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Breaker Rules
By Cracker

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Breaker Rules

By Cracker

Among guys in the fin-dom scene, I’m known as Breaker. I’ve been around for quite a long time. In fact, I’m closing in on fifty. Most think I got my name because of my rep for breaking newbie cash fags into service. In part that’s true. As I said, I’ve been in the scene for years now and have a nice stable.

 What they don’t know is that my specialty is breaking young cash masters and turning them out to be my alpha cash fags. Ex-cash masters who still pose as alphas but who now go out to fin-dom for me.

You see I have a talent. I can sniff out a young guy who, until I get into their heads, think of themselves as total alpha types. The young, jock studs who have something inside of them that, once fucked with, turn them out into becoming a fag. It’s the ones who think of masculinity as a guy who never submits. The arrogant types who boast of their manhood and aggressively put down guys who fag out. Get them to do it once and they break. That’s my talent. Getting into their heads screw with their self-image then, fuck them into total fagging.

It takes patience and time to do it. You watch, listen, and wait till you see the prey. I hunt in master chat rooms searching for the cash master who is always bragging and thinking real men never give it up. Finding him then slowly move in. As an experienced cash master, with a rep for fagging big bucks from guys, it’s easy to strike up talking and occasionally offering advice. I want to really get to know them in chat rooms. So, we shoot the proverbial shit as ‘fellow’ masters.

After time passes, you suggest private talking. Masters exchanging tips and away from the bothering fags in those rooms. Drinking or “poppers” use is encouraged too. After we get comfortable meeting up to talk, I mention how much I score on my fags. Now here I admit I overdo it but my purpose is to get him hot to know how I accomplish it. Greed is a key to hooking a boi.

I go for the ‘old mentor’ approach to lull my boy into my plan. At some point I suggest a role play so they can see how I fuck up cash fags. Naturally they need to “play the fag” in these chats so I can show how I get into a fag's brain. Of course, I always assure them, it’s just so they can see how I score big. Their smug belief in their masculinity coupled with greed nails them every time. Of course, by then we have had a few drinks or, if the guy is into it, poppers. You know, just two guys chilling out.J

Recently I had my sights set on one guy, named Coyote. Mid-twenties and in the scene for a year. Good looking, dark-haired guy with nice beefy build. Jock through and through. Totally full of himself and arrogant about his cash mastering abilities. I tagged him for a boy waiting to be taken with a firm hand. My key to getting him was that Coyote could score but had difficulty keeping a stable. I mentioned in one chat with him I had no troubles in that area. We spoke for two months. By then I had his number so I made my move.

“You see its about getting into their fag brains,” I told him. “Now you are a hot looking guy so getting them into you is easy right,” I added knowing feeding his ego was key to the hook.

Pretty soon I had a flattered Coyote ready to talk about my methods. We met in a private chat one night. I convinced him to use something to “keep things loose” as we talked about my techniques for fin-doming fags. I pretending to drink. He stupidly did not. Half an hour later he was buzzed and so ready. I told him that, after tonight, there would be big cash coming in with him. When he heard that, the boy got really hot for it. What he didn’t know was the big bucks would be coming from him.

So, we began. I said some shit about mind games as my boy took hit on some laced-pot he had. After a few more he was flying. I then conned him into opening his cam and doing a role playing with him as a sub simply to see how it was done. The fact he agreed, after only a bit of hesitation, combined with the erection he sprouted, showed me this smug, I’m a total-top  cash master had a real inner sub side. We started slow. Some basic role-play with him slowly replying with more enthusiasm. Soon he was rubbing his cock and clearly ready to break. Oh yeah, I was taping him too. I made my move:

Breaker: You’re pretty fucked up now huh.

COYOTE: Yeah, this shit these hits are powerful stuff. I think I took to many though. Shit I’m so fucked up and horny from this role-play man.

Breaker: Bet your cock is hard too, huh boy

COYOTE: Fucking who you calling boy

Breaker: I said it’s hard huh. Go on and admit it.

 COYOTE: Yeah…okay...fucking is rock hard

Breaker: Take a few more hits on that and edge your cock for me, boy

COYOTE: Fuck stop calling me boy. Fuck this shit is fucking me up.

Breaker: Bet your cock is staying hard though huh

COYOTE: Shit…I gotta get my rocks off. Help a guy out?

Breaker: Then pay me


Breaker: You heard me boy. You’re hard right now. We’ve been fucking role playing with you as my fag and you’re fucking boned for it.

COYOTE: Yeah but

Breaker: No bullshit bitch… this is getting you fucking hard admit it. All that role-play subbing shit you’ve been doing. You want to be cashed fucked

COYOTE: No way bro

 Breaker: Admit it. Bet your dick is really hard now too huh…don’t be a total pussy. Admit it.

COYOTE: Okay, yeah man its fuck boned

 Breaker: Then pay me. Go full out fag right now

COYOTE: Fuck…this is so hot …but not a cash faggot man

Breaker: Go on you know you need to fag to me. You know you are fucking high and horny for me to rape your ass right now. So now pay up bitch

 COYOTE: Fuck… I’m not a cash faggot, man

Breaker: Try it. Send me some money…do it while you take another hit on that pot too. It’s just us here. Shit, no one will know you did it with me boy. Too much a pussy huh

COYOTE: Fuck…shit…. My heads whack man…I’m no pussy man…ok… just between us ok …amazon ok?

Breaker: Yes, amazon is fine. Stop thinking just go with it boy. You have my email address

COYOTE: I can’t believe I’m doing this

Breaker: Send it now … before you cum boy. Go on and type Sir in replies too and get really into it with me

COYOTE: Fucking … me getting fagged…my head is so fucked up … if I send it Sir…no one knows okay

Breaker: Send it now. I won’t tell anyone you fagged me ok. Don’t worry pussy its between us. Get off doing it for me. Go on don’t be a pussy; you are hot to try

COYOTE: Pussy … real humiliation…shit fucking turned-on…Sir

Breaker: it will feel even better once you send it. As you buy it take another puff too right now

COYOTE: Fuck I am on the site and got the $100 card. Shit I can’t believe I’m doing this

Breaker: See how easy. I bet you are harder now too. Hold off pussy. Do not cum. Edge as you send it to me but don’t cum bitch. It’s Sir in replies remember

COYOTE: Aw fuck I did it…sent it …Sir

Breaker: Got it. hahaha you cunt. Your alpha days are over;)

COYOTE: FUCK … you … fucking fagging cashed on me...what a total mind fuck. I need to cum man

Breaker: Wait bitch. Take another hit on that joint… a nice long drag.

COYOTE: Shit my head is spinning. I’m so fucking high man

Breaker: You could go for another $100 now, faggot. Told you to say sir faggot.

COYOTE: Yes sir. You must be laughing your ass off

Breaker: Oh big time boy. You are a cash faggot now. And I bet you’re turned on for it too. Now send me another 100. Don’t argue do it now faggot…do it and call yourself a faggot right now too. Do it and you can cum. Don’t call yourself a faggot or send that 100 and everyone reads this in all the fucking master’s chat rooms.

COYOTE: Ah fuck…don’t… fuck Sir…okay…yes Sir…I am a faggot…got another…fuck sent Sir…shit I’m creaming hands free…aw fuccccc

 Breaker: Got it…you loser. Cashed, creamed and cunted. You’re a fucking doped up faggot to me now…understand…say it right now boi

COYOTE: God I am a faggot… calling myself a faggot now too..esp after trash talking guys as faggots for years to get them to pay me. Fuck man …I mean Sir.

Breaker: LOL Now you are my cash fag

 COYOTE: I think it’s going to take time to mentally get over how you fagged me out

Breaker: I don't think you’ll ever get over it. Now go rape some faggots that are equally pathetic, get them to serve via google wallet/PayPal/amazon gc whatever and be sure to send it all to me. And remember that I fagged you so say thank you bitch and say you’re my faggot as you do it. Take a long deep hit on that joint then thank me.

COYOTE: Thank you for fucking me over Sir :)…I’m your faggot now .. oh fuck I’m creaming again… got cash fagged… aaaa fuccc.. I squirted again

Breaker: Hahaha. Yeah, you are broken in good. Maybe I might let your subs cash your ass hard. I think that would get you off too. That gives me an idea. Report tomorrow at 9pm and we will discuss what you did tonight once you’re not so high…got it cunt. Go clean up bitch.

COYOTE: Yes Sir.

Bagged and tagged. Coyote still masters. Yet, after every score, he seeks me out to hand it over and get off while being mocked by me for it. I love punking him in those meetings. Reinforcing his fag status. He adjusted fast. I know a closet sub. He blows his wad now every time as I call him a faggot and cash his ass. Hands fee climaxes every time too. It was always in the cards for him to submit. I just saw it and brought it out in him. If he was really such a hot shot alpha why was he fagging to me, right! Hell, he climaxes every fucking time I fag him in those chats. So, do you think you’d never be turned out. Care to risk a chat with me to find out for sure, boi?

The End