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Cash Master Downed
By Cracker

Cash Master Downed

 By Cracker

“Se llama karma wolfie”, he said as I again hit the SEND MONEY button on PayPal account tonight. Yeah it was karma all right. Ever since my mid-twenties I had prowled the Internet sites dedicated to cash masters and their loser victims. Now at thirty-six here I was, edging my cock and squirting cash to a twenty one year old Latin God. How the fuck did that happen?

It has started out as a regular night for me on the Net. When you are a cash master you spend time on the various sites that cash fags log into to feed their pathetic fetish. For me, the weekends are best for hunting. The fags are usually more antsy on those nights to get popped for cash. I cruise the chats looking for one that might be a bit high from liquor or poppers and then...I pounce and go for it.

Actually once you got your prey locked down it’s pretty much the same playbook. You trash him, he whines, you turn on your cam so he sees who is degrading him. I work out so I’m not too bad on the eyes. I always get a charge when they see me on cam laughing at them. That look of pure lust. They know I know that I got them hooked. A bit more alpha name-calling from me, maybe a touch more of his whining but he going to stay to be cash fucked. You press him for tributes and watch as that look of hunger grows inside of him until bam….it starts .  That seed deep in him. A seed that screams, “I’m a cash fag and I need this so bad,” flowers into the light.

He sends you a small gift and you know right down to your nuts that he is yours tonight. He thinks it’s over but you press him again and soon the loser is in full cash fag heat. He is totally erect but he obeys you when you tell him he can’t beat off. You fucking control his manhood. THAT’S POWER. He’s unmanned and your bitch to use that night.

Soon he’s literally begging to beat off as he creams more and more cash to you. Man when the cash milking is going great and he’s flopping on your hook like a fish outta water...fuck I’m rock hard during it too. Once broken you know he’ll be back. I love it when they seek me out again. I fucking cash drained them yet they crawl back cause they still crave more abuse and more cash tributing. Fuck, afterwards, I beat off every time.

I called myself the wolf in those chats rooms. I’d been on the game for a long time and had a good reputation among other cash masters. I was a strutting confident bastard. Then I met him. It started out like any other Saturday night. I had hit a chat room. It was early so no one was there to fuck over. I’d figured on chilling a bit and grabbing the first fishes that swam into the room. A few minutes later he arrived. He was young. Twenty-one in fact and, from his profile picture, he had a nice lean muscled body. Just the type that got me hard. He was listed as a cash master and bisexual. Another turn-on man. We got to chatting while we were waiting for the fags. I found out he was new at the game though he’d been in the BDSM scene since he was fucking sixteen. Since times were tough in his country of Venezuela, he decided to try his hand at cash mastering.

He was full of questions and curious about everything. Yeah I was flattered, so when he suggested we talk on Skype so he could learn more about the trade, I agreed. Honestly, I had no problem leaving. I’d scored often enough where, unlike some cash masters, I didn’t have to be fag-milking guys 24/7. Besides, to be honest, I was hoping to see him on cam. I have a thing for Latin guys ever since I’d seduced my young Spanish teacher in high school. I was 15 and he was 22. Taking Spanish had been more about seeing his hot ass every day than learning a language. I never truly learned much beyond some basic Spanish but, to this day, hearing the language triggers a raging boner in me. I figured it was because my teacher couldn’t stop moaning out shit in Spanish as I fucked him. Did I mention I passed the class. Didn’t learn much Spanish but …haha.

Anyway, once we were on Skype he quizzed me about everything with cash mastering. What to look for in scoring. What to say. How to find the key that gets a cash fag hot. How a drunk guy is susceptible but not one so drunk he can’t think straight enough to use his computer to give tributes. How and when to press a fag to pop his gift.. I was happy to tell him what I knew even the way I approached the role-play. I had a few drinks during out conversation since I was “off-the-clock”. We spent the next ninety minutes with him pumping me for tricks of our trade. I even admitted how Spanish gets me raging hard. It was a good talk. Just two cash masters drinking and tossing shit. Well until it wasn’t so good. I had been drinking. I found out soon he had not but let’s not get ahead of things yet..

After some requests from me, he finally turned on his cam. He was hotter than his pictures. Good-looking with a small chin beard and mustache. For a leanly built guy he had nice muscle definition and, fuck, one impressive 8-inch dick. He asked if I thought the fags would pay to see it. Hell yeah , I thought as I eased out of my pants and Calvin’s. By then I was boned and, yeah a bit too mellow from the drinks. Next thing I know he is stroking it for me. 

Cardinal rules. Don’t get loaded and never let your dick run you. Yeah, I broke both of them. I was just drunk enough and a bit too sexually aroused to think about my actions. As he fondled his dick, he casually asked what it felt like to cash fag on a guy. He explained how, though he’d been trying for a month now, he had not managed to do it. He went on to type how bad he wanted to know how it felt. Frankly I was too busy watching him masturbate on cam to think logically about how he could go a month and not hit a fag for a gift. After awhile of him asking about it over and over I got an bright idea, or was it his idea cause by then I was stroking myself and looking at his thick full eight-inch hard-on that was literally waving in front of me. Yeah, I decided to give him a thrill so I typed up my PayPal and sent him$30. Worse, I typed to him, “ I just sent you a tribute”.

I figured he’d be grateful and the thrill I jst gave him would focus him on popping his wad for me. WRONG!

The next thing I know he is laughing and zipping up. Then I see these words appear on my screen


I typed back I had only done it to let him experience how it felt but in my gut I knew. He had played me and cashed on me.

The next lines he typed to me fucking short-circuited my cock’s boner real fast.


By then panic had set in. He had me by the balls. My rep would be ruined if others saw this shit. I finally knew what my cash fags felt when I threatened blackmail. Even more mind fucking was knowing that, on some level, he had truly cash fagged me. That cherry, once popped, marked you.

I was mad but, to my shock, a felt myself becoming a bit aroused by how he had played me. I mean , I’d been at this game for years and here was a 21yr old newbie who had taken down The Wolf. As I read his type mocking me for being so smug and explaining how he had laughed while playing me, I suddenly began to bone again.  

He must have felt it because he next typed out,” Deja de quejarte. Sabes que en el fondo lo querías, perra.”

What the fuck? Telling me to stop whining and that I wanted it. Yet, when I gazed down, my rod was now at full mast. Shit. 

I gazed back up and saw his smirk of triumph. He had seen me glancing at my crotch and somehow figured out I was aroused. If I had any doubts about what he knew, his next reply ended them.

“ Que bueno que te pongas cachonda viendo como te insulto en españo”, he typed.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off but in my gut I knew he was right. I had gotten horny reading his Spanish insults.

“Ah poor wolfie. Te da miedo ponerte cachondo hablando conmigo eh?

What could I say in reply. I was afraid it was true, I was getting too turned-on by what was going on right now. I was paralyzed. 

“Okay listen up,” he typed, “you pay me something more right now or this gets put out in all the chat rooms. Don’t argue just hit send on the PayPal.”

No way, I replied.

He laughed and typed, “Por supuesto, usted, ex maestro de dinero en efectivo, de ahora en adelante su vida, su culo y su billetera son míos. Eres mi marica fagot ahora lo tengo!”

Part of me was mad. I wasn’t a loser. I wasn’t an ex-cash master and certainly not his cash fag from now on. I would be dammed if he now owned my ass and wallet. Yet, suddenly there it was on the screen. His PayPal account showing I’d cashed to him and my typed line saying I did it. I was beat and we both knew it. I was sure he could see my defeat in my face.

So are you my cash fag?” he typed.

“Yes,” I finally replied. I was hooked just like the guys I’d hooked in the past.

“Yes what,” he instantly typed back. “Say it and show respect wolfie when you reply.”

I glared at him. His cool cocky attitude annoyed but aroused me. My erection twitched. He’d fucked me royally. I’d fucking cash fagged to him. I should be raging but it was my cock that was raging while also dripping pre-cum onto my chair. I finally just gave into it.

“Yes sir,” I slowly typed and sent.

“Yes what? Be respectful too” He responded. He was going to crush my nuts but I had no choice now. He out- alpha-ed me and we both knew it.

I typed out my manhood’s castration, “I am your cash fag, Sir”. I looked at the screen box for a few more seconds. If I sent this he truly had me but then again he probably already did. Wasn’t I as hard as a rock. On some level I must want it., my drunken brain decided. I tapped send and glanced at the screen. He broke out into a huge grin. Fuck if he didn’t look at sexy as fuck too. That was it!

“Te usaré todo lo que quiero de ahora en adelante, lo tengo, Wolfie. Espero que me sueltes regularmente mi dinero, perra. Ese es mi trato contigo ... usarte, romperte, entrenarte hasta que no tengas ningún deseo de escapar de hacer lo que te diga. Te voy a joder la mente tantas veces como quiera y te encantará!” 

{I'll use you all I want from now on got it, wolfie.I expect you to regularly drop me my money, bitch. That's my dealings with you ... use you, break you, train you until you have no desire to escape from doing whatever I say. I will fuck your mind as many times as I want and you will love it!}

“Stand up,” he typed. “ere going to be busy for a bit. I want to see my ex-big bad wolf’s cock. Don’t touch unless I let you got it. Just stand in front of the screen.”

Yeah I did what he ordered. He cash fucked me hard three times that night. I protested every time but I paid up. I hated having to thank him for every cash fuck but my cock was dripping bad during every thank you I sent and he could see it. He had me standing with my hard-on during every cash fuck so he could be sure I’d not be jerking off until he allowed it. Fucking 38 yr. old guy submitting to a 21 yr. old. He was controlling my fucking cock and I was letting him do it. I was humiliated but, fuck it, I’d never been so hot to squirt my spunk.  My former Spanish teacher would have laughed his ass off seeing me unmanned by a fellow Latin. After a few more drinks, he let me jerk off. As I did, I read what he was typing.

Sé que te encanta que te puse en español. Lo sé todo sobre ustedes, malditos hombres americanos arrogantes. A los alfas latinos nos encanta entregarte y hacerte nuestro queers. Sabemos cómo hacer que tus alfa-alfareros se pongan muy cachondos y luego te convertirán en nuestras perras.

Sí, eso es correcto, seguir masturbándome mientras pienso en lo fácil que te jodí wolfie. Ni siquiera eres un lobo ahora eres tú. Sólo un patético, fagging pequeño niño pequeño lobo. Aw no me mires como esa wolfie. Sabes que también lo querías, perra

Tienes tanto dinero fangging lo admito. asiente con la cabeza para admitirlo. Buen chico Veo que mi wolfie es tan dura eh. Aprenderás a adorar el ordeño en efectivo con tu nuevo maestro.

¿Tienes miedo de caer más en el dinero de lo que ya has caído?

Bueno, ya te has caído y tengo todas tus admisiones mecanografiadas de esta sesión para probárselo a cualquiera. jajaja Por la forma en que te veo golpeando tu polla, ambos sabemos tu verdad.

Sí, soy tu Cash Master y tú eres simplemente un ex maestro castrado. Lobo

Grítalo mientras te corres.


{I know you love that I putee you in Spanish. I know all about you fucking arrogant American men. We Latin alphas love to turn you out and make you our queers. We know how to get you alpha-posers very horny and then break you into being our bitches.

Yeah, that's right, keeping on masturbate while thinking how I so easily cash fucked you wolfie. you're not even a wolf now are you. Just a pathetic, cash fagging little boy wolfie. Aw don't look at me like that wolfie. You know you wanted it too, bitch

You got so hard cash fagging admit it. Nod your head to admit it. Aw good boy. I see my wolfie is so hard huh. You will learn to adore cash milking to your new Master.

Are you afraid of falling deeper into cash fagging than you've already fallen?

Well you have fallen already and I've all of your typed admissions from this session to prove it to anyone. lol. From the way I see you now beating your cock we both know you truth.

Yes I am your Cash Master and you are simply a castrated ex-master. Wolfie.

Scream it out as you cum.


Don’t ask. I did yell it out as I creamed a series of gushers that hit the computer screen, my keyboard, and the rug on the floor. I do every night since after he cash fucks me enough to let me cum. The Wolf no longer prowls the cash master cyber rooms. He simply gets on Skype with his Master and creams his load after a hard set of cash fagging to his Latin God! Yeah he laughs seeing me do it every time too!

The End