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Captain Canuck and The Statue
Part 3 - Home Invasion
By Crusher

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Chapter 3: Home Invasion

The bruised and battered Canadian superhero looked in the mirror, inspecting his mouth. He was stunned when he realized he was missing a few teeth. He’d never been hit that hard in his life. Granted, he usually mopped up the ‘normal’ criminals, and left tangling with the super-humans to the Avengers, but he’d fought his share of supers as well. But that dude Gunner… fuck. He was strong, and how was it that a man like Gunner had escaped notice?

Well, his first duty, he realized, was to inform the Avengers of this new super-criminal, apparently working for KingPin. He headed down the coorridoor towards his command console, courtesy of the Avengers. He hit the sequence on the keypad that gave him access to the encrypted Avengers communication net, then tried to raise the Avengers HQ. Nothing… that was strange. Maybe the system was glitching?

Oh well, he’d leave a message. He set the system into “record” mode, and said, “Captain America, I’ve had a run-in today with a super-human named ‘Gunner’. He works for KingPin, and the man is brutally strong. I’m ashamed to say he knocked me out. Do you have a record of him? Let me know what you find, Captain Canuck out.” He turned away, never noticing the small flashing red light that indicated the message could not be delivered.

It was time for a shower, he decided. He entered his bathroom, and was startled to hear a strange noise coming from the plumbing. What the fuck? He’d never heard anything like it. He stepped into the shower cubicle, and reached up to test the shower head.

Suddenly, shockingly, a stream of liquid burst out of the shower head without him activating the unit, spraying him directly on the Maple Leaf adorning the chest of his proud uniform.

Captain Canuck… SCREAMMED. That liquid was pure liquid nitrogen, and the intense cold burned worse than a fire as the liquid froze the front of his uniform and his super hero muscle beneath it. He stumbled back, bursting out of the shower in agony. He was in shock, agony.

The pain was unexpected and savage, his burned, frozen flesh radiating a sick agony from the frosty white patch covering his emblem and soaking down into his very body.

In a panic, he reached out and grabbed a hair dryer, pointing it at his chest, thinking in his agonized state that he just needed to somehow thaw out his frozen uniform and muscle.

He hit the switch, and instead of a stream of hot air, it was a BLAST of flame that erupted from the end of the device and SEARED his uniform, turning the frozen shards of his once proud emblem into ash, the flames scarring and scorching his tortured muscled slabs of pec beef.

He dropped the device and screamed again… WHAT?? WHAT THE … he turned and stumbled out of the door of his bathroom.


That was the sound of Gunner’s thickly muscled fist driving like a spear directly into the hero’s liver, just above his uniformed six-pack muscled superhero abs and below the seared,frozen ruin of his once strongly muscled pecs. The force of Gunner’s expertly delivered blow reverbrates through his body like a bell, the shockwaves tearing up his liver. The pain so sudden and total, that the hero crumpled up, dropping to his knees, his mind and body overloaded, he lost complete control of his bodily functions, sending a stream of vomit to splash in front of the grinning super-muscled Gunner and a stream of urine to erupt from his cock, staining and spreading out across the crotch of his uniform.

Only a few minutes before….

Gunner slipped in from the shadows to the front entrance of Captain Canuck’s secret base. He examined the door. It was cleverly hidden, appearing to be a door into an old maintenance room, but there, off to one side, was a smooth section of the wall. The same colour as the dirty stone, but smooth. He examined it closely and smiled. Getting into this idiot’s base would be child’s play. He reached down and took out a clear looking sheet of plastic and placed it over the smooth surface. The sheet of translucent material shimmered, then changed colour, the impression of a palm suddenly forming. The sheet somehow picked up the imprint of Captain Canuck’s palm left on the smooth part of the wall, and morphed into a perfect replica of the Captain’s own palm. A voice suddenly spoke out, “Entrance granted.” The door silently opened and he slides into the base. His eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning as he assesses the defenses. He needs to find… he traces a conduit traveling the ceiling which leads down to a small room. He opens the door and slips in, surrounded by tightly clustered cables and lights. And there… bingo! Next to the cluster of wires leading out across the base was another panel, the master override for the base’s computer. He slaps down the translucent sheet on top of the panel, and a light goes green, and voice speaks “Override engaged. Systems offline for maintenance.”

Working quickly at the small computer terminal, the genius Gunner hacked into the base’s systems. First, he cut off all outgoing communications. Then, he brought up the security monitors allowing him to track the movements of Captain Canuck. He intercepted his message to the Avengers, which would never be delivered. Then, as the hero muttered to himself about needing a shower, he made some small adjustments to the shower unit, re-routing some of the liquid nitrogen used as coolant for the supercomputer into the main plumbing, and remotely overriding the shower unit just as Captain Canuck stepped into the stall to investigate the strange sounds.

Then, he made one final adjustment to overload the hair-dryer’s circuit when it was switched on, causing the unit to explode with a fiery blast right into the hero’s ruined chest.

Popping out of the maintenance closet, he rushed forward just in time to greet Captain Canuck as he stumbled out of the bathroom.

He looked down at the puke splashed on his favorite shoes, “What an inconsiderate asshole you are Captain.” He drove his knee forward, blasting the hurting hero directly in the middle of his frozen, charred pecs. The blast drove the hero into the wall as the pain tore through him, robbing him of his breath.

Gasping, groaning, Canuck mumbled… “how.. How…” Gunner laughed, flexing his bicep, “You need to lock your front door buddy! Now, let’s play, shall we?”

Captain Canuck was in savage pain. His chest hurt, his powerful pecs were almost lifeless, frozen and fried in turn. That liver shot had hurt him deep inside, and he felt queasy and uneasy. But he was a determined hero, and suddenly exploded upwards, cocking his fist and driving it toward’s Gunner’s face. But his reactions were slower than normal, and Gunner was an opponent and a fighter with tremendous skill. He leans back, letting the Captain’s fist whistle by his face.

At the last second, Gunner shoots up and grabs the rocketing fist by the thumb. Just the thumb. With a little twist, and a flip of his hips, he somehow uses the superhero’s own incredible strength against him, using the Captain’s muscle power behind that punch to fuel a sophisticated martial arts throw, as there was a loud SNAPPPPPPPPPPPP, followed by a whir of limbs that ended with the shocked hero hurtling head over heels to smash against, and then through, the door of his own bedroom. He realized belatedly, that his thumb had been savagely broken.

He struggled to get to his feet, picking himself up off the wreckage of his door, just managing to get his feet under him when,


His jaw suddenly snapped to the right, distorting and losing another tooth. He staggered, and would have been blasted to the left if Gunner’s other arm hadn’t shot forward, grabbing him by the tattered remnants of the frozen and burnt front of his uniform. Then his vision still crossed,


His jaw was savagely blasted in the opposite direction, to the left, Gunner’s powerful fist having reloaded in no time, targeting and finding it’s target.

He went wobbly, and would have fell if not for the hand of his enemy holding him up. His vision was going dark when,


A final fist shot up, Gunner’s bicep bulged to max, the veins popping out in high definition, as his brutally trained fist intercepted the point of Captain Canuck’s jaw in an uppercut.

This was just too much for the super-hero. Superstrong or not, super powered healing abilities or not, nothing could save his jaw from breaking like a twig from that third punch, as his head violently snapped back, and his eyes glazed over.

The hero’s tattered uniform ripped, the rags of the destroyed uniform held Gunner’s left hand as Captain Canuck’s body rocketed backwards to plow head first into the wall above his bed, before collapsing in a ruined heap of knocked out hero muscle in the middle of his own bed.

Gunner looked over his prize. Damn, it was so easy. His dick, already hard, stiffened even more. He slowly, carefully, licking his lips with anticipation, unzipped his night-black trousers. He reached in and teased his cock out his gear. It was thick as a beercan, 8 inches long, and a drop of precum glistened on the tip.

His powerful muscled body, the contours of his thick beef stretching out the tight black shirt he wore, flexed and bunched as he crawled deliberately on top of the KO’d Canadian superhero.

Reaching down to his utility belt, he grabbed a wicked looking knife, and deftly sliced the ass of Captain Canuck’s uniform wide open, revealing his prize, the muscled, virgin ass of the never before fucked Canadian super hero, Captain Canuck aka Craig Evans, professional Rugby player.

Gunner wants Captain Canuck to be awake for his deflowering, so he can savor the Canadian’s humiliation, so he leans forward, and slaps the super hero upside the head a few times until he hears a low groan escape the Canadian muscle hero.

Quickly, Gunner drops down, and his legs wrap around the muscled, brave Canadian’s, intertwining with them, splitting them apart in a grapevine while simultaneously, his arms snake up and under the stunned hero’s armpits, locking on a tight and brutally controlling full nelson.

Captain Canuck, aka Craig Evans, star rugby player, mumbles through his brutally broken jaw… “what the… what’s ..” He begins to struggle, squirming, but the superhero is no match for Gunner’s thick powerful muscle wrapping him up tight. He strains, but he’s too weakened, his reserves of strength depleted from two brutal assaults in one day. The pain radiating from his jaw terrifies him. He’s never had anyone hit him hard enough to actually break his reinforced bones. He begins to mumble further, “Let me go… The Avengers are probably already on their way!” He knows that any kind of intrusion would be instantly reported to the Avenger’s HQ. He only has to hold out for a little while before rescue arrives!

Gunner laughs, “The Avengers? Really? You think they are gonna come save your ass do you? But fuck, it’s such a sweet ass … I’m gonna plumb your sweet hole Mr. Evans!” Craig stiffens in shock, first at the threat of being raped… then second at Gunner’s use of his real name.

Gunner felt the hero stiffen, and chuckled in the hero’s ear, as his cock traced small circles around the hero’s sweet, tight ass.

“Oh yeah, Craig.. You really need to complain to your Avenger pals… The security on their computer systems is fucking rubbish. It all kind of makes sense though… Craig Evans is a pretty mediocre Rugby player, and Captain Canuck is a pretty mediocre hero..”

Then, with a savage thrust, the brutally strong Gunner bucks his hips forward, and drives his massive cock like a spear deep up the virgin Rugby player’s ass. The weakened hero shrieks and screams from the agony of Gunner’s beer can thick cock tearing up his hole. The massive super villian’s cock tears the hero’s ass as it plunges in, and soon Gunner’s massive manmeat is lubed by the Canadian hero’s blood.

Gunner sniggers, “Oh stop your fucking screaming, you pathetic waste of space. Surely I’m not the first one to explore your sweet hole? Don’t your ‘Rugby bros’ like a little rough play after a hard game? I’m sure they’ve used and abused your hole so many times you are little better than a common whore.”

The humiliation and shame flushed through Captain Canuck. He’d always done his best.. Both on the pitch and on the streets. He knew he wasn’t the greatest hero, or the greatest Rugby player, but he’d been pretty confident that he was competent. But Gunner… Gunner had defeated him so thoroughly he made it look easy. Now, as Gunner raped his ass, as the pain ripped through his torn hole, the savage genius super villian wasn’t just raping his body… but his mind, his confidence, his very identity.

Captain Canuck had never been raped before, and in fact, wasn’t generally that interested in sex. He was a prude, and always inwardly disapproved of blatant displays of sexuality. But now… as his confidence and identity were being raped, Gunner’s massive beercan dick switched it’s tempo and direction, and began banging directly into the hero’s prostrate.

In the midst of the agony, a sudden explosion of pleasure erupted at the villian’s touch, and Craig Evan’s thick Rugby trained manhood suddenly stiffened harder than a railway spike.

Captain Canada gasped in shock, in horror, and in pleasure. He mumbled through his shattered jaw… “No.. no no no no.. stop .. stop.. You can’t do this to me..”

Gunner’s voice then lost it’s semblance of friendliness, and he snarled in a low deep alpha voice, the reverberations penetrating deep into the core of Craig Evan’s shattered pschye.


He’d never encountered anyone as powerful and dominant as Gunner, and his manhood was crumbling before the total physical and mental assault. His will to resist battered down, he suddenly screamed as his subconcious obeyed the man who was clearly in charge, and the best fucking orgasm he’d ever experienced swept through his body like a supernova. His cum erupted volley after volley as he drained his ripe nuts dry.

He shuddered in the aftermath of that titantic eruption, shuddering.when suddenly behind him, Gunner stiffened and shout “FUCK YEAH BITCH! TAKE IT!” His beercan thick cock erupted deep up inside Captain Canuck’s ass, each shot causing Craig to shudder in shame and agony.

The brutal villain finally finished unloading his balls, and withdrew his cock, still dripping cum, as the hero’s ass began leaking a mixture of bloody cum.

Gunner finally released his full nelson grapevine, and rolled the hero over to his back.

He looked down into Captain Canuck’s eyes and smiled, rubbing his hand along the crisped and burned remnants of his uniform, feeling the thick sticky hero cum that had erupted from Craig’s cock. “Now fucker, clean my cock off.”

Gunner’s cock was slimy, bloody, and coated in the hero’s own crap. Craig lay there shuddering in shame, horror, and disgust. Desperately, from somewhere in the shattered remnants of his identity he knew he couldn’t let this sicko dominate him anymore. Craig Evans was an upstanding guy, he took his responsibilities very seriously. He could never, never let down all the people that depended on him. He had to keep fighting, even though he felt… fucked. His body felt fucked, his mind felt fucked. But he had to try!

He ran through a quick assessment of his body’s condition. His ass was on fire, torn and ripped, leaking blood, cum and shit. It hurt to move.. His right thumb was pointing the wrong way, savagely snapped. His jaw was broken, and trying to talk hurt like fuck. His liver, and his gut, felt dented, and he was still feeling nauseated from having his liver spiked by Gunner’s brutal fist. And his chest, his chest burned constantly like fire, his uniform torn away by the liquid nitrogen and blast of fire.

Fighting Gunner would be nearly impossible.. But if he could just get to the command console.. He could engage the intruder defenses and call for help.

He took a chance, and moving as quickly as he could, he actually managed to catch Gunner off guard. He planted his good hand under Gunner’s crotch, and summoned up his super strength to heave the surprised super villian up and over his head, to smash into the wall. Quickly, the agony from his injuries slicing through his nerves, he rolled off the bed and made a dash for the door.

Gunner suddenly found himself impacting the wall with a loud cRUNCHHH, before falling back to the bed, bits of concrete chipping off the strong wall. He was dazed, and enraged.

The fucking coward was trying to run! Wasting no time, the brilliant, brutal criminal leaped off the bed like a rocket, flying through the air in a leaping dive like a heat seeking missile as his powerfully muscled quads uncoiled like super springs to propel him.

Before the fleeing hero even made the door, Gunner’s bowling-ball shoulder impacted the handsome Canadian Rugby player right in the small of his back with a loud CRACKKKKKKKKKK.

The hero’s strong torso folded over practically in two around the brutal shoulder. Captain Canuck screamed in agony at the savage strike to his spine and kidneys, a burst of bloody piss streaming out of his cock involuntarily as an inferno of pain blossomed out from his savaged spine and battered kidneys.

The blast shot him forward to slam face first into the wall at the end of the corridor, CRUNCHH..

Like a smashed bug on a windscreen the injured hero started to slide down the wall.

But Gunner wasn’t done. After spearing the hapless Rugby player in the back, he turned his dive into an athletic roll along the corridor, right behind the tortured hero.

Just as Captain Canuck slid down the wall, the evil genius, thickly muscled Gunner sprang up out of his roll directly beneath the hero, using all the momentum of his dive and roll, channeling that force directly into his extending fist.

With an evil smile the villian’s fist drove like a sword up and into the ass of the descending hero, skewering him brutally, raping him totally and savagely.

The force behind the fist was so intense that Gunner’s arm drove up into the devastated hero’s ass just past the elbow. The brutal assault destroyed the hero’s ass completely, and unleashed savage mutilating destruction into the very center of his body.

Captain Canuck vomited violently, spewing a vile mixture of blood and bile onto the wall he was smashed against, penetrated by Gunner’s fist. He convulsed violently, and screamed a loud wail of agony. But the strange thing was…. Even in the midst of the destructive agony, the hero’s cock went hard as a railway spike, and spewed out another thick stream of cum, mixed with piss and blood.

It seems the invading fist had blasted the hero’s poor prostrate on the way in, raping it once more of it’s contents.

Gunner held up the hero like some kind of sick sock puppet, as Captain Canuck’s mind simply started to shut down. He was totally unable and unprepared to respond to such utter savagery. His super strength was almost totally exhausted. He had a powerful healing factor, but that was just about shut down, as his enhanced body was doing everything in its power just to keep him alive, let alone have any energy left for healing.

Then, grinning with savage pleasure, Gunner brought his arm down, flinging the hero off his impaling fist like a toy. The brutalized super hero hurtled head over heels down the hall, landing in the control room, directly in front of his console, the massive impact tearing away the final shreds of his mask, revealing his battered, shattered handsome good looks.

He shuddered, broken, in agony, all hope dying. Gunner began to stalk towards him slowly and maliciously.

Captain Canuck was an all-around good guy. A real man’s man, everyone liked him, and he was proud of his position on the Rugby team, proud of his duties as a hero. Even now, after the savage assault that had practically destroyed him, he still had the drive to try and do the right thing.

He saw one last chance… He had landed directly in front of his console. If he could just… he lifted up his hand, and placed it on the palm plate, mumbling desperately through the shitty puke leaking out of his mouth, and the broken jaw… “Commmputtuer.. Activaaate.. Intruuuder..defenses!” he gasped.

Finally, he’d done it!! He’d…


The computer responded, “Unauthorized attempt to activate defenses. Neutralizing unauthorized entity.” His hand was trapped, glued to the panel now as thousands upon thousands of volts began to fry him. He shaked and jerked, and blood started leaking out of his ears and nose. He trembled violently, convulsively, making weird noises as his hair stood up, and the sound of burning meat started to waft off his rapidly frying body as his thick proud muscles were being cooked.

He managed to squeak out… “hlp… hlp me..”

Gunner walked up to him, and smiled, “I told you your security was crap Captain. You should get a refund from your Avenger pals. How ya feeling there?” He bent down to examine the convulsing hero.

Then he asked, “Would you like to clean my cock now, or should I just let you fry?”, Gunner asked, a friendly smile on his face, as his powerful, intimidating muscles bulged right in the Captain’s face, and his dirty cock still stood out to attention..

The Captain …

The proud, Rugby celebrity Craig Evans..


His spirit simply surrendered. He was defeated, and more than defeated, he was unmanned. His sense of duty, his upstanding attitude, his devotion to being a good guy, to doing his best on the pitch, his duty to protect the public by fighting crime, all of that burned away to ashes under the unbelievable brutality of Gunner. He knew now that he wasn’t a hero. Hell, he wasn't even a very good Rugby player. He knew his place.

He managed to squeak out.. “Yyyssssssssss… annnnyything… plss.. Mk iit… stoppppp”

Gunner smiled, “Well done Cap. Computer, disengage intruder countermeasures.”

The computer responded, “Acknowledged.”

The current ceased, and Captain Canuck simply collapsed.

For several long minutes, the fried hero, massive burn spots smoulder through the costume on his thick biceps, his back, and his massive thighs emitted small wisps of smoke, and small groans echoed from the savagely broken hero. His proud muscle was toast, he was broken inside from the savage fisting, and he hurt so badly that he couldn’t even drift off into unconsciousness.

But when Gunner said after a long silence, “NOW BITCH, CLEAN MY COCK!” The terror that filled his being overcame his pain, and in agony he forced his jerking twitching muscles into action, managing to somehow coordinate his mangled mouth over that dirty cock, cleaning it as best as he could.

Gunner grinned saying, “Not only do you suck as a Rugby player, not only do you suck at being a hero, ironically, you can’t fucking suck worth a damn. You really are pathetic. Now, time to go and meet my boss.”

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