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Bronco Busting
By Cracker

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Fiction or fact? Whatever you decide makes it hotter for you.


What can I say about what happened. It was probably in the cards for me and it just took him to bring it out. Until we hooked up I’d been sure I was a total top. I mean I always fucked and dominated in either sex or life. I joked about guys I’d bitched too. I was just over six feet, nicely muscled. I worked out regularly so, in my head, I was a guy’s guy pure and simple.

I wrote cyber stories about guys getting sexually dominated.  I even had one story where I “bragged” about topping another writer who also had an alpha reputation. Boy was he annoyed but I had managed to grab a cell phone picture of him with my dick-up his ass and another with it down his throat so he could hardly deny he’d bitched for me. I was an arrogant kid who grew up into a competitive, arrogant jock. My proclaimed sexual role as a total top seemed secure. Then, one day, I got a fan email from a guy complimenting me on my stories. We exchanged emails then hooked up on Skype.

Bronco Buster: So right: Hey it’s me from the emails. Great stories. You really got fucked over boy. You a total pussy now or what?

Total Top Wolf: maybe if the story Cyber Breaker is true lol

Bronco Buster: Cool if it is…so is it? Be honest

Total Top Wolf: maybe a bit J

Bronco Buster: Good to know. Care to give some more examples of how hot it might feel to bitch out?  I mean I know a few from your

Total Top Wolf: haha

We started with talking about what inspired my writing. We joked about our Skype IDs. I explained who I was to other guys so what-the-fuck-right! He said he liked busting stallions. I soon found out he meant more than “horses”. Anyway it was good chatting with him. He was interesting and not bad on the eyes courtesy of a picture he sent.

One night I was home and had a few drinks when he signaled me on Skype to see if I was free to chat. Pretty soon our conversation drifted to cyber sex. I’ll give you some highlights:

Total Top Wolf: So in role-play what turns you on; meaning role do you get off on?

Bronco Buster: Hmmm. I love reading about the arrogant jock stud getting humiliated / defeated / his comeuppance

Total Top Wolf: In the stories you are what?

Bronco Buster: Generally the person doing the humiliating

Bronco Buster: Have you been bitched in cyber role-play before?

Total Top Wolf: Not really :). I always top in role-plays and in real time sex. I am a bit of a jock

Bronco Buster: Tell me more about how you consider yourself a “bit of a jock”. What does that even mean?

Bronco Buster: You either played sports and work out, or you don’t, yeah?

Total Top Wolf: I work out & I’ve played a sport in school. Football in fact

Bronco Buster: I’m thinking of doing a story about taking someone who thought he’s a total jock / top...and teaching him otherwise. Based on something that I did. Want to hear about it? Maybe role-play it or something?

THAT was the moment things took a turn in my life. I was feeling mellow after some shots of jack and our prior chat had gotten me in the mood for some erotic stimulation. So …

Total Top Wolf: Sure. Hot storyline would be good right now. So you did this in real life?

Bronco Buster: I mean - I’ve dom-ed and humiliated a couple studs. Yeah this one guy was totally ripped too. I had him on his knees begging for my piss

Total Top Wolf: Fuck no way

Bronco Buster: Put him in panties with his cock locked

Total Top Wolf: Holy fucking hot

Bronco Buster: Oh yeah, definitely - he just texted me the other day: Begging for my cock again. So you bit turned on right now?

Total Top Wolf: Yeah I’m hard

Bronco Buster: Good. Why not just sit back, drink to relax some more, read, and enjoy my story…but don’t cum till the end okay?

Total Top Wolf: Yeah I’d be down for that. Deal

Bronco Buster: Sure you won’t pussy out and cum before I’m done?

Total Top Wolf: fuck I agreed. I’m not pussy. You think I can’t hold off. Shit. I’m a man not some punk J . So go on.

By then the drinks were really kicking in and I had a raging boner.  He went on spinning it out; describing the guy {who was buffed}. I read his lines letting my mind imagine them both. I had my Jack to drink and was rubbing my crotch. Feeling stimulated but mentally relaxed, I figured I’d get off not realizing how things would play out.

Bronco Buster: Yeah I get to his place; this total stud opens the door. He’s been asking for my piss all day. I slap him around a bit, have him strip off.

Total Top Wolf: Fuck

Bronco Buster: He’s wearing jewelry on his nipples, got a temp tattoo that says, “fag” right above his “dick”. You still boned man?

Total Top Wolf: Yeah for sure

Bronco Buster: He takes me to his shower, where I make him beg to drink my piss. I make him turn and watch in the mirror. With his mouth open. Trying to catch all of it. He’s hard as fuck, but I don’t let him touch his dick. Oh, I forgot that I had made him put on panties. You still boned there boy?

Total Top Wolf: Aw fuck yeah I’m boned

AND I was too. I was so turned on I ’d not even noticed his tossed in the term  “boy” at me as a subtle putdown. By now I was really stiff and feeling horny as all fuck too. But, I’d pretty much knew if I popped my load even if only I knew it, he’d win on some level over me. My egotistical self-image became my enemy and his ally.

Bronco Buster: Okay. So, I make him take them off and stuff them in his mouth. Anyway this total muscle stud is gagging on piss-soaked panties

Total Top Wolf: Ok to stroke off?

Bronco Buster: You promised to hold off on cumming. Got it.

Total Top Wolf:  Please dude. I really want to unload but I told you I wouldn’t squirt till you end.

Bronco Buster: Tell you what. Palm your hard dick from outside your underwear. Remember you agreed or I stop telling you how it went.

Total Top Wolf: Ok whatever you say. Go on man. This is getting really hot. I won’t jo or cum till you give me the okay

Bronco Buster: You sure, only when I give permission

Total Top Wolf: Yes. You got it. Palming only.  I cum when you say okay. Fuck don’t stop man

ANOTHER line had been crossed in my head but I was too drunk and horny to realize it. For the first time I’d let another guy control my orgasm. So like an idiot I’m there in front of my screen. Legs spread. My palm is rubbing my growing cock.

Bronco Buster: Great. Sit back have another drink and read okay boy. Instead of typing use let’s use the microphones. So you concentrate on your palming and hear how it went down.

Alarm bells should have gone off in my head but my junk was throbbing and typing was ruining my stimulations so yeah, like a jerk, I hit the microphone. From that moment on our back and forth were verbal.

Bronco Buster: Yeah so okay we now we head out to the kitchen. By now I know, he’s such a good little bitched muscle boy:). I slap his balls a few times till he gets soft, and lock up his cock. Except, we don’t refer to it as a cock anymore. It’s his little clit that’s locked.

Total Top Wolf: You are a nasty dude

Bronco Buster: This poor stud has totally lost control. He’s soon on his knees while I fuck his face. He takes it in all the way

Total Top Wolf: While he’s a cock-locked cocksucker huh

Bronco Buster: Then, with his mouth gaping open, I spit into his mouth

Total Top Wolf: Shit I’m leaking real bad now

Bronco Buster: He’s had my piss, my pre-cum and now my saliva

Total Top Wolf” I’m palming like crazy here

Bronco Buster: I rub my spit into his face to make the dominance extra clear

Bronco Buster: And he’s fucking begging, dude. You should hear him

Total Top Wolf: Oh man yes

By now I was fully erect. My CK briefs were wet and the musk coming from them was signaling my drunken assed-brain that sexual release was needed. My eyes were shut and my palm was massaging my crotch. I could hear my breathing as I imagined the scene he was spinning out to me.

Bronco Buster: I’m laughing at him, asking him what’s the point of spending all that time at the gym. What’s the point of all those muscles if some guy, 10 years younger and 50 lbs. lighter is just gonna spit all over him. And he’s so fucking ashamed but so into it. Like you are right now huh?

Total Top Wolf: Hell yea. Fucking yea

Bronco Buster: Can’t help but moan around my cock as I go fuck his mouth

Total Top Wolf: Oh shit yes

Bronco Buster: He can’t help but beg me to spit on him, one more time. Please sir, please spit on me

Total Top Wolf: Yea

Bronco Buster: Please feed me your hard cock. While his own cock is locked away. I take him and bend him over his own living room couch. Spank his bubble butt a couple times

Right then my cock lurched. I almost lost it. I pulled my hand away; smelling the pre-cum on it. I sniffed it trying not to explode and look like a pussy that couldn’t control his ejaculations. No guy ever got me this hot but then again, until him no guy ever told me when to climax.

Total Top Wolf: I need to jo so bad right now

Bronco Buster: Is your cock-leaking boy? J

Total Top Wolf: Oh fuck yes

Bronco Buster: Palming only boy. Don’t be a cunt and lose it. Now with this guy,  I make fun of him for his locked cock. I have him imagine the guys at the gym, who think he’s this total stud. What would they think of him now?

Total Top Wolf:  I gotta pop a load man right now.

Bronco Buster: NOT YET! I pulled his panties pulled down; he was about to be totally bitched. Fuck, he was so tight, real smooth

Total Top Wolf: I need to pull it out here, man

By then, line was being crossed. I mean I could have said, “fuck it” and jerked off. I should have said it, but he’d hooked my head with images. I wanted more. He was in control even if I had not yet fully copped to it.

Bronco Buster: NOT YET.  You say you’re a man huh can’t even get to the end and you’re wimping out.

Total Top Wolf: Fuck. I can hold it off, honest

Bronco Buster: Good boy. Turn on your cam so I can be sure you aren’t cheating. Unless you’re afraid you’ll wimp out and cum.

Total Top Wolf: Fuck you. I ain’t a wimp.

By now I’m squirming in my seat. My underwear is fucking wet in front. I didn’t even think before I turned on the cam on my screen. The fucking cam went on, his didn’t, but I was too hot to care.

Bronco Buster:  Hell you are wet huh boy. Okay, hang in there. I’m almost at the end. So back to my story, I have him turn on his back. Make him an active participant in his own fagging

Total Top Wolf: Yea

Bronco Buster: Make him look at his locked cock while I’m pounding into him. Make him admit he’s not a man anymore. Definitely not a stud like he tries to come off as…you seeing you in this story maybe?

Total Top Wolf: Fuck

Cause to be honest, by then in my drunken horny brain I fucking was seeing us two doing it.

Bronco Buster: Definitely not a jock no matter how many muscles he has. He’s just a bitch with a locked clit. You’re seeing it in your head, boy?

Total Top Wolf: Oh fuck yes. Damn buddy. I’ve had too much Jack. That is a fucking hot story. I’m bouncing off the wall. Finish it so I can unload

Bronco Buster: Ha-ha. Soon. I told you before it’s no story boy, it’s real. How hot are you right now boy? Show me more. Spread your legs. Damn you got great legs. I like muscular thighs.

Total Top Wolf: Fuck. I’m going nuts just palming my balls

Bronco Buster: Yeah I’m seeing it here too. Feel it like he felt it. Make it really hot for you.  So I cum inside of him. As I do, this bitch is moaning about how he’d been totally fagged by me. He wants to cum so bad but he can’t, not with his clit locked up like that. Palm that cock harder for me. Yeah you’re doing good boy. You’re really rubbing yourself huh. Hang in now. Spread your legs farther apart so you can enjoy it more. Yeah like that. We’re close. I see your eyes are closed. So you imagining it boy? Feeling it ?

Total Top Wolf: Fuck I am visualizing it. Feeling it too. Hey I really need to jo bad now. Can I cum now man. Come on I’m dying here. Please.

Bronco Buster: Why? What have you done that deserves you jacking off before I finished? Ask nicely then just like he would. Come on Wolf cop to it. A part of you is into this story really bad. Just ask me nicely and I’ll say okay.

YEAH, I was head locked and ball loaded. Too aroused to realize I could jerk off without his permission and so desperate to unload to realize the full implications of what came next with us.  This player was getting played but good!

Total Top Wolf: I need to pound my meat. Fuck.  May I please jo?

Bronco Buster: Please. Good but please what?

Total Top Wolf: Jerk off man.

Bronco Buster: Saying "sir" too would let you do it.

Total Top Wolf: Aw man really?

Bronco Buster: Yes really. You are that guy. Feel it. Stroke as you feel it. Go on its just words boy. Ask me nice and respectful.

Total Top Wolf: Okay.  Sir

Bronco Buster: Okay Sir what boy? Do it and you can cum for me like as good boy?

Total Top Wolf: May I please jo, Sir?

Bronco Buster: Yeah boy. How are you feeling?

Total Top Wolf: Fuck bit drunk and so turned on sir

And by then I was too! I was tent-poled in my tightie-whities and a wet spot was growing in it.

Bronco Buster: Take your cock out and give it a couple good strokes and say to me “yes sir I’m jo-ing”

I’m so hot to spunk that I violently yank those CK’s down to free my junk. The pressure of its waistband behind my nuts only made me crazier to sperm. I swear my eyes were rolling up in my sockets.

Total Top Wolf: Yes sir I’m jo-ing.

Bronco Buster: Thinking about how I totally fagged a muscle stud?  He was feeling just like you feel in your head. Right boy? Answer me!

Total Top Wolf: Yes sir

Bronco Buster: Turned him into my little bitch. Yeah, fuck your cock’s shaft is all wet. Lean back more in that chair. I want a better view of you jerking off boy. Are you thinking about what I’ll do to you one day, boy? Say “sir yes sir” like you are in my army as you beat off if you are thinking how hot being done like him would be for you.

By then I was doing whatever he asked. I was jerking off like crazy. Flying on jack and my churning balls. I was on autopilot as he took over and flew me.

Bronco Buster: SAY IT AS YOU CUM BOY. Say “SIR YES SIR”. Got it bitch-boi

Total Top Wolf:

Bronco Buster: lol… “Football jock” turned my bitch

Total Top Wolf: SIR YES SIR

Bronco Buster: “Total top” bitched

Total Top Wolf: SIR YES SIR

Bronco Buster: Forced to confront the truth. You get off being bitched

Total Top Wolf: Sir Yes sir

Bronco Buster: What would your former subs think if they read this chat? So Alpha - what would your bottoms think? Begging for a Sir to let you jack off. Stroke it while you think about if you can still call yourself a “top”

Total Top Wolf: Sir getting close

Bronco Buster: Tops get to touch their dick whenever they want, like I do. I get to stroke my hard cock. You, on the other hand, get to ask for permission. Sir for me again. It turns you on doing it right.

Total Top Wolf: AW fucking… SIR YES SIR. Aw fuck I’m ready

Total Top Wolf: SIR YES SIR

Bronco Buster: Whose cock is it, boy? Tell me as you squirt. It’s Mine. Tell me its mine.

Total Top Wolf: AW FUCK. It’s yours sir. Its…ffffffffffffffuuuuuuccccc

AND I spunked out a huge gusher. I squirted over my keyboard. Some hit the fucking screen too. I was panting like a dog from it. Yet even as the last glob was shooting from my cock, I was still aroused by him.

Bronco Buster: Ha-ha that was a load boy

*Gulping in air as my body jerked from my final squirting * I replied without thinking

Total Top Wolf: Fuck. Sir yes sir

He had given me an intense orgasm. Maybe if we’d stopped chatting things might have returned to normal in my head but he knew better. Still drunk, I was embarrassed over what I’d done with him. My always-in-charge self-image had taken a big shattering hit.  He expertly dug into my head. I’d acted like a pathetic bitch with him and I felt degraded. I was wasted and mentally shaken by what happened. I tried to salvage my pride.

Total Top Wolf: Damn shit. I thought I’d be dominating you in any cyber playing

He shot me down hard and the cream on my table and keyboard was the proof.

Bronco Buster: Ha-ha, what a joke. You thought you’d be able to take control? I guess you’re just not as top as you thought or said you were, right. Go on admit it. You got off imagining yourself being dominated. Don’t be even a bigger pussy by trying to deny it

Total Top Wolf: Yeah I guess so?

Bronco Buster: Guess my ass. You were totally ready to beg for me to take control. Just like I did to that last muscle stud. You were begging to cum and doing whatever I told you to get off for me. Go on be truthful and respectful too when you reply to me.

I saw my jizz over my screen & covering my hands. I was so fucked up I couldn’t think straight. I caved because a part of me couldn’t be sure

Total Top Wolf: Okay. Yes sir

Bronco Buster: So are you really a total top anymore if you got off being ordered around?

Total Top Wolf: Guess not after today sir

Bronco Buster: You got so hard and so submissive and you shot doing it right?

Total Top Wolf: Yes sir

Bronco Buster: What do you think the people who bottomed for you would say if they saw you turned on and saying sir and begging me to let you cum?

Total Top Wolf: Probably just laugh their asses off sir

Bronco Buster: Yeah Wolf, they’d be definitely laughing. Especially if they hear this chat along with the video I filmed of you performing for me.

Total Top Wolf: Fuck you taped me & filmed it

I should have been mad but part of me was turned on too. I was rattled by it. Aroused by it. Before I could wrap my head around it, he went for the mental kill

Bronco Buster: There’s not a person alive who’d consider you a stud after reading this conversation. Have you thought about yourself getting bitched in panties? Wearing your old football uniform.... but panties instead of the jock strap. When I bend you over and yank down those football pants, all I see is lace. Would be seeing your hard cock, in white satin panties. You just get to feel your clit throb against the smooth fabric. Hopping that I give you permission to touch. Fuck you look like you’re sprouting again boy. You’re getting another hard-on there huh boy?

Total Top Wolf: Fuck I am

YEAH I fucking was too.  I was semi-hard and growing. I was confused by what I was feeling. I was still in heat from all that had gone on tonight.

Bronco Buster: Do you want permission to stroke?

I went into a full erection. I was close to a cliff in my head. I couldn’t think straight. My balls were calling the shots

Bronco Buster: I’m waiting. Now ask again, what do you want to stroke? Say your clit and you can do it

I felt my second orgasm pounding up from my balls. As I beat my meat my old self-image toppled over the cliff. I felt a need for his permission.

Total Top Wolf: My fucking clit sir. May I stroke my clit

Bronco Buster: Good boy. You may stroke the clit, boy. After you do, go get cleaned. We will talk soon. You’re mine. Remember, I have this chat & anyone I chose can read. Today you begin training as my bottom. Cum for me bitch!

Total Top Wolf: Oh fuck I’m CCCCUUUUMMMMmmm…

AND I did cum even as my balls ached!

Bronco Buster: Looks like I got ya on tape …ha-ha.  Filmed it too. Well, I’ll see soon you for another session, total top wolf. Ha-ha. Write another of your stories so your former bottoms can have a laugh on you too. Fucking total top my ass!  You can say turning you out was courtesy of the Bronco Buster. Oh and get a new Skype ID too cause you’ve been busted, gelded and properly bitched, buddy.

Total Top Wolf: Aw fuck

{The Skype connection ended leaving me with my jizzed covered computer and hands}

We did more Skyping after that one. Naturally, during our cyber sex encounters, I was the bottom. I mean after that first humiliation he and I knew I’d lost any edge if I ever had one with him on topping. He had the proof too. After awhile it felt natural to submit to him. Fuck to be honest, I soon found I really liked subbing w/him. After some resistance I broke down and even brought a pair of satin panties when he wanted me experimenting with feminization. The soft caressing feeling of that satin around my junk blew my head. As he trashed me for wearing it, I climaxed twice in them without even touching myself. Yeah it was done on cam too. Soon I was doing shit that I never thought I’d do for his viewing pleasure. It was all part of his process. Chipping away at my old masculine image and getting me sexually hooked on degradations. After a few more weeks of more of the same, the subject of cash fagging came up. After a general chat about it he went for the kill.

Bronco Buster: you ever cash fuck a guy

Total Top Wolf: No sir

Bronco Buster: Haha. Thought not.

Total Top Wolf: Have you ever cash fagged a guy?

Bronco Buster: Hell yeah bitch. I think it’s an ultimate dominance and submission thing. I’m a bit horny right now so maybe feeling ready for it

Total Top Wolf: you looking to cash on my ass Sir?

Bronco Buster: I admit that would be very nice

Total Top Wolf: Fuck. I’m not sure I’d do it.

Bronco Buster: Hey we’re just chatting but try thinking about it for me right now. Relax and feel that overwhelming erotic thrill you get now over domination boy. Don’t overthink about cash fagging in particular; just enjoy that thrill you get now in submitting to me. You love doing it. Fuck, you might write about it boy.

Total Top Wolf: Yeah but cash fagging can be addictive right?

Bronco Buster: Depends on how bad you punk out in it boy. Already been fantasizing about you doing it with me esp after that last story and this chat today just fueled it more. I know you’re hot right now too. You hot there?

Total Top Wolf: Well, okay yeah man.

Bronco Buster: Now tell your sir what is making you so hot. It’s okay its just being honest.

Total Top Wolf: Hot about how it might be in giving a gift to you.

Bronco Buster: Fuck... yeah boy go with that feeling. Come on live it.

Total Top Wolf: Damn now I’m rock hard thinking about it.

Bronco Buster: I guess you have to do it now don’t you boy since u got me so hot too.

Total Top Wolf: But cash fagging?

Bronco Buster: Don’t think. Just focus on your boner right now. Go on just stroke yourselves. It’s okay. While you’re doing that, why not go onto a site to pretend you are going to gift me something. Take your time as you do it. No rush. Just thinking about it as you stroke it boy. I know it is going to be hot for you to merely think about slowly giving into it fag boy.

By then, I was totally in heat. Not over cash fagging so much as what it meant in terms of domination. I was leaking bad and rubbing myself into a sexual heat that always fucked up my ability to think about anything other than his words and blowing a load.

Total Top Wolf: Damn. I’m boned… but cash fagging…this is gonna be tough.

Bronco Buster: I bet you're stroking a bit right now too.

Bronco Buster: I am too. Come on go to a site. I bet you’re hard simply thinking about it.

Total Top Wolf: Yeah very sir. Well, okay yeah. If I did it then it would only be something small though ok?

Corner turned. From “no” to well but “only if”

Bronco Buster: Sure no big deal. Looks like you’re hot for it. It would be small bitch.  I bet your dripping cum right now huh boy. Go to a site and just type in an amount to send to me. No pressure. Just stare at the send button and stroke. You don’t have to hit send. Just fantasize about it for now.

Total Top Wolf: Oh damn damnit damnit damnit . Okay yeah I totally am fantasying, How’s Amazon?

Bronco Buster:: Fuck yes  that is fine. Go there and prep up a gift certificate as u jerk off. But don’t cum yet ok.

Total Top Wolf: So close…fuck…okay on Amazon. I can’t believe I’m doing it though. Filled out. Shit I’m so fucking hard Sir

Bronco Buster: Go on do it… hit the send  button without thinking about it…just let that dick guide you … you can pop as you hit send it… I’m still up for whatever you tribute. Don’t stop to think follow your dick

Total Top Wolf: Ah fuck I sent it...shit cash fagged…can’t hold off man…fuck I think I’m…shit  cum… I’m fuck..cuminnnn

Bronco Buster: LOl. Yeah. Got you bad you alpha poser. I just cash fagged your ass  boy. Amount means nothing. YOU CASH FAGGED TO ANOTHER GUY! You can’t ever play the man again with me... EVER!

Total Top Wolf: Shit some of my crap is on my fucking keyboard again.

Bronco Buster: Hahaha. Go clean up you bitch and get back here tomorrow for part two. I gotta train you now as a cash fag.… got it. Who’s my good bitched cash fag. Go on type it out as I open your gift.

What he said was true. The amount wasn’t the important thing. I’d given in and sent y tribute to a guy for punking my ass. He broke me full out right then. I lost any sense of manhood. We both knew if I’d done it once then I would do it again. My balls shrank in their sack. I simply stop fighting and typed…

Total Top Wolf: I’m your good bitched cash fag sir.


Bronco Buster: alpha top my fucking ass. You’ve been turned into a pathetic cash sub. I’m really took you down harder after today.

After that things got truly intense. I mean being a cash fag was a true low. Paying for abuse was the ultimate in degradation right? Yet, I soon found things could get lower for me when he brought in a 3rd party to join in his fun punking my ass.

{Next time he and his friend, AK, beat me into becoming the lowest of the lows in submissions.}