s weak minded words.

Alpha Wasp, knows he must load the zapped D Angel Ant with two more venom’s, that will finish D Angel Ant’s ability to recover and render him totally powerless!

Alpha Wasp, pulls a helpless D Angel Ant close to himself and from the stud Alpha Wasp’s fully erect nipples two 5-inch pec stingers, go into D Angel Ant’s large nipples and huge very round indenting wildly power pecs.

Alpha Wasp deposits into both D Angel Wasp’s big round power pecs, triple obey venom and the final venom that totally defeats and wrecks D Angel Ant, regeneration ability wipe-out venom!

This will completely stop D Angel Ant’s ability to recover, he will be totally in Alpha Wasp’s power!

Alpha Wasp did his homework on the super stud D Angel Ant’s weaknesses.

And discovered the venom’s that would put him down and make it where the super stud D Angel Ant could not at all recover!


Alpha Wasp - “I have been studying you for a long time stud and discovered the five venom’s that would completely brake and bend you to my will, who took away all your power D Angel Ant?”


D Angel Ant’s words so very true!

Alpha Wasp, in seconds took away the super stud D Angel Ant’s power to regenerate, to be aggressive, paralyzed his super strength and awesome muscular physique and ability to withstand orders and webbing up his power brain functions.

 Turning the super sexy stud top D Angel Ant into a total puppet like sex toy for Alpha Wasp’s pleasure.

Finally all of the awesomely muscular and handsome D Angel Ant’s, muscles stop quivering and his handsome head stops jerking.

Alpha Wasp commands D Angel Ant to bend over, D Angel Ant obeys, his muscle control gone all muscle movement is shaking wildly!

Finally the defeated D Angel Ant is completely bent over, with his indented buttocks muscles sticking up above the rest of his awesomely muscular body.

Alpha Wasp slams his cut fat 22-inch when fully erect stinger penis deep into a pain shocked and de-powered completely D Angel Ant!

Alpha Wasp flexes his stinger penis and watches a rag doll like D Angel Ant bob up and down.

He does this three times then fly’s the impaled D Angel Ant and himself to the master bedroom of the North-wing.

Alpha Wasp piston pumps a very loud higher pitched voice moaning D Angel Ant for two long hours and deposits three huge sperm loads very deep inside the conquered super stud D Angel Ant.

Alpha Wasp rolls a broken D Angel Ant over onto his back and commands him to erect his fat un-cut 25-inch when fully erect stinger penis.


Alpha Wasp smiles looking up at the video cam recording everything he has done and said to the fallen D Angel Ant.

Alpha Wasp pulls D Angel Ant’s limp stinger penis upward then with his right hand first finger, goes to the very base and a thick 3-inch long stinger darts into it and loads a good amount of erection venom.

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis goes very rapidly to full erection and stands at full attention as Alpha Wasp commands the conquered D Angel Ant to only ejaculate sperm and no venom.

D Angel Ant turned into a defeated de-powered pussy by Alpha Wasp, answers in a weak high pitched voice yes he will only ejaculate sperm and no venom deposits he will obey.

Alpha Wasp begins to super strength suck D Angel Ant’s fully erect stinger penis and after only 1-hour swallows down 4-loads of the high powered sperm.

All Ant mutant’s sperm is highly coveted! Because once swallowed down, it turns the drinkers muscle bulk too twice fold!

The already muscle bound Alpha Wasp, is dripping in so much muscle, that he is more muscle bulked then D Angel Ant Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp combined!

Alpha Wasp gets up from the bed and goes to a mirror and smiles looking at his incredibly more then ever in his life super power muscle bound body.

Alpha Wasp goes to D Angel Ant and with his new awesome muscle power slams D Angel back into to his still rock hard stinger penis!

Alpha Wasp flies himself and the impaled D Angel Ant to the shower area and commands a water tempter of 105 degree.

He lands with D Angel Ant under the warm falling water as he flexes his stinger penis and watches a totally limp no muscle power D Angel Ant go up and down.

The plan is simple, over the five years as death match champion Alpha Wasp has absorbed so many different venom’s along with the destroyed ones DNA, and his venom’s and many power’s are incredible!

It is Alpha Wasp’s plan to use D Angel Ant’s high powered muscle grow sperm, to save Superpower Wasp and himself from death, by the still at large Hypnotic Scorpion’s two deadly venom’s.

While D Angel Ant and Omega Wasp were away on an Erin Superpower Wasp hacked into the main Allied Protection Forces computer.

Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp went to D Angel Ant’s Top Secret profile and found the venom’s that would totally neutralize all his awesome powers.

Omega Wasp after seeing what the stud D Angel Ant did to him, and how D Angel Ant’s wings painted him all silver and pussified him and his extreme sensory antenna’s, he agreed to join in and help.

All three Alpha, Omega and Superpower Wasp’s love D Angel Ant and would never allow him to see the video’s of what is happening him.

D Angel Ant, is a very-very powerful rare ant mutant and their protector, but all ant mutant’s can not give his sperm easily, he must be in total control or venom stung controlled to ejaculate his powerful muscle grower sperm.

Only one other way may an ant mutant’s powerful sperm be extracted from him, a venom flooded weakened ant mutant could be drained of his powerful sperm via a extender suction stinger.

Alpha Wasp, washes the totally out of it D Angel Ant’s super muscle bound body when finished he flies an impaled D Angel Ant over to the king sized bed.

Alpha Wasp hovers above the large bed he flexes his venom slick stinger penis downward and the super stud D Angel Ant slides quickly off of Alpha Wasp’s fat 22-inch long stinger penis.

D Angel Ant lands face down then into a fetal position, as weak words come forth from his mouth.

Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp are watching everything both their stinger penises are fully erect as they watch their now super muscular Alpha Wasp work over a totally in his power, D Angel Ant.

Alpha Wasp commands D Angel Ant to roll over and spread eagle!

D Angel Ant, obeys fast and is completely spread eagle, his awesome muscle bound body still wet and dripping onto the king sized bed linen.

Alpha Wasp with his super strength blow dries D Angel Ant then commands him to turn over, he does and Alpha Wasp blow dries the super stud D Angel Ant all dry.

Alpha Wasp commands D Angel Ant again to turn over onto his back and spread eagle, D Angel Ant quickly obeys.

Alpha Wasp flies down to a muscles quivering D Angel Ant and lays on his left side, he needs to know what venom will increase the super stud D Angel Ant’s powerful sperm supply.

Alpha Wasp - “Tell me D Angel Ant, do you know what venom will make your already large testicles fill with 1000% more of your worth every drop gold muscle growing sperm?”


Alpha Wasp frowns he doesn’t want to hurt D Angel Ant but must have his awesome muscle grower sperm to find a cure for himself and his Superpower Wasp.

Alpha Wasp - “Tell me the venom that will fill your already huge testicles with your incredible muscle builder sperm D Angel Ant!”


Alpha Wasp smiles and then frowns remembering how KingCow Ant had use just that venom on him in a death match that almost destroyed him.

Alpha Wasp got lucky KingCow Ant a very evil villain didn’t have an android power brain but a seem to be beaten Alpha Wasp did saving him from the 6ft 5 super muscular KingCow Ant.

Alpha Wasp after destroying KingCow Ant, absorbed all of the evil villain’s DNA and venom’s

To this date that death match is one of the highest money making video’s on record!

Alpha Wasp, remembers how KingCow Ant totally dominated him from the start of the match to his almost destroyed him end.

Alpha Wasp’s sexy mouth goes to D Angel Ant’s still fully erect stinger penis head, he sucks with super strength force.

D Angel Ant withers and moans his beautiful pinched buttocks rises up and flexes, Alpha Wasp’s sucking is bringing on his climax.

Alpha Wasp stops and says… “My D Angel Ant, I need to know when your about to shoot your awesome muscle bulk increase sperm, you will tell me, you will obey!”


Alpha Wasp slows his super suction of D Angel Ant’s pulsating stinger penis head and puts his right middle finger to D Angel Ant’s area between his huge testicles and swollen asshole.

A 5-inch long stinger launches and goes fully into a shocked eyes and pain shrieking D Angel Ant!

Alpha Wasp remembers how KingCow Ant had him down on the death match arena floor spread eagle, super sucking his pulsating stinger penis head.

KingCow Ant showing off to the crowd grinning telling them how he was going to make the helpless stud hero Alpha Wasp’s balls very huge.

Alpha Wasp starts super sucking a acting more and more zapped senseless D Angel Ant’s very erect stinger penis head, stopping long enough to remind him to tell when he is about to ejaculate.

In no time Alpha Wasp’s super suction works and D Angel Ant  yells his climax roar as Alpha Wasp’s right hand middle finger vibrates as a huge load of sexer venom goes fast into the fallen super stud D Angel Ant.

His weak minded screams are very loud as his already huge testicles fill with incredible amounts of his powerful sperm!

Alpha Wasp swallows down a huge load of a withering violently D Angel Ant’s shooting power sperm as his already huge testicles grow larger and larger!

Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp enter the room both their stinger penises fully erect looking down at the super muscular incredibly handsome D Angel Ant’s blue eyes going back into his head.

Alpha Wasp - “Well I see both of you are enjoying this, one of you give him something for the pain quick!”

Omega Wasp with his utility belt on grabs a syringe fill with a powerful pain killer and injects the shrieking in pain D Angel Ant.

In no time D Angel Ant calms down and is no longer in pain, his beautiful eyes looking very drugged out of his head though.

Alpha Wasp, gets up from the bed and flexes his new muscle bulked out body for both his mates.

Superpower Wasp - “FUCK! My love your dripping in muscles, I hate that we are having to do this to our good friend super stud D Angel Ant!”

Omega Wasp - “Me too my love, D Angel Ant is our body guard and we love him deeply! You will train him for his death matches, we will all make him feel loved, the Trio of Power would frown very big at us three for doing this!”

Alpha Wasp stops flexing… “I know, I didn’t know how badly the five venom’s would wreck him, we have plenty of time to drain his huge balls of his incredible muscle grower sperm, then I will sting away his memory of what I did to him.”

Alpha Wasp - “Remember to adjust the video cam’s to show me getting the upper hand only and put this video in the hidden safe he doesn’t know about, Superpower Wasp start first sucking his very erect stinger penis two loads should equal mine, then your turn my Omega Wasp!”

Alpha Wasp, strokes his still fully erect stinger penis, watching Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp super sucking D Angel Ant’s pulsating stinger penis, the fallen super stud’s testicles are very huge!

Nothing like this has ever happened to D Angel Ant, to most he must be a super mutant, with a super muscular build and awesome great looks, rarely has he been totally put down by any hero or villain.

Now he lays helpless, a totally controlled puppet, as the three most powerful Wasp mutant’s on this alternate earth, have him totally in their power.

Omega Wasp swallows down his second load of D Angel Ant’s powerful sperm it took only 30-minutes to make him ejaculate four loads.

All three Alpha Wasp, Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp stand looking at each other flexing their new awesome muscle bulk for one another.

Alpha Wasp, stops flexing and goes to a near by closet, inside is a sperm milking devise.

 He attaches a 30-inch long super strength suction and powerful vibrating tube to D Angel Ant’s still very erect and throbbing fat 25-inch long un-cut stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp, goes to the conquered D Angel Ant and fills his mind with sexual images, D Angel Ant hearing the powerful sexual words makes him ejaculate faster time after time.

Finally D Angel Ant’s massively swollen testicles, are back to nice big normal size.

Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp leave the room with the sperm milking machine full of D Angel Ant’s powerful muscle grow sperm collected from him and to alter the video of what happen.

While Alpha Wasp stings D Angel Ant with short term sleep and memory erase venom.

Alpha Wasp neutralizes the five venom’s put into a sleeping super stud D Angel Ant his stinger penis going limp.

Alpha Wasp dresses quickly he puts on a new thong of rainbow colors and his utility belt along with his gauntlets and goggles around his neck.

He rolls a sleeping D Angel Ant over and wipes away any venom leaks, he takes from his utility belt a tube of ointment that shrinks D Angel Ant’s swollen asshole, thought to be his main weakness.

With this done he leaves a still sleeping D Angel Ant and goes fast to his hero costume and retrieves it for the super stud good guy hero D Angel Ant.

Alpha Wasp, lays all of D Angel Ant’s new sparkling silver thong and utility belt and gauntlets on the big bed then wakes D Angel Ant by kissing him and shaking him gently.

D Angel Ant - “UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-Your waking me up? I think I have been topped!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes I topped you, I could not help it your to damn HOT! You super sexy stud hero, FUCK! YOUR SO SEXY!”

D Angel Ant, grins big then frowns as weak pain from his super tight asshole hits him, his right hand first finger goes to his asshole touching it.

D Angel Ant - “Hum, well I feel slight pain to my asshole did you sting me there Boss?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes sorry stud, a sneak attack two stingers to your super tight asshole turned you into my bottom toy and I shut down certain parts of your power brain, thought, memory, and all aggressive ability.”

D Angel Ant - “I must say you wasp mutant’s have powerful venom’s Omega Wasp put me down fast too, maybe I shouldn’t take the body guard job after all, I feel kind of ashamed now.”

Alpha Wasp - “Now stop that Captain, I just got lucky and you enjoyed watching Omega Wasp’s stinger penis go limp when he saw what you did to him with your powerful wing venom and your more powerful extreme sensory antenna’s right?”

D Angel Ant grins big and his beautiful stinger penis goes fast to full erection.

D Angel Ant - “Okay, your right I will keep the body guard job, you are going to help me with the death match stuff right?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes, I will train you and help you with all the things I know promise! Now get dressed your costume and weapons are right beside you, my super stud protector, we leave in 2-hours.”

D Angel Ant looks to the side of him and gets dressed fast all the while looking at a seems to be more muscular then he remembers Alpha Wasp to be.

D Angel Ant’s fat 25-inch uncut stinger penis is to full erection and begins to throb and pulsate as he looks at the dripping in muscles, very sexy Alpha Wasp.

He comes up from the bed and walks up to Alpha Was, who is looking in a mirror and flexing extremely fast and hard his super bulked out body Alpha Wasp.

D Angel Ant - “Damn Boss, your muscled out body is something to see, can I feel all your powerful muscles?”

Alpha Wasp smiling big… “You sure can stud body guard, feel away!”

D Angel Ant starts feeling out Alpha Wasp’s now more then twice his regular bulked muscular body all over, the stimulation makes Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis go fully erect, it throbs and pulsates!

D Angel Ant asks Alpha Wasp to flex his huge biceps for him Alpha Wasp starts flexing his huge biceps while D Angel Ant feels them pleasure moans coming from the Top Captain ant mutant.

D Angel Ant - “Hey my sexy Boss, I bet you can flex those big huge power pecs of yours make them dance for me please!”

Alpha Wasp enjoying this very much, starts working his now two times bigger bubble pecs for D Angel Ant.

As Alpha Wasp flexes and ripples his huge bubble pecs, D Angel Ant’s hands and fingers feel all the power, D Angel Ant’s fingers go to Alpha Wasp’s large nipples and squeeze and pull.

As Alpha Wasp keeps flexing his huge power pecs D Angel Ant’s hands and fingers go downward to Alpha Wasp’s abdominal ten pack abs.

Afterwards D Angel Ant’s hands and long fingers find Alpha Wasp’s thick very muscular legs, D Angel Ant feels every naked area of a still flexing his huge power pecs, Alpha Wasp.

Finally D Angel Ant pulls down Alpha Wasp’s rainbow thong and let’s loose Alpha Wasp’s rock hard throbbing pre-cum dripping stinger penis.

D Angel Ant strokes and feels Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis with both his feeling and probing hands and fingers, then D Angel Ant feels and squeezes Alpha Wasp’s very muscular pinches buttocks.

Then D Angel Ant’s long first finger goes down an asscrack to a caught off guard very venom soaked Alpha Wasp’s soft tender asshole.

And stops, a 5-inch long stinger launches fast into Alpha Wasp’s asshole, pumping him full of power brain stunner venom, a no longer able to flex his new muscle bulked body, a shocked eyed Alpha Wasp drops his new very muscular arms fast!

D Angel Ant - “I had to take away all your new muscle bulk power you got from swallowing down my super sperm, my sexy stud boss, the five venom’s you use on me turned me into a super strength and power brain paralyzed pussy hero male!”


D Angel Ant doesn’t answer, he grabs Alpha Wasp’s limp stinger penis and large testicles and force bends a de-powered Alpha Wasp over fast!

D Angel Ant’s very large stinger penis hole starts spraying a now totally helpless Alpha Wasp’s swollen asshole with a venom.

That makes Alpha Wasp act 10-times more weak minded and pussified then D Angel Ant did!

D Angel Ant - “I call this venom I’m force spraying open your swollen asshole with, my pussy maker venom, my sexy stud hero boss, you are now very much in my power!”

This was very true! If Alpha Wasp, would have ever met D Angel Ant in a death match, more then likely Alpha Wasp would have been destroyed.

D Angel Ant rams his dominate still spraying venom stinger penis into Alpha Wasp, Alpha Wasp’s voice now very higher toned screams loud!

D Angel Ant, took all of Alpha Wasp’s aggressive thinking away and made him a weak muscle dripping pussy acting male.

The super stud D Angel Ant, with very fine small stingers from his fingers and hands completely de-powered a super strength very muscle dripping Alpha Wasp’s body and power brain in seconds.

D Angel Ant works Alpha Wasp over in front of the room cam, he flexed his more dominate stinger penis and watches with a grin as the rag doll like Alpha Wasp, goes up and down no power at all to his new muscles.

Alpha Wasp speaking very high toned weaker and much more weaker words then D Angel Ant did, for an hour this went on until a shocked looking Superpower and Omega Wasp walks into the room.

D Angel Ant stopped his slam pumping the totally de-powered Alpha Wasp, he then neutralizes all the venom he used on Alpha Wasp.

After still not a word to either Superpower Wasp or Omega Wasp he took a groggy very disoriented Alpha Wasp to the shower and washed him clean then super strength blowed him completely dry.

D Angel Ant, lays a still zapped out Alpha Wasp on the huge bed and sits beside him looking at both Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp waiting to hear them speak.

Finally Superpower Wasp… “Why is our love still out of it? You gave him the anti-venom and yet he’s still down and very de-powered acting.”

D Angel Ant - “Well lets see how much power he has shall we? Omega Wasp get me my utility belt please.”

Omega Wasp picks up D Angel Ant’s utility belt and hands it to him.

D Angel Ant takes from his utility belt a power indicator devise and puts it to a very de-powered acting Alpha Wasp’s new muscle bulked left bubble power pec.

In five seconds a loud beep sounds, D Angel Ant looks at the power indicator devise reading, showing Alpha Wasp only has 99% of his power reserves functioning, all of his other great super power drained!

Both Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp when they see how weak their Alpha Wasp is, become angry with D Angel Ant!

Omega Wasp - “Why did you drain him down that much D Angel Ant? WHY?”

D Angel Ant - “I didn’t, what he and you both took from me did though, I see you somehow hacked into the main allied protection force head quarter computer and found out what combination of venom’s would take away all my powers and turn me into a muscle bound pussy puppet right?…!”

Both Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp hang down their handsome heads in shame.

D Angel Ant tells them both Alpha Wasp will be all right and for one of them to go get four cans of wasp mutant nectar.

Both fly out of the room fast and soon are back fast with the cans of nectar.

D Angel Ant gets all the nectar down Alpha Wasp, when the last can is drank he flexes his new muscle dripping body, it glows bright with full power!

Afterwards D Angel Ant tells all three that after drinking his powerful sperm the person must relax for a good 2-hours or a dangerous power drain can occur.

D Angel Ant forgives them of their wrong doing and understands why they did, what they did.

D Angel Ant - “But next time, please ask me for my super power sperm!”

Then D Angel Ant tells all three something they didn’t know.

 Now that each one has drank of his super power sperm, if he swallows down their sperm, he will become more muscled bulked as well and grins big!

As all four walk into the interview room a very handsome snake mutant young male greets them, his very fat venom penis goes fully erect to it’s 26-inches!

Seeing the 4-stud heroes’ awesome muscle dripping bodies has him almost hypnotized.

The young snake mutant male - “Forgive me you all look like God’s so muscular! UMMMMMMMMM! Alpha Wasp, you sit here, Superpower Wasp you here, Omega Wasp here and D Angel Ant you here, Rex will be right in, Please excuse me, I need to find the bathroom FAST!”

The handsome young snake mutant runs to the door holding his huge long venom penis and is gone.

Rex comes walking into the room with a puzzled look on his handsome face, then looks at all four and understands.

Rex - “So good to see you all! And looking very good you all are! The interview is live and will begin shortly, there will be no trick questions, I want each of you to relax and enjoy!”

All four muscle dripping stud heroes’ smile big at Rex and nod their heads yes.

The live board cast interview begins.

Rex - “Well gentle men, this day has finally come and we have here with us tonight the 5-year undefeated death match champion Alpha Wasp, with his two mates Superpower Wasp, Omega Wasp and the new death match champion D Angel Ant!”

All four at the same time say… “Thank you Rex!”

Rex - “Now Alpha Wasp the first question goes to you, many of your fans want to know how it feels to have two total top males as your partners?”

On two huge screen monitors different photo’s of Alpha Wasp with both his lovers at different times and places are shown.

Alpha Wasp smiling… “Well to all my fans, I love them both equally! I wouldn’t think about giving either up, Superpower Wasp was as we know now, was captured and held for five years during that time I met and fell in love with Omega Wasp, BOTH ARE MY LOVES!”

Rex - “Okay the next question is for Superpower Wasp, Superpower Wasp how does it feel to be back with the love of your life Alpha Wasp?”

Now the monitors just show Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp in sweet different photo’s

Superpower Wasp - “Rex and everyone, words can not express the happiness I’m feeling to be back with my and Omega Wasp’s sexy stud Alpha Wasp, we both love him and cherish our combined gift, that he is to both of us!”

Rex - “Omega Wasp what are your feelings about Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp’s reunion?”

Omega Wasp - “Rex and all seeing the happy look in both our Superpower Wasp and our love Alpha Wasp’s face, make me very happy and the love I have for them both, is so powerful! And will never end!”

Rex - “D Angel Ant, no one can say you are not off to a great start as the new crowned Death Match Champion, in the two final matches, you were only stunned shortly by the evil villain Nightmare Spider, can you tell us about that?”

On the large screen monitor, a replay of the 6ft7 light gray eyes very huge fat 26.5 inch when fully erect stinger penis and awesomely muscular and hypnotically handsome but very evil Nightmare Spider seems to be totally in D Angel Ant’s power then!

D Angel Ant - “Yes, as you see here on the monitor, Nightmare Spider is stripped naked and de-powered looking, his stinger penis is in full erection which is normal for his type spider mutant when power weak , I got lucky and avoided all his multi venom stinger’s and most of his venom webbing’s…

I had loaded him with several rapid power drain venom’s from my stinger penis, I used my utility belt power indicator to see how much power he had left…

I placed the power indicator to his left very huge bubble like pec, his awesome muscle build and very-very handsome face made my at that time soft stinger penis go fully erect…

As I reach for my beeping power indicator our erect stinger penises touch, that’s when from his stinger penis hole a powerful web line attached to my stinger penis…

Tiny stunner stingers in his venom web line enveloped my very erect stinger penis and stunned my ability to move, then it was like my stinger penis was steel and his was a powerful magnet…

His stinger penis hole went directly to my stinger penis hole, then a very powerful and rare different type web, a power transfer suction web started draining my super strength fast…

All I remember next is, Nightmare Spider laughing his evil laugh and flexing his awesome muscular biceps, power pecs, and dominate stinger penis, telling me, were is all your super strength stud hero?…

I have to admit, nothing like this has ever happened to me! From his power suction web an electrical jolt brought me out of my power drain stupor…

His rare power suction web had drain 50% of my super strength, I guess he thought he had me totally in his power, he started skull fucking me, telling me I was finished and soon I would be destroyed…

That’s when my regeneration ability went into full force and did a complete reversal of what his web was doing to me, I started re-powering faster and faster! Well you know the rest of the story, if not buy the video!

Rex - “WOW! That is awesome D Angel Ant, I know that you will be one hard Death Match Champion to beat, so far you have totally dominated your villain opponents in all the matches!”

D Angel Ant - “Thank you Rex, with my awesomely handsome and muscle bound coach Alpha Wasp here, I’m hoping to be the Death Match Champion for a long while!”

Rex - I’m hoping your rein as the newly crowned Death Match Champion, will be long and profitable D Angel Ant!”

D Angel Ant grins that sexy grin of his and nods to Rex.

Rex - “Alpha Wasp, this is a very disturbing question for you, it is about Hypnotic Scorpion.”

Alpha Wasp - “That’s okay Rex, I have seen the entire video, I’m okay with any question about what happened…

And let me add this, one of the many great rewards of being the Death Match Champion is the large percent amounts of money that comes directly to the Death Match Champion from all video sells…

And I have already receive two very high money checks from the mishap Match with Hypnotic Scorpion, that well makes me feel really great about the match, that could of and still may destroy my love Superpower Wasp and me!”

On the large screen monitor, a view of a very in shock Alpha Wasp, his very muscular legs spread to the Max, with his pinched muscular buttocks flexing and pumping air, as his 22-inch erect stinger penis rapidly shrinks to about three small limp inches…

 With Hypnotic Scorpion’s hidden taint stinger loading Alpha- Wasp with the three venom’s that put him in mind raping Hell!

Rex - “Alpha Wasp, how did that make you feel when Hypnotic- Scorpion stung you with his hidden taint stinger? Can you tell us?”

Alpha Wasp - “Rex, I have fought many scorpion mutant villain’s over my five years as Death Match Champion…

 And as we all know each scorpion mutant has a hidden stinger, Hypnotic Scorpion’s hidden taint stinger and venom’s made my power brain see exactly what was happening to me…

I saw my fat fully erect 22-inch stinger penis shrivel rapidly to a limp 3-inches…

My power brain saw all my vast stinger penis venom’s being swiftly neutralized, paralyzed, vaporized…

And the complete super strength wipe out venom, not only put me in the most powerful dark-dark power drain stupor I have ever been in…

It was like I could see Hypnotic Scorpion’s very wide huge stinger penis, spreading and pumping the split down the middle fold of my power brain…

 while shooting load after load of destroyer venom’s that coated my very wrecked and unable to do anything but cry weakly for help me please! Power brain!”

Rex - “Alpha Wasp, there is not a day that goes by so far that I think, I should of stopped that match, WHY? I want you to know that Ring Master, that was there that night, should of and had the power to stop that match, he is no longer about, let me just say that!”

Alpha Wasp - “Now Rex, please stop feeling guilty you were a victim too! Rex, you are the best! Your better then all the rest! Our wonderful great only eats other snake mutant’s King Cobra Mutant REX!”

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp, Superpower Wasp and D Angel Ant stand and all with knock out grins look at Rex with deep respect and effecting and bow to him!

Rex smiles big stands and with the same feelings for the young very-very handsome, muscle dripping heroes’ before him bows too.

Superpower Wasp has to sit fast his handsome face turns ash white, D Angel Ant is on the spot making sure his strong arms are around the great good super mutant that the evil fiend Hypnotic Scorpion tortured for over five years!

Alpha Wasp is alarmed and showing quick sorrow along with his love Omega Wasp!

Superpower Wasp - “I’m all right, so sorry everyone, there is still some super left in this one!”

Superpower Wasp, smiles his sexy grin for all to see, but a death mask has appeared recently about his beautiful eyes he is still strong, but he has had an active day of sex with Omega Wasp as the willing bottom, and he needs to rest!

Alpha Wasp, will speak no more and Rex ends the live interview, as they get ready to leave, Rex calls to D Angel Ant.

Rex - “D Angel Ant this envelope has a Death Match Corp. compensation check for Alpha Wasp, I see the state he is in now, when all four of you get back home and settled, you see to it he opens it okay? So glad your with my Lad’s, I could ask for no better then you!”

D Angel Ant - “Consider it done Rex, farewell!”

All four arrive home and in no time Superpower Wasp is feeling a lot better!

As a huge load of a this time willingly triple obey venom stung D Angel Ant’s super power sperm is super strength sucked to climax then swallowed down by the taller stunningly handsome super mutant love to Alpha Wasp, Superpower Wasp.

In turns Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp super strength suck to climax then swallow down loads of a totally unable to do anything but obey his commands D Angel Ant.

His regeneration ability powerless to the triple obey venom, along with four other venom’s that could take away all of this muscle dripping very-very handsome Angel’s powers completely away!

Alpha Wasp, injects D Angel Ant with the anti-venom and in seconds, the super stud hero D Angel Ant is back to his sexy smiling self.

D Angel Ant - “My stinger penis feels like it’s been super sucked into total submission by three very sexy handsome wasp mutant’s, Naw I must be dreaming a really good dream?”

Superpower Wasp - “Speaking of dreams, I get to be with our sweet strong sexy Angel tonight, and I don’t want to hear any protest from either of you two!”

Both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp put their hands over their smiling mouths.

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah! Super that will be heaven, it has been awhile since you had your way with me!”

Both Superpower Wasp and D Angel Ant grin big at each other and wink.

Both Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp look at both with puzzled looks on their handsome faces.

D Angel Ant - “But no anything until rest time is up, two hours then go! Alpha Wasp I have some thing for you.”

Alpha Wasp looking very serious - “No Angel, remember it’s my love Superpower Wasp’s turn!”

Both Superpower Wasp and Omega Wasp bust out laughing!

D Angel Ant goes to one of the many desks and pulls out the envelope with Alpha Wasp’s name on it, he walks back to Alpha Wasp, grinning big and hands it to him.

Alpha Wasp has a great big grin on his handsome face.

He opens the envelope and just looks down at it with the biggest smile on his face in a long while, well weeks.

Superpower Wasp - “It’s a bunch ain’t it O ?”

Omega Wasp - “Now Super, you know that’s the face that says, it’s a hell of a lot!”

Both Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp stand right next to each other hugging with huge loving smiles for the love of both their lives, The one The only, stud hero ALPHA WASP!

The end.     All in this story belong to me!  David Circe.