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Timy the Top
By Cracker

Timy the Top

By Cracker

Because he asked….

We begin:

Too many people associate sexual positions or even preferred sexual acts as signifying you're either a top or a bottom. To be frank, that's just a manifestation of power. Being a true alpha is all about power, who has it & who submits to it.

Now I will admit that when it comes to sex, I like to receive esp. when it’s kinky. I have on occasion sexually enjoyed getting an erotic fin-dom cam-show from a hot young guy. Using these gay-for-pay, desperate for money, Romanian guys to pop my loads really heightens my sexual arousal. I think of the small amounts I give them as tips for watching them get naked on their cam. Edging while they are showing off their body and junk trying to score some chump change as I get off. I get a real sexual high knowing that they think that they're getting something when really, I've just been using them to make my masturbation sex play more pleasurable.

Recently, over the last year or so, I've been doing some real-time “role play domination” with a hot young USA, Grade A, Southern bred jock and self-proclaimed gay-for-pay, top-only stud. One of those buzzed cut, blonde haired, blue eyed, 6 feet, tight 200lbs defined hunks. You’ve seen the type. Guys their early to mid-20s, telling themselves that they’re not gay, even though they’re posing and either jerking off for, or getting a blow job from guys. After all, they’re just doing it for the money like a good MAGA man. As I said, he thought he was the top in our interactions. I could tell, however, that he was really enjoying popping his loads with me. Frankly, though he was a hot piece of beef, his smug attitude began to wear on me. There came a point in time where I decided to reverse our dynamics. So, here’s how I did it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression power-bottom. I happen to be one but in a special way. Through some anatomical quirk, I can control the actions of the muscles lining my anal canal. I can make them tighten, grip, ripple, and basically jerk-off any shaft up my shitter. I decided that it was time to teach my so-called top who had the whip hand and use my hold to accomplish it.

I asked him to come fuck me. I mentioned I had just been paid and had money to burn if he did it. He did his usual, I’m not gay and don’t fuck a guy routine until I told him about how much he could expect if he did it. Yeah, like a bee to honey, he was at my place that night primed to fuck me, in his view, both anally and financially.

“I’m going to fuck you hard tonight bitch,” he grunted while taking off his wife eater and jeans. “Going to keep my MAGA cap on okay bitch? So, you’ll know a man is fucking you.”

No ordinarily I would’ve said screw that shit, but I idea came into my head. I just nodded.

 Once he had a dressed, he spent the next few minutes boasting about what he was going to do to me even though he wasn’t gay…though his waving about a respectable erection. That evidence alone was proof, this boy was a closet waiting to be blown open, and I had the dynamite to do it. He had me get on all fours, opened my laptop, and put it in front of us. “After I breed you, I might keep my dick up your ass and watch as you go online and squirt cash into my accounts.”

He shuffled between my splayed thighs and, grunting, pushed. He slowly eased up my hole. Once his dick was inside my ass, I knew I had him. I let my inner muscles clamp tightly around his shaft.  

“Timy. Fuck you’re so tight,” he grunted as he began to thrust into me.  

I slowly let my inner anus muscles ripple along his dick.  

“Fuck Timy, whatever you’re doing don’t stop,” He moaned.  

He thought he was fucking me, but I was the one who now controlled his cock. By now, my inner muscled lining was undulating across his entire shaft.  

“Oh fuck…oh fuck...oh fuck. Wait stop…I want to hold off for a bit to enjoy this …oh fuck man. I can’t… hold off…oh fuck man,” he howled. He blew his load quite easily.  “Timy damn. Your ass was incredible tonight,” he wheezed while lying prone across my ass for support. I could feel the beads of sweat on his upper body as he rubbed against me. He tried to pull his shaft out, but my muscles held it tightly inside me. “Look the real was one fuck. We’re done.”

“Who said we were done,” I teased as my anus sucked his shaft in deeper.

“What the fuck,” he angrily yelled me as he tried, and failed, repeatedly to pull out.  

“I think you’ve got more left in those nuts,” I said as I worked my inner muscles along his shaft, bringing him into another erection.  

“No way I can pop out another load that quick,” he said while getting erect and still trying to withdraw.  

I was relentless. He was squealing and protesting, but my muscles were jerking off his shaft and holding on tight.  Quickly, he let out a loud howl of “AW FUCK”, as he rapidly came a second time.  

He was sweating and gulping air as he attempted to withdraw his still semi-hard shaft from my ass. I clamped and, once more, he found he’d again failed.  

“Okay let my dick free,” he demanded in a tone of voice that was less arrogant and had hints of fear in it. The old arrogant condensing voice he normally used on me was slipping fast.

“Let’s see how much we can get from that sack,” I laughed as my inner muscles began rippling. By his third orgasm, thanks to my ass jerking him off, he was screaming for me to stop.  

“I can’t. I’m not lying Timy,” he bawled.

By the fourth time, he was whimpering and pitifully begging me to stop.  

“I’m begging you man. My nuts, cracking apart, “he pitifully cried.

“What kind of MAGA man are you, “I teased. Take off that fucking cap and shove it between your ass cheeks and I might agree.”

I watched in the reflection of the computer screen as he quickly removed his cap, and, to my satisfaction, shoved it right between those rounded butt cheeks.

“Now let my cock free, “he whined no longer, sounding like an arrogant southern jock and more like a teenage boy.

“I only said I may,” I sharply responded as I let my inner ass muscles continue their job. From then on, I ignored his screams and subs in please and continued milking his shaft.

Finally, by the eighth time, he was a babbling wreck. I could feel that he was now only blowing only bubbles into my guts.  

“Timy, I give, please let my cock free,” he wheezed.

I got the camera on my laptop to record my triumph. “I want you to look into the cam and admit, who is the bitch now,” I laughed. to emphasis my point I let my inner muscles massage his shaft.  

“Whatever you want,” he howled. He gazed into it. Tears streaming down his face. “I am Timy’s bitch,” he sobbed.  

“I had broken him but, I wanted my victory to be complete and have him always in my power.” Tell me the password to open your online accounts and contacts. You’ve taken cash from me in the past. Today, I'm fucking draining your bank accounts just like I’ve now drained your balls. Also, I will send this video to everyone unless you stay my bitch from now on, understand?”

“Yes,” he quietly whined.

“Yes what,” I sharply asked. “Respect bitch…show it.”

“Yes, Timy Sir” he mumbled.

We both knew I had “cracked” his brain and fully castrated him as a top. He was now my bitch. Crying and whimpering like the little pussy I’d made him into, he gave me access to his computer access and submissively handed over all the money in his accounts. He watched me drain away all his money. Once I finish that I unclenched my inner ass muscles. He let out a pitiful moan, pulled out his shaft, and fell back onto his ass. He sat there with his muscled thighs spread apart, crying about how a bottom had turned him into a bitch, all while cradling his shriveled pouch.

As I said…it’s all about power…who has it…who uses it.

The End