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Spun Threads
By Colchian Dragon

One, two, three... and more kept blocking his way to the beast that had made itself a nest in a large storage warehouse. For every minion he cut down, it seemed as though two more took its place, but the Lunar Wolf Ranger advanced steadily. Numbers did nary to increase their overall strength for their movements were not organised. They attacked as individuals, rather than a unit, and it was because of that that they would not succeed.

His strength was greater, his combat prowess trumped theirs by a large margin. He sidestepped a charging spiderling minion, gripping his arm as he sailed past and used the minion's momentum to swing him into two others. The three fell into a clump and disappeared in a flash of light. He turned back to the remaining swarm in front of him. The six remaining were looking at each other hesitantly. The Lunar Wolf Ranger raised his hands, his fingers curled to resemble claws, the spirit of the wolf that he embodied. He took a step forward threateningly.

The minions stepped back and without a moments hesitation, ran off, disappearing into the maze of boxes and webs. He straightened himself and broke into a jog. Almost as soon as he had begun moving however, something wrapped around his left ankle and tugged, immediately causing him to trip and fall flat on the ground.

"Argh!" Catching him completely by surprise, the Lunar Wolf Ranger didn't manage to even regain his bearings or have time to check what it was that his leg caught on before he was pulled by his leg into the maze of boxes with a surprising amount of strength. He hit one of the crates with enough strength that he completely shattered the wood, dropping the one above it onto him. Groaning, he pushed the box off him before standing. He looked at what it was that was on his leg.

A slack white string of some kind. Obviously it had been severed, considering to pull him the way it did just now, it would have needed to be connected and taut. Regardless, he drew his blade up and cut it away anyway, surprised when he was met with considerable resistance.

"I dislike unwanted guests in my den. You have some nerve, Ranger, stalking into this warehouse the way you did, destroying my children." The voice wasn't echoing, but it seemed to him as though it was coming from multiple different locations at once. The Wolf Ranger spun around, looking for the source. His eyes saw nothing discernible, though the massive crates stacked high and the white translucent webs sticking everywhere did block most of his field of vision.

"Where are you looking, ranger?" He felt two feet like appendages land on his shoulder, knocking him down onto the ground with its weight. For the second time that day, he fell flat on his stomach. He was already sore from crashing into the boxes earlier but he threw the monster off him and flipped himself upright. He charged at the monster, which had only just picked itself up on the floor, throwing a punch straight into the monster's abdomen. The spider-like monster stumbled backwards in pain and the Lunar Wolf Ranger, picking up on his momentum, punched the monster's head downward onto the ground.

He was just about to draw out a weapon from his belt to destroy the monster when it made a shrill scream. The Lunar Wolf Ranger raised his hands over his helmet to try and block out the sound, not noticing that above him, on those stacked boxes surrounding him were the six minions that escaped earlier. The scream was a signal for the minions to take their positions. They opened their mouths and a thick white string shot out over the hero.

The result was overwhelming. The hero was forced onto one knee as the webs pelted over him, forming a heavy and sticky net of sorts, but he resisted regardless, trying to stand despite the webbing essentially sticking to the ground and locking him in place. Thecoup de grâce was delivered by the spider monster. While the mighty Lunar Wolf Ranger was fighting to get free of the sticky webbing being shot at him from the six minions, the spider monster had recovered. He merely walked over to the hero and gave the kneeling hero a kick to his head, sending the already immobilized hero toppling flat onto the ground. In mere moments, he was completely in a practically 'solid' layer of web, resembling a blanket thrown over a person. The only thing that gave away the fact that the hero was indeed underneath the web was the human shaped body beneath the white webs.

"Bring him to the main web. He'll make an excellent piece."

The minions jumped down from their perches above the boxes, bravely walking over to the hero. Now that the Lunar Wolf Ranger was immobilized under a thick layer of webbing, they were no longer afraid of him. It was a simple matter to carefully pull him up while keeping him stuck in the webbings. Perhaps to satisfy their own personal score with the Lunar Wolf Ranger who had killed over a hundred of the minions earlier, they spun the ranger around while shooting more webbings over him, creating a thick cocoon that he would have absolutely no chance getting out of.

The six minions connected a single web string to the cocoon and severed it, using their hands to drag their captured prize to the main den unceremoniously.

They laughed amongst themselves, hearing the muffled sounds of the Lunar Wolf Ranger's voice. Not that he could talk with the sticky web all over him. He couldn't even move a single inch due to how thoroughly they had bound him. Struggling in his cocoon, there was naught he could do as he was dragged away.


As a superhero, he couldn't count the amount of times he'd been put in dangerous or odd situations on both hands but this certainly was the first time he'd been stuck in a web. The monster had brought him to a separate room where he spun a new web just for the sake of keeping the hero restrained, spread-eagle.

The monster was staring at the Lunar Wolf Ranger's exposed body with grin,"Not gonna struggle?" He asked.

He snarled at the monster, responded to his taunt by pulling against the web, trying to free himself. The web stretched outwards, in the direction he was pulling towards as he fought to reach the villain who was just a few steps in front of him. He lost his momentum from the burst of strength he exerted and his arms and head snapped backwards, returning him back to exactly where he started. The webs used on him were too sticky and too abnormally tough. He couldn't break it even if he seriously wanted to.

"Hah~, you can't, can you?" Obviously the monster knew the hero wouldn't be able to break free. He had made sure to spin the strongest and most durable web he could to hold the hero down. He just wanted to gloat, rub salt all over the captured hero's wound. He raised his foot and lay it flat across the hero's crotch, pressing up snugly against the ranger's cock, hidden beneath his silver suit.

He heard a breath hitch from the restrained ranger as the ranger's helmeted head snapped up to look at the villain grinning down at him. Tentatively, he asked,"What are you doing?"

"Are you intentionally being dense, or just stupid?" Without warning he began grinding his foot into the ranger's soft cock. The Lunar Wolf Ranger's entire body tensed at the sudden sensation of pain. His biceps bulged as he clenched his fist, straining against the web as it clung on to him tightly, holding him still as the villain did what he wanted with his body. The pain itself was minor, and frankly, negligible for a Ranger such as himself.

It was however... the friction that came from the motion that was driving him wild. The back and forth motion of the monster's powerful feet over his crotch cause his own suit to rub against his cock. He didn't will it, and he didn't want it, particularly when it was at the hands of his enemy but he found himself getting harder.

They both knew the EXACT moment when it happened, when what had started as a simple torture tactic made the hero grow a large bulge. His tight ranger suit did absolutely nothing to hide his arousal, his impressive length showing right up against his suit.

"Grk!" The Lunar Wolf Ranger turned his head away, embarrassed by himself. His lack of control. He sneaked a peek at the monster.

It was sporting a massive grin on his face, encouraged by the reaction he managed to elicit from the ranger, he applied a little more pressure with his foot while also speeding up the stroking motion.

"A-agh!" He choked out as his cock twitched from the stimulation, the sound he made a cross between a moan and a pained groan. "S-stop this! You can't do this to me." His body twisted around uselessly, for as long as he was on the web, he'd have no luck moving anywhere. His labored breathing was loud in his own ears, and he counted his blessings that the monster had foregone removing his helmet. He absolutely did not want the anyone to see his face while they... they... 'played' with his body like this!

The monster didn't respond to him and he felt the foot being lifted from his crotch. Turning his head back to gaze at his captor, he saw the villainous monster kneel down, so his head was level with his crotch. "W-what are you doing? Get away from me right now!" He commanded. His tone was breathy and his tone, desperate. He didn't have any ways of fighting back, he felt the villain's finger brush over the tip of his cock, over his silver suit.

"What did you-?" His sentence broke off when he saw what the hero was playing with between his finger. A clear fluid, sticky. His own precum. As though trying to find affirmation if what he saw was some sort of mistake, he tried to look down over himself (though that took some effort since his helmet was stuck to the web). Sure enough, there was a sizable dark spot on his suit, just over his cock head where he had been leaking precum.

"You're easier than I thought Lunar Wolf Ranger. I thought I would need to dish out pain to make you surrender, but this works as well. No... this is better. Once I'm done with you, your crime-fighting days will be over." The monster laughed mockingly, dragging his finger over the Lunar Wolf Ranger's visor, wiping his precum over his helmet. He resented that. His suit was a symbol of justice, not something for the villain to use just to wipe his hands on.

He saw the villain reach his hand behind his head, hearing a soft click as his helmet was unclasped. He felt the helmet being raised off his head only slightly before the monster shot a web ball from his hand onto the Lunar Wolf Ranger's mouth, sealing it shut. The villain locked on the helmet again afterward, stepping back again to view the hero.

The hero was a work of art. Stretched out on his web, upright, a feet off the ground, he truly resembled a helpless fly in predicament. The Lunar Wolf Ranger was worth infinitely more than a single fly. Now...his cock hard, pressing against his suit the way it was. He wasn't certain what it was, but the ranger just... 'looked' more desirable. Enticing.

"MMMPHHGHH! NNNPPMMPHHH!!!" The hero was struggling a lot suddenly, though he had been relatively well behaved earlier. Perhaps panic was setting in, fueling the hero with adrenaline, feeding his will to fight. Still wearing the helmet, no one could even see that the Lunar Wolf Ranger's mouth was stuck shut with a thick globule of webbing.

Everything about the Ranger's predicament turned the monster on. He wanted so badly to break this Ranger. The thing was that he had all the time in the world. No one else knew where the Ranger was and the Ranger was not going to escape out of the web by himself without assistance. It was too strong and too sticky for the Ranger to break, as proven right now judging by the Ranger's wild and intense struggling. Hell, the Lunar Wolf Ranger was exerting himself so much that the monster could actually hear the hero's breathing, picking up with each second as he fought, tiring himself out.

"What's that? Release you? Well alright, since you asked nicely." The monster pressed his face close to the hero's face, right up against his visor so he could see the sinister expression on his face. His hand gripped the hero's cock through his suit, that itself was met with a loud groan and more intense struggling as the hero tried, and failed, to shove the offending monster off of him. He started jerking the hero off quickly, causing the hero to shake and shiver as he fought to stave off his impending orgasm.

The Ranger couldn't help himself. He couldn't do anything to protect himself, spread on the web the way he was. His shaking his head left to right desperately, making noises that were a cross between pleasure-filled moans and desperate muffled sounds that sounded suspiciously like 'Noooo'. He didn't want to do what he knew the villain was making him do. He was practically pleading, and he hated that. He hated that since he was gagged, he couldn't demand anything or say anything, only make these pathetic noises.

It took a while, perfect five minutes of intense stroking, and even then, the Lunar Wolf Ranger only lasted that long because he was focusing all of his willpower to 'not' cum. To never hit that climax, to not ejaculate. That didn't mean he could control his natural body functions. His body spasmed as he rode the white wave of pleasure that coursed through his body, spilling his seed all over the inside of his suit. It took only mere seconds for the wet spot to show on the outside.

Were people not aware of his circumstance, it would look as though he had pissed himself. Luckily, and perhaps, unluckily as well, the only people in this room was the spider monster and himself and the both of them could see clearly the proof of his 'release'. The Lunar Wolf Ranger slumped, breathing heavily, literally drained. He so desperately wanted to curse at the villain who did this to him, but his webbed mouth prevented him from doing so. To be fair, he was prevented from doing anything at all.

The monster laughed,"See! I 'released' you." It was clearly enjoying its game, messing around with the Lunar Wolf Ranger when he was powerless to stop whatever was happening to him. "Heh~. This is only the beginning. I'm gonna make you cum a lot more times that just this." The monster leaned in, close to his ear, whispering menacingly," All. Over. Your. Suit. You're gonna smell just like a used, washed-up sex object." The monster reached down with a hand, lightly patting his cum-stained crotch.

"Guess what the best part is. There's nothing you can do about it." He stepped back from the Ranger, detaching part of the hero's body from the web. Deftly, he spun the hero around, spinning a fresh web over the Ranger who was once again struggling, making attempts to talk, trying to negotiate his release. The hero was once again cocooned inside the powerful webbing, completely annihilating any chance of escape before he was positioned nicely in the middle of the web, like some sort of prized decoration.

The monster could feel it, the slight vibrations that denoted that the Lunar Wolf Ranger was struggling to escape, twisting however much he could inside his web cocoon. The monster chuckled softly to himself as he pulled back from Ranger's wrapped up body. The Ranger would tire out soon enough. The Ranger's defeat would come in stages, and he had plenty of time to ensure that he achieved the results he desired from the hero.