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A Masterful Project
By Cracker

A Masterful Project

By Cracker

To Timy who asked. Not what you expected but, I still hope it satisfies  . To the hot writers, Kyle Cicero and Jock Topper , who each beta read this and made great suggestions. To two other authors,absman420 & Jack Parker , whose writings also get the juices flowing. If you haven’t read the tales of these four writers, you should.

Initial Report:

Controlled experiment labeled herein to as: Turnabout.

Subject:  Christopher is thirty-four-year-old male. Well-developed body typical of his current status as a professional athlete. Subject works out daily to maintain his superb build.


1. Height of approximately six feet one inches. 

2. Brown hair/eyes.

3. Weight at 185lbs. 

Social History:

Test subject’s social history and school records indicate the subject of this experiment has a typical heterosexual orientation. Background examination of school records indicate that said test subject has a long history of displaying a take charge attitude combined with an ability to dominate in his interactions with others, especially females. Subject is currently a star player on a professional team. A discreet secret hack of his personal computer has revealed that the subject also currently performs as an online cash master to submissive gay men and has secured quite a large undeclared income from it. A review of these chats reveals the test subject uses verbal denigrations to an extreme degree upon them along with displays of contempt for them

Psychological examination results:

Tests indicate a high degree of alpha attitude. Clear indications the subject actively seeks to dominate other males and has been successfully doing so since early childhood. His computer files support these facts. It is curious how he runs his cash mastering. Clear indications he is aroused during it. Subjects use of ‘trash-talk’ is something he clearly finds erotic. There is a slight indication of a latent, submissive mental propensity within him. Unknown whether test subject can be made to release this inner trait. This makes him an ideal that subject for this experiment. 

General notes:

First session with subject will occur today. Christopher believes he is undergoing ‘anger management’ therapy under a team order due to a recent confrontation with a teammate. Subject has no idea the true purpose is to enable me to carry out my study to see if an alpha male can be mentally “turned about” into a beta personality.

Detailed reports of the experiment’s progress will be noted. Due to legal privacy issues, the law department suggests any session notes use initials to replace full names. I will be assigned “D” for Doctor while the test subject will be referred to as “C”.

Session One:

Case Notes:

Subject arrived late and displaying an uncooperative demeanor. Also noted the test subject was wearing tight jeans, snugly fitted tee shirt. Obvious he dresses to amply display his torso. Typical preening peacock syndrome. It should also be noted he has a well-developed chest, narrow waist, extremely large frontal crotch bulge, and a rounded , high, muscled rear area.  He sat down making sure his powerfully muscular legs were spread far apart in a blatant attempt to display his ‘equipment’. He had a smirk on his face and at sneering demeanor.

D: So, you’re here today because your coach tells me you are not a team player. We are here to correct that issue.

C: Look. I’m here under orders. This is a joke.

D: Well, since you promised your coach you’d comply, let’s just relax and talk.

C: About what?

D:  Well, this aggressive, hyper masculine attitude you feel a need to continually display to others.

C:  I don’t feel any need. I’m a guy’s guy that’s all.

D: Well others might differ. In fact, I wonder if this demeanor covers up a sense of your inferiority.

C: Fuck no one is superior to me.

D: Interesting this needs to boast. I think that reply is a further indication of a deeply buried fear you might be…not so much a guy’s guy?

C: Fuck you. I’m no fruit.

D: I find it also interesting you interpreted my remark as one questioning your heterosexuality. Though, to be honest your arrival here in such attire and even how you sit suggests you question it.

C: I’m not afraid or fucking…concerned about my sexuality. What the fuck is wrong with how I dress and sit.

D: Clearly you feel a need to attire yourself in overtly sexual, tight clothes to allay some inner concern over your manhood. You’ve also chosen to sit slouched in a chair to thus enable you to keep your legs apart and show-off your crotch area. Again, a sign that you are so worried about your ‘masculine image’ that you require physical displays of your body to cover up a latent sense of inadequacy. As a young man, did you repeatedly checkout the sexual development of other young men when you took team showers? 

C: You’re full of shit. I’m not worried about my masculinity and I fucking never checked out guys in the showers! I ain’t never had a worry in that area.

D: Again, a series of overly agitated verbal reactions to my queries. I would like to point out it is interesting you felt the need to boast about your genital size while you touched them. However, let us stop right here. I suggest we continue this discussion next week. You are obviously too overwhelmed by emotions to address the issues I’ve raised. We will return to them in the next session. Right now, your overt attempt to play at manhood is getting us nowhere.

C: Wait...what? I just got here.

D: I said this session is over. At our next one, I suggest you arrive on time, dress appropriately, and lose your foolish, macho posturing. After all, your continued ability to play depends on my good report. Goodbye.


Session abruptly ended with C getting up and storming out of the office. Opening thrusts at his psyche successful. C will now wonder about how he dresses and whether he might be trying to cover some inner fear about his manhood. Growing up every young man taking gym will, at some point, ‘check out’ the genitals of other young males especially, during their early days of puberty. C’s absolute denial of doing it, coupled with the extreme hostility he had to that suggestion, is telling. My quick termination of our session, coupled with z sharp reminder I control his playing ability, is the first step in establishing to him that I’m the power alpha in the room. We shall see how things play out. Test subject handed a journal with instructions to write what he feels/impressions after every session.

Chris’s Journal Entry 

I hate this shit. I know I need to successfully finish whatever is required so I can get off my suspension. Still, I hate it. The first session was a disaster. I realized I had to do better or risk this guy fucking me up. I never thought I’d need to please some dude. Damn Jerry for causing the fight. Still, I’m going to suck it up and please him. Shit I just saw that line. My wanting to please another guy…Fuck. Fuck.

Session Two:


C arrived on time for our session. He was dressed this time in a shirt and chinos. It must be noted that C ‘s clothes were looser on him. He also sat down with his thighs pressed together. His demeanor was calm, and he sputtered out an apology of sorts for his prior conduct. Using a typical “give the obedient pet a treat” approach, I instantly complimented him on his attire, attitude, and statement of regret. His body posture relaxed, and he smiled at receiving my approval. If he had been a puppy, I’m sure his tail would have been wagging. These developments indicates that, for all his alpha pretentiousness, he can be intimidated into a beta head space. My first steps in my turnabout  study appear successful.

D: Now Why do you think the argument happened.

C: He and I never get along. He always has an attitude towards me; like he goes out of his way to challenge me about everything.

D: And that bothers you.

C : Hell yeah, big time.

D: Could it be you feel threatened.

C: By him, fuck no.

D: I noticed your reply was too quick which means it might not be true. Now we are not going to get this process completed if you won’t admit the truth.

C: Honest man I’m not challenged.

I decided to try a tactic.

D: I believe you are but cannot bring yourself to admit it. I find it highly distressful you cannot admit even the slightest thing here. Perhaps we should simply stop.

C: No Doc please. I need to finish up this management stuff so I can play.

Potentiality of punishment restated.

D: Then you must cooperate. I am here to help you. Let me guide you. 

C: Okay. Maybe I feel threatened. Guide away Doc

Another step accomplished

D: You secretly know he is the more dominant one on the team, right.

C: I didn’t say that

D: Still not going to…

C: Okay, maybe that is the reason.

Good puppy gets treat to solidify that concession.

D: Now was that hard to admit.

C: No, I guess not…I never really thought it but..

D: Don’t backtrack now.

C: Sorry. No, it’s fine. He is more dominant team player. So, we good Doc. 

Seeking approval…yes very good.

D: Which is why you had that fight. You see it’s really obvious what is happening.

C: What?

D: His more dominant nature upsets you. I think, as our sessions continue, you will lose the sensation of being threatened, around a more dominant male then, your anger will dissipate.

C: you really think that is what happened?

D: Definitely my boy. Good progress …be proud.


The session continued in this vein. Resistant at first but ultimately fearful of being seen as uncooperative the test subject agreed to whatever I said. By the end of the session C was questioning his self-image and responding quite nicely to praises when he did it. Of further note, his body and overall demeanor has relaxed during the session. He no longer displays his prior breezy smug attitude. Also, he makes sure to not display his genital area. Though, at present, it may simply be a surface acquiescence into a beta mind frame, I believe continued reinforcement, coupled with a mild sexual stimulant given in future sessions, will continue chipping at his mind.

Chris’s Journal Entry

Damn. Could I really feel threatened by Jerry? The fucking dude does act superior to me…acting as if he is the top dog and me as his bitch. Is that why he gets under my skin? Am I worried I might see myself as less than him? When I denied it, the Doc explained that my denial was really based on my fear about some inner desires to submit. I’ve never been any guy’s bitch. Yet, he does get into my head. Could the Doc be right? Shit, do other powerful acting guys also intimidate me? Have I been covering my fear with anger? 

The Doc seems like he is really trying to help me. I think I’ve been shitty to him too. Okay starting now, I will be more open and compliant with him in our sessions. Just saw that line. Funny reaction in my head to it but a good sensation. Kind of nice handing things off to him. This thing about Jerry can’t be true!

Session Three:


The sessions have been going well. C is clearly showing signs he is not as confident in his alpha status. Planting of doubts inside his head are working. I decided to turn it up a notch. I’ve kept the office hot and offered a cold drink to subject. He is unaware that I’d added a mild sexual stimulant to his glass. During this third session I introduced the idea that subject might be aroused by this man, Jerry. 

C: Doc I totally respect you but there is no way that I’m hot for him. Hell, I love women. I fuck them. No guy does it for me.

D: Once again you display an over exuberant reaction to a mild suggestion.

C: I’m not gay. Hey, can I have a glass of ice water. Shit Doc you keep this place too hot.

D: I know. I’ve brought it up with maintenance. Now finish your drink and let’s try an experiment.

C: Done. So, what experiment?

D: Close your eyes and visualize him.

C: Okay. 

D: Now keep them closed and visualize him in the showers.

C: What the fuck?

D: Close your eyes and do it. it’s s simple test. You aren’t afraid, are you?

C: Alright, I’m see him.

D: Take a few deep breathes 

Must let the stimulant work 

D: I want you to truly imagine his body.

C: Yes, doing it.

D: See his chest area. Observe the masculine power his chest displays to you. Are you doing it?

C: Yes…I…am.

D: Now look down. Take in the sight of his hard muscled stomach. Do you see it? 

Subject breathing is increasing. I observe a slight rising in his crotch area.

C: Yes…Fuck, he has a good pack.

D: Excellent now focus your mind on his genitals.

C: Doc this feels funny.

D: Simply listen to my voice and open your mind. See his manhood.

C: Uhuh

D: It’s powerful right.

C: Yes.

Subject now truly showing signs of his sexual stimulations.

D: I want you to focus on it. 

C: Yes

D: Good. It intimidates you. You sense your desire to submit to it. You’re aroused,  right?

Weak reply coupled with a nodding head.

D: Tell me you want to submit to it.

C: I want to…fuck Doc


Session abruptly terminated as subject opened his eyes. He glanced at his crotch where a large wet patch was clearly visible. I assured him it was normal. He took some comfort in my assurance. I let him lie down to unwind. I also took His pants to ‘dry them off’. I later secretly observed him rubbing his crotch before reaching under his briefs to masturbate. Good progress.

Chris’s Journal Entry:

Fuck, thinking about a naked Jerry gave me a fucking hard-on! Am I a closet gay guy? I mean I threw wood thinking of him being naked. The Doc told me it’s nothing to worry about. God, I am happy he is guiding me in this stuff. Really comfortable him taking charge in our sessions too. Still, Getting a semi seeing a guy’s dick…shit what is happening? He left me in his room to chill out. I couldn’t get the weird sensations I was feeling. Worse, my rod was still throbbing. Finally, I had to rub one off. Couldn’t get rid of seeing a naked Jerry in front of me as I popped one too! Shit, even now I’m having images of Jerry’s dick along with me surrendering to his fucking cock! Shit I just realized, as I’m writing all this, I’m rubbing my erect junk! That fucking cock though taking me hard…fuck, I just climaxed!

Session Four:


Things seem to be progressing quite nicely. Subject arrived an hour early and, judging by his disheveled look and exhausted expression, he is clearly upset. I informed him that, though I usually did not see anyone early, in his case an exception would be made. He was pathetically grateful. A clear change from his initial smug and defiant attitude. The session had barely begun when he suddenly confessed the cause of his current emotional disturbance.

D: Now, before we begin, you need to calm down. Here. Drink this glass of cold water. Very good. Try to take a few deep breaths then, tell me what is bothering you.

C: I can’t stop thinking about Jerry and him dominating me.

D: And how does that feel?

C: Doc I get a fucking hard-on about it.

D: Interesting.

C: You don’t get it. I’m throwing wood while thinking of being his bitch.

D: Is it him or the idea of any man who is, what do they saw, oh yes…an alpha male, dominating you that is arousing?

C:  Shit Doc I don’t know. I’m not gay. So, why is thinking of servicing his dick giving me an erection.

D: Let’s see what we can find out. Close your eyes.

C: Doc I’m…

D: If you want help getting at this issue, you must ci operate understand. 

Subject nodded. Quick deference …good result

D: I want you to visualize yourself in front of some strong male who is not Jerry.

C: Okay.

D: See yourself kneeling before him.

C: Doc what the…

D: Close your eyes and do it. That’s right…good boy. Now, see yourself in front of him.

C: Doing it.

D: Imagine this alpha male standing over you. You feel a submissive sensation. It is not unpleasant.

C: Uhuh.

D: I’m fact it is sexually stimulating

Drug working. Subject is showing an erection and breathing has increased. No resistance to what I’m telling him too.

D: Good boy

Second use of denigrating term ‘boy’ upon C. Subject shows no annoyance to term being used on him

D: Se yourself . Relax and enjoy the peace you experience in serving this strong man

Subject is showing outward signs of relaxing though still sexually fired up. His mind appears to be highly pliable right now.

D: He is dominating you. Yet, it’s a good impression.

C: yes…a good …impression.

D: You want to serve him. The thought arouses you. It’s okay to touch yourself too as you visualize this for me.

Subject is rubbing his erection.

D: You are a good boy. You know you are safe in that obedient state. Do you feel safe now?

C: Yes.

D: Such a good boy. Continue visualizing this for me as you let yourself surrender to the heat it’s bringing to your cock.

C: Surrender to heat. God doc I’m so aroused.

D: Then go ahead and jerk-off. This is a space place.

Subject has reached under his belt and is now masturbating.

D: He is dominating you. It is so erotic.

C: Yes

Subject is whispering and barely answering.

D: Go on release yourself from this fear of submission. Let yourself surrender and cream for him.

C: Aw fuck Doc…I’m popping!

Subject squeezed his eyes shut and ejaculated quite nicely. Interesting how his body tensed as he climaxed then relaxed slumping in the chair. I must have him naked the next time to fully appreciate his torso during these phases of arousal, emission, and post emission. 

D: Good boy. You can now open your eyes. 

C: Fuck I climaxed in my fucking pants. Doc what is happening to me?

D: You have finally achieved a breakthrough and released what you have kept tightly hidden.

C: Doc?

D: My boy your trouble is that you secretly crave domination. Yet, fear to embrace it. That explains your overt macho posturing and your anger issues.

C: No. I’m not a bitch Doc.

D: Clearly the large wet spot in your crotch indicates otherwise. You ejaculated while enjoying the mental experience of submission. You’ve nothing to worry about. This is your safe place. Now don’t try to rationalize what happened. As we progress it will all be fully integrated in your mind. You said you trust me, right? {C nodded }Good so try not to be scared. {yet another nod…very good}. I’m giving you some pills to help you relax. Take one every night. After you do, I want you to repeat this visualization experience. Do it every night until our next session. Always take a pill first so you can be relaxed Got it! “{C now is quite receptive now to instructions}. For now, go int my private restroom and clean up like a good boy.

C: Yes okay.


Test subject was devastated by what he had done in the session. Increasing the stimulant dosage was a good move. Sexual stimulation pills given to C to use every night. Having him repeat this visualization process, while appropriately roused, until our next encounter should re-enforce this breakdown of his alpha image. Again, it must be noted subject never once objected to be referee too as ‘boy’. C is well on his way into a beta turnabout.

Chris’s Journal Entry:

Am I truly a fucking sub? I must be. Hell, I shot while imagining some guy dominating me. My head feels so whacked. I can’t get over how I threw wood in the last  session and jerked-off in it too. The Doc has been pretty cool about the incident , which helps. Even giving me something to take to chill. I’ve been following his directed. Taking my medication then thinking about guys ‘doing me’ just as he instructed. I fucking end up beating-off every time too. At first, it was hard to accept what the Doc said about me being a closet submissive. Yet, that is the only explanation that makes sense. I mean, I’m throwing wood and need to pound every fucking time!  The other day, I saw Jerry at a team meeting. Couldn’t stop staring at his bulge. What would his dick taste like in my mouth? Fuck, I need to take a chill pill and whack my dick!

Session Five:


Test subject C arrive and appeared to be less distressed about being submissive to men. Still some residual hesitations detected to complete success in this endeavor. I am confident our future sessions should alleviate that problem. Dosages will be increased for each session until he achieves sexual arousal at being dominated without the need of a chemical stimulants. Today I will address one last area that might derail his total, permanent turnabout. I must crush his cash mastering. His continued practice of it is not only inconsistent with his newly strengthening beta identity but also undercuts progress being made. It is the last impediment to remaking his mind into a male subservient beta male. Hypnotism will be tried to speed up the process.

D: I’m proud of the progress you are making. An end is in sight. So, let’s just try something shall we? A bit of light hypnotism today.

C: I don’t think it will work on me but okay Doc. You can try it. Can I finish my water first? Damn you need to get your landlord on the heat in this place.

D: I want you to look at this strobe light. Focus on it. Good boy. Let your mind go blank.

C: Like I just said, I don’t think this will do anything Doc. I’m not a guy who can be hypno…

Subject easily succumbed despite protest. Clear evidence that, thanks to these sessions, C is in an obediently submissive mindset. 

D: Well, that didn’t take long. From now on,  when I say, ‘good boy’, you will obey whatever I say. Do you understand?

C: Yes Doc.

D: Wake up.

JC: What just happened.

D: It’s nothing to worry about. Btw, you still look a bit hot why don’t you strip to your underwear for me.

C:. I’m not going to take off my clothes in front of you Doc.

D: Now be a good boy. Stand up and strip to your underwear for me. it’s all part of the process.

C: Okay Doc.

First test of the hypnotic control a success. Initial balking by C, followed by a quick compliance. I must state the subject is in great athletic shape. Snug fitting underwear reveal he is well-endowed. Confidential reports indicate C is quite the expert in using it to achieve sexual satisfaction during his rutting. It is a shame that, once the experiment is complete, he will no longer find pleasure in using upon others. On the other hand, C’s has a hard, nicely muscled, rounded buttocks area that should provide subject with sufficient gratification when it is penetrated by dominant men.

D: Close your eyes again and think of serving a dominant male. If you feel the need to ejaculate ease off.

Mid-session Notation: 

The subject now quickly complies with visualization suggestion. C rapidly became erect indicating the correctness of having him take those pills before performing this activity on a nightly basis. The routine of imagining his sexual submission combined with achieving a sexual release is now fixed in his brain. I must note my surprise when he pulled down the front of his underwear to release his shaft. Reports on subject indicated his use of his cock in penetrating women was quite impressive. Seeing him in ‘action’ with it was most instructive. I admit to being intrigued when he hooked the brief’s waistband, positioned it behind his ball-sack and started masturbating. Slightly audible moans asking this jerry to ‘do him’ were heard between his panting. No further proof needed that turnabou t is in full play within his mind. Watching C expertly engaged in edging was quite arousing. The shaft was fully extended, and its head took on a deeply reddish hue. Yet, he managed to only ooze pre-seminal fluids and not give into a full orgiastic spewing of semen. This ability to keep himself in heat yet, not emit, will prove valuable for the next phase. The need to terminate his cash mastering right now is even more obvious. I must act today to prevent any undoing of this newly blooming sexual identity.

D: Don’t climax yet. I want you to continue to edge while we discuss something, okay.

C: Yes Doc.

D: How do you feel when you cash master?

C: Powerful.

Evidence my castrating this activity critical. Having reviewed transcripts of his cash mastering, his use of certain trigger words to ‘cash fag’ men may provide the key to a  turnabout  in this area.

D: Chris, my boy, inside your mind I want you to see the words “fag”, “cash fag”, “pussy” or any other verbally abusive words. Do you see them?

C: Yes.

D: Good boy. Now drink this glass of water. Good boy. I want you to really edge yourself into arousal. 

C’s cock fully leaking, subject is slumped in his chair with his legs even more spread out, and clearly sweating. Judging from body position and, whimpers from said subject, he is obviously in a full rutting mode noted

D: Good boy. When you see these words, you will realize they excite you. They excite you because you realize that is what you are.

C: I’m not a fag.

D: If you’re not then why are you erect when you see them? Why are you erect when you think of men dominating you?

C: I…I…am I?

D: Don’t you get aroused thinking about strong men like Jerry controlling you?

C: I…do? I do!

D: Stoke and edge like a good boy. Think again about those strong men dominating you. It excites you. You feel the same arousals when you see those words on your computer. You know if you’re hard it must excite you to see those words.

C: Excited seeing those words.

D: They excite you because you are a fag and a pussy.

C: Fag and pussy?

Subject groaning. Critical to press on .

D: Yes. My good boy. You only cash mastered to cover up your own desire to be a cash fag.

C: I covered up my desire to be a cash fag? I’m so hard.

Subject questioning his manhood.

D: Yes, you are. Good boy. Now I want you to visualize you are on a pay site.

C: I’m on a pay sight.

D: I want you to fill out a cash amount . Are you doing it?

C: Yes.

D: You’re such a good boy. Say it.

C: I’m a good boy.

D: Now see someone in a financial domination site chat calling you a fag, a pussy, a cash fag, or similar terms. Do you see them doing it?

Subject nodding. Heavily breathing. Stroking of his shaft has quickened. Impressed he is able to edge yet not ejaculate.

C: Yes.

D: You feel arousal right now too.

C: Yes

D: Because it stimulates you into heat being called those names. You are in heat right now, correct?

C: Yes:

D: So, I’m right, correct?

C: Yes.

D: Send that man your cash tribute. Give into the need you have right now to ejaculate and cash fag to him. Once you admit and know you are a cash fag, you can climax.

C: I’m a cash fag.

D: Good boy. Admit it again. And hit ‘send’. You are so heated up. Once you do it you will have a great orgasm.

C:  Hit send. Great orgasm. I’m a cash…fucking sending it. 

D: When you do you will climax like good boy. As you shoot, say what you are too. 

C: I’m a cash fag. Sent! I’m a cash faaaaaaaaaa…

Post session Notes:

Subject shot an impressive load while shouting he was a cash faggot. C then passed out in his chair. While he is in that state, I will apply auto suggestions to re-enforce a belief in him that he always erotically desired to be a cash faggot. 

Took the precaution of having this session recorded for my later viewing. Quite a few pictures taken of a naked C lying slumped in the chair with evidence of his emissions on his chest and pubic area. The close ups of his cock, during its various stages of deflation, are quite impressive. Possibility of securing funding for my future scientific work by private sales of his pix and videos{naturally with my voice and image electronically altered} to interested parties. 

Chris’s Journal

I’m a cash fag!

Final Notes on Sessions:

It took three more sessions after # 5 to fully solidify test subject into a mental cash fag status. Subject’s belief about cash fags was ingrained within him. Once he, as they say in this area ‘milked’ as one, his self-image of being a cash master was extinguished. 

Final session I brought in a person I will refer to as simply, “X”. This person is a professional escort who specializes in dominating betas and his endurance during it. It was felt to be necessary to have X anally penetrate the subject to complete the experiment. To that end, subject was lightly tranced, heavily drugged into stimulation, then disrobed for such event. It’s complete success validated this course of action. Subject not only kept erection during his anal penetrations, but he also ultimately ejaculated during each one. X was instructed to use abusive sexual terms on C while so engaged. He performed as directed. Seeing such a muscular athlete on his back, verbally put-down, his thighs spread wide, and being ‘plowed’ {to use a crude term} was surprisingly pleasurable. I attributed this effect on me as a mere byproduct of knowing I had succeeded in my experiment. Happy I made sure to record this event again, for future financial renumeration. After X left, I had a final exchange with C.

D: Now be a good boy and tell me what just happened. 

C: I was fucked!

D: And you ejaculated during it, correct.

C: Yes.

D: So, it appears you enjoy being dominated even when its sexual, correct.

C: Yes Sir.

D: Such a good boy. Well, you may clean up, dress, and go. We no longer need any further sessions. Why are you still erect?

C: I still feel aroused. Can I sit and masturbate for a bit?

D: Permission granted on these conditions 1. you revisualize being penetrated by a strong man while you do it and 2. You use my computer to go on a cash domination site and cash fag as you ejaculate.

Clearly, I overdosed him with stimulants. For health reasons, I decided permit him ‘tap’ off that excess before he left. Having him relive his anal deflowering while he does it will further solidify his beta turnabout  too. Two birds with one stone, to quote an old maxim. Subject proceeded to climax a few times. In each instance, he ejaculated at the moment he ‘cash fagged’ to someone online. Once he finished, we had one last talk.

D: You should thank me for helping you.

C: Thank you Doc.

Chris’s Journal:

Some guy fucked me up the ass three times. I shot every fucking time. After he left, I had to beat off three times while cash fagging to someone. I can still feel his dick inside of me. I can see me cash fagging. I need to jerk off!

Post Experiment notes:

Reports indicate that subject C is now a total beta in his interaction with alpha men. He also still engages in fin-dom sex play but now only as a fully beta cash faggot. This activity will only help continually re-enforce his mental turnabout .

Curiously, an unexpected side effect is that he has never played better. Perhaps his being no longer engaged in a continual affirmation of his  ‘alpha status’ freed his mind to focus on his playing? This might be an interesting experiment in the future. Can athletic males improve in their chosen field if we castrate any alpha tendencies in them? 

Follow-up investigation further revealed a potential issue of concern. Field reports indicate that also actively seeks out rough sexual abuse and repeated anal penetration from men. It appears that the subject is only able to achieve sexual satisfaction when engaged in beta sex with more dominate male types. His prior heterosexuality has completely been extinguished. My worry is that all this might be interpreted by critics as indicating he was truly a latent beta homosexual. My findings and thesis on turnabout  process might be thus open to attack. I now fear some scientists would claim that my process merely brought out his true beta nature and no actual mental turnabout was achieved. To disprove this potential attack another subject must be secured and subjected to the same process. In fact, another one is in the waiting room. A detailed investigation of this test subject finds him to be a total alpha type. Aggressive personality, a fully dominate type around others, a well-developed, six-foot muscular torso, and an extensive history of fornication with women. We begin again:

D: Hello. Your name is Jerry, right?

J: Yes Doc. Look, I contacted you because. Well, you treated Chris and now he is playing better than he ever did. Do you think I might undergo it too?

D: I see no reason not to do it with you. In fact, I can assure you that, by the end of our sessions, there will a definite turnabout!

The End