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The F**king Promise or Ball Buster Busted
By Cracker

The F**king Promise or Ball Buster Busted

By Cracker

When you are an alpha dominant you have to always keep in mind two basic rules in dealing with your submissive. First, you gotta keep your word. Nothing kills a trust relationship faster than you saying you will do something and not doing it. Worse look like a wimp by trying to back out of doing it. Second, when you reward a submissive by granting them something ; be fucking sure you set limits on that promise.   If you forget the second rule your fucked. I did forget it and yeah, got royally fucked over.

It started out at the end of a normal session. Tim was my online cash fag. We’d been having sessions for over a year. True, he could sometimes be a bit much to handle but, on the whole, he usually got into line and did cash gifting. In our last session he had been unusually generous in tributes, even giving the next day via emails when not being milked.  This was way beyond the norm for him.

When I received one last gift, I thought it would be good to show him I could be an appreciative cash master. The ‘reward your fag’ that happens for good service. I met him in a chat and typed that he could make one request of me and I would not screw around in letting him have it.

Tim: Anything Sir.  Me: Nothing unsafe but yeah.   Tim: Your word Sir? You’ll do it?  Me: Yeah you fucking have my word. So, hurry up.

I’m thinking he’d want a cam show flex session or something like it.

Tim: I want you to jerk off at my command until I tell you that you can stop. I want you to do it on cam and in a place I set up.

Now that fucking took me by surprise.

Me: Are you fucking kidding me!  Tim: You promised. So, I want to see you jerking off till you beg me to stop. Done on cam in the master’s chat room you sometimes fuck me over in. In front of everyone too.  Me: Whoa that ain’t going to happen, boi.  Tim: You promised. You didn’t say what wasn’t included. You promised.

Damn, he had me there. I told myself he was a devious little bastard but that I should have been smarter about what I promised. I tried to see if there was a way out.

Me: I didn’t promise that boi  Tim: So, you lied.  Me: No, I didn’t lie but that’s too far  Tim: You didn’t say there were restrictions. Unless you aren’t man enough to keep your word. When I try to get out of stuff you call me a pussy. So, are you one? If you refuse, I’ll tell everyone you wimped out too.

Shit, if I refused, I looked like a pussy. Worse he’d inform anyone he met in the master’s room he got me to punk out. THAT was not happening. I did slow burn.

Tim: Well which is it Sir?

I was mad as hell but we both knew I was stuck.

Me: Fuck okay. Tomorrow at 2pm in the master’s chat room.

So, the next day I popped into the room. I’d picked 2pm figuring traffic in it would be light as it was a workday. If I had to do a “command performance” at least the damage might be limited. What I didn’t figure was Tim had spread the word among his fellow subs and they had naturally blabbed to their masters. The fucking chat room had fifty guys in it all ready to see me jerk off on cam and on my sub’s orders. As I stripped for the cam, I privately sent Tim a private message letting him know that, after this, his ass was mine. The bastard actually “lol” in a reply then added. DO IT BITCH!

So here is how it went.

Tim: Come on lube up that cock.  Me: I am. So, fucking relax.

 I adjusted myself as I stood up from my chair. Even though I couldn’t see any faces I imagined all fifty subs and their masters watching me. All of them laughing their asses off. Many probably getting ready to masturbate too. I stroked my shaft trying to focus on getting off and then getting out of this cam show as fast as possible.

Tim: Problems getting hard Sir? You can skip it if you nicely ask me to let you off the hook. Me: Fuck you.

I was but, after a few tricks I usually used in jerking off, I soon sprouted a good boner.

Tim: Fuck yes pull that cock. How you feeling? Want to ask me to stop? Me: Fuck…you

By now I was fully into jerking off. Suddenly a series of typed lines flashed on the screen Basically other guys telling me to go for it . A few masters laughing about how stupid I looked. Actually, knowing subs were getting off, turned me on. Soon I was too into shooting my wad to care. I closed my eyes and let her rip. Honestly I gushed so hard my balls ached. When I opened my eyes my jizz was on the desktop and Tim had typed a message.

Tim: Fuck yes. You really bitched out and shot that spunk.

As I panted and wiped off the desktop, I saw his next line appear.

Tim: Good first shot but you promised to keep doing it until I let you stop. I’m going to make sure your nuts are drained.

I stood there in shock as viewing masters and subs all typed in mocking trash talk.

Tim: Lube up boi. Masters and fags. Round two is about to start.

It was right then I fully knew that, before this session was over, I was not only going to be totally fucked by my sub in front of everyone but also be ball-dry unless I tried something. So, I privately messaged him.

Me: Okay you had your fun. Tim: You telling me my alpha cash master can’t get it up more than once. I mean if it’s true, I understand. We will have to tell this to everyone, you know. So I guess you just begged me to let you off, right? Me: No, wait.

Up shits-creek. My choice was to perform or look even more pathetic as an alpha who couldn’t cum more than once.

Me: I’m not letting you win, fag.

Tim: Whose my good masturbator!

I was angry but I lubed up and pumped by shaft as Tim and the others typed in mocking comments. It took me a bit longer, but I finally shot a load, Not as much as the first but respectable. I smiled at doing it until I saw Tim’s line appear.

Tim: Again. Remember what you promised!

I gritted my teeth and got to work.

Tim: Whose my good boi. I’m happy to stop if you admit I out-witted you.

His smug attitude pissed me off. Besides my rep with him was on the line now. I was determined not to let him win. For the next twenty minutes I focused on jerking off. All though it Tim typed out shit like “good boi” or,“what a real bitch you turning out to be” followed by “yeah pussy, pump that cock”. I shot three more times. By now I was cupping my aching nuts and my body was streaked in sweat. I was panting. Fuck I must have looked like hell on cam too.

Tim: How does it feel being cunted by a fag? Give up yet? Tell me I kicked your ass and we can stop. Me: Fuck you

I started what turned out to be my fourth and my last ejaculation, I felt as my balls were coming up through my shaft.  I groaned and my body shook until nothing came out but a few pathetic bubbles. I wiped my greasy hand clean. I couldn’t do another. I typed.

Me: I’m fucking done. You drained my nuts. Can we stop? Tim: If you ask me nice….

By now I was ball-busted. I knew what had to be done. I did something no alpha does. I begged my sub for permission.

Me: Okay fuck. Please can we stop. Tim: If you say it nice and add “Sir”, I will say your promise is over.

My balls were fucked. I had nothing left in them. I was broken by my own fag and we both knew it. I did as instructed.

Me: Sir, may I please stop jerking off. Tim: Just sent that admission to everyone.

The screen lit up with “LOL” comments.The fucker had shown it to everyone! Right then, standing in front of the cam, sweating and my balls aching as I cupped them, I knew something. I had been played and mentally laid. My strutting alpha rep was as empty as my nuts. It was at the exact moment when my old self-image was mentally castrated, that a guy I knew as a master typed something onto the screen.

Top-Dad: Got your entire show on tape esp the bit with the groveling at the end of the tape. You ain’t a master anymore bitch. Get ready to serve us real masters with cash gifts or it goes online. Agreed? Boi..well?

A video flashed on my screen.There I was jerking off. Under my image was Tim’s typed lines ordering me around and mocking me with me jerking off like a bitch in heat. I had been so focused on masturbating I’d never paid attention to what had reaally been going on.

Top-Dad: Waiting. So you ready to be our joint cash fag.LOL

I was fucked. My own sub had set me up, bent me over, and rammed it up my ass. I was done. After this, no sub would ever take me seriously. Having been basically bitched by my own sub there was no use fighting what I now felt like inside. I just gave into my new role as a now totally gelded alpha.

Me: Okay. Agreed. Top-Dad: Okay what bitch -boi. Be specific that you agree to become out cash fag and be respectful too, boi. I’m ready to send this out unless you do it.

I knew my reply. I slowly typed out my own alpha castration Me: I agree to cash fag to you, Sirs!Top-Dad: Turn on your computer's Team Viewer. I did, knowing I was fucking handed over my accounts and other information to him and the others who were going to do to me what I'd done to so many loser submissive. The second did it, my screen lit up with twenty guys typing the same line in large type:


Like my nuts, my life as an alpha-dominant had been drained off. In this room I had been publicly taken by a sub. I could never live it down. My new future was now a fucking loser sub/cash fag to every master here. I looked at my computer screen as they took everything they needed from it to control me. As my email/passwords info and money was drained off it hit me:  "You''re now a fucking cash fag" . To my shock….I WAS FULLY BONED!

 The End