The Telemachus Story Archive

Fallen Dragon
By Dan Hibiki



Ryu, our hero of this story, former champion of the Street Fighter tournament, kneels with his eyes closed and his back towards his opponent. He meditates for a short while, calming himself, preparing himself for battle. He then opens his eyes and says “This is the path of my destiny” while standing up and turning around, ready to face his opponent and assuming his fighting stance.

Across the arena is his first opponent in the tournament, the famous movie star and martial artist, Fei Long. Ryu has seen Fei Long fight and knows what this man is capable of. Ryu thinks, he fights to be in films, but I have been fighting my entire life. He’s simply not my match. He can’t wait to make a quick work out of him so that he can claim his reward. His mind wonders back to just a few days ago, to the reward that was promised.

He had just arrived at the secret Shadaloo facility two days ago. He entered his quarters and found a note on the table. “Meet me noon tomorrow at the locker” The note was signed “Chun-Li”. His heart skips a beat upon reading her name. Ryu has long admired Chun-Li from afar. What could she want from him? Perhaps the admiration in mutual and she wishes to show it in private. He quickly wipe any dirty thoughts from his mind, but he knows what he hopes for deep inside. He will see for himself tomorrow.

The next day, Ryu was slightly disappointed to find out that Chun-Li did not set up a private meeting just between the two of them. She had invited someone as well, the man that Ryu will soon face, Fei Long. There in the locker, Chun-Li explains that she has been in the tournament to investigate the evil corporation Shadaloo. Her investigation has come a long way but it is getting tougher. She needs a partner. Someone who she can trust with her life and is a formidable fighter. Her choice, she explains, has come between Ryu and Fei Long. They’re both strong fighters but she can’t yet tell which of them is stronger. It just so happens that an opportunity presents itself to prove which of the two men is the better fighter. The tournament has put Ryu, Fei Long, Chun-Li, and another fighter in the same group. Tomorrow, Ryu and Fei Long will fight each other. The winner of this match will be chosen to be Chun-Li’s partner, simple as that.

This is why Ryu wants to win this match more than anything. He knows that he is worthy to be Chun-Li’s partner and he wants that job. He wants to work with Chun-Li not just to help her, but to become closer to her personally. Then perhaps, he can become her lover. He can feel it, it’s all so close now, what he’s been dreaming for years every time he thinks of Chun- Li. The only thing standing between him and Chun-Li now is the man across him in the arena. Fei Long is a decent fighter, but Ryu will show why he is the better one. He’s been training and fighting his entire life for many purposes and tonight, he can use his fighting skills to finally get what he wants, a chance to be with Chun-Li. He can tell that Fei Long wants that job just as bad as he wants it, but that’s just too bad. Fei Long has to beat him in order to do that and there’s just no way of that happening.

The announcer signals the start of the fight and the two men begin squaring off. Ryu has a plan in mind to defeat Fei Long. He will keep Fei Long at bay using his fireballs and tire him out. Once he gets close, he will finish it off with his dragon punch. It’s a brilliant plan, he thinks, and this match should be over quickly. Once he’s done with Fei Long, he will walk across the stage to the fighter’s gallery, where Chun-Li is watching, and claim his rightful prize.

However, just minutes into the fight, Ryu finds himself lying flat on his back, clutching his stomach, visibly in pain and coughing up blood. His chests are bare as his karate gi was burnt by the fire from Fei Long’s fists. He can feel several of his ribs broken, puncturing his lungs. It hurts for him to even breathe, and he coughs up more blood. Fei Long had dodged his dragon punch earlier, and countered with a punch so strong that it drops Ryu with just a single hit, rendering him incapacitated.

Fei Long stands tall above Ryu, ready to finish him. Ryu thinks, this is it, he will finish me off and he will walk away with the prize, Chun-Li. His mind wanders to where it all went wrong. He was supposed to join Chun-Li in her mission and later, her bedside. Now, it will all carry on, but with Fei-Long instead of him. Our hero, fallen and defeated, closes his eyes, waiting for the final blow to end him.

Instead, he feels Fei Long’s hands on his pants, and rips it completely apart. The act reveals his traditional Japanese loincloth, the only piece of clothing left covering him. This shocks him and he quickly turns around, lying on his chest and crawling away from Fei Long, scared and disoriented. Fei Long would not let him go and he grasps Ryu by his loincloth, then throwing him back to the center of the arena. He yanks Ryu’s loincloth so violently that it tears apart, leaving our hero lying in the middle of the arena completely naked, without a single thread covering his body.

Lying there in complete nudity, Ryu quickly puts his arms in the middle of his crotch, covering his privates. He turns red from the embarrassment of the situation. He has never lost a fight so badly and got humiliated in this manner before. His plan had been turned completely upside down and he can’t even think how this could get any worse. Fei Long, however, plans to make it even worse for our hero. He gets behind Ryu, pulls him up by the hair, puts him in a kneeling position, and wraps his right arm around his neck, putting our naked hero in a sleeper hold. The sight of Ryu, kneeling naked and trapped in a compromising position, drives the crowd crazy and they are cheering louder than ever.

In normal situations, he would have pulled Fei Long's arm, or throw him from his shoulder. However, he needs his hands to cover up his manhood, saving what little remains of his dignity. He's panicking, his mind racing, he wants to escape from this position, but that would mean revealing himself to the whole arena. He can feel his breath and his consciousness slowly leaving his body, and soon realizes that if he passes out, his full, naked body would be exposed anyway. He might as well try to escape. And so, Ryu finally raises his hands to pull Fei Long's arm away from his neck. In doing this, he gives up the last thing covering his privates, exposing himself to everyone watching.

As he kneels there, revealed and exposed, struggling to get away from this embarrassing position, he can feel all the eyes in the arena on his naked, powerless body. He knows what to expect, everyone in the arena wants to know what he is packing and his cock is now out in the open for everyone to see. He wants to run and hide, away from all this embarrassment, before everyone takes a good, long look at his penis. His hope is quickly diminished however, as he watches himself on the big screen, right above the arena. The camera is focused on his muscular but incapacitated body, showing Ryu, the dragon warrior, in the nude, and slowly zooming towards his cock. Everyone in the arena now has full, clear vision of his manhood, and the thought of this is strangely arousing him. He can feel the crowd sizing him up, and his cock slowly growing and growing to its full size in response. He tries with all his might to resist his erection, but his own cock betrays him. Soon enough, his penis grows fully erect.. to its full four inches.

Ryu can feel it all, the crowd sizing him up and judging the size of his cock. For someone as big and muscular as he is, everyone expects him to be well hung, but the reality could not be further from the truth. The crowd expects to see a thick, long, veiny, hard cock of at least eight inches, but instead they get this little, four inch piece of meat that can only be described as best as cute. Even worse, the sight of his tiny dick attached to his big body only makes his penis appear much smaller than it actually is. There is no sugarcoating it, Ryu's penis is very, very small, microscopic even.

The crowd begins to show their amusement, hooting and hollering at him, making fun of Ryu and his little penis. He can hear the men shouting insults and catcalls at him. He sees the women making the little penis sign with their thumb and forefinger. He looks across the crowd at Chun-Li, her eyes fixed on him and his penis, shaking her head while grinning, amused at how little he is. Ryu has been exposed for what he is, a big, muscular, adult male; with a cock the size of a little boy's.

Nobody knows this better than Ryu himself. He is fully aware that for someone as big as he is, he is well below average. He has measured his penis before, only to be disappointed at himself, born with this tiny cock that can never please any woman. It is beyond his control, and there's nothing he can do about it, other than hide it well. It is because of this that, even as an adult male, Ryu is still a virgin. He has gotten close to many women before, but never has the balls to have any sexual intercourse, for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. 

For years, women fawn all over Ryu, blushing at the thought of him. Women view him as this perfect specimen, blessed with a handsome face, body chiseled like a greek god, and a fighting skill that puts any man to shame. Ryu embraces this and for years, he walks around with the bravado of a real man, as if he is a sex god that is hung as a horse. As long as nobody has seen his cock, the illusion of his masculinity will remain. But now, that illusion has been shattered. He has been exposed as a fraud, and how the mighty have fallen. He once prides himself as a formidable fighter and the perfect man. Tonight, as a fighter, Fei Long had bested him, beating him so badly and dominating him, as if teaching Ryu how to fight. Then, as a man, Fei Long has dispelled all illusion of our hero's sexual prowess, by revealing Ryu's most kept secret, his little, pathetic four inch cock.

This fact is not lost on Fei Long. He can't believe what he sees and can't contain his laughter. "Boy oh boy, what in the fuck is this!? Ryu, is that really all you have!? My god that is small, that's the smallest cock I've ever seen!" Hearing his insults, Ryu feels even more compromised. Not only has Fei Long beat him fairly and squarely in a single fight, he has stripped him naked, away from his clothing and dignity, and exposed his ridiculously tiny penis, live in front of thousands of people. The emotion and humiliation overwhelms him, and Ryu, our hero, the dragon warrior, begins to cry.

He starts sobbing, and this only drives Fei Long crazier. "What!? Are you crying right now!? I seriously have overestimated you! You fight and act like a little girl! Well I suppose there's nothing else you can do when you have a dick that small!" As he says this, Fei Long uses his left arm to reach over and grab Ryu's erect penis by his palm. "Look at this! I grab it with one hand at it almost disappears!" The crowd cheers louder and louder, as if they're expecting something. "Well the show must go on, even with this little dick. Let's give this crowd a show, shall we!" As he says this, Fei Long squeezes Ryu's cock harder and starts stroking Ryu's penis.

Ryu immediately realizes what is happening. The crowd wants a spectacle and Fei Long is giving them one, at the expense of Ryu's pride and dignity. He wants to make Ryu cum live in front of thousands in the arena. This is the reason why he was stripped naked. He glances at the big screen again, and can see Fei Long's muscular hand, stroking his penis rapidly. Ryu's cock begins to throb and he can feel his cum rising from his balls to his shaft. Even though he is being assaulted sexually in front of everyone, he feels so aroused by the humiliating act. Fei Long strokes him harder and harder, and Ryu can feel that he is closer and closer to climax. In between sobs, he starts moaning, embarrassed at what he has become. "Ohhh.. S-s-stop.. P-please.. I-I can't t-take it any l-longer.. p-please.. s-spare me.. I-I'm going to c-c-cumm.." His cry for mercy only causes Fei Long to stroke him harder "What's that boy!? You're gonna cum!? Well as expected, you bust so quickly! I bet you never use this cock to fuck any woman before have you!? Tell me I'm right, you tiny dicked virgin piece of shit!" Ryu cries even harder "Aaughh.. y-yes.. I'm a v-v-virgin.. n-never touched a w-woman before.. Aaauughh.. p-please.. I-I can't h-hold it a-any l-longerrr.." Fei Long can feel Ryu's cock throbbing hard in his palms, he strokes it even harder and squeezes it so hard it hurts "Well come then boy! Let's see what you can do!" And then, not able to hold it any longer, Ryu ejaculates all over his naked body. His cock explodes with his seed, squirting hot, juicy cum all over his torso, his breasts, and even his mouth. "AAAHHH... AAAAHHH... OHH OHH.. Hngggg... AAAAAHHHHHHHH...!!!!" Ryu is still cumming. He has never cum this hard before. His little hard penis keeps pumping more and more cum. Fei Long is not going to let him stop. He squeezes Ryu's cock as it throbs, milking every single drop of cum from his cock. Ryu continues to cum, and he can feel his last remaining cum drained away from his balls. Finally, he cums less and less, and after what seems like an eternity, he stops cumming. His cock still throbs as if it wants to cum more, but he is completely depleted.

Fully satisfied with humiliating him, Fei Long pushes Ryu forward, dropping him into the pool of his own cum. Ryu lies with his face down and his ass up, yet another compromising position, feeling the hot, sticky cum all over him. Fei Long watches him from behind, looking at his firm, round ass. He is loving what he sees and satisfies at his body of work. He had bested the favored fighter and made him do all sorts of embarrassing acts. He looks closer at his exposed ass, surveying his butthole. He can tell by just one look that Ryu is a virgin there as well. This sight arouses him, and he knows just what he wants next. Someone is losing his virginity tonight, he thinks as he drops his trousers and throws it next to Ryu’s face. Too bad Ryu’s penis will still be a virgin.

Ryu realizes what Fei Long had just done, and turns around to find himself, face to face with what will soon become his bane of existence. Fei Long stands completely naked and to Ryu’s horror, brandishing what can only be described as a monstrous cock. It stands tall and erect, hard, thick, veiny, and must be at least eight inches long. The sight terrifies Ryu, as he knows just what Fei Long plans to do with it. Fei Long wants to rape Ryu, taking his ass virginity right there and then. Ryu starts begging for mercy “Please.. Don’t do this.. I give up.. You can have Chun-Li, but please, spare me!” Fei Long only looks at our pathetic hero and says “I don’t want Chun-Li right now boy, I want you!” As he says this, he uses his hand to push Ryu’s head against the floor, and his other hand to lock Ryu’s hand, immobilizing him. He climbs on top of Ryu and puts his giant cock right at the entrance of Ryu’s virgin butthole.

Ryu can feel just how big Fei Long’s cock is, sitting right on top of his ass. Then, he watches in horror as Fei Long begins forcing himself inside Ryu, stretching his anal hole slowly apart with his gigantic cock. Ryu feels a pain he has never felt before. As Fei Long’s giant cock spreads his asshole wider and wider, the pain becomes more intense and he cries “Aaaagghh… Aaagghhh… Please!! Stop!! It hurts!! Please!! It’s too big!! It won’t fit!! You’re tearing me apart!! Please!! Please stop!!” Hearing his cries only causes Fei Long to be more aroused. He looks down at his rape victim, then to his giant cock, slowly forcing its way into the tiny virgin butthole. It won’t be virgin anymore for too long, he thinks, and with one swift movement, he thrusts himself hard into Ryu’s helpless ass. The thrust drives the head of Fei Long’s penis completely inside Ryu’s anus. The victim’s whole body tenses, at Ryu lets out a deafening cry of pain. “AAAIIIIIHHHHHHHH….!!!!!” He cries, and more and more tears drops from his eyes.

All this cry of pain is only arousing Fei Long more and more. He thrusts again and again, forcing himself slowly, inch by inch, into Ryu’s now gaping asshole. He looks at the lips of Ryu’s anus, stretched and tightly gripping his monster cock. The virgin hole is squeezing his cock so tight, it’s now about halfway inside and he’s loving every single second of it. Too bad the same can’t be said to our hero, who is crying and screaming in pain from the violent penetration. Fei Long looks at the hole again, and he can see that it’s stretched to its limits, and he can feel it breaking soon. Ryu can feel it too, his ass being stretched so wide it will tear any second now. He cries again, pleading for one last time, for the sake of his anus “Pleaseee… Plea.. AHHH! NO!… P-P-Pleaasee s-stoppp.. It hurts s-ss-so m-much!! It’s gonna break! I’m begging you!! Pleaseee…!!” He screams to no avail.

Hearing his pathetic scream, Fei Long thrusts once more, this time harder than ever, ramming his cock, all eight inches of it, deep inside our crying hero. “AAAAIIIIIHHHHHH!!!!” Ryu screams. He can feel his insides, plugged and pushed up by Fei Long’s mighty cock. Then, just as soon as it makes its way inside, he feels a sharp, intense pain right at the opening of his asshole, and feels it tears apart. “EEEEEEKKKKKKK…. AAAAAIIIIHHHHHHH…. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…..!!!!” Our hero lets out a loud, deafening scream, just as rape victims are won’t to do. The sharp pain is followed by a warm gush of blood. The size of Fei Long’s cock has spread Ryu’s asshole beyond its limits, and now it has been torn completely apart. Fei Long is driven into an ecstasy, he feels the warm gush of blood from Ryu’s torn asshole on his cock, and he loves the feeling. He has broken the proud, strong, masculine hero with his cock, taking his virginity. Our hero is an anal virgin no more, Fei Long has popped his cherry, live in front of thousands, and in front of our his idol, Chun-Li.

With his gigantic cock deep inside Ryu’s ass, Fei Long begins pulling it out slowly, making sure that Ryu feels all eight inches of his cock as it slides outside, causing him as much pain as possible. He stops just as the tip of his penis is still inside Ryu, and then thrusts his cock forward again, ramming the now broken asshole violently. He thrusts with great strength, and with one thrust, his glorious eight inch cock disappears deep into Ryu’s helpless anus. Our hero lets out another scream. He thinks of begging Fei Long again, to stop this torment and spare him, but he knows that nothing will stop Fei Long at this point. He can only surrender himself to Fei Long, letting him ride him until he is fully satisfied, hoping that it will all be over soon. Fei Long repeats his thrusts over and over again, each time delivering intense pain to our hero, hurting him at his bloodied asshole but even more than that, his pride.

The shameful act continues for minutes, but for our broken hero, it feels like an eternity. On the big screen, everyone can watch clearly as Fei Long rapes Ryu, dominating him from the top, downward doggy style. Ryu feels that this will go on forever, but soon enough, he starts to feel that with each thrust, he is resisting Fei Long’s cock less and less. His anus is slowly giving in, accepting Fei Long’s monstrous cock, aided by the lubrication from our hero’s blood and the rapist’s precum. Eventually, the thrusts become seamless, and our hero’s pain has turn into pleasure. He feels disgusted at himself, for letting himself be used to satisfy another man’s sexual cravings, for giving up his virginity by servicing another man’s cock balls deep inside his ass, and finally for finding himself enjoying the whole ordeal, being made a rape victim. He wants to hide this fact, but again, his whole body and his own penis betrays him. He looks down at his cock and finds to his surprise that he is brandishing a full erection. His little cock is barely half the size of Fei Long’s but even after cumming not too long ago, the sensation of Fei Long’s cock, raping his destroyed asshole, is turning him on, and his own erection a testament of how much he is secretly loving this agony.

The raping continues and our hero, now moaning like a bitch in heat, completely gives in and no longer hides that he is enjoying this humiliating act. His round butt bounces back and forth in rhythm with Fei Long’s thrusts. His tiny penis, which pales in comparison with the rapist’s cock, swings helplessly along, precum slowly dripping from its head. Fei Long has completely broken him, and he will soon put his final, finishing touch to our helpless hero.

He grabs our hero by the waist, and with one swift movement, turns Ryu completely around. Ryu now lies flat on his back, his legs spread to Fei Long’s side, with the rapist’s cock still buried deep inside our hero. Fei Long is now fucking Ryu in the missionary position, ready for the climax. Ryu looks straight upwards and sees a camera right on top of them, relaying the view into the big screens. He looks to one of the big screens and watches his naked body as Fei Long fucks him senseless. This sight, and the knowledge that everyone is watching himself getting fucked, is arousing our hero even more. Fei Long can feel it, as Ryu’s arousal is causing his anus to get tighter, squeezing his monstrous cock harder. Fei Long thrusts harder and faster, he is reaching his climax, and he wants everyone to see him finish the rape victim on the big screen. He grabs Ryu’s erect cock with his right hand, and begins giving it a vigorous handjob. The two men are reaching the climax soon. Ryu can feel his rapist’s cock throbbing inside him, and he moans louder and louder. Finally, after building up for so long, Fei Long reaches his climax, and with all his might, his gigantic cock explodes deep inside of Ryu’s tight anus.

Fei Long ejaculates hard, squirting hot, sticky cum deep inside our hero’s anal cavity. He lets out a loud scream of ecstasy “YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!” while his monstrous cock spills his seed all over Ryu’s insides. He squirts over and over again, pumping our broken hero full with his white hot cum, filling him so much that some of his seed are dripping out of Ryu’s plugged butthole. Ryu feels it all as this is happening. Fei Long’s hot, juicy cum has touched something deep inside of him, and he feels more aroused than ever, driving him insane. As his anus is being forcefully filled with his rapist’s cum, he loses control of his own self, and reaches his own climax. He ejaculates hard, with Fei Long still squeezing his tiny, hard penis, and cums all over himself. He lets out a final moan “AAAAAIIIIIHHHHH!!!” while cumming along with his rapist. The two men has reached their climax together, cumming in succession with each other, Fei Long exploding deep inside Ryu, while Ryu cums all over himself. Then with this violent, painful ejaculation, Ryu finally can’t take it any longer, and he passes out, in the pool of his own and Fei Long’s fresh, hot cum.