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Fin-Dommed Cash Master
By Cracker

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Fin-dommed Cash Master

By Cracker

(To Smiley and Aaron)

So I guess you can call me a “Good Old boy”. Grew up in the South and played, what else, football as a tight end. Yeah I heard the jokes. But being six foot two and a well-muscled 220, no one said any of them to my face. In high school and college I had a rep as a “man’s man.” Hell I was easy on the eyes and fucking the ladies was no sweat. Blond -haired , blue-eyed, all sweet southern charm...that was me. Yet, I had a hidden side too. I loved cash busting fags. My first ‘cash fag’ was when I was about fourteen. This older kid in my school couldn't take his eyes off me. So I confronted him one day about him doing it. “You’re a fag. Wait until they hear this at school,” I said to him.

He began crying and begged me to not tell that he was a flaming queer. To be honest the idea he was hot for me was a turn-on. What really got me hard was when he offered to pay me to keep quiet about it. After that he was mine. I let him pay to be around me. Pay to sniff my jockstraps or even touch my ass. He soon introduced me to some of his faggy friends who also were into this shit. By college, I had a stable of them paying for my every need. When I discovered the Internet had whole clusters of cash fags to milk, I was on it like tick on a dog. Soon i had a nice sweet cyber stable. Mostly old whiter guy hot to see me flex on cam. Just upper body naturally.

Now to be honest, it was more than the money. Over time I realized I was into this dominance and submission shit. Sure I still fucked the ladies but ,my hottest orgasms were when I was doing this hit. I also confess that I was a bigot about it. With one exception, I was strictly a white’s only cash master. I had one twenty-three year old black guy, who was once a college gymnast, named Toby that i enjoyed cash raping every month. I met him online and he showed off his body to me. Truth, be told, his body on cam was a wet dream, well a wet dream if you were into hot looking black guys , which was not my scene. Nice cock too, dark and thick. Not that I took real notice. Anyway, I decided , what the fuck, and took him under my control. I loved acting like the superior white master with him. Trash talked him acting all superior. Cash fucked him while watching him jerk off. His balls spunk would flood the screen, he shot so much. Well they were a nice set.

Well, life was fine until one night when I was lite on some grain, looking in vain to get off with a cash fag, totally horny, and made the mistake of mouthing off to this black cash master who was in the cash fagging chat room. He kept saying he could fuck any master in the room and that white guys secretly craved black dominance especially us Southern boys. Looking back on it I was asking for what happened because I mouthed off some pretty racist shit back at him. The dude went off on me saying my “prejudice” was because I secretly had a desire for black men. We went at it till the others in the room told us to stop or “take it outside” into a private chat. Well we did. During our trashing I’d been drinking even more so I was buzzed. When we went into a private chat he fucking dared me to do some minor role-play online with him as his sub. He told me I wouldn't it was only because was scared he was right about me. Fuck I couldn’t pussy out on a challenge. I was mad and by now, really roaring drunk.

Him: So you going to do this role play boi or is the white boy afraid to play with a strong black master.

Me: Fuck you. Okay I’m in.

Him: Fine but you have to act like a submissive in it. Not too late to back off cracker.

Me: Don’t worry I said I agreed to play the sub just to show you. But ten minute time limit because I that shit will get boring fast.

Him: Agreed

So I went into it with my usual take charge attitude. After a bit of time in the role play with him I discovered that I was really getting into being submissive especially when the trash talked on me. Soon I was boned and groveling in my replies acting like those losers did when I fucked with them. The ten minutes went by fast and I was fucking on heat overload!

Him : okay as promised the time is up

Me : Wait are you sure man?

Him : Why, do you want to go on a bit longer as my sub,boi?

Me : Hell no but you sure its up?

Him : Why don’t we fuck the time limit and just relax and continue. If you want to that is?

ME : Yeah why not

My eyes popped open and my cock lurched when I next read.

Him : Only if you respectfully ask me nicely boi or I’m gone.

I stared at the screen for a few seconds then saw.

Him : going in 5...4..3..2..

I panicked.

ME : Yes okay. Can we continue please.

Him : Ask with respect cracker.

I was high and horny beyond belief by then. I swallowed my alpha pride and replied:

ME : May we please continue...Sir.

I gazed at the screen while holding my oozing pecker in my left hand.

Him :Good boi.

By the end of the session, as he was calling me a faggot or boy or his cracker bitch, I was so aroused mentally and sexually that I had a hands-free orgasm. I was so fucked up about that and his mocking me over it when I admitted what happened that I booked out.

I chalked it up to a one off, but couldn’t get the experience out of my mind. Days later he emailed me saying he thought we should hook up again to “just talk” unless I was scared I’d fag out again to him. Hell, that made me so mad. So I wrote back, “Sure”.

I went into our meeting stone cold sober. We talked and yeah I admitted my conduct had freaked me out. He told me he could understand how I was freaked and suggested a drink to calm my nerves unless, yeah the fucking dare, I was too frightened of drinking while chatting with a strong black man. Long story, short version. Didn’t pay attention to my drinking as we talked and fuck....soon he was getting all alpha on my ass. Even more mind-fucking, I was eating it up big time and acting like a bitch in heat. After two hours of him going hot on me, me lite on booze, and yeah I’m now fully erect, and oozing a bucket of pre-cum down my shaft, he...he...he somehow convinced me I wanted to me to fucking pay him.

Him :Try the experience boi.

Me : Fuck.I’m not sure Sir ( yeah I was calling him sir by then )

Him : Boi don’t fight it. You know you’re curious about how it feels. I know you do.admit it.

Me : I’m not sure...well okay sending just a small amount okay Sir? Simply to experience it?

Him : Sure fag. Just a token taste is all. Go on.

Me : Fuck okay. I’m on Amazon. My cock is throbbing.

Him : Now simply concentrate on how hot your cock is feeling .

ME : This feels so weird.

Him :You are hot for it now, right, Cracker bitch.

Me : Sir, fucking yes.

Him : Good boi. Don’t think. Type in $50 then my address.

Me : Fuck doing it, yes sir. God I want to shoot so bad!

Him : Hold off; not until you hit send. DO IT WHITEBOI!

Me : Aw shit I sent it.

Him : gottacha boi. Such a good CASH FAG!

Yeah he fucking cash fagged me! Even more mind fucking was, as I hit the button “send”, I fucking blew so hard it hit the screen. I got so freaked about seeing those words CASH FAG that I left.

After that we both knew I was his bitch. I mean he had cash fucked me and I’d blown my wad during it. He had a transcript of me degrading myself and cash fagging. So, when he emailed me to report back, fuck yes I did. I didn’t think i could sink any lower but he showed me i could. When we met he told me he wanted to know all about my cash mastering. The who, the whens, and amounts I pulled down.

He was a total alpha in our talk now. No ‘pretense’ of equality from either of us. He was particularity interested about Toby and had me turn over how to contact him. By the time he was done, I was pumped dry of information. He then gave me permission to jerk -off. Somehow he knew I had been boned during his talk with me. A few days later he told me I was going to cash fag gain but this time with Toby joining us. I was freaked about it but yeah, the thought of both black guys seeing me fag out had me hard. I jerked off twice thinking about that meet. By now I was turned on to the idea of being his cunt. He had whipped my cracker ass and shoved his dick up into my head. So I reported as ordered, ready to let my hard-on run my actions.

How u it went down:

Cashmaster_breaker: Hey Toby. Glad you could join us in chat. Big surprise. I broke your cash master. In fact, he’s ready to prove what a bitch he is to you, right fag.

Gelded-exalpha: yes sir

Cashmaster_breaker : Tell him what you’re willing to do

Gelded-exalpha: cash fag again sir

Toby: Hahahahaha no way..wait..what ..did he just type ‘again’?

Cashmaster_breaker : Tell him why he’s in this chat with us.

Gelded-exalpha: so he can witness my final castration as a cash master sir

Cashmaster_breaker: and fag..go on tell him what we agreed too

Gelded-exalpha: letting one of my cash fags watch me fag out ,Sir,

Toby: Damn. You really got him agree to fag out? How does it feel you bastard?

Gelded-exalpha: fuck, it’s humiliating

Toby: fuck yeah it does. now you know how I felt. Fuck this is so hot, from cash master and an arrogant jock to a loser cash fag?

Cashmaster_breaker: Yeah, and he’s gonna prove it. Toby, is going to see you for what you fucking are; just my pathetic muscle slut. Damn this is fucking hilarious. How does it feel to confess and expose yourself to me, a black man you southern white trash and, in front of one of your now ex cash fags? Hot yet?

Gelded-exalpha: fuck, so boned sir.

Toby: Damn.

Cashmaster_breaker: My PayPal account’s at XXXX. Go to it. Once your there ask me to let you cash fag.

Gelded-exalpha: On it already sir. Sir may I cash fag gift to you

Toby: son of a bitch he is actually going to do it too. Fuck I’m jerking my cock over it too.

Cashmaster_breake r: you fags hahah. Go on ex-cash master. Show Toby what a total bitch you are.

Gelded-exalpha: sent sir

Cashmaster_breaker: HAHA GOT IT.... a nice tribute to the man that made you a fag.

Gelded-exalpha : yes sir

Toby: Holy shit he did really have fagged the bastard.

Cashmaster_breaker: Now thank me for letting you do it and thank Toby for watching you fag out to me

Gelded_exalpha : thank you sir for cash fucking me, sir

Gelded-exalpha: thank you Toby for being a witness

Gelded-exalpha: pleased sir?

Cashmaster_breaker: Yes fag

Gelded-exalpha: thank you also, sir for privilege

Cashmaster_breaker: Good job showing off what a little fag you are in front of Toby. Toby. think I should make him cash fag in front of more people?

Toby: really break him as a cash fag in front of everyone, fuck yes!

Cashmaster_breaker: Show us how horny being a good cash fag makes you. Turn on your cam so we can see you jerking off for us like a bitch in heat.

Gelded-exalpha : on sir...edging now.

Cashmaster_breaker : Tell us how you cum to the idea of getting completely fucked over in front of Toby and me. Recording it too .haha

Toby: Aw fuck this is so hot. Hearing him calling himself a cash fag as he jerks off. Taping it too sir. Hey Gelded, you pussy, why not give me some payback and sub for me too you loser?

Gelded-exalpha : fuck

Toby: Cashmaster sir. I want payback. that okay?

Cashmaster_breaker : Fuck yes, that’d be hot, both of us cash fucking him him at once. Two black guys taking some white cash.

Gelded-exalpha : shit.really?

Toby: Fuck yeah

Gelded-exalpha : fuck sir?

Cashmaster_breaker: Yeah boy, you’d be into that? Haha I see your even more erect now. Yeah this cracker bitch is in full flower. Do it!

Cashmaster_breaker: Worked over by a dom and one of your former cash fags. Really degrading yourself in this chat

Gelded-exalpha: Aw fuck.

Cashmaster_breaker: Do it..don’t think just do know you’re hard right now. Ffuck toby and i can see that pecker waiving on cam. DO IT. You are a total cash fag now. Your alpha days are over. Bet you are so hard right?

Gelded-exalpha: fuck fuck fuck...fuck I am...okay, shit. I’ll gift to him sir

Toby: Yeah I’m down for this so bad now. You gonna fag out to me bitch? You acted all racist on my ass now whose the cunt white boy! In fact, I want you to ask me to let you to cash fag to me..hahah.

Gelded-exalpha: Permission to be cash fagged Toby sir?

Toby: He did it. This is so sweet . Yes fag i give you my permission to cash fag to me..

Gelded-exalpha: Just sent it. My own fucking cash fag just fag cash fagged me

Toby: Damn, you are an obedient fag. BTW, that is your ex-Cash fag now. Thank me

Gelded-exalpha: Thank u sir

Toby: Hot shit. I just cash fagged my ex-cash master. I milked you like you milked me. LOl. Hell fag, go on and moo for me cow. Just like you always made me do when I did tributes to you.DO IT !

Gelded-exalpha : Aw fuck.... mooo

Toby: Milked you like a fucking animal

Gelded-exalpha: Aw shit I just orgasmed.

Toby: Fucking A. saw it and got it on tape

Cashmaster_breaker: Same.Now let’s pass it around unless, Gelded you agree to be our pvt fagged out punk to us both and any other black guy we invite to join us. Well either you become an exclusive cash fag to black men or everyone sees this video and transcript online. Maybe friends and family. You’re call...


It didn’t take rocket science to know I agreed. I was horrified of any people I knew seeing the video or reading me fag out so pathetically. Fuck, honestly the idea of being a total, exclusive cash fag bitch to black guys now had me so aroused I’d have done it without the threat of blackmail. So now posting the tale of my fagging. Moral lesson about arrogant cracker getting its butt kicked or a guy discovering and setting free his unrealized inner fag nature for black dominance.

Any black masters or, black cash fags looking for payback on a good old Southern boy jock’s ass and wallet...well you know how to reach me.

The End