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Bitching out Blond Adonis
By Cracker

He should never have screwed my sister. I'm sure for him it was just another one nightstand for the 'Blond Adonis'. He was America's most famous wrestler. Handsome, with his trademark wavy blond locks, he was well built with not an inch of fat on him. I bet he even thought she should be grateful he 'did her' when she stupidly accepted his invitation to meet him in his private dressing room to help him celebrate his victorious championship match. In my country a big brother has to do something when his family honor is attacked. That is especially true when some curly haired blond gringo wrestler who hailed from across the border forces your sister to 'take one up the butt'. Yeah that's what he told her when he pinned her down that night. That she should feel privileged to get her virginal pussy opened by a Corn feed all-American stud like him.

Normally restoring her honor would require that he and I fight but, in a case where the other guy is over six feet and 255 lbs of pure muscle, it is stupid for a 5' 6'' 130 lbs skinny guy like me to try it. Besides the 'Stud with the Golden Locks', as he calls himself in every wrestling magazine interview, has been pulling the same shit on every Latino girl during his wrestling fights here in my country. Even more insulting he always suggested that the men of my country are less manly than he is which is why, quoting him, he scores every time. I decided my revenge would be more creative. This muscled jock had not only taken my family's honor he had insulted the masculine virility of all the men in my country.

I went to see a certain old crone who has, shall we say, a reputation as a witch. I explained my idea and she gave me something she concocted. Next I went to one of his matches. As usual he was strutting around flexing and posing to the females in the crowd. Afterwards I managed to get backstage thanks to a friend who worked the arena. He to had a sister who was attacked by Adonis. With my friend's help I got into Adonis' dressing room and slipped the potion into the opened chilled water bottle he kept in his room. According to my friend, after every match Adonis would gulp this bottle's contents down, grab a fast shower then, wait for his night's chosen 'female fan' to arrive. Tonight however I was going to be that arriving fan! Thanks to the potion I laced his drink with the only cherry getting but fucked in that room tonight would be his along with his boasted macho reputation!

When I entered his dressing room I saw the crone's potion had worked. Adonis was slumped in his chair. His strong legs splayed out I front of him. He looked at me with unfocused eyes. ',' he barely mumbled to me.

'The Latino man who is going to turn you into a total punta you gringo bitch before we leave this building,' I sneered as I went up to him with another bottle of a different potion that the crone had prepared. I grabbed his famous blond curls and yanked his head backward.

'Hey,' he yelped but, thanks to the first brew, his muscles were too relaxed to fight me off.

I pulled his jaw down and poured the potion down his throat.' Drink this Adonis,' I laughed as he gurgled in protest but let the liquid flow into him. 'It will make u you crave to be a complete perra.' I watched as he finished the bottle's contents. The pupils of his blue eyes fully dilated. 'When I'd done you will be every Latino man's zerra,' I whispered to him as I went to the dressing room door & signaled to my friend I to join us. Together we lifted the out-of-it muscled jock from his chair and brought his sorry butt to a back room where we would not be heard or discovered. ' I can take it from here my friend,' I said as we plopped our drugged up prize arse up across an old gym workbench. His position resembled a pyramid with his strong legs and muscled arms as the base & his arse forming the top of the triangle. 'I will call you when he is ready,' I laughed as I patted Adonis's blue bikini clad rump. My friend grinned and winked at me in triumph. Before he left he took off his belt. He gazed at me. I knew what he wanted and shrugged it was fine to me.

'For my sister,' he snarled as he swung his belt to strike Adonis' exposed upturned rear end. The room filed with a loud crack as the belt hit Adonis' helpless arse.

'AAAAEEEE,' Adonis yelped in pain at the strike.

My friend grinned and gave his sister's defiler three more hard blows. Our macho champion wrestler howled and soon was bawling like a little girl. In his drugged state he was unable to control his muscles to move from his position so his rear end took every blow. When my friend left it was to the pleasing sight of various red welts showing under the ends of Adonis' blue bikini wrestling outfit and, even more fun, the sounds of Mr. Macho sobbing.

'Ah all that whaa, whaa, whaa,' I taunted as I went up to him. 'You sound just like a little girl huh.' I grabbed the top band of his signature blue wrestling outfit and yanked them off him. 'Shit my friend really gave you some red on that pale white rump,' I snickered as I took in the sight of the series of angry scarlet strips that crisscrossed Adonis' beefy pale skinned butt. 'Well time we begin making this rear end a sweet puta's hole, right,' I sharply said as I spread his legs to expose his tight pink butthole. I could feel him tense up.

'Don't fuck me,' he managed to whimper.

'Only when you beg me too,' I replied as I took another of the crone's potions from a hip pocket. It was a gooey substance. She warned me to wear gloves when using it on him.

'This cream will make the places it touches itchy for a dick. After awhile the nerves in that area will be on fire to be scratched by our men's cocks,' she had wheezed.

'Yes, that is what I want it to do. I want to cream inside his arse then ram my...' I stopped. As disgusting a sight as the crone was, she was still a woman. My natural attitude was not to be vulgar with women.

She gave me a toothless grin. 'Rub this deeply into his arse hole and he will be desperate to be scratched in those areas by a man.' She crackled in glee. ' The cream's effects will subside only to flair up again at various times for the rest of his life. He will he will be screwed my boy. Of that I am sure!'

I recalled her words as I scrapped out a big glop of the cream from its container. I massaged it deeply between the cheeks of his arse. He was still too sedated from the first potion to resist me in any way. 'Open your pussy gringo,' I laughed as I pressed my glop-smeared fingers onto the virgin entryway of his anus.

'Fuck. I swear when I get my hands on you two guys,' he muttered while trying to shake off the effects of what had been slipped into his water bottle. 'Get your fingers away from my...fuck,' he whined as his arse-hole defenses gave up and my fingers got into his arse.

I said nothing to him as I applied more cream inside of him. When I had finished I pulled my fingers free.

'Fuck,' my soon to ne punta moaned.

His pinkish anal pucker-hole glistened as I applied more of my cream to it. By now Adonis had stopped his threats. I noticed his breathing had deepened. When I thrust another goop-covered finger into his guts he lightly groaned with pleasure. 'You like it,' I laughed. I knew the itch sensation was taking hold and my rubbing inside of him was scratching his growing itch. Yeah his snatch was tight too. Loosening his pussy up for my cock would be a lot of fun. He groaned again. His hips rose up slightly. 'Easy gringo I will fuck you soon enough. No need to help me bitch you out.'

'No...I... don',' he sputtered as my fingering job in his anus brought relief to this growing sensation.

I grabbed the empty water bottle that I had taken from his dressing room and filled it with the cream. My muscle stud was squirming quite nicely due to the growing itchiness he was feeling, I thrust the nozzle of the bottle into his arse-hole and squeezed its entire contents into him.

'AW FUCK MY ARSE,' he squealed like a little bitch. 'What the fuck,' he moaned as the cream gushed up into him and deeply lubricated the insides of his guts.

I just smiled and withdrew the bottle. I sat back and waited. I was in no rush. I knew that soon he would be sobbing to be fucked just to satiate that itch. When he did that I would begin his transformation.

'Aw god my arse is on fire man,' he began sobbing as his body's strong muscles rippled. His splayed out massive torso was gyrating on the workbench.

A smile came to my face. In a few more minutes he would be ready. I not only intended to fuck him. I intended to feminize this macho posturing muscled oaf. He defiled our women and boasted of his masculine virility. He had also questioning the manliness of my country's men .By the time I was done he would be completely bitched, fagged and femmed for all his wrestling fans and the world to see!

Son he was repeatedly clenching his butt as if trying to squeeze those rounded butt cheeks would give him relief. I sat listening as he moaned about the fires raging deep within his hole.

'My fucking arse,' the heavily muscled stud cried over and over. Sheen of sweat covered his body. He began pounding his head on the workbench in frustration. His long blond locks were not wet and plastered around his skull.
'Please. Please do something,' he finally yelled out in a pitiful whined like the punta he was. Yes, he was ready!

'I can only stop those fires by fucking you,' I laughed. I waited as his now fevered brain processed what I said.

'No...way,' he sputtered. ' God my arse,' he yelped as what must have been another heat wave exploded inside his guts. 'Okay yes,' he screeched.

'Okay what my gringo,' I sneered. 'Say ‘fuck me. Beg me to fuck your twat and maybe, if you beg nicely, and swear you will be a gringo cunt for my countrymen and myself, I will ease your fires. You going to be a bitch?'

' can't...say,' he weakly protested in a manner that showed, if given the mildest prodding, would seal his willing surrender.

I decided to help him over the cliff. I slipped a finger between his crack in his butt. Easing my finger between his bubbled cheeks I felt his quivering hole. I easily pushed past and into him then lightly wiggled my finger.

'Fuck yes,' he sighed as my fingering eased his itching cravings. He lifted his hips upward to get more of the finger into him. 'Deeper,' he shamelessly whimpered with relief.

'If you want full satisfaction you know what to say bitch and the girlish terms you need call yourself to beg for it,' I snarled as I withdrew my finger

The punta gaped in frustration when my finger pulled out. He kept mumbling he would not say what I demanded. I was patient however. Soon his body's jerking on the bench intensified. The once arrogant gringo bastard's resolve was slipping. In a brief time I knew he would become too far-gone to fight. My all-American wrestler began pounding his head on the bench. Then he just gave it up. 'Please fuck my twat,' he moaned. Like all those arrogant macho posers, once they'd taken that first step in cracking their masculine self-image it all crumbled into dust. 'I can't take it anymore. I will be your cunt. Just fuck my American twat please. I'm begging you!'

But I held back. He needed to degrade himself just a bit more. My silence was rewarded. I loved hearing what he said next.

Having been broken, now he couldn't stop himself. He needed relief. He was ready to humiliate, grovel, beg or consent to whatever was required to secure it. 'Please fuck my twat. I need to be your bitch. I will I swear I will any Latino man's cunt. Aw fuck me!' he wailed as he spread his strong muscled legs apart to expose his wet little pink gringo hole. Its muscled entryway constricted and relaxed under the lights. It seemed to be winking at me. 'Fuck me please', he softly pleaded.

'Are you admitting that you are a cunt?' I snickered.

'I am,' he whined. 'I am a cunt. I am a cunt,' he loudly sobbed over and over before ending it with, 'fuck my twat. I'm begging you to do it. Fuck it. Fuck my twat hard!'

We both knew he had begged. His self-image as a swaggering stud was over. I moved towards him to begin the 'mental fuck-over 'process of turning this self-proclaimed, 'Stud with the Golden Locks' into a thoroughly mind controlled, feminized and pussied 'Goldie Locks'. I laughed as I approached his squirming muscled body. 'This is going to be fun,' I sneered as I patted his bruised bubbled butt.

The End