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Golden Boy 2 Black Mans Toy
By Cracker

Golden Boy to Blackman’s Toy

By Cracker

This is a small story to entertain. I love feedback, so feel free to email.

They were the toughest team we had to face in the football season. Unbeaten, they were suburban, privileged white boys. They were scheduled to face us, a team from the poorest section of the city in the state championships. We were a team composed of blacks and latinos determined not to be beaten by them. Heading them up was a quarterback named Thad Corcoran. The six foot two inch senior was described in the papers as a golden boy. Destined for a pro-team, he was an arrogant prick. To anyone who listened, he’d confidently predicted he’d beat our butts in the game.

Good looking with green eyes and brown hair, I had to admit this guy was one prime piece of meat. From the numerous gym pictures he posted online, he had a nicely muscled body with an impressive eight pack.  I decided turning out the star player of our hated rival would be a sweet revenge for their putdowns of us.  Hell, popping this hunk’s cherry would be fucking hot too. 

I sent him an email asking for a meeting before the game to discuss ”toning down the trash talk” to avoid a possible future confrontation by some of our fans during the game. Naturally I phrased it I’d look as if I was appealing to him for help. I figured he’d get a  good mental hard-on acting superior to me and not see I was playing him. Later that day he, as expected, wrote back. His email was arrogant as fuck and patronizing too but that only made me more determined to pop his ass. I suggested a local bar in the city explaining I couldn’t afford to get out to his suburbs to meet. Golden boy agreed.

That night he arrived. From the shocked look on his face, I figured he’d never been in a bar whose patrons were all black or latino. He looked nervous which, was my intent. White boys usually lose their cool when they are the minority in a crowd. From the way he was glancing around the place, I also noticed he was checking the numerous powerfully built and confident acting black men. I let him stand there for a minute to let his discomfort sink into him then walked up to introduce myself. We sat and I ordered drinks. Thad gulped his as we talked about the game. I quickly turned the conversation around to sex talk. Thad seemed even more nervous as I gabbed about how girls couldn’t get enough of my huge fucking dick. I also noticed his eyes were soon fixed on my junk. Rubbing my crotch with my right thumb I went on about how black men are the best in bed. Thad kept gazing at my bulge and drinking.

“I’m sure it’s impressive,” he croaked.

“Want to see it?” I suddenly asked.

His eyes shot upward. “I’m no fag,” he mumbled.

“Hell boy,” I joked taking notice how he didn’t react to the word “boy.” I only asked if you want to see it? You calling me a fag?”

“No. No,” he quickly replied. He looked around as some of my teammates in the bar stopped talking and came towards us.

“I suggested he might want to see my cock and he thinks I’m a fag,” I loudly said as my teammates formed a circle around us. “Shit man,” I laughed. “We show our cocks off all the time right guys,” I stated as I stood up, unzipped, and pulled out my babe-fucker. Everyone laughed and did the same. Black cock now surrounded poor Thad. His face flushed and he quickly drank his second even stronger drink.

“Nice dicks, huh boy,” I softly said. From the look in his eyes he was loosing his cool.

“Yeah,” Thad managed to reply as he took the sight of all this black cocks .He gulped more of his deink and lightly licked his lips. 

Yeah, white boys secretly fear a black man’s dick because deep in their guts they crave it and hate that they crave it. Thad was discovering his inner white man’; need to surrender to us.

“Go on touch it,” I whispered as I moved closer to him.

“No way man,” he managed to say even as his eyes took in the sight of all those dark-hued cocks that now surrounded him. He stared at the other cocks then directly at mine.

By now it was clear the golden boy was succumbing to the natural erotic power that black men have within them. “Touch it boy. Go on and feel how long and thick it is,” I whispered.

“Fuck,” he replied. He tentatively raised a hand and gently gripped my shaft. “Fuck that is…” his voice tapered off as he felt the heft and weight of my erect cock.

“Maybe would you like to lick its head, boy?” I instructed. He gazed up at me. I could see his fear and longing. We stood around him waiting.

Golden boy suddenly let out a groan. “Fuck,” he pathetically moaned as he surrendered to his white boy’s need. He moved his head forward. His lips opened and his tongue touched my cock-head.

I nodded at my smiling teammates as his tongue first slobbered on, then opened his mouth, and slurped my thick dick into his throat.

“Good boy,” I softly told him as I tousled his hair. I let him get my cock all wet as I high-fived some of those closest to me. We all took in the sight of the city’s hotshot golden boy slobbering over my dark meat.

“Let’s go somewhere private now boy,” I suddenly said as I pulled out of him.

“Go?” he asked in confusion. From the glazed look in his eyes and the slight rise in his crotch he was aroused. I intended to finish my job. I quickly led to the poolroom in the back. Wasting no time, I took charge stripping him and laying him backward on the pool table.

“What are we doing,” he asked as he lay there naked before me.

“Turning you out baby,” I cooed as I reached down to masturbate him into a semi-erection.

“Aw fuck don’t,” he lightly protested as I got him hard and his shaft slick with his pre-cum. “Fuck,” he whimpered as I started turning him out him right there on the pool table. He just lay there dripping and twitching. By now his dilated pupils were rolling upward in their sockets. The bitch that lies inside of every white man whenever a black man takes charge was coming out. “How are you…doing this…to me,” he moaned as his hips suddenly rose upward to thrust his shaft into my tightening grip.

“Oh yeah boy,” I replied. ‘I’m just giving you what every white boy truly craves, boy.” I released his cock and quickly took both his ankles and positioned each of his legs onto one of my shoulders. Spreading him wide revealed his rosy-hued anal pucker to view. Spitting on one of my fingers, I began rubbing it on his anal gateway as I let my other hand jerk him off.

“What the fuck,” he slurred. “Fuck that’s so…” he moaned. Judging by his hard-on and the amount of pre-cum he was ozzing, my former rival was enjoying it. I fingered him out as he gasped and squirmed. After a few minutes I had managed to insert two more of my fingers into his now looser butt-hole. “Aw shit,” he purred as his stiff cock oozed a glop of pre-cum. Finally, after sensing he had nicely loosened up down there, I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with my dick-head.

“Easy boy,” I told him as I eased my dick up his virginal chute.

“Fuck,” he moaned as I slowly invaded his guts. His pupils now completely rolled upward in his sockets. “Oh fuck,” he wheezed as I fully entered inside of him. “Getting fucked.”

I noticed his cock was still erect. Yeah my white boy was hot to give it up. “Turning you out into a black man’s pussy, huh boy,” I teased.

“Fucking me,” he groaned as his rod oozed more liquid. “Your pussy,” he gasped.

“Tell me how much you need my black cock fucking you boy,” I teased as I worked his hole.

“I need your black ccccc…ock,” he whimpered as his erection throbbed in my grip. I applied some pressure to it to hold off his orgasm. I wanted to ride him for awhile and keep him edged.

I realized some of my teammates had followed us into the backroom. They were all smiles and high-fived each other as I ground into him. I nodded and began to really fuck my opponent’s hole.

“”Fuck. Fuck,” Thad repeated sobbed as I aggressively hammered my cock into him.

“Shit boy you got such a tight shitter,” I joked as relentlessly pounded his ass.

“God, Fuck me ,” Thad howled.

“That fucking white boy should be playing ‘tight-end’ on his team huh,” one of my teammates loudly joked.

“Fuck, he isn’t going be a tight-end for long,” another replied as they watched me nail our rival team’s hotshot quarterback.

By now Thad was loudly bawling out in pleasure. His shaft was slick with pre-cum that was seeping out of his cock-head. “Damn you’re really fucking my ass,” he loudly yelped. “Shit you’re really fucking my white ass,” he howled as I ground my way inside of him. I could feel his cock getting ready to blow but a nice squeeze again delayed it.

“PLEASE LET ME SQUIRT,” Thad pathetically whined

“Fuck someone shut him up so I can concentrate,” I said to my teammates.

Jermaine stepped up and grabbed Thad’s head. “Suck this you bastard,” he growled as he rammed his thick, long cock into Thad’s throat.

“Oomph,” Thad mumbled through his cock-stuffed mouth. The sounds of muffled moans and gurgling from our rival team’s quarterback filled the room.

“Fucking take it,” I shouted, as I prepared to unload. Jermaine looked at me and winked. He was ready to pop his load too.  “Yeah, lets seed him together bro,” I grunted as my balls sent my cream flowing into my shaft.

“Aw fuck drink it up white boy,” Jermaine yelled as we both shot into him.

“Umph,” Thad managed to gurgle as he slurped up Jermaine’s seed. Some dribbles of Jermaine’s cum seeped from the sides of his mouth but Thad managed to gulp in the rest. As I pulled out of Thad’s now un-virgin butt-hole, I noticed some of my cum was leaking from it too. We had barely pulled out of both his holes when some other teammates stepped in to refill both Thad’s mouth and ass.

For the rest of the night we tag-teamed that white boy. By the time we were done good old Thad was dripping cum from his both asshole and his mouth. His once hard eight-pac soon faded away thanks to the load of our black cream that now filled his stomach. Yeah that bitch soon had a nice jizz-bulging gut.

By the time we were done, Thad was a mess. He was still as hard as a rock during it. We had taken terms gripping his erection. Through our hand pressure, each of us had prevented him from blowing his load as we ravaged both his holes.

“I need to shoot,” he moaned as he lay there before us. “Please…” he sobbed.

Taking pity, we all held him down while, Harry, our smaller placekicker, repeatedly jerked Thad off. By the time Harry was finished, Thad had emptied his balls onto the slightly rounded mound of his now jizz-filled stomach. Harry scooped it all up after every orgasm and fed it to a gasping Thad. So sweet, yeah!

“Fuck my ass and balls hurt so bad,” Thad soon loudly yelled as he was relentlessly milked. After twenty minutes of draining, all he finally shot out of his cock was air bubbles. We left him lying on the pool table. As we left the room, Jermaine cried out to the other guys in the bar that, “there’s a white jock in the backroom needing to be fucked.” I noticed twenty men racing to get into the room. We sat at out team table and drank our beers to the sounds of Thad being truly fucked over.

The next day Thad, the golden boy of our rivals, played his worse game ever. He had a noticeable gut hanging out over his uniform’s waistline and he moved like he pulled an ass muscle. Anyway, we romped to victory thanks not only to his fucked up playing but also due to the fact that, while his was being bitched, we had taken his team’s playbook out of his car to study it.

That night we celebrated how we took the shit out of him and his teammates. To our surprise, Thad showed up at the bar. I expected trouble but, to our shock, he instantly dropped to his knees before me.

“I need it bad,” he softly told me. He explained that, after that night with us, he had realized he was hot for black men. “ I quit my team Sir and want to transfer to your school. Please let me be your team’s cum dump,” he begged.

What can I say? The once golden boy was now hot to be a black man’s toy. Fuck, once they get a taste of our cocks, white boys are just natural addicted to us. Hehe

The End