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Jacking Into Submission
By Cracker

Jacking into Submission

By Cracker

So a little bit about me. Texas jock, born and bred; played the usual football, I mean it is Texas after all. Now in my early 30s, but I still keep in good shape. I’m 175 – just touching 6 feet. In terms of looks I’m a bit above average judging by the way girls and quite a few guys buzzed around me when I was growing up. When I graduated college, I moved to Chicago and never looked back. I’m gay and realized that at an early age. Since I first sprouted pubic hair I was pretty aggressive sexually. In school I topped more than my share fair of gay, bicurious and, a few really drunk, hot straight guys. In fact, no guy ever really got into my head or my ass except for an older black guy that I met in Chicago. My only excuse was I was pretty drunk that night in the backroom and he was beyond hot. For about six months, before I moved to New York City for my job, he was the dominant one in our relationship. He also taught me about how to supplement my income by cash mastery. By the time I moved to New York, I had my own stable of loser, faggots paying me on a regular basis. After I moved to New York I also discovered that writing erotic stories about financial domination was a good way to hook in new guys into my stable. Things were pretty good in my 20s and into my early 30s. I was pretty cocky. By the time Jesse reached out to fanboy my stories, alpha sex had become pretty routine and, on cyber, a bit boring. I think that was the fucking problem. Unconsciously. I was seeking something. To mix things up. So I could get off big time. Anyway, it started out innocent enough. His first email to me was pretty short.

Read your story about breaking a cash master and turning him into a sub. Was so hot.

One thing that always gets my juices flowing is when someone compliments me on my body or my face or my writing. I realize now that was my sort of kryptonite. I was used to being praised and liked it. Plus, there was a hint in his email that maybe he was looking to become a cash Faggot. The guys I was using now had become pretty routinely boring. There was no thrill in tapping their asses anymore. They were totally broken into me. I wrote back to him, thanking him for taking the time to email me and asking him if he liked any of my other stories. Yeah, of course he replied.

Wow thanks for replying! I'll definitely check out your other stories. I'm very turned on by the subject matter. I'm into findom and have served a few fin-doms and cash masters so whenever I come across a story I read it to get that rush.

There was the hook. What I didn’t know was that while I was looking to hook him, he was doing the same. We exchanged more emails back-and-forth talking about financial domination. I found out he was a California surfer boy in his 20s and bisexual. That made them even more interesting. I’m not sure how it got started but pretty soon we were just talking on Skype about different things in our lives. When he got to fin-dom, he expressed an interest in learning how to do it. To my surprise, he asked if being a sub precluded him from doing it. Maybe I could teach him? Yeah, just the thing to feed my ego The idea of “helping him“ appealed to me. Over the course of the next week or so, we talked about financial domination and mastering some more. One night, I was pleasantly buzzed from a few joints. When he asked if I’d ever …you know…I told him about the time in Chicago I was a guy’s beta boy.

Fuck really? I bet it was so hot huh. Did he cash fuck you too?

By now I was lit, and my mind was recalling that time. Yes, I was sporting a hard-on and gently edging too. Before I knew it I’d admitted that I had done it for him a few times. As I stroked my shaft, I remembered sending for the first time and the emotions and intense sexual sensations it had given me.

Fucking hell. He bitched you good huh.

I had my microphone turned on, so I wasn’t even typing by now. That was another mistake because you have to think to type whereas the microphone just picks up whatever the fuck you’re saying and types it out. Before I knew it, I could see that I had typed him that: yeah being fagged out by him so bad I’d creamed cash had been intensely erotic. How and I’d shot my loads doing it. The second I saw that on the screen, I instantly asked him to keep that between us.

Oh of course, it’s just between us. I mean wouldn't want anyone finding out a hot stud master like you was secretly a little bitch for a young black man.

Something in the way, he typed that got me a little nervous. I assured him that it was just that one time, and that there was nothing further than ever happened after him. I told him I was all alpha now, and that that was just something from the past a brief experiment going nowhere.

Hey, I know but, I bet that arousal you got is lurking inside you lol.

And there it lay. I felt my nuts tingling. Was it there in me? I realized I was rubbing my shaft and nuts. He quickly changed the subject back to wanting to learn to be a cash master. I took a deep breath and took my hand off my junk. We set up a date for him to start learning how to master. We set up a Skype training session where I’d let him act out being a master and make suggestions on how to do it better. The next night my world shifted in Skype. He was totally into his role. I could see he was getting turned on too and fucking hell, I boned. In the role-play I took on the submissive role and he took on the dominant role so he could practice. It got intense really fast, at some point, I stopped corrected him and just let it flow. A few times during his communication, he asked if. The guy who mastered me did something like this. Or something like that. And casually asked how I felt. My mind was half on our role play and half remembering. By now. I was a little nervous, but I didn't want to show it in front of him. Stupidly, I reached for some nearby poppers and just took a sniff to chill out. Throughout the role play, he kept bringing up what happened in Chicago. By the end of our session he was completely the master, and I was sporting wood. Mentally the sensations of arousals recalling Chicago had me getting into a submission head space. Yeah, he was really turning me on as a fag. When I realized it I told him that we had done enough. I began to complement him and doing a good job, when suddenly, out of the blue, he wrote:

You fucking loved it. I could tell by your replies. You totally fagged out.

I told him I wasn’t doing more than helping him .

Shut up. You had a hard-on. Admit it. So, here is how it goes. If you want to play again reach out. Don’t email me again unless it is to let me know you are ready to sub. Oh, and have a few shots right before we Skype again too

I told him I wasn’t going to email him

Lol, we will see.

For the next few weeks, I wasn’t in contact with him. I was still screwing guys left and right, and cash mastering my stable. Yet, always in the back of my mind, was what we had done together and the sexual thrills he had awakened in me. Even more annoying, the fact that after we had signed off, I needed to jerk off twice just to chill down. I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to email this little shit. By the fifth week I realized he and how I had acted was constantly in my head. I figured the only way to get it out of my brain was to reach out, confront him, and dominate his ass. I emailed him and said that I was ready to talk. I told myself, just before I got back online, that the two shots of vodka that I had were merely to keep me chill and not go all apeshit on him. By the time we reconnected on Skype, I was a bit lit and slightly aroused. Before I could even say anything to him, he moved first and fast.

Told you. Okay, spare me the bullshit. We both know why you’re here. So, stroke that meat and lets go faggot.

Of course I protested but he smacked down every protest with trash talk shit that he poured down on my head. Fifteen minutes later, I was fucking aroused by his attitude. I typed: Fuck you get me hot . He simply replied:


One simple, word, arrogant, sarcastic word, and I lost it. I knew he was the one running my ass now.

Take another shot and edge.

I took another shot of vodka and started stroking. He mocked me and scolded me. he had me doing a few more shots. Soon I was drunk and begging him to get off.

Haha. Well, someone’s desperate. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were a sniveling little beta. Perhaps I do know better. Remember how you told me how it felt when that guy in Chicago made you bark for him …Bark just once for me.

I remember I had told him about that. How humiliated I had felt. Yet. how it was intensely humbling but also, uncontrollably erotic. The memories of it kept flooding back into my head, even as I tried to stop them. I swore I wouldn’t, but my cock lurched and, before I knew it, the fucking mic heard me say: ARF . I was lost in the heat now!

Love it. Well tonight’s lesson is done. We are going have more fun.

When , I asked needing to finish off.

Faggot. You just gotta wait. We play now in my time. From now on, I will tell you when to be ready and when to make sure your little pindick is hard.


Ah, don't worry, you'll be on all fours barking for me again boy.

For two weeks I heard nothing. Memories of what had happened constantly had me mentally off center yet stimulated. I couldn’t focus on cash mastering because every session brought up the one I’d had with him Then, an email came.

Tonight at 9. Bring poppers.

Yeah I arrived in skype poppered a bit too.

Turn on your cam. Ah look at you. I can see your hard and fucking high. So, how do you feel

Fuck I'm so hot for you right now. Weird but still hot as fuck

Hey, it’s not weird. At one point I realized, when you were talking about Chicago, that you unconsciously liked being treated like a bitch, and I’m treating you like a bitch. Don’t fight it boy, it’s perfectly natural. Get it into your head: you're my bitch

Shit. A sub is taking me too.

Hey if the shoe fits, wear it. I think, for you, it's more like the collar fitting.

I was always alpha in real time and cyber and now a fucking sub is crawling inside my head!

Shh boy. Just stroke and let it happen. Come on you don't want to fight it, you want to be a bitch. Your hard-on waving there is proof. Come on boy bark for master again.

I swore I wouldn’t even as the microphone heard me bark and typed out :ARF

Lol. Are you hard?

So hard. So fucking hard . By now I was just babbling shit as I jerked-off on cam. Every stroke was driving me crazy knowing he was fagging me I was being fagged out by an ex-sub. At one point he told me to shut up.

Just bark faggot.


Fucking awesome. Good pup, that's better. I knew you were really a fag. Hell, it's okay to admit that you are, I don't judge you. I just need you to accept it so that you'll be happy in your life as a bitch. My little fuck-toy fag on all fours, barking like a dog. Go on admit I dom-ed you. Say IT!

Yeah, you are out alpha-ed me

Well, fag, it was hardly a contest seeing how much of a bitch you are right now. I guessed it's natural for you to be subservient to a master from the first time you admitted getting fucked in Chicago. I could feel it turned you on. I simply fed your ego and here is where we are. I bet it even feels right. You knowing that I broke you down. One last step…send me a small ecard. Nothing big. It is just a token between us on what you are.

Won’t cash fag. Not that okay.

Do it or we are done. If you do we can play regularly. You know you are hard for cyber play submission now. Don’t wimp out. It is only a small token.

My brain was telling me to cut off the connection. My nuts and leaking dick were telling me that I needed to do it. As he watched, I went onto Amazon. Just like I did to so many guys, he was watching me. During every step he kept encouraging me. I was rubbing my shaft and pre-cum and was flying out all over the place. I was lost in a sexual heat, not even truly paying attention to what I was doing until I hit the word “send”. I was totally broken knowing what I’d done.

Good faggot. didn't think you'd do it. Tonight we are going to play while I really cash your faggot ass. This was a long time coming. Now I have you on record doing it with screen shot poof, I’m going to fuck you whenever I want. You’re my cash fag.

When I read those words, my nets exploded. He watched as I went rigid and shot my junk all over the place. When my eyes refocused again he was laughing at me.

Let’s play bitch. Pay up time in revenge for all the guys you’ve fucked over. You’re not done shooting tonight so take a few shots and lube up. Don’t think just do it.

I weakly insisted my fagging was a one-off.

Dom's don't bark like a dog do they? Bark if you agree.

My brain again rebelled but the pre-cum I was spurting out now had me :Arf

They sure as hell don't actually get fucked cash wise, do they? Bark if you agree

I stared at him them at my hard-on and stopped fighting :Arf

Boy, only fags do that. Bark

He was right : Arf

Cash fags do it. Real bitches do it. FUCKING BARK


And that’s what you are, right?

By now he didn’t even have to tell me. I was edging and lost in lust : Arf

LOL. Now don’t bark and simply admit what you are. Go on bitch, tell me what you are.

I was ready to pop by now. I heard my voice whispering it then saw it on the screen : I’m a cash fag

Good boy. Seems you're broken now. Your little fag mind will never be the same. From now on, try as you might, the little urge to bark like a bitch will always be there. Go on you know you need to.


Ha-ha. This really shows how much of a bitch you are. Got a dildo?


Interesting. I want you to bark if you want to be fucked in the ass like a bitch right now on cam d for me to see?

I fucking barked! Under his mocking I got it, lubed it, and slowly rammed in in and out of my chute. As I howled and spurted my fag cream I read his line:

Such a good cash fagged bitch. Jacking himself into submission

That night. I pounded my butt, my meat all while he pounded my wallet. I barked, climaxed, cash squirted for him. By the next morning, I woke up with my head pounding and my asshole sore as fuck. All the cash money I had in my cyber accounts were drained. My nuts were shriveled up prunes. The day after that, he reached out. I had officially went from cash master to cash fag. In time, he had me bring my stable of subs online to fuck me over for him. He then had me go to all the Net sites where I’d been registered as a cash master to redefined my status as another cash faggot. Yeah, I was jacking off while doing it too. Of course, once I had done that, the administrators of every site let all the other cash masters know about it. There would be no going back my days of being an alpha or, cash mastery. Now I'm working 24/7 just to be sure my master is always rewarded.

The End