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Sacked Quarterback
By Cracker

Why the hell and I doing this man. I mean I’m a star quarterback on a Superbowl bound team. I should be put celebrating, laying chicks yet; here I am shaving my pubes. Worse, as soon as I finishing “cleaning” I will walk into the next room to get into lacy black panties, fucking stiletto fuck me heels and the satin stockings he set out for me to wear? Fucking shit I just gave myself a freaking hard-on too.

Where did I go from a chick fucker to a cross dressing chick-with-a-dick who gets fucked? Aw shit I gotta beat off or I will go nuts now.

That’s right Jake, just a few pulls on your pud then you will calm down. Don’t think about how the papers will react if they find out “Jake the Jock” got punked out by this nebbish. But shit…I bet those panties will feel so good on my pack age. Son-of-a-bitch I’m hard again. Ah fuck I love stroking for my man….how did it begin…oh yes.

I was on a real high. We had just won our division and we were going to face our fiercest rivals in the Superbowl. The papers were filled with how much our two teams hated each other. This was basically true especially about my rivalry with the quarterback on their team. Good old “Sam da Man” as he wanted to be called. On paper our stats were about the same: Height 6’2” {15.24 cm} weight 245lbs {17.5 stone} of pure defined muscle, & both hot looking {okay that wasn’t in print but should be}. The only major difference was this dude was pushing forty while yours truly was just in my mid-twenties. Okay there was another major difference too. He was black man from the Bronx. I was a blonde green-eyed total Southern rebel, and proud of it, from a backwater in Mississippi.

Hell, my testosterone was running on max after our division victory. I was looking forward to beating that guy’s butt. Still, the papers were saying our teams should put aside the petty shit and just play a clean game. When Sam called and suggested we get together for a relaxing massage at this private spa I should have guessed something was not right. But I agreed without thinking.

So I arrive and this nerdy looking, short beanpole twenty something tells me Sam is already getting his massage and I should follow him to mine. Like a jerk I do it without questioning. I later learn that was a test the nerd had to see if I might have hidden submissive tendencies. Well I passed. Cause I just did as he said with no questions no objections.

Minutes later I’m in a dimly lit room with soft music playing. The nerd tells me to strip off to strip off and lay down for my massage. Yeah you got it right. Test number two was to see if I’d ask him to leave first or just do as I was told. No I didn’t ask him to leave. I have a hot body and like showing it off man. Aw come on, I’ve been a jock all my life. Getting buck-naked around guys and liking their admiration is normal right…isn’t it. I told you I fuck girls…or did up till then. But let’s not jump ahead.

So I’m bare-arsed upon the table and he is working my muscles over with this sweet smelling oil. He had a mask on cause he said he had a cold and didn’t want to infect me with us being so close. Anyway I’m feeling more relaxed than I’ve ever been in my life. A bit lit headed but I chalked it up to the sweet smell of that oil. Then we start talking…

“I bet you must be experiencing so much stress with my upcoming game.”

“Yeah I am. Damn your hands are really working my body now.”

“So I bet you also have that pressure of being a stud too huh?”

Sighing “Yeah you got it. Fuck, I like this massage you are doing man.”

“Yes I bet being used by me like this is kind of exciting too deep down inside of you, right?”

“Shit…no...I mean…it is…not bad…okay”

He continues his chattering about my stress and how I must inwardly want to just hand myself over to someone else all this responsibility. Now I’m saying “no” but soon my objections are coming out slower. I mean I was feeling pretty hot being physically used right now. Then I hear myself sigh and admit it would be good to yield all control to another guy. To which he says…

“Got a hard-on by now right Jake?”

AND DAMN I realized that at some point in this massage I had. I mean I was being physically worked over and my pecker was pressing on that table. Later on I fond out the oil is really a drug and he is some award-winning chemist. This drug not only releases your inhibitions; it is a sort of Viagra too. Whatever, by then I was sniffing in its fumes as a sensation of passivity was taking hold of my brain. Yeah that shit does that too. Oh it cannot “change your brain” into a pussy but if deep in your mind you had the seeds of a pussy in you, well the drug magnifies it. In my case the seeds of what was to come were in me already I guess. The drug only brought them fully out inside my jock-mind. I mean come on. Jocks, from childhood, are always under some guy’s control. It could be a parent or a coach, especially the latter, so we are primed to obey someone. This nerd just exploited my inner inclination to totally cunt me. His rap by then was set…

“I bet you even would love just giving up all control right now huh Jake.”


“Aw come on Jake. I know you want to stop playing the man.”

“I do?”

“Yeah think of how easy women have it in life. Being taken care of. No pressures. Some real man keeping them safe, happy, properly sexed up right.”

*Sighing* “Yeah they are lucky.”

“I bet we can do that for you.”

“How” sighing deeper*

That’s when he puts the headphones and visor on me. Images of women being taken care of and strong men offering to do the same for me flood my vision and into my brain. Soon my face was on those women’s bodies. I looked so happy too. As I watched, the men’s images gradually focused more upon black men making me feel safe and secure. Then images of them screwing me came up along with scenes of me smiling as they did it to me. I heard the sounds of me giggling like a bitch in heat as my arse got wailed into. The voices telling me I wanted this so much and to just listen to them and do what they told me. Damn I felt so good and I admit I was rubbing my erection on the table during it all. I was so hard that soon I just had to spunk my junk. I know I groaned “fuck me” or something close to it as I rammed my cock onto the table’s surface. I felt myself gushing and then my hot sticky goop wetting my crotch. After I finished someone gently flipped me over. They used a warm washcloth to clean my crotch up as the visions and voices continued flooding into my brain. While I was watching it all I sensed someone slipping some tight soft underwear upon me then, this soft material tube enfolding each of my legs. Lastly shoes were gently strapped on my feet. The voices reminded me how nice it was being dressed by a man to please him. I smiled because I was so into those images and these voices encouraging me to just relax and be a good boy…or was the word they used “girl”? I was pretty out of it by them. Fuck my point is who cared what I was wearing. It actually felt right being dressed by someone. By the time the massage was over I was one submissive puppy. The visor came off and the nerdy guy helped me to my feet. Almost fell but hey you try being on heels. I felt weird about being in this stuff but the nerd kept telling me how sexy I looked. How is was all part of letting a real man take care of me just like the voices said to do. In fact those voices sounded like him. I quickly realized I actually looked pretty hot in my stockings and panties. I got boned and, after that, I simply accepted in my head that this was a pretty normal way for me to dress. The nerd helped me into a bra too, as he said, “gets those muscled tits covered up.” That was really awesome of him. I let him squeeze them as a thank you to him. He led me into a room filled with men. I immediately recognized them as our opposing team in the upcoming game. They all began to howl and whistle and make lewd comments on my outfit. I almost panicked till a sweetly smiling Sam came up to me.

“Its okay cracker boy. Good old Sam knows what his young baby girl needs,” he softly assured me as he stroked my cheek. “I bet your titties will like this action baby girl,” he said as he let his strong hands feel me up under my bra. “Just remember from now on these are your titties and that is what you will always call tem got it cracker bitch,” he teased.

I got so hard getting my titties rubbed I simply nodded. “Titties. My titties,” I heard myself giggle as the men in the room made approving yet lewd remarks. It felt good so I didn’t care. Sam was here.

“Just let this black man take charge for tonight. I promise I will treat your good Southern cracker pussy so sweetly.” He smiled and I just closed my eyes and melted. "Yeah bitch I know you trash talked black men when you thought no one was around. You are once racist mutha fucking Southern cracker," he whispered to me as he rubbed my titties. I moaned cause it was true and also cause i was in heat for him right about then. "Don't you worry white boy cause Sam is da man who is going to turn you out tonight. Girl by the time I'm done with your sorry pale pussy, you will be purring about the joys getting fucked by strong powerful of men of color."

That night my Sam took my girlish cherry as his teammates clapped. As he pushed his thick dark cock into my once virginal twat {another term Sam instructed e to use} they all cheered while I yelped and groaned with girlish pleasure. Once Sam was done he told me that I should be a good girl and let his Latino and African-American “friends” have their turn too fucking my cracker's hole. So I did. afterwards some guy rammed a butt plug into my hole so all their creamy man-juice could slosh around and get absorbed by the insides of my guts.

The next day I woke up in his big strong arms. He patiently explained how his bitch needed to dress and that everyday he would lay out my pretty girlish undies. I loved hearing that from my man. Later we discussed that silly “secret” game playbook my team has and all the hidden injuries on my team Sam was so pleased he fucked me twice as a reward. When he climaxed the second time he put another new butt plug into my hole so his seed could stay inside of me.

Tomorrow he going to show me how to relax when I play and not stress out about all the girlish mistakes he instructed me to accidentally make during the Superbowl game. I will probably miss some of my own practices too since Sam like to get a decent blowjob before and after he finishes his own practices. But that is cool. I need more practice on how to properly go down on my guy anyway so it all works out, right.

I heard that last night the defensive tackle on Sam’s team took my backup quarterback out for drinks and a nice massage too. So now my teammate Kevin has a strong black man to protect him too just in case I screw up too much and our coach throws Kevin in to replace me. Yeah, my man has every contingency all in hand. Come to think of it, you know Kevin is a handsome muscled redhead. Maybe Sam will let Kevin and I dress up so we can all go out on a double date after Kevin and I help our team lose the game?

You know I forgot how I began this story for you. Anyway my pubes are all shaved and I squirted just now too; so now I must dress in my undies. Sam wants a few pix of “his girl” in her stockings, “fuck me” stilettos, bra and panties to pass around to the press after we lose that game. He is so proud of his bitch I guess he just wants to show me off. J

BTW, it’s Jackie from now on girlfriend not Jake so you watch it mister! *Giggling*

The End